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Aboard the Star Forge

The young boy stood on wobbly legs upon his hard-fought victory. Bloody and battered, he looked to see his friends around him.

"Homage style…he was training by eye!" Jolee said, nodding in relief. "He hasn't just been passively watching Seja and Jon fight their battles, he's been learning, making himself twice as good!"

Juhani stood there in shock. "I'll say! Good enough to imitate Seja's signature 'Krayt Dragon Hammer Crash' at any rate!"

"Ow…darn it. Oww…" Tankios groaned as he sank down to one knee and tried to pick himself up again. "What I forgot was the landing…"

This boy… Juhani thought as a smile formed on her face. …is going to be great!

"Well…" Tankios said with a grin as blood trickled down his forehead, and his right eye closed in pain. "…not as great as Seja and Jon!"

Ye'hen rolled over, groaning in pain as blood seeped out of his mouth. He was barely conscious, but his eyes were wide open. The Sith Troopers stepped back, suddenly fearful at what they just witnessed.

"It…can't be…" one gasped.

"The great Ye'hen…crushed by that kid…?"

"Right!" Tankios yelled, turning to his friends. His right eye was still swollen shut and he panted in exhaustion and sweat dripped down his grime covered face. "Now only two left!" He staggered, his lightsaber lowering as the slash wound he received leaked blood out of his back. "All we…have to do…is…c-charge…"

He then collapsed.

"Tankios!" Juhani and Meg gasped as the young Jedi crashed onto the floor.

"I told you," Tamakari said confidently to all three young women. "You'll all die in the end."

Juhani glared at the Scythe-man, who just smiled back. The surviving Sith Troopers stepped back and raised their blasters. Meg growled under her breath as Mission turned to her teammates.

"Juhani, Meg!" Mission yelled as she looked at Tankios, who wasn't moving.

"…don't worry. Tankios can't be killed that easily," Juhani told the Twi'lek, and Meg nodded.

"Think about yourself," Meg added as Mission looked at her. "It's our turn to fight!"

"Oho! You at least seem more focused than your little friend!" Tamakari giggled as he/she maneuvered his/her scythe so the blade was pointing down.

"Little…!" Mission growled as she blushed in anger and embarrassment…until Juhani's palm slammed into her face.

"She and I aren't so different," Juhani said, abruptly stopping Mission from losing her cool by pushing her hand into the Twi'lek's face. "For that matter, neither are you and I. Once I put on these Jedi Robes and clip my lightsaber onto my belt, I stand here as neither man, human, or alien, but as a master of the blade and the Force."

"Same goes for me. When I put on this armor, I am a Republic Soldier, nothing more," Meg told Tamakari, grasping the pommel of her vibroblade.

"In that sense, like you," Juhani finished as her eyes narrowed at the scythe-man in woman's clothing.

"…perhaps a bit…" Tamakari says as he/she maneuvered the scythe to have the chain ball fly off then loop over his/her head. "But a great deal weaker though! I am Tamakari 'The Scythe', of the Ten Blades-not some run of the mill swordfighter or Dark Jedi!"

"Mission, look at his weapon," Juhani whispered as Mission clutched her strangely bandaged nose.

"A scythe right…?" Mission whispered back, her hand over her nose.

"Which must weigh Two-Hundred kilos…a super heavy weapon that does a lot of damage," Meg added, looking at the vibroscythe.

"When a weapon like that misses, it leaves the user wide open," Juhani told Mission. "That's what we'll focus on."

"Juhani and I will be the bait and make him swing," Meg finished as all three young women looked intently at Tamakari. "That's when you attack his weak spot!"

"Weak spot…" Mission started as a glint appeared in her eyes. "I know just the one!" she remembered when Tamakari flashed her and grinned evilly. 'You're gonna learn payback's a real bi-…"

"Well? Attack already!" Tamakari ordered as a dark shadow dropped over his feminine face and his pupils changed color to amber, yet they didn't shrink.

"You don't have to ask me twice!" Juhani yelled as she started running towards the scythe-man.

The lithe Cathar woman brought her blade into a Makashi stance as she charged. Meg followed soon after, her vibroblade pointed to her back. Tamakari smiled as he lifted his scythe up high as the two women approached and he roared as he dropped it towards them. Juhani leapt out of the way and Meg rolled to the left. Juhani held her blade ready to strike while still in midair, and she looked over to Mission.

