Mm…This is interesting. I probably won't go particularly far with this, maybe two or three chapters, four if I'm pushing it…This is just to expend a little extra creative energy so I can get some real work done on other fics…

Kouji-Kouichi-centric. AU, no Digimon, but the twins do know each other and their parents are divorced. Takuya does appear, but I don't think the others will unless I go all out with this. I like X-Men: Evolution better than the original series, and I know it much better, so that's what I'm using. (Besides, I adore Kurt in Evolution…he's just soooo fun. And I'm not up to dealing with his original-flavored Christian angst…) Don't worry if you don't know X-Men…I have enough explanation in here even for a beginner.

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The X Evolution

Chapter 1: Twins

The tremendous super computer beeped to itself and its user, a bald man confined to a wheelchair, was plugged into the psychic link as usual. His already tremendous powers amplified by the machine's programming, he easily scanned the minds of thousands, no, millions at once, skimming easily away from those who did not need assistance, focusing on those who truly did.

The fantastic machine suddenly sprung into an alert, flinging his attention far from his current location. It was focused on a familiar island nation…he'd been there himself not six months ago…and began to narrow itself down. One island. One very large city. One section of city…

Two houses.

The man was a bit surprised, but found his attention equally divided. There was energy in these two houses, energy that was radiating from two young boys crouched within two separate rooms, deep in their own troubled thoughts, but somehow strangely connected…

One boy sat in the very middle of a room filled with darkness, choosing to be surround by the inky black of night so he could more easily see the ball of white-hot light dancing across his fingers. To the outside observer, he would look to be toying with something similar to the fairies of Peter Pan, but his serious and confident smirk told you instantly that he was far too old for pixie dust.

Miles away, an identical boy lay curled in the corner of a room flooded with light. One hand was raised slightly, casting a shadow on the wall. Though the hand was still, the shadow moved and changed shape with relative ease, performing almost as a shadow puppet would, lifting and moving slightly from off of the usually-secure surface. Tension hung over this mind as though its owner was afraid to go any farther…

Their energies resonated with each other, supporting and comforting the other though they were miles apart. Both were restless, unrefined…searching for answers…

The man gave the machine one more order, identifying the boys and calling up their personal records on the visible monitor, then he removed the helmet and turned to the door as it opened.

"You called me, Professor?" the pretty young redhead asked, turning her head slightly in a coy manner. "It's a bit early in the morning for you to be plugging into Cerebro, isn't it?"

The man smiled, turning his wheelchair to face her. "Just a simple scan, Jean…And I've found something rather interesting."

"What?" the young telepath turned her eyes to the huge, projected screen as the school photos of two almost-identical teenagers appeared. They both had dark hair and deep blue eyes, and their faces were almost exactly the same.

"Take a look at these boys." Professor X turned to screen himself. "They are Japanese…from a small area in Tokyo. Fourteen years old. Brothers. Twins. And, if my assumptions of their powers are correct, they would both benefit greatly from our intervention at this time."

Jean Grey raised an eyebrow as she looked at the pictures. She knew what that meant…Cerebro had identified the boys as new mutants, those who had only recently uncovered their innate mutant powers to a level at which they were a possible threat, to themselves and others, without proper guidance. But this was most unusual…

"Twin mutants?" she asked, slightly surprised. "Professor…that's never happened before, has it?"

"Not in our records…" the Professor sighed, beginning to scan through the open files. "But it is possible. More than likely, actually, since identical twins naturally have identical genetic make-ups, if one carries the mutant gene than the other must have it as well…Which is not to say their powers may be identical, but we need to look in to these two."

"If you say so, Professor." Jean sighed, smiling slightly, and looked back up at the screen. "You said they were Japanese, right? Should I call Flare? It's his home country after all…"

"No, no." the Professor shook his head with an amused air. "I think it would be better to leave him here…he still hasn't quite adjusted to the culture shock yet. Kitty and Kurt would be wise choices, they know how to make newcomers feel welcome. I'll call Logan…try to be ready in about two hours." He cracked slight smile. "With the time difference, we might just catch them before they leave for school tomorrow morning."

"Yes sir."

( - ) ( - ) ( - )

Kouji yawned, tapping off his alarm and blinking at the sunlight streaming through the window. He was wound up for one reason or another, it probably had something to do with his 'practice' last night. He flexed his wrist, getting excited just thinking about it. The ball-of-light trick was getting easier every night…he was almost ready to move up.

About twenty minutes later, (with a quick goodbye to his father and stepmother) he was dressed and on his way to school. He dug his cell out of his pocket as he walked and pressed the first speed dial number.

