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It's Not So Bad After All

There he was crying again. That stupid baby was always crying, smelling funny and taking away all of his attention, Wyatt thought as he covered his ears with his hands to block out the cries of his little brother. It wasn't enough that he had stolen away all of his attention but now he was in his room too. He wished that he could orb the baby away where no one would find him so his Aunties, Mommy and Daddy would love him again like they used to before the baby came. But he knew better. Mommy was really mad at him the other day and he didn't understand why. All he did was orb the baby to the zoo where lots of people could pay him attention without it having to be his family.


"Wyatt Matthew Halliwell you bring your little brother back here this instant!" his Mommy shouted with her hands on her hips.

"NO!" he yelled back trying to make the woman see things his way. It's not like the baby was in danger. He knew that because he could sense him.

"Wyatt please, your brother could be hurt" his father pleaded looking very sad.

"Hey what's going on?" his aunt Paige questioned as she entered the room.

"Wyatt orbed Chris away again" his Mommy said putting her hand on her forehead and pacing back and forth. "And he won't bring him back".

"Paige can you sense him?" his Daddy questioned with really sad eyes. He didn't like making his Daddy sad but he had to learn that the baby was getting in the way and he didn't love him as much when the baby was making noise of doing something "cute" as his aunt Phoebe would say.

"I'll try" his auntie said as she closed her eyes.

"No, don't" he called out not wanting the baby to ruin his day. He just wanted a few hours with his family alone and then he would bring the baby back.

"Wyatt, please!" his Daddy yelled.

"I found him" his aunt spoke as he crossed his arms and flopped down on the floor. Great, just great the baby would be back any moment and everyone was going to go back to forgetting about him.

"Where is he?" asked his Mom. He kind of felt bad because Mommy really loved the new baby and she was worried about him.

"He's at the zoo and we need to get to him fast" my Aunt said grabbing his Mommy's hand and orbing away while his Daddy swooped him up in his arms.

"You gotta stop doing this buddy. Your brother is just a little baby and he could get hurt when he's all alone like that" he said giving him a kiss on the cheek and hugging him like he used to do before the baby came.

"Ok" Wyatt replied sadly. After all he didn't want the baby to get hurt then Mom and Dad would be really sad and cry a lot like they did when that man with his brother's name went away.

A few second latter the baby was back and after a few more minutes of his Mommy and Daddy making sure the baby wasn't hurt they took the two of them to the park and they had lunch together and the day turned out to be pretty good after all. Even with the baby there.

End of Flashback

Then there was the one time he threw a teddy bear at the baby to get him to be quiet. But it didn't work, however it did land him in a whole bunch of trouble with his Auntie Phoebe.

He didn't get it.

It's not like he wanted to harm the baby, he just wanted to stop him from making so much noise so he could go back to sleep. He had to go to preschool with the other big kids in the morning and if he had to listen to the baby all night he would be tired and cranky and then none of his friends would want to play with him. Why didn't they understand that?

He closed his eyes and tired to block out all the fussing but it was no use. This kind was loud, really loud and what's the word they used all the time, he thought putting a small finer to his chin nue-nur-nue-otic? Some big grown up word like that, he didn't know what it meant, but it sounded like a good thing to call the baby, he giggled to himself. That was until his brother's cries got louder and he sounded more upset then usually.

"Kwis, quiet!" he yelled out as the baby continued to whimper.

Wyatt sat up in his bed to see some mean man he hadn't seen before standing over his little brother. He was about to touch the baby and take him away but that's not what he wanted. He only wanted the baby to be quiet not have some demon, as his Mom would say, take him away forever. And he wouldn't let that happen. No one was going to touch his little brother and get away with it, except him of course. After all it was his job to protect the baby and make sure none of those mean men take him or hurt him.

Waving his hand Wyatt made the baby appear next to him. When he looked at his brother he saw that he was ok, just a little scared he then turned back to the demon.

"Leave Kwis lone!" he yelled as loud as his little voice would let him.

But the scary man wouldn't leave. Instead he tired to throw one of those weird blue balls at him but he was able to put up his shield just in time protecting both him and his little brother. He then blinked and burnt the demon up like he had before when they were trying to hurt him in that really dark place Mommy and his Aunties call underwear? (Hee)

That's when he saw the lights come on and Mommy, Daddy and his Aunties came running in.

"Oh my God, what happened?" asked Piper as she took in the sight of her two children and the pile of ashes that lay only a few feet from the door.

"A demon must have attacked" Paige spoke a little frightened about what could have happened.

"Take Kwis" he said trying to let his parent know what happened with his limited vocabulary.

"Oh, did you protect Chris like a good big brother?" his Dad smiled at him as he lowered his shield and allowed the man to pick him up as his mother held his brother.

"I did it!" he exclaimed proudly as his pointed to himself, happy to see that he had done a good thing and now his family was paying him a lot of attention.

"Good job buddy" his Mommy said giving him a kiss, causing him to smile.

"Yeah!" he said clapping his hands together happily forcing his parents and aunts to do the same.

He then looked at his little brother who was smiling at him from his mother's arms. Wyatt smiled back and touched the baby's hand. Maybe the baby wasn't too bad after all. Maybe he could find a way to share his family with him like his friend Brandon dose with his little brother.

He could get used to being a take charge big brother and saving the day just like Spider Man. His family paid him a lot of attention for it and he didn't have to orb the baby away!

And taking on the job of being a big brother well, It's Not So Bad After All.