A/N: This chapter takes place two years later. Chris is seven and Wyatt is nine.

Chapter 4

"I hate you Wyatt! I…Hate…You!" the younger boy yelled as he threw the black overnight bag across the room.

"Chris cut it out and stop acting like a little spoiled brat!" the older boy yelled as he scrambled to pick up his belongings.

Hearing the loud noise the mother of the two boys rushed into the room where she found her youngest son foiling his brother's efforts to gather his clothing.

"Christopher Perry Halliwell you will stop it this instant!" an angry Piper shouted as she entered the room.

"It's not fair, I want to go too"

"No Chris the slumber party is for boy's Wyatt's age and I know how upset you are but you can't go everywhere with your brother peanut" the woman sighed as she helped her son repack his bag.

"I hate this Wyatt never spends any time with me any more he's always out with his stupid friends" the boy pouted as he folded his arms over his chest and sat down on his bed.

"Well Chris your brother's growing up and you have to realize that the two of you aren't going to spend that much time together any more"

"Besides it's just for tonight Chris. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon"

"I don't care! I don't want you to go and if you do, I'll never talk to you again!" the young witch lighter yelled before orbing away to the sound of his mother's worried cry.

Tears poured from his the second he formed on top of the bridge. He always felt horrible when he argued with his brother and today he felt even worse. Wyatt was "growing up" as his mother always said and didn't like or play with him like he used to. He was all alone now with the exception of a few friends from school and even they were gone for the weekend, leaving him by himself once again.

"This isn't fair" he sobbed with his face in his hands that were now wet with tears.

All he wanted was to spend some time with his big brother was that too much to ask?

"Hey" a familiar voice called out to him, but he didn't look up. He didn't want his brother to see him crying like some little baby.

"Go away" he spoke a little softer then he had intended.

The blond haired boy said nothing choosing to sit beside his brother instead. After a short while he continued. "I called Brian when you left" he said while staring into the traffic below.

"I really don't want to hear it Wyatt so why don't you just leave before you're late for your dumb party. After all it's not really a celebration until the great Wyatt Halliwell arrives"

The pain and sarcasm in the younger boy's words made his older sibling flinch a little before the boy went on. "I told him that I wasn't coming to his party"

Chris couldn't believe this. Wyatt had decided not to go to "the party of the year"

"Why" he questioned now allowing his brother to see his reddened tear filled eyes.

"Because I didn't want you to be mad at me, besides it's just a stupid party. I could go to the next one"

At this the boy's eyes seemed to brighten a little but then they dimmed as he saw the hurt and disappointed look in his brother's eyes. Chris knew that look. It meant that within a few seconds his brother was going to want to be alone and then go off somewhere to cry in private just like he had.

"It's not just any party Wyatt. Brian's your best friend and I know how much you want to be there" Chris spoke softly.

"Well firstly he's my SECOND best friend and yeah I'm upset that I'm going to miss it but I'm sure we'll find something to do"

Chris now felt horrible for acting like a spoiled brat and forcing his brother to choose between him and his best friend. He hadn't meant to make his brother feel bad, all he wanted was to play with him and keep him close. Part of him always became nervous when the older boy wasn't around and felt less safe. But then another part of him was happy that his brother loved him so much that he would give up something he wanted so badly just to make him happy and because of that fact, Chris knew exactly what he had to do.

"Wyatt I'm sorry for acting like such a retard" he said in a voice full of sorrow and regret.

"Like I said Chris, it's nothing. Forget about it" the boy spoke as he stood up and motioned for his brother to do the same.

Once they were both on their feet the boy's orbed back to their family home without another word spoken. They formed right in front of their parents before the younger boy abruptly orbed out again.

"Wyatt where did your brother go? Did you two work things out?" questioned the boy's father.

"I thought we did"

"Then where did Chris go?"

Before Wyatt had a chance to respond to his mother's question the boy reappeared in front of the group this time carrying his brother's black over night bag.

Chris smiled sheepishly as those around him stared at him in confusion.

"You better hurry up before you're late to your party"

"What? I thought you didn't want me to go" Wyatt smiled.

"I didn't but like I said, it's not really a celebration until the great Wyatt Halliwell makes an appearance"

Wyatt smiled and hugged his big brother tightly. "Thanks so much Chris and I swear the second I get home we're going to hang out. Ok?" he whispered into his brother's ear.

"Alright already, just get off of me and go before you're late" Chris said giving his brother a playful shove.

"Okay. Come on Mom, we have to hurry up before they leave for the movies" Wyatt called out as he pushed his mother towards the door.

Once the two were out of sight Leo turned to his youngest son who held a sad look on his face.

"I'm very proud of you Chris. That was a nice thing you did for your brother"

"I know but I still kind of wish that he would stay with me instead, but that wouldn't be fair to him"

"No it wouldn't but I tell you what"


"Well I know that I'm not as much fun as your brother but I was thinking that maybe we can go to the Fair"

At this the boy's eyes lit up significantly and small smile crept onto his face. "Can we ride the Farris wheel? And ride the bumper cars, and eat cotton candy and…"

Leo chuckled at his son's enthusiasm for quite a while before responding "Sure we can do all of those things"

"Mommy can come too, right"

"Right now run upstairs and get your jacket Mommy should be home soon"

"Ok" the boy shouted before running up the stairs to fetch his coat as his father looked on thinking about what an amazing son he had.