"Mission, now!" Juhani ordered as she prepared to land and strike at the scythe-man's back.

Mission began charging with a shout. She took out a vibrodagger and prepared to strike at Tamakari's 'weak point'. 'Got you!'

Mission's charge was abruptly stopped…when the 20 kilo counterweight ball slammed into her stomach and a sickening crunching sound was heard as a few of her ribs were broken by the blow. Blood flew out of her mouth as she exhaled and she was thrown back violently. Meg and Juhani got to their feet and looked as Mission sailed over them, crashing into the top of the Ebon Hawk.

"Mission!" they both called out and Juhani realized what went wrong. 'The counterweight…'

"A fine analysis of the vulnerability of super-heavy weapons," Tamakari complimented, making both women turn to her. "But I'm still ahead of you. The scythe's blade is only half of the weapon." He began twirling the scythe menacingly. "The counterweight must also be used! Such as…"

The spinning was so great, as well as the control Tamakari was using with the blade and the counterweight, it was like a barrier was formed around him, made of durasteel. The Sith Troopers gasped and cheered at the move, the blade resembled a buzz saw inside of the 'web' that the chain and ball formed.

"Here it comes!"

"Tamakari's sure fire…Web of Death!"

"A move at once offensive and defensive, shattering everything in its path…" Tamakari explained and Juhani snarled as sweat dropped down her face.

'Mission…' a woman's voice echoed in the unconscious Mission's head. 'You must stand.'


'Stand, you must. Your friends need you.'

'Whose voice is this…?'

'…Jon brought me back from darkness…' it was Bastila, and an ethereal form appeared before her. "Malak will be beaten very soon."

It was an affect of the redeemed Jedi's Battle Meditation which made the Twi'lek's eyes open and she sat up. The clanging of metal made her look down and gasp.


The Cathar woman was running away from Tamakari's 'Web of Death', the sleeve of her right arm which held her lightsaber was gradually being shredded by the chain and scythe blade. Mission clutched her chest in pain, feeling the broken ribs beneath her shirt. She gazed over to Meg, who was sprawled on her back, her armor shredded and barely conscious a few short meters away, gasping for air.

'…my ribs…can't…fight…' Mission's eyes opened after wincing again and looking at the blood that was seeping out of the impact mark in her armor. "And yet…what else can I do?" She took out both of her pistols and readied herself. "I'm not about to stand here and just let them die!" She stoically observed the attack and focused on the scythe. I'll never be able to get inside that…but there are other things! "Juhani, Meg, be ready!"

She pressed the trigger as Juhani looked back, understanding the plan. Meg clawed her way back up, weakly grasping her vibroblade. The blaster bolts zoomed past the Jedi and Tamakari casually glanced back.

"Where's the point?" Tamakari asked as the whirling chains deflected each and every blaster bolt.

Juhani yelled as she wound up a strike and Meg leapt to her feet and prepared a vertical slash. Tamakari adjusted his footing and raised his scythe, ready to attack, deflecting more blaster bolts. Juhani's lightsaber sizzled forth, but there was something that the scythe-man overlooked-a blaster bolt was caught in between Juhani's lightsaber and the scythe and when the two objects of energy collided with the cortosis/durasteel stave of the vibroscythe, they were able to cut through the stave, shattering it into pieces. The strain of the attack shorted Juhani's lightsaber's out and the plasma blade shot back into its hilt with a hiss.

"My scythe!" Tamakari gasped in shock. 'I thought it was me she was aiming at!'

Meg panted as a smirk appeared on her face and Tamakari burned with silent rage. "His weapon was too tough for your lightsaber, due to the cortosis, and for Mission's blaster bolts to pierce themselves."

"But to use the bolts as a wedge and my lightsaber as a hammer…nice thinking Mission!" Juhani congratulated the Twi'lek, who grinned ear to ear and gave a thumbs up.

"Bastila's back on our side now and looking out for us! All that we have to do now is wait for the others to get back!" Mission cheered. "This is it, the turning point! Take her down Juhani!"

"Mission, Meg, wait," Juhani started to say, making her teammates look at her with a confused expression. "Tamakari, won't you turn back? With your giant scythe gone, you've lost your means to victory. Any more fighting will be meaningless."