The tired voice of his brother answered. "Hello?"

"Kouichi, it's me." Kouji didn't really like the way he sounded. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine…"

Kouji frowned. He didn't sound fine. "You were working with your talent last night, weren't you?" he sighed. "You know you don't have to keep practicing just because I am. Especially if it always wears you out like this."

There was mumbled that sounded vaguely like an "I know…"

Kouji sighed. "Just don't…push yourself, okay, Nii-san?"

If he closed his eyes, he could almost see his brother's tired smile. "Okay Kouji. I'll see you after school."

There was a small click and the line went dead. Kouji sighed and slipped the cell back into his pocket, shaking his head slightly. Part of him was now wondering what the heck he and his brother had gotten in to.

These 'talents', as they called them, had only appeared about a month ago. Waking from a nightmare, he discovered that, somehow, light itself responded to his thoughts. He could gather it to him, contain it in a semi-solid form, send it wherever he wanted it to go. On the same day, his brother had found his own power, over the anti-light particles that made darkness and shadows, bringing them under his control in an almost identical way.

At first it had been a game, testing their limits, sitting out in the park or in their rooms together, toying with their strengths, creating games and challenging each other to go further and further…

But then something went wrong. Horribly wrong.

Kouji shuddered just thinking about it, and it hadn't even happened to him. The result had left Kouichi terrified to try even the simplest of his 'tricks' for weeks. He'd only started up again because Kouji had begun practicing by himself late at night, cautiously building up his own strength, and Kouichi had wanted to help…

But he'd never go far…He was too afraid.

Kouji sighed as he entered the school gates, pushing the thoughts out of his mind. No time to dwell…He needed to get to class.

( - ) ( - ) ( - )

Jean sighed, trying to clear her mind and search, but she had a lot to sort through first.

Logan had landed the Blackbird in a bunker somewhere in the back of Tokyo International Airport, the cloaking device activated just in case anyone entered. Upon checking the time, it was discovered to be a little after noon…but, it was also Saturday, and as the Professor explained, Japanese students only had half a day and would be getting out very soon.

As such, he and Logan had set off to find the boys' parents…starting with their father and stepmother with hopes to contact their birthmother soon afterwards. Jean, Kitty and Kurt were sent to try and 'apprehend' the boys before they got home from school, to try and "Break them in early," as Logan put it, and not jump them with it as soon as they got home.

This, however, was not as easy as usual for a number of reasons. First of all, they were used to going after only one potentially dangerous young mutant at a time. Not only were there two of them, but the elder of the two (Kouichi, Jean had to remind herself) lived with their divorced mother and went to one school, while his brother (Kouji, remember it, Kouji) lived with their father and went to another.

Which was why she was currently on the roof of a high apartment building, trying to clear her thoughts and scan the minds of the city for any mutant signatures she didn't recognize.

Kitty, standing beside her, shifted from one foot to the other nervously. Kurt, his hologram projector still firmly in place, was leaning over the edge and staring down at the streets. Jean was sure by his posture and expression that his tail was twitching.

"Vell?" he asked in his heavy accent, turning blue eyes back at the redhead. "Have you got anything yet?"

"…Not yet…" Jean muttered, eyes closed.

"Chill out, fuzzy." Kitty sighed, glaring slightly. "We're in one of the biggest cities in, like, the world. It's gonna take a while."

"Like you can talk! You vant to meet them as much as do!"

"At least I'm not…"

"I've got them!" Jean suddenly exclaimed, causing both of the younger mutants to snap their heads around and Kurt to almost fall over. "They're near by…separate, but near. One of them…I think it's Kouji…is only two streets that direction…" she pointed off to the right. "And his brother's about half a mile that way." she pointed vaguely, but not quite, left.

"I'll get that vone!" Kurt volunteered perkily.

"Just make sure you're translation chip's on properly." Jean tapped the small, black chip installed on her temple. "And try not to…"


"…scare him." Jean groaned, shaking her head at the puff of smoke where Kurt had been standing. "Oh boy…"

"Let's just hope the kid's not easily startled." Kitty sighed, checking her own chip before taking Jean's hand and smoothly phasing them down through the levels of apartments.

( - ) ( - ) ( - )


Two or three tele-jumps later, Kurt found himself crouching in a small alleyway… but he peaked out to find a boy with dark hair walking slowly towards him. Though he was looking at the ground, Kurt could see his face enough to recognize him from the pictures he'd been shown.

"That's him, all vight!" under his hologram, Kurt's pointed blue ears wiggled excitedly. For someone of a different nation, he thought the boy looked an awful lot like his holo-self, just a bit shorter. "I can't vait to find out vat he can do!"

