"Operation Rocketboy"

Episode 1 : Rocketboy and the Altar of Peril

part 1

Deep somewhere in the Central American jungle, there is a cave. Above it lies the ruins of an ancient temple, a great stone pyramid long since given over to times ravages. At its mouth, twin warriors holding spears that bespeak celestial vengeance stand guard. Dark and mossy and ominous, the cave has stood undisturbed for centuries, keeping its secrets. Keeping its silence.


Deep beneath the earth, in a cavernous temple figures clash. One is a stone statue over twenty feet tall, the fires of ancient gods burning in its eyes, the great stone swords gripped in its hands still sharp despite the years. Despite its size it moves with the speed of the wind, the power of its limbs smashing craters into the walls. It is unstoppable avenger of the gods that will carry out its mission no matter what.

The other is a girl in a black and pink jumpsuit.

"Whaa! Yah! HIYAAA!"

The jump-suited girl ducks and dodges with the grace of a cat, avoiding the statues attacks. With surgical precision, she lands a chop too the base of the statues neck. Nothing happens.

"Agggh! Ok, THIS isn't working. NEUTRON!"

Across the room, near an altar carved in the shape of a hideously grinning face another figure looks up from attempting to arrange the sets of colorful stones inlaid into it.

"I'm kinda busy here, Cindy."

She hits the wall with a resounding thud. The statue begins to resolutely march towards her.

"Ugh, and what do you think I'M doing, walking Goddard! Help me stop this thing!"

"Did you try kicking it with your shoes?"

For an instant, Cindy's face twists into a puzzled expression. The sound of the advancing statue clears her mind. Flipping to her feet she brakes into a run and hurls herself forward, foot cocked into a flying kick, aimed at the statue and...

Ricochets right off it back into the wall.

She shakes her head to clear it once again. Looking over she notices that Jimmy has gone back to trying to solve the puzzle.




"I TOLD you, KICK it with your SHOES!"


"Did you push the buttons on the side!"


She notices the small red buttons inset into the sides of her sneakers.

"Where did these come from? And what do they do!"

"You'll find out."

"Right, I always get to find out the HARD way."

Without another hesitation she pushes the buttons and runs once again at the advancing statue. She leaps, snaps out her foot and...

The dust took a few seconds to clear. All that was left was a pair of block-like arms.

"Well, that was fun. What exactly did I do again?"

Cindy stood next to Jimmy as he continued to work on arranging the stones. He scarcely looked up as he spoke.

"Zero-point energy absorption soles. I installed them for you the other night while you were asleep. They absorb the energy from your footsteps while your run, and release and magnify it when you kick something. I figured they would be perfect for you."

"Oh, how sweet."

"Only the best for you, my exuberant electron valence."

"Listen Neutron, just because this is our honeymoon doesn't mean you can call me by dumb nicknames."

The last stone locked into place and the altar wall slowly began to slide away.

"Do you think you could work on calling me 'Jimmy' now that we're married?"

Cindy laughed and kissed him on the cheek.

"I'll work on it."

They stepped through the open wall into the chamber beyond. Jimmy shook his head.

"There's nothing in here. Just moss and cobwebs and a giant ruby and... Oh wait, that's what we're after."

"What a coincidence, that's what I'M after too."

They spun at the sound of the new voice. It was low and demure. She wore all black to match her hair and eyes. She was none other than...

"Betty Quinlan!"

Betty smiled and waved.

"Hi Jimmy."

She turned and looked at Cindy. Her eyes and tone went frosty.

"Hello, VORTEX."

Cindy's tone was just as cold.

"Actually, its NEUTRON now, QUINLAN."

"Is that so? Well... Congratulations."

"Thank you."

They stared each other down for a few seconds. Then Cindy erupted.

"Admit it! You lost and you're just a sore loser!"

"LOST! You stole him from me you creeching shrill!"

"STOLE him, you GAVE him up! And he was never YOURS in the first place!"

"Was so!"

"Was NOT"



Debby laughed.

"Oh, but I AM over it. See, I have a wonderful and successful career."


"That's an ugly way to put it Cindy. And I'd appreciate it if you called me by my professional name..."

She flipped backwards into a fighting crane stance.

"...The Black Queen!"

Cindy crossed her arms and tapped her foot.

"Well, if you want to be like that, then I'D appreciate it if you didn't call ME 'Cindy'."

She flipped herself backwards into a crouching tiger stance.

"Call me... Agent Aurora!"

They circled each other, looking for opening, biding their time.

"Oh, and 'Black Queen'?"

"Yes, 'Agent Aurora'?"

"I only say ugly things about ugly people!"

Betty's face twisted in anger and she ran at Cindy.

"Your gonna eat my fist Vortex!"

"Bring it Quinlan!"

And the battle was joined.

To Be Continued...