Wing's of a Butterfly

Chapter Four Episode Butterflied

CH1 Sara is attacked by Dr. Lurie and Grissom decides it is time to tell her a few things about his feelings about her. So yes GSR,

CH2 Sara's in hospital, what happens now Grissom? GSR

CH3 They go to her in tears but one,GSR

CH4 I can see and hear you, but i can not say

CH5 Settling the mind

CH6 With me, With you

CH7 The Decision.

Okay this is probably the last chapter... so here goes

Grissom was the first to step towards the sleeping form upon the dull hardened hospital bed. Taking her hand and gently rubbing the back of her fingers with his thumb, his gaze fell upon his friends, no they were closer than that. Family.

"Gil you can't say yes and switch of her- she might wake up if we give her time" Catherine's words hit even her to the core as she sank her heavy body into the most uncomfortable plastic chair and then, stirred into space.

"Gil? You will know what to do, when the time is right" Brass spoke and Grissom nodded.

"She's really that bad. Swelling in the brain, life support and more trauma. What ever the decision, we'll make it as a group, and not bung it all on Gil's Shoulders" That must have been the first time Greg has used Grissom's first name. Everyone looked at each other and nodded, Now it was time to think, and decide.

No one really got any sleep. They spent the night in the hospital. Doctors came in and out, all having the same results, Sara was not recovering.

The rhythm of the beeps echoing from the machines was now driving everyone a little mad. No one wanted to turn off the only thing keeping Sara alive.

The decision was final, it was for the best. Well trying to convince themselves it was for the best.

The morning shift had started and another doctor came in accompanied by Doctor James. Dr. James collected the details of Sara and still there was no change in activity.

"My apologizes, but have you came to a decision?" He paused, "You don't have to make the choice right now, you can have some time, but I just want to let you know, it maybe for the better good to just let her go" The doctor who clearly didn't get any sleep either looked upon all and saw the pain and anger.

Grissom stood up, "You don't truly know how much you love and cherish something or someone until you lose them. In this case someone. We together have decided to turn off the life support" A deadly silence filled the room as the doctor acknowledged this choice and gave Grissom the necessary paper work to fill out.

"Mr Grissom, Everyone, you don't really lose someone you love they are constantly in here." he pointed to his heart "I will return in a few moments to assist you with the procedure at hand" with that he made his exit out of the door. All eyes fell upon Grissom as his hand reached for his pen.

"Are you sure about this" nick spoke, no longer in tears. Grissom's hand shook, "There's no going back once we have..." Nick stopped. Grissom's hands were shaking so much. Nick watched in awe, The man who held so much emotion inside was now at a point of self destruction. Nick saw just how much Grissom loves Sara. That is when Nick knew it was hard for Grissom to do this and he was making things worse. "Gris, you have my support" he whispered

"You have all of our support" Warrick corrected.

With that Grissom started to fill out the forms.

Minutes pasted like hours but it was not enough time, Sara was still sleeping in a dreamless slumber and no one can help her.

Soon the doctor came in, Dr James "Are you ready?" it was pretty much a dumb question but they all nodded in silence.

Everyone stood watching as Grissom approached the machines.

First switch ...

Second Switch ... Grissom closed his eyes.

And the final switch ...

As if in slow motion the beeps ended, her breathing became a whisper till it too ended. Black screen, no sound and no movement. This was the end. Grissom felt sick to the stomach, What had he done. He ended a person's life by a flick of switches.

One by one they exited the room, just to stand in the hall way. Room to breath, room to think. Their minds were reeling of the walls, they had just lost a friend, a close friend.

Brass along with the others hovered by the door, Grissom had not left yet.

"Sara, I'm sorry for everything" his voice was harsh through all the tears he had shed and now.

"I wished so hard and preyed but..."His voice died for the moment as he once again picked up her hand along with the strength to talk

"I wanted to tell you something in person, but I won't get that chance" He took a deep breath

"I do love you, always have always will, I won't let go of you" Grissom gave her a gentle kiss on her lips then started to walk away.

"Jesus!" The doctor spat out, "How the-" Grissom's head whirled around to see what was going on, it wasn't until Nick yelled "Oh my God she- She's breathing!"

Doctor James quickly pressed the emergency button and several other white coat dressed doctors rushed in, Grissom and his team were told to go to the relatives room once again.

Nick couldn't believe it, Sara breathing on her own. It was a miracle that brought everyone in tears, tears of joy.

"Cath, Cath did you see She's alive" Greg cheered Warrick was giving Catherine a hug at this point while Brass held on to Nick who still found it hard to believe.

It was a rare moment, everyone was happy although Sara was not out of the woods. Seeing her breath with out the use of the horrid machines was an unexpected twist of fate. Catherine grabbed herself a coffee once she had de-tangled herself from Warrick's strong arms.

"C-coffee anyone?" She asked seeing everyone nod all except for Grissom. Catherine gathering the plastic cups ready to pour she turned towards Grissom. "Gil not that I'm complaining but... how is this possible, the doctor said.." Catherine paused, she didn't want to reminisce over the past few days of the huanted and grim looks from the doctors as they came out of the intensive care unit. Too late...