He slipped out of the small alley and stood in front of the boy. Still staring at the ground, the new mutant (potential friend!) didn't notice him and continued walking, deep in thought. Kurt took a deep breath, checking both his translation chip and hologram inducer, before putting on his friendliest grin before moving forward.

"Hi!" the other boy was startled and looked up suddenly, stumbling back. Kurt grinned even wider. "Don't ve scared. Your name's Kouichi, yah?"

The boy's blue eyes widened a bit more. "Do I…know you?"

"Now you do." Kurt leaned forward a bit. He was a little taller than the other, so this made them about eye level. "I'm Kurt Vagner. My friends and I are here to help you."

"With what?" Kouichi looked more than a little shocked, taking a hesitant step backwards.

"Vell…" Kurt leaned back, rubbing his head. "It's…sort've hard to explain…" It came to him suddenly and he snapped his fingers…which must have looked very strange to the outside observer, as his five-fingered hologram made it seam like he used two fingers and a thumb to do it.

"Here, come vith me!" he snatched Kouichi's hand and started pulling him into the shadows of the alley. "Jean is so much better at explaining this that I am."

"H-Hey!" Kouichi exclaimed, yanking back. The tone in his voice was of one about to be mugged. "Let go…what're you…"


( - ) ( - ) ( - )

"Who exactly are you people?"

Jean laughed awkwardly. She and Kitty had 'phased' out of one of the apartment buildings right in front of their target, much to the long-haired boy's startled surprise. That was the awkward part…the laugh came from the thought that had sprung into his head when he saw them. "I thought I lost those fan club freaks!"

Kitty just grinned and giggled in her cute-flirt manner. "Sorry 'bout that. Didn't mean to startle you."

"You didn't startle me." the boy growled, visibly annoyed.

Jean had to intervene before he stormed off. She coughed once to regain her composure. "You're Kouji, right?"

"Yeah. Who're you?" came the curt snap.

"Well…My name is Jean Grey, and this is Kitty Pryde…" Kitty grinned and waved, getting a cold look. "We're from a school called the Xavier Institute…"


Accompanying the unbelievably loud noise was a large puff of smoke, and two figures appeared out of it. The first was Kurt, crouched over slightly, grinning wildly past his hair. The other Jean managed to identify as Kouji's twin brother a few seconds before he fell over, possibly out of shock.

"I found 'im!" Kurt proclaimed, obviously quite pleased with himself.

"Kou…ichi?" Kouji blinked, surprised, then rushed over to help him back on his feet.

"Oh…Kurt!" Kitty exclaimed. "We told you not to scare him!"

"I didn't." Kurt grinned at Kouichi. "I didn't scare you, did I?"

Kouichi blinked up at him. "How…did you…do that?"

Jean stepped forward, blocking Kitty and Kurt's argument before they could get heated. "He's a mutant, of course. We all are." she smiled warmly at the twins. "And, if our readings are correct and they usually are, you two are as well."

Kouji raised an annoyed eyebrow. "We're what?"

"Mutants." Kitty said brightly, as though responding that they were male.

Jean cleared her throat. "Please don't take that the wrong way…We don't mean extra arms or anything like that…at least, that doesn't usually happen." she grinned slightly at Kurt, then turned back to the twins.

"So what do you mean?" Kouji had taken over the talking…Kouichi seamed happy to blink and tilt his head, listening patiently.

"Well…It's simple enough…" Jean motioned to them to keep moving so they wouldn't attract a lot of attention. "There's a gene you can be born with that makes you a 'mutant'…a variation of a normal human. We call this the 'X-gene', and only a small number of the population have it. Normally, it lies dormant for the first part of your life…until you hit puberty or something similar."

Kurt poked her. "Too much detail, Jean."

Kitty swatted him in the back of the head with a 'shush'. Jean shook her head at them before continuing. "Anyways…The gene is what makes you a mutant, and when it 'wakes up', we've found that mutants gain unusual powers."

That made both the twin's eyes widen. Jean nodded. "That rang a bell, huh?"

Kouji glared, but Kouichi shifted slightly. "So…So other people can do…things? Like us?"

"Well, no…" Jean frowned. "That is, we don't really know until we know what you can do. Different mutants have different powers…Like Kurt over there. As you probably guessed, he can teleport within short distances."

"Yah." said mutant grinned sheepishly at Kouichi. "Sorry if I scared you back there."

Kouichi gave him a kind of half-hearted nod. Jean smiled and motioned to the other female. "And Kitty here 'phases'…She moves through solid objects."