"Wait, wait! Revenge isn't meaningless, not to me!" Mission called angrily as her expression changed, her head seemed to grow and she blushed and sweated as her pupils disappeared in her eyes, and in her mouth there were letters 'Mmmg!' "Not only did he break my ribs, the sick freak flashed me!"

"Heh. You make me laugh," Tamakari stated as he looked at the Jedi's lightsaber. "You've lost your means to victory, too."

"…no," Juhani told him confidently. "The way of the Jedi is the way of the Force. As long as the Force is your ally, your means of any victory is never lost." She lifted her lightsaber hilt up, and placed her hand near the useless emitter. "And so, even if I have no blade I can still fight with the hilt."

"Why, I do believe you're not bluffing!" Tamakari said with a bit of surprise as she lifted the shaft over her head and two prongs shot out of the bottom of the poll-like end. "Still…I have my own contingency for a broken weapon."

'You've lost your pretty smile, girlie,' Mission thought with glee as sweat dropped down her cheek. "Faced with Juhani, it's finally real to you, huh?"

"Don't be stupid," Tamakari told Mission flatly. "It's always real for me."

"LIAR!" Mission shouted as she jumped up and flailed her arms and legs around comically.

"It's no lie. Being who I am is no game, and never will be," Tamakari stated coldly, yet with a hint of sadness in his voice. 'No matter how feminine I am, I will never be loved as is Tsumi. No matter how hard I train, I will never be respected within the Ten Blades as Kayla. I will never please Lord Sion neither as a man, nor a woman. He closed his eyes slowly and opened them. "All I can do is carry out the orders he gives me and speak my love through unquestioning loyalty. Tamakari exists only as strength to Lord Sion! I cannot just 'step aside'!"

Juhani, Mission and the barely conscious Meg looked on in shock as Tamakari roared and plunged the prongs into the chain links. He began twirling them at surprising speed, and the sheer velocity that the chain was going kept it secured onto the prongs. It looked like a demonic fan as Tamakari leapt into the air with the counterweight spun around the rapidly spinning pronged stave. Juhani readied herself as Meg and Mission gasped.

At the last possible second, the Cathar Jedi dropped to one knee, her robes being shredded by the chain-fan. Tamakari's eyes widened as Juhani summoned the Force and pushed the chain-fan away from her and then she slammed her lightsaber hilt into the scythe-man's knee, shattering the bone underneath. Juhani growled as the scythe-man fell onto the flooring.

"…I'm sorry," Juhani told the scythe-man softly. "But I made a promise too. I'm going back with Seja and everyone else. I can't 'step aside' either." Tamakari's eyes narrowed at what Juhani was telling him. "The battle is over, please take your men to their ships and leave this place. We'll provide for you and everyone who can't move."

"…you joke," Tamakari started as he reached into his womanly robes. "I can't go back to Lord Sion…and retreat is not an option…" he took out a large needle and aimed it at the bottom of his mouth. "…not after this!"

The butt of a blaster pistol then slammed into the back of his neck, hitting a cluster of nerves that would knock him out. It was Mission who did it.

"…little…girl…" Tamakari muttered as he drifted off into unconsciousness, and collapsed into Juhani's arms.

The Cathar looked at the Twi'lek in confusion. "Mission?"

"I don't like him. And I know I don't understand him…" Mission started, her left eye closed and her blaster still cocked. Her mind drifted back to Taris. "…but I know what it means to want someone to be proud of you, be strong for someone else."

Juhani looked down at the unconscious scythe-man and smiled. "…yeah, me too."

The Sith Troopers stood there, behind their masks they were gaping in awe and fear. They lowered their blasters, vibrospears, and vibroblades. They…they started shaking.

"First Lord Ye'hen…then Lady Tamakari…"

"Two of the Ten Blades…beaten by women and children!"

"Don't give up! Remember, the lard ball, Lord Restatra, I mean-is still fighting!" The Sith Captain said as he lifted his visor.

"Restatra! Restatra!" The troops cheered, looking back.

The fat human looked back a clueless look on his face-as always. "Huh-huh?"

The shock of realization hit the Sith Troopers, and they began to run away towards the turbolifts.

"Get to your ships! Run away!"

