Wing's of a Butterfly

Chapter one Episode Butterflied

Sara is attacked by Dr. Lurie and Grissom decides it is time to tell her a few things about his feelings about her. So yes GSR

Warning I'm slightly on the depressed side, life is not simple :) like i always say keep smiling yeah ... : I'm smiling some little changes, not major though

'This can not be the end'

'I need to patch thing's up with Grissom'

'I need to tell him how I feel'

'I need to know if he feels the same way'

These were the thoughts that ran continuously through Sara's head when a tall shadow grabbed her from behind and harshly pushing a gun to the left of her throat.

'Where is everyone' She thought to herself while she tried to struggle free from the unwanted presence of a man who to her, seemed as calm as a painting on the wall.

"Right, if you're quiet enough we won't attract unwanted attention okay" his voice was rough but still calm as ever which frightened her more than the gun, all she could do was nod.

The man placed a scarf around her eyes to blind her from identifying her attacker, but something about him that seemed familiar to her but she couldn't think past her fear of not seeing tomorrow.

'I know him but... who is it... '

The unidentified male played on her fears to keep her quiet and co-operative, but he over estimated his ability of calm but dominating.

Once again she struggled to get free, Sara didn't like to be blinded, but once she thought she was loose enough to just hit and run, the man punched her in the stomach, he hit her with such force it winded her and she collapsed to the ground.

"Bitch, she always did that, she always try to get away but she new that it was useless" he spoke with so much passion and anger, it made Sara cry, not because of the pain that over whelmed her and possible crack ribs that was sure to cause internal bleeding, but he had this control and more over another women.

'Grissom' She quickly thought, hoping that he would come, but she knew he wouldn't come by a mere thought, if she yelled out for help or even make a sound she would be beaten or worse, killed.

The gun was now placed at the back of her head, he was pushing down hard and made her upper body crouch further down to the ground.

'What can I do?' she asked herself "Time to die then bitch" he spoke, still as calm as rain,

she could hear the sounds of the gun being loaded from behind her. Sara knew this man was fully capable in killing her, he was so calm, confident and Sara sensed that hes killed .before

Sara was too scared to do anything, sure she knew weaponless defense but she didn't know where to start, fear just numbed her entire body, too many thoughts invaded her mind and her heart was about to jump out on the ground, her tears soaked through the scarf like a sponge, and the sounds of her sadness finally released

"GRISSOM!" yelled.

Her voice startled the man behind and he dropped the gun and slid it under the car out of clear reach. Sara attempted to stand, giving herself this new courage, but suddenly she froze when she heard the anger and lost control within his voice.

"You're going to pay for that bitch" he shouted back at her and then kicked her while she was still crouched down on the ground.

The pain and his anger fueled her fear and her body began to shake uncontrollably while she lay there almost motionless on the ground.

Grissom came out of the building, he had finished his shift and wasn't in the mood for socializing after failing to get some sort of sufficient evidence or confession out of a chief suspect. He looked towards his car, hoping to find some answers or just some comfort at the thought of returning home. From the corner of his eye he spotted Sara's car,

'She's still here?' He thought as he made his way to his car.

"Grissom help me anyone please!" Sara shouted once again, trying to renew her hopes,

"Bitch, I said be quiet" The man shouted back once he retrieved the gun, he was about to grab Sara until he caught the view of someone.

Grissom quickly ducked behind a parked car near by trying to see the victim with out being seen himself, he noticed that the attacker was the man who he was trying to put behind bars, Dr. Lurie and he now holds a great advantage over his victim who was slowly trying to crawl away.

'who is his victim?' Grissom thought as he fished out his phone from his jacket pocket and pressed the speed dial for Jim Brass, knowing he's still in the building behind him.

'Come on, come on come on Jim pick up the phone'

"Brass Homicide"

"Jim, Lurie didn't look far for his next victim" Grissom spoke quietly down the phone, hoping that Brass could hear him,

"Who is it?" Brass asked slowly making his way down the final corridor towards the exit,

"I don't know, I can't..." Grissom paused when the women turned on her back.

