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The X Evolution

Chapter 6: Shadowed Mysteries

Mystique 'hm'ed to herself, gazing contemplatively out the window of her house. Her blue lips were pursed together in thought, golden eyes strangely focused straight ahead.

"Um, hello?" Pietro called, annoyingly close to her ear. "Earth to Mystique! What the hell is up with you? That stupid idea nearly got me killed, and it was…"

The female mutant grabbed the motor mouth by the throat, glaring at him with fiercely yellow eyes. Pietro 'eep'ed slightly, breaking into a hyper-fast dash to break her grip, just long enough to get out of her way and duck behind the couch. From said couch, Lance watched the scene with a raised eyebrow. "What's the matter with you?"

"Mind your own business!" Mystique snapped, spinning on her heels and storming up to her room. The slam of the door shook the entire house.

Once inside, she moved to the desk and removed a small, gray cell phone from a drawer. Pressing the only working button, a spark of blue electricity ran through the tiny machine. A second later, a man's voice answered. "Well?"

"You were right." She muttered, walking to the window and gazing out into the stars. "He took control. The boy couldn't resist him, not until his brother intervened."

"…I see." The man's voice was contemplative.

"Should we tell Xavier?"

"No." The voice now curved so as to give one the image that its owner was smirking confidently. "There's no reason to worry Charles. I'm sure he'll find out soon enough."

Mystique 'humph'ed a little under her breath. "So what do we do until then?"

"We wait." The voice whispered softly. "Until fate takes its course, we will wait."

( - ) ( - ) ( - )

The white-hot light seared his eyes painfully the moment he regain consciousness. He groaned, squeezing his eyes shut and turning his head away to burry them in his pillow. He whimpered just a little, shifting to roll over, away from the light.

"Oh, I'm sorry." A soft female voice whispered, and the light suddenly moved. "I didn't realize you were photosensitive."

Kouichi cracked his eyes open slowly, the light being somewhat tolerable. Ororo Monroe, dressed in the white lab coat she had wore the first day they met, was leaning over him and pressing a soft, cold cloth to his forehead. A short ways away, Hank McCoy was adjusting one of the machines attached to the boy, monitoring his senses.

Yin looked around lazily, realizing that he had been changed into a pair of pajama pants, a few nodes and wires attached to his bare arms and chest. "…Storm?"

"Yes, that's right." Ororo nodded, placing the cloth off to the side and brushing his hair away from his eyes. "Just take it easy. You've had a very rough night."

Kouichi blinked up at her, then planted his hands and tried to sit up. He was in the Institute infirmary, in one of the separate rooms set aside for patients who were severely injured or very sick.

"How…How long have I been out?" He asked painfully, blinking around.

"It hasn't been long." Ororo nodded to the clock. "Just a few hours."

He groaned, putting a hand on his head and closed his eyes, trying to remember what had happened. It came racing back to him and he gasped. "That's right! I…oh, gosh, is everyone all right? I didn't hurt anyone, did I?"

"No, you didn't." Hank laughed softly, moving to the boy to carefully remove the various nodes from their attached places. "You did scare us, though, with that panic attack. Loosing control of your abilities is always frightening, but your brother managed to figure out how to calm you down."

Kouichi opened his eyes suddenly, jerking a bit at his brother's name. "Kouji?"

"Yes, that's right." Ororo nodded, pouring a glass of water and offering it to the boy. He took it shakily and sipped it. "He's been very worried about you, and was rather angry when we brought you back here."

Kouichi blinked down at the water in his hands, then looked up at Storm. "Can I…see him?"

( - ) ( - ) ( - )

Even though it was late, Kouji was sitting up with a scowl on his lips. His arms were crossed over his chest as he sat on the window sill in the main living room, glaring out at the dark sky and grounds outside. The angry aura hovering around him was so thick and strong that everyone in the room could feel it, not just Jean.

"Hey, buddy, perk up." Takuya tried to reason with him hovering at the edge of the 'safety zone'. "It's not like he's dead or anything, they're just fixing him up."

"Yah!" Kurt nodded behind him, hologram now firmly in place. "Storm and Beast are both veally good at stuff vike dis! He'll be better in no time!"

"So, you know, don't worry."