"He's just too stupid! Retreat!"

Restatra was left there, scratching his forehead and crotch. He looked over to Zaalbar and Canderous. Then Cal, Carth, and HK-47, and finally his head turned a full 360 degrees to look at Juhani, Mission, and Meg. The women jumped as they saw that.

"D-Did his head…just turn all the way around?" Mission asked Juhani as she pointed nervously at Restatra.

"I-It was an optical illusion…right?" Juhani replied as she looked at the stupid obese man, trying her best to show a smile and chuckle.

Suddenly, Restatra's whole head stretched, steam flew out of his nose and he began to spin his head again. Mission leapt in fright and grabbed onto Juhani, who was shocked too, with all her might. The fat man then bounced away to the nearest turbolift.

"Aggravated Observation: Aargh! He's running away!" HK-47 started to say as the turbolift activated, sending the strange fat human away.

"There's no need to chase him, everyone," Jolee told them with a proud smile. "You did well, our goals are met. Good job, all of you. Victory is ours!"

Everyone looked up to the Hawk's cockpit, all proud of their achievement. Mission flashed the victory sign and winked, Juhani smiled proudly, and Meg smirked as she applied a kolto salve on her wounds. Canderous lit up a cigara and Carth wiped the encrusted blood off his face. Zaalbar roared in victory, HK-47's photoreceptor flashed, and Cal just smirked. Suddenly, a large shadow towered over them.

"So, you have defeated them all. How nice..."

TeeThree shrilled suddenly as he activated the Hawk's ray shield as a massive vibrosword, that looked like a cross between an meat-cleaver and a regular pointed curved blade came crashing down on the freighter. The resulting shockwave knocked everyone off their feet, and they turned around to see the giant human, wearing what looked like a sick hybrid of Mandalorian Neo-Crusader and Sith Armor. In his hand stood a Bith with an abnormally large head, and he was dressed in long philosopher robes.

"Now we have you all to ourselves!" The Bith announced in perfect basic.

"Damn it….looks like this is the end," Jolee grumbled as he looked at the new opponents.

"Statement: This meatbag may be…too big for me to kill with one blast. Oh dear…" HK-47 said with his voice lowered.

Cal fell onto his butt in shock at the sudden reversal. "H-How the hell could this happen? We won…"

"Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. Excellent, the wise mortal accepts the inevitable," the Bith chuckled as he fiddled with his long, stringy mustache. "Will you all embrace your fates graciously, they?"

"…damn it…" Mission growled as she clutched her injured ribs. 'We've fought this far, nearly dying, and then some freaking monster pops out at the last?' the Twi'lek turned to Juhani, who bore a look of determination. "Juhani!"

"…I know, I'm not giving up either. I promised we'd go back home together, that, or…" Juhani looked up at the giant human. "…we'd go together back into the Force."

"Not yet, we won't!"

Everyone looked as the weakened Tankios rose to his feet, blood staining the back of his robes. He panted and shook, but the look on his face said it all.

"It's…not over…yet…." Tankios breathed out as he clenched his fists. "Not until…"

"Tankios!" Juhani yelled in surprise that the boy could even stand.

"…Seja and Jon come back!" Tankios finished with a loud, determined yell.

"…Tankios…" Carth said as he looked at the boy. "We're all with you."

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall, right?" Canderous grunted, looking at the boy. 'That kid definitely has become something traveling with us. I haven't seen such determination, not since I saw the strongest Mandalorians in the Clan lead the armies of Mandalore into battle…'

"Ah, yes. Children can be so difficult," the Bith said as he leaned on his cane in the giant's palm. "They simply can't tell fantasy from reality. But it would bee a shame to die in ignorance. Allow me to show you, one step at time, that you young folks have no hope at all." He held up one finger. "One. Your hope that Slayer Kimura will return, really, now, how likely is that? I would call it…close to zero. Once Lord Sion fights, he always wins. That truth will blaze as the Slayer becomes one with the Force. Dead men return to the afterlife, not here. Of course, Kimura might run back without fighting, but, still, it would take two to three hours to get here."

He held up a second finger. "Two. Revan's not likely to survive fighting Lord Malak. You see, the Star Forge continually renews the strength of a Dark Side user, and Malak has discovered all the secrets of this Rakatan weapon forge. Since Revan is now a devoted servant of the light, he has no chance of winning."