"Gil, Gil Has he seen you?" Brass shouted down the phone hoping that Grissom was safe,

"Sara" Grissom whispered in shock almost dropping the phone.

"I'm almost there, don't do anything stupid" and with that Brass hung up leaving Grissom to witness the scene from a nightmare in front of him.

'Shit wheres Jim, he's taking too long' Grissom thought even though Brass hung up a few seconds ago. It seemed like a long time.

To Grissom, it was like watch a slow movie, a movie with no sound and slow movements. He saw Dr. Lurie, a man who just exited the building a guilty but free man deliver kicks to Sara, his Sara.

He tried to keep her far away from the case, making her do perimeter checks even though he knew someone else already checked.

The man who was protected by the blanket of darkness of the night, which only the moon highlighted his features, making it difficult to see who his was but his voice was unmistakable, and Grissom knew almost immediately.

Turning to see his handy work and forgetting what he thought he saw, only thinking it was the tricks of the night, he crouched down and picked up the gun and pointed it at Sara at a deadly target, her head. She wasn't moving, that was not good

Too many thoughts went though Grissom's head that he forgot that Brass was on his way, Grissom reached for the one thing he dreaded to use, his gun and he stepped out from the car he hid behind.

"Hold it doctor" Grissom shouted, holding his gun at Lurie,

The man stood straighter and turned towards Grissom with his hands up "She looks just like her" he spoke, calm like he didn't do anything wrong,

Grissom's hands started to shake, holding his gun it was a strange action, he too had thought the young women that laid dead on her bathroom floor was Sara, and the sight and thought of that ever happen to Sara had frightened and terrified him to the bones.

"Put your gun down Lurie and step away from her now" his hand now shaking more than ever 'Sara' he thought, holding his tears so much that they burned his eyes,

"Gil! It's okay, we've got him" Brass called out with his gun in hand, accompanied by two other officers, but Grissom had trouble backing off, he stood there with his gun pointed at the man in front, "Gil, come on" Brass spoke once he got near to Grissom, the two officers advanced towards the man with caution, guns ready if there was any sign of trouble. Brass laid a hand on Grissom's shoulder, and he lowered his gun, "Go to her, see if she's alright" Brass could see Grissom's eyes and they were threatening to tear.

Grissom returned his gun to the holster and walked over to where Sara lay.

A police car quickly arrived equipped with fully armed and ready policemen, with the two remaining policemen that accompanied Brass took the man and placed him inside the car and followed the other officers to the station while brass phoned the ambulance.

"Sara, open your eyes honey" he spoke through tears that were threatening to fall indefinitely,

a moment passed when Brass hung up his phone "They'll be here shortly, shall we get her inside?" he suggested

"Griss" a sound of a whisper that made Grissom's heart beat faster, she's alive

"Quick inside" Brass ordered and Grissom picked Sara up with little effort and carefully carried her inside to the break room.

"Jim there's a lot of blood" Grissom spoke as he walked through the empty halls, only their footsteps were heard echoing down the corridors.

"I'll go get something to keep her warm" Brass said when he broke off to go in the next room,

Grissom was about to have a break down, the only thing that was going through his mind was what will he do if she dies. Mentally hitting himself 'NO NO NO She'll live'

Grissom placed Sara on one of the sofa's in the break room and knelt on the floor next to her,

'Sara, wake up please' He thought and he held her hand, 'she feels so cold' The halls were quiet and appeared to be empty of all eyes, thats when Grissom let open the flood gates, at first it was hard to let go, but then as the seconds went by, the tears fell more willingly.

"Sara, what happened? Open your eyes please" He sobbed and his tears fell from his eyes and made a silver path down his cheeks only to drip of his chin.

"I don't want to loose you please"

Brass stood by the door way so he did not intrude, he watched his best friend of many years pour his heart out for the first time.

Grissom carefully caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers, brushing a few stands of her hair and pushing them behind her ear, carefully touching the bruise that now formed on her porcelain face.

Brass decided to come into the room when he saw two paramedics arrive through the main entrance.

It only took a few moments for them to take Sara to the hospital, Grissom went in Brass's car and followed the ambulance.

Chapter two will come soon when I'm next depressed which should be soon.

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