Kouji growled softly, turning to glare at them. Somehow, the white gauze bandage attached over the cut on his cheek made his normally-threatening blue eyes even more intense.

"Or do." Takuya squeaked as he and Kurt backed off. "That's fine, too."

Kurt scrambled back, raising his hands in defense as he whispered to Takuya. "I think he's ever scarier than Logan, yah?"

A small cough echoed from the door. Storm was standing there, regal as always, her blue eyes turned to Kouji with a gentle expression. "He's awake now." She said softly. "And he's asking for you, Yang."

The long-haired boy was on his feet and following her before the other boys could draw a breath.

( - ) ( - ) ( - )

When his brother entered the room, Kouichi was leaning against the headboard, talking to Professor X in a soft, worried voice. The wheelchair-bound man recognized Kouji even before he entered and wheeled back out of the way as the long-haired boy raced to his brother's side.

"Nii-san." He gasped, placing his hands on the edge of the bed as he leaned over. "Are you okay? How are you feeling?"

"I'm…fine." Kouichi mumbled, somewhat convincingly. He was staring down at the blue flannel sheets, pointedly refusing to look his brother in the eye.

Kouji frowned at this, sitting down on the edge of the bed. He reached out, very slowly, to rest his arm against his brother's shoulder and run his fingers loosely through his hair. Kouichi didn't seam injured…maybe he was sick? That thing, getting inside him, had it caused this?

"There's something you're not telling me." He muttered, softly but somewhat sternly.

Kouichi winced. "Kouji, I…"

"…Can't hide anything from me." Kouji finished bluntly, reaching to cover his brother's hand with his own. He gave it a gentle squeeze, leaning in to whisper so no one else had to hear. "Nii-san, come on. I know something's bothering you. Just tell me."

Kouichi turned his head just slightly to look at him. Then he bit his lip and turned back away, but not before Kouji followed his gaze to the cut on the younger twin's cheek. "…I hurt you again, didn't I?" Kouichi muttered miserably. "I couldn't control the darkness, and it hurt you again. I'm…sorry."

Kouji hissed softly, gripping his brother's hand a bit more tightly. Kouichi kept his eyes trained down. "I think…I'd better go back home. If I stay around here, then I'll just…"

"Don't you ever start talking like that again!" Kouji snapped, and Kouichi jumped, looking up at his brother in surprise. Kouji gripped his brother's hand tightly, the look on his face something between anger and kindness as he tried to get his feelings back under control. "What happened…everything that's happened…it's not your fault. None of it.

"And besides…" He looked up at his brother, and this time his eyes were sincere, just sincere. "If you left went back…I'd go with you."

Kouichi was taken aback, and his mouth fell open just slightly. "Kouji…"

The younger twin leaned forward, putting his forehead against his brother's gently. "I'd go with you. No matter what."

"Kouji…" Kouichi whispered again, then closed his eyes. A slight tear ran down his cheek, even though his face was smiling. "…Thanks."

Ororo watched the exchange between the brothers from the doorway and smiled softly. Charles wheeled his way beside her and looked up at her with a smile. "I don't think we need to worry, storm." He said gently, glancing at the boys. "They won't be going anywhere soon."

"Oh, Professor." Ororo looked down at him and smiled as well. "Yes, I think…you're right. I was concerned, for a moment…"

"With good reason." Xavier nodded steepling his fingers thoughtfully. "Yin was…afraid, I believe. His concern for others makes it all the harder for him. But I do believe that the two of them…equate each other. Each of them balances the other out." He smiled thoughtfully. "It is…good…that they are so close."

Ororo nodded in understanding, but she did have some worry lining her features. "Professor…The voice, Kouji mentioned hearing…"

"Not now." The Professor nodded peacefully, wheeling himself slowly past Storm and back out into the main hall. "Let's give them some time. There's not need to worry about anything…for now."

The X-Evolution, Episode 1 - END.

Now before you start freaking out, let me explain something. The rest of this story will take place (in the timeline) about two months after this chapter ends. To make it easier to understand that, I am separating the two sections as though they are two 'episodes' of the show, meant to have several episodes in between. In other words, this IS NOT THE END. The first chapter of the other half will be posted in a few weeks!