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"Mako! Ai! Can you two manage to not embarrass me tonight? In other words, clean up this room1" yelled the twins' mother. Ai and Mako had been miserable for weeks now. After moving to a new neighborhood, their mom wanted to impress the neighbors. This meant that Ai and Mako had to be what their mom said, when she said it, and it meant Impmon spent a whole lot of time in the closet. As the overly snooty party started, Impmon started crawling through the ventilation system of the house, until he found the room that his Tamers were in, at which point he just watched, bored.

'How come humans throw parties like this?' the small demon thought, 'I mean, Rika's birthday was way better. Tamers and Digimon only and there was good food. Plus watching birthday girl and Ryo try to beat Jeri and Takato in a dance contest; that was choice! Ai did a good solo though. I was kind of to busy playing dodge ball most of the time. But that party was awesome; this one is so boring there ought to be a librarian here.'

"OW!" it was Ai. Impmon was suddenly alert. Some punk brat had kicked her. Impmon would have gotten out of the vent then and there, but the latch was stuck. Mako shoved the boy, who ran to his mommy. Impmon watched in fury as Ai and Mako were scolded, and when the twins said what really happened; they were sent to their room for lying. As the kids entered their room, Impmon walked up to them and made sure that they were okay, but just as the twins were getting in bed, their mom marched in and started yelling at the four-and-a-half-year-olds.

"The party was ruined! Had you just apologized for pushing that poor boy Mako, it would have been fine! But NO! You had to say some pathetic story about how he started it and…"

"That story was true!" interjected Impmon, "I saw it."

"Be quiet!"

Impmon digivolved out of pure anger.

"Get out of this room right now!" Beelzemon snapped. Ai and Mako's mom glared at the demon lord digimon, and slammed the door. Beelzemon the turned to his tames and said, "You guys okay?"

Ai and Mako nodded a 'yes' then crawled into their bed. "Thanks Impmon," they both said.

"You're my partners; I've got to be there for you."

"You're the only on that ever is," Ai whispered quietly, "I wish you were our big brother."

Beelzemon laughed, "Yeah right. Other than you two, and maybe Rika and Jeri, I can't be a room with most humans for three minutes! Me, human? That doesn't compute."

Beelzemon turned around from his seated position against the foot of the bed, but Ai and Mako were gone. The he felt two little some-things climb into his lap, and saw two pairs of brown eyes flutter shut. Sifting so that the twins would be comfy, he heard Mako mutter, "You wouldn't have to be human, we could be digimon."

Beelzemon smirked. Were these two sweet or what? Soon, he became tired too, and slept, unaware that someone had heard the wish.