"She's in a coma miss Willows, the cut- the trauma to her head has us worried just as much as the bruised and fractured ribs" spoke the doctor who clearly had no sleep

"She is alright through, she's only in a coma, people come out of comas all the time" Catherine argued, she really didn't the look of the doctors face, he's holding information from her, Catherine does not like that.

" We'll know more after a CAT scan"

"A-a CAT scan What-"

"We are hoping that it is nothing but we think she has some swelling within the skull, Miss Willows can you tell me what happened?" he had to ask didn't he Catherine thought. So she told him the story she was told Sara being kicked and raged about and her head hitting the car hard and bumping on the ground.

The doctor sighed nodded giving his regards and leaves only to come back with more bad news. His suspicions were right and soon afterwards Sara went into cardiac arrest which restricted more blood flow to her brain. Then the news they all heard, she may not wake up from this.

Coming back into reality, Catherine noticed everyone was focused on Grissom, the early morning sun light was filtering through the curtains of the musky relatives room creating beams of light that danced along every surface.

"Why wouldn't you let me go"

"I Couldn't" Grissom spoke

"I'm tired Griss, my body, everything hurts so much"

Grissom felt pain in his heart 'does she really want to go' "I don't want you to go, No one wants you to go"

"I may be fighting a losing battle" she looked at him, seeing so much emotion in his eyes "Maybe not a losing battle, just a very difficult one"

Everyone was still a little confused to see some one who held them self behind a maze of defenses talk to sun light.

"We are here for you, I'm here for you Sara" Catherine getting the gist of whats going on she stood proud next to Grissom

"Gil is right we are all here to support you, so fight" Warrick then joined in, he didn't see anyone besides who came into the relatives room "Yeah girl we're missin ya so come back home"

"Please" Greg and Nick spoke in unison.

Just as everyone was entering a spiritual chat with the sun rays the doctor came in. "Ah Dr James well?" Greg asked first.

"Well I'm not sure how she is doing what ever she is doing but I personally think she's going to wake, maybe soon" It was clear that the doctor was still very shocked and confused about the situation "You all can see her if you like but only for a few minutes, we need to do more tests and another CAT scan"

"I understand" Grissom answered and then nodded towards the golden lights of the heavens as everybody followed the doctor out of the room and down the halls. Brass stood still for a moment and looked at the rays which were still flickering through the curtains.

"Sara if you are really there, still there" He corrected himself " Please return to us, Gil is completely lost without you, We all miss you and want you back" and with that he too took off down the halls which didn't seem gloomy anymore.

"Promise" A small whisper in an empty room

- -

Days have past and Sara was still in a coma. Grissom knew that she wouldn't wake that soon. He was greatly thankful when Conrade offered to do the night shift during those rocky times in the hospital no more than a week ago. Grissom still goes and visits Sara as do all the rest of the new found family. Creating new shifts to fit in with the hospital visiting hours. Conrade still offered to help out as much as he can and even visited Sara and gave her some flowers and a get well card signed by everyone who worked in the crime lab. Many was devastated when they heard the news.

Grissom found that he suddenly could not concentrate on the tasks at hand. Assignment sheets. "Gil, you ok? Gil" Catherine chanted until he returned to reality.

"Sorry, I was just..."

"On another planet?" Nick joked and Grissom even let out a smile.

"Yeah maybe, but Catherine your supervising because I have to go" and with that he began to leave

"Where are you going" Dumb question coming from Greg his reply was hospital and Grissom made his exit.

Grissom sat there holding her hand once more. Just like he always did when he visited.

"I'm back, hows the fight?" trying on his sense of humor, " The guys still miss you, I miss you" He began to stroke her hand. He looked at the flowers which were still fresh. Grissom brought Sara's hand to his face and gently kissed it. Placing her hand on his fore head as he sank his head slightly, "I will stay here with you till you wake up" He knew he really couldn't but he felt the need to say it. "I love you Sara" Again he used the greatest words of man kind "And I want to say it to you when you wake up" he paused "You deserve that much, especially since the way I've been treating you" His eyes closed in silent surrender. The sound of the heart monitor lulled him asleep.



Beep beep...

Beep beep beep...

Grissom was in a dreamless slumber when the monitors went crazy, soon the movement of the index finger, gentle flicker of her eye lids and then her whole body came to life. At first She had to close her eyes while the brightness of the lights invaded her eyes, but soon she had enough focus in her sight to see the man that kept her alive both physically and mentally, Grissom.

Moving her fingers within his hand, gently catching his fore head he finally awoke. Feeling movement, Grissom opened his eyes, giving them a slight rub to wake himself up and he came face to face to the most beautiful brown chocolate eyes.

"Sara" it was barely a whisper "you're awake"

She replied "I made a promise remember" and with that he placed a kiss upon her lips and after a little while, he phoned his family back at the lab to tell them the good news..

the end.

Sara read the get well cards she is pleased that not only her friends wanted her to live but everyone who voted, she says thanx :p

I hope you like the ending... if you do have a problem with it then drop us a line.