"Yup." Kitty giggled. "You should've seen me the first time it happened. I, like, freaked!"

Kouichi blinked, confused. Kouji turned and glared at the remaining red-haired mutant. "And what about you?"

"Me?" Jean smiled just a bit. "Well, I'm…telekinetic."

The twins blinked at her, and it occurred to Jean that the translator chip (which had implanted the Japanese language into their minds temporarily, so that they heard themselves speak in English) might not have a word for the term.

Jean paused and sighed. She motioned her hand towards an old soda can which had been sitting on the ground nearby. It shook a moment, then lifted into the air and floated over to hover near Kouji's right ear. She let it drop and grinned. "That's what I can do."

"Uh…huh." Kouji blinked, but somehow seamed calmer than before. He glanced at his twin, who shrugged impassively. He turned back to the other three. "So…What was this 'Institute' you were talking about?"

( - ) ( - ) ( - )

"The Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters is only a front name." Professor Charles Xavier lectured, as he did to the parents of most new students, giving a thoughtful look over steepled fingers. "What we truly are is…a training ground. A school, to teach young mutants to control their often volatile powers."

He turned his eyes to the gathered group. Minamoto Satome…the boys' stepmother…was sitting on the couch beside Kimura Tomoko, their birthmother. Tomoko's arms were looped over the shoulders of Kouichi, the son she had custody over…originally, they had been around his neck, but she had released when he began turning blue. He and his brother were sitting on the floor in front of them. Their father, Minamoto Kousei, was sitting in an arm chair nearby, eyeing the group of strangers…especially Logan, who was standing by the Professor with an almost protective glare.

Charles cleared his throat. "As I have told you, Minamoto-sans…Kimura-san… Your sons have both discovered their own special powers, as have many other young mutants before them. When properly trained, these talents can be used responsibly, to help people who aren't able to help themselves. However, if they are left untrained…they can very, very dangerous."

"What kind of powers?" Kimura-san suddenly spoke up. "What can the boys… do?"

Professor X sighed. "We don't know yet. That's one of the reasons the boys should consider a stay at the Institute…"

"One of the reasons?" Kousei glared. "What are the others?"

"To learn control, as I have said." the Professor nodded. "And for fellowship… There are many, many students there, the same age and older, all with secrets to hide of their own. And also for protection…"

"Protection?" Tomoko gasped, pulling Kouichi in a bit tighter. "From what?"

"…Humans." the Professor sighed. He was quiet a moment, then turned back. "I can't lie to you about this, there are many, many 'normal' humans who find mutants a…a threat. Most of them refuse to let themselves be persuaded on the subject, holding fast to prejudices that mutants are monsters…freaks…without even bothering to consider their feelings or pain. They've tried before to have governments 'tag' mutants, register them, lock them up, treat them like animals for show or experiments…" He shook his head sadly.

"And can your…school…protect them from something like that?" Kousei growled. "From your government?"

"We can, and we have for many, many years now." Professor X smiled. "And we will continue to do so…Though, as I have said, our first purpose is to train students in the use of their powers, for their own protection as much as for other's."

Kouji glanced at his brother, and for a moment their eyes met. Then the younger brother snapped his head to the man. "We'll do it."

"Kouji!" Tomoko and Satome exclaimed at once.

"It isn't your decision!" Kousei snapped.

Kouji glared at him. "Look, you're the one who's always lecturing on finding out about something before you mess with it." he narrowed his eyes. "Wouldn't it be better to get advice from somebody who knows, rather that wing it?"

Kousei gaped, but his son didn't give him time to respond. "Kouichi, you think so too, right?"

The elder twin just nodded, with a very slight little smile, though the Professor felt a strange, hesitant air hovering around his mind like a dense fog. He brushed it off after a moment as a small case the jitters at the potential of moving across the ocean.

Tomoko looked down at Kouichi, who had turned his head up to look at her with an unreadable expression. For a moment the two simply looked at each other, then the woman finally sighed.

"…All right." she whispered, softly, hugging the boy tightly. "If you really think… It's for the best…"

Satome nodded towards the other woman softly, turning to look at her husband. "Kousei…I think Tomoko-san is right."


"If the boys do have these…powers…" Satome bit her lip slightly. "How are we… How are we supposed to help them? We can't even understand…"

Kousei faltered a moment, looking between his wife, ex-wife, and each of his sons in turn. Then he sighed, shaking his head a moment before turning to look at Xavier once more.

"Fine. If you can help the boys…Fine."

A small smile slid over the Professor's face. "Excellent. We'll begin working on the travel plans immediately."