"Operation Rocketboy"

Episode 2 : "Enter Operative N"

part 1

"Cindy, that is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard!"

It was a sunny, pleasant day in Retroville, USA. The birds chirped and clouds lolled lazily in the sky. The temperature was the lukewarm beginnings of summer, the kind of weather that makes people want to be outside after months cramped indoors.

"Oh come off it Jimmy. Your just saying that because I realized it before you did!"

In the patio section of Daggoo's Coffeehouse the small afternoon crowd was gathered around newspapers and laptops and lattes, attempting to engage in a quiet conversation or just escape the noise of the world.

"Realized what? Its. Not. True!"

"Yes, it IS!"

They were failing miserably.

"'Pop Goes the Weasel' is NOT an allegory of US/Soviet Imperialism during the Cold War!"

"Oh come on, how can you not see it? It's SOOOO obvious. Rook to D1"

Jimmy and Cindy Neutron were seated across from one another at their usual round corner table. On the table sat the remnants of several double Iced Caramel Mocha's and a chessboard, the figures scattered about in the pattern of pitched battle. Though they were debating loudly, both had their eyes fixed intently on the game.

"Ok, explain to me, how is it obvious? WHAT is SOOO obvious? Queen to E6."

Jimmy's piece slid silently across the board.

"How can you not see it? Just listen to the lyrics. 'All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel.' The monkey obviously symbolizes America, during the early years of the space race. The weasel, of course being RED is the USSR. The mulberry bush is a clear symbolism of the world and the mulberry's the tiny nations at the mercy of the two superpowers. Bishop takes on D7."

The tall white piece quickly positioned itself, quickly replacing the holographic rook.

"Yeah, ok, so is that all or do you have more? Knight takes on D7."

Jimmy's piece jumped to its spot, the Bishop now disappearing.

"Oh, I have PLENTY more. How about the next line? 'The Monkey thought it was all in fun, Pop goes the Weasel." The monkey thinking it was fun clearly shows how the US conquered and subverted nations with the promise of financial aid and protection. And Disneyworld. Disneyworld was the main draw."

"And 'Pop goes the Weasel?"

"Clearly stating the Soviets preference for more direct means of conquest, such as occupation and show of force. Queen to B8."

Cindy's piece slid slowly across the board.

Jimmy nodded his head thoughtfully.

"Hmph, never really thought of it that way. I still think your crazy, but it's an interesting ramble. Knight takes Queen."

"Heh, I might be crazy, but you play sloppy. Rook to D8, checkmate."

Jimmy frowned and studied the board. His frown only deepened as he realized he had lost. Again. His wife was smiling smugly at him.

"I'm gonna beat you one of these days."

Cindy laughed.

"Face it honey, you can't be the best at everything."

They continued talking. Neither one noticed the man a few tables over, face hidden by Wayfarers and a fisherman's hat, watching them. He was taking notes.


Deep beneath Retroville, there is a secret complex. Within it are secret people doing secret things. In a room, a group of soldiers stand to attention as their commanding officer addresses them. In a very secretive way of course.

"All right men, look alive. We just got word that last night there was a breakout at the Vault. Six of the Special Class criminals tried to make a break for it. Luckily two of them got nabbed by security fields, but four are on the loose."

At a gesture from the commander, aides began passing out packets of papers to the men.

"Now, we've got a trace on three of the runners, but there's still one we haven't located. And, unfortunately, he's the worst."

The lights dimmed and a bank of display screens came to life. They displayed the picture of a man, a man who in many ways resembled Jimmy Neutron. In fact, they well could have been twins. Or...

"This, gentlemen, is Operative N. He is, quite possibly, the most dangerous spy on the planet not under our employ. He is also a genetic replicant of James Neutron aka Codename Brainblast."

Various figures and pictures were flashing across the screens. One showed Operative N beating 6 Green Berets with one hand. In another he stood atop Mount Everest. There was even a picture showing him smugly displaying the first place ribbon for the Prachettville Pie-eating contest.

"During his youth, Codename Brainblast engaged in a replication experiment that ended in, well, mixed results. Six replicants were produced, all bearing different personality aspects of Neutrons. Five were eventually captured. One got away. That was N. Unfortunately he just so happened to be the replicant that represented Neutron's dark side. He's been on the run and causing trouble ever since."

An operative raised his hand to ask a question.

"Sir, do we have any idea of what or where he might possibly have in mind."

"Yes son, we do. You see N has had a longstanding grudge against Codename Brainblast, an Oedipus complex almost. Even though he's only one piece of the whole that represents Neutron, he's constantly trying to prove he's better by wreaking havoc on the Neutrons. Going by his past history and data..."

The commander turned away.

"We think he's headed here.


Jimmy Neutron walked up the sidewalk path to his small house and inserted his key into the door. It was already opened he discovered.

"Hmmm, Cindy must be home early."

He walked inside and dropped his keys and satchel. The mail was waiting on the side table. He picked it up and started flipping through it.

"Hey Cindy, I'm home!"

He hoped she didn't want to go anywhere tonight; he had to finish that dual phase shift...

Nobody had answered him. Cindy, Goddard, VOX. All were silent.


Still no answer. He looked around. Nobody. Then he noticed the envelope he had just flipped too in his hand. There was no address, just the words "Please Read" written in immaculate handwriting in red ink. He tore it open. It said one thing:

Answer the phone.

The phone rang. He dropped the note and dived for the receiver.


"Heh, you flipped through three pieces of mail before you noticed something was wrong. How did you know that I wonder? Or is it the other way around?"

Jimmy's blood froze. He knew that voice.

"Where's my wife, N?"

"Oh, come on, don't you want to catch up on old times first? How have you been and all that chit-chat?"


The voice on the other end laughed. It was not pleasant.

"Ah, don't worry. I have her, and your little dog too. They're quite safe. And they will be, if you do what I say. Come to this location in one hour."

He named the meeting place. Jimmy checked his watch.

"Well then, see you there, Jimmy."

"Wait! What do you want this time, N?"

"What do I want? The same thing I always want."

The voice on the other end grew colder.

"I want more out of life, FATHER."

To Be Continued


Well, thats the beginning of episode 2. I'm alot more excited about this episode than I was episode 1. Its got alot more depth and idea behind it I think, and it works alot better. Hope people keep enjoying.

On a sidenote, I normally write with alot of references and tributes hidden in my work. If anybody catches one and mentions it in their review, I give extra props ;). Anyone?