He held up a third finger. "Three. Let's apply a similar analysis to the strength of your forces. It's quite a feat to fend off three of the Ten Blades with women and children in the ranks. I acknowledge the achievement. However, that battle has left you all severely injured. Frankly, your strength is inconsequential. Four. Consider our strength, the army called Demon. This will be easier to show then explain. Tionage?"

The giant, Tionage raised his blade up high, pointing it straight over the Hawk. TeeThree trilled as he attempted to strengthen the ray shield. The blade slammed into the freighter, bashing the shields down completely with a blinding flash, but they absorbed the impact enough only to cause minor damage on the hull. The resulting shockwave knocked Jolee down, and threw TeeThree away from the ODN conduit. Mission gritted her teeth as she looked at it.

"One, two, three, four, logically, only one conclusion can be reached!" The Bith laughed as he pointed his cane at the crew. "You have no hope! You have death, and that's all!"

Tankios looked down at the ground as dust of the impact reached him. "Yeah, so…what of it?"

The Bith's eyes narrowed as Juhani looked at him.

"To hell with your logic!" Tankios roared with all his might. "I still believe in Seja and Jon, no matter what you say!"

"Alas, it is a modern malady to imagine that reality can be changed by the power of belief, I'm tempted to keep working to help you see the truth," The Bith then gritted his mouth. "…but why? You're about to die."

Tionage stomped, shaking the ground, and faced Tankios. The giant raised his massive vibrosword over his head, and began to drop it in a vertical slash right over Tankios' head.

"Tankios!" Juhani yelled as she threw out her hand to push the boy away…but nothing happened. Her Force powers were depleted from the strike she used to destroy Tamakari's scythe!

'Seja, Jon…' Tankios thought as he closed his eyes. 'Seja, Jon!'

The clang of the blade slamming into what sounded like the metal floor rattled everyone's nerves and Juhani dropped to her knees in defeat. Tears flowed from her eyes as she looked down at the floor.


"Um…Juhani…" Mission started, making Juhani's eyes open and she looked up.

She looked incredulously at the sight. Mission's face blossomed into a wide, open mouth smile. Zaalbar and Cal's jaws dropped, Carth's nearly hit the floor and even Canderous stared wide eyed. Jolee, who had managed to get back to his feet and look out through the window, opened up his mouth in shock. The Bith jumped in shock at the sight as Tankios opened up his eyes.

There was a man there, at least 30 years old wearing a long, flapping white cape. "Good job, boy. You had your heart in that." Standing before the boy was…Master Okih Jiro, buffering his lightsaber with the Force to block the massive vibrosword, actually making the cortosis blade crack and shatter. His muscles flexed as he put a minimum of his full strength into the barrier, and he smirked confidently from his now, beard free face. "And for believing in my idiot apprentice 'til the very end, you win this fight!"

The Bith stared down in shock, and everyone looked at awe in the Jedi Master before them. Mission suddenly recognized him. "It's…him!"

The Jedi Master's smirk widened as he displayed his pearly whites and his massive biceps flexed and he applied a Force Push which tossed the massive blade aside like it was a light branch. It crashed onto the floor with a large clang, and Master Jiro stared up at the monster Tionage.

"He just broke…that monster's blade…" Canderous gasped in shock, his cigara falling off his lip. "Who…is he?"

"Okih! Okih Jiro! Seja's mentor and the current master of Super Shien! I followed Seja one day during his training sessions on Manaan, and saw him!" Mission told everyone, her lekku whipping around as she turned her head. Everyone's jaw dropped when they heard that. "He's probably the countermeasure Seja talked about before!"

"What's wrong, boy? Your legs give out when help arrived?" Okih asked Tankios with a smirk.

"Shut up! If you were coming, why wait so long?" Tankios yelled as he threw his hands into the air angrily. "Haven't we seen enough dramatic entrances?!"

"Take your complaints to my idiot apprentice and his stupid friend," Okih replied as he lifted the boy up by his ripped robes. "I would have been here sooner if they had transmitted the Hawk's transponder codes, but no, I had to go looking around almost this whole this station, beating down Dark Jedi and other Sith." He then tossed Tankios into Juhani's arms, and he landed on her chest. "Now step back, this may be dangerous."

"Thank you…" Juhani said with joyful tears in her eyes as she hugged Tankios close, and he sweat-dropped when he realized where he was. "So very much."

Okih's eyes closed as he continued to smirk, and he turned to face the giant Tionage and his Bith master. "Now then, shall we begin?"

"I see…so you are the Mandalorian Slayer's master! No wonder you can deflect Tionage's great sword," the Bith's eye muscles wrinkled in glee. "But it is not enough. Just as the strongest flipdarter is nothing to a great Ronto, there is no humanoid being to match this monster called Tionage!"

"Old man, take it somewhere else," Okih stated as the bith's face wrinkled into anger. "I'm talking to him, to Tionage."

Everyone looked in surprise and confusion at the Jedi Master's statement. Behind his demonic mask, Tionage's eyes seemed to return to normal, out of a mindless fury…

"Talking…" Carth started as he looked up.

"…to that monster?" Mission finished as she held onto her broken ribs, looking right up at the giant.

"That was a good swing, Tionage," Okih stated honestly as he looked up at the giant, square in the eye. "You used the tightening grip of Shii-cho quite expertly. Not at all something would expect from a mindless monster."

"Don't listen, Tionage!" The Bith ordered, turning to his giant companion. "I'm the only one you should hear!" He pointed his cane accusingly up at Tionage. "Who took you in when those peasants and Republic Soldiers tried to kill you because of how you look? I did, that's who! You keep thinking of nothing else-except how to best repay that debt!"

"OLD MAN!" Okih rumbled, finally getting frustrated with the ignorant Bith's denouncement of Tionage, making him sound nothing more than a slave. The Bith jumped in fright at the Force enhanced yell. "I said I'm talking with Tionage now. I'll deal with you later."

'Scary…!' Mission and Tankios thought at the same time as Okih's cape flapped from his use of the Force.

'Indeed the master…' Juhani thought as the Jedi Master grabbed the hem of his weighted cape.

"Now…where was I? Oh, yes, that was a good blow…but you won't be able to beat me like that," Okih stated confidently, but his confidence in his abilities are more than well founded. "Attack again in that heavy armor and you're doomed."

"Could he be anymore confident?" Mission asked herself. 'Bet he can back it up too!'

"Armor?" Juhani asked as she saw the Mandalorianesque armor that Tionage was wearing on his body. "Of course…no matter how perfect the strike, if he's bound by that armor, the force will be decreased and the false sense of security the armor gives him could make him careless! So, even though he thought that blow was at his best, it couldn't have been! But…why would Master Jiro tell him that?"

"I see through you! Don't be fooled by his trickery, Tionage! That's what he wants! Never trust a Jedi!" the Bith roared, pointing accusingly at Okih. "He's trying to upset you with taunts, at which point he has you drop your defense and toss aside your armor!"

"Hmph," Okih said as he closed his eyes and lowered his lightsaber slightly, and began applying the Force into his voice. "You must be frustrated by your fool of a master, Tionage. Yet to remain loyal to him…you are a true Jedi, and I admire that. My own stupid apprentice could learn a bit from you. But still, isn't it about time you choose your own battles, with your own will? I'm sure you prefer not to fight those who are so much weaker than you, people will call you a cowards and a bully for striking ordinary mortals." The atmospheric generators began blowing a wind which flapped the Jedi Master's weighted cape. "But today is different. Today a man stands before you whom you cannot beat, even at full strength."

At that, Tionage ground his teeth around the rope that connected all the armor to his body, and then bit down hard. The rope was cut by the bit and all the armor began to fall away from his body. Everyone but Master Jiro gasped in shock as the heavy durasteel plates crashed onto the ground. Tionage then roared, making his Bith partner fall in his hand. When the giant's face finally went down to meet eye level with the Jedi Master, tears were streaming down his face.

"Tears…" Carth started as the giant's arm lowered slightly and he began to crouch.

"…of joy, I should think," Jolee finished with wise insight. "We could only see this man, Tionage, as a monster. Makes me kind of ashamed of myself when it comes down to it. But he saw buried deep within the soul of an unfulfilled Jedi.

"And…he touched it," Juhani said as she glanced at the Jedi Master. "Okih Jiro is truly a great man."