It's time we really met…

Kurama sets up a date for Shiori with Youko Kurama. Just a night out on the lakeside, her and Youko. Should be all right, right? Right? Will Shiori be the good-natured woman that is Shuichii's (sp sorry, that's my spelling) Kasaan? Or will she reject him, Kurama and Youko both?


Kurama: You write the craziest stuff.
Specter: So what?
Hiei: If you don't stop writing this crap, I'm going to kill you.
Specter: Meep! Kurama stop him!
Kurama: Don't be so mean Hiei; you know she's never had a right mind…
Hiei: For sure.
Specter: Hey, don't push it.
Kurama: If she owned Yu-Yu Hakusho, she wouldn't make me write this disclaimer, and I'd revert to Youko more often.
Specter: And Hiei would be taller.
Hiei: I like my height.
Hiei: What?

……………….Even clouds seem bright and breezy…………

Chapter One

Kurama's POV
One of the oldest sayings of the Nigen world, is that fools, come up with the smartest ideas, and the smart yet ridiculed ones are actually more physiologically correct when applying simple theory's to the modern scenarios. If that applied to Makai… I don't like to think about it. But I'm starting to fall in favor with the saying, as I've just dawned on a rather simple yet ideal initiative to have Youko meet Shiori.

For Shiori to meet my true self.

It will be a play date of sorts. Yusuke and Keiko sparked the idea numerous times. It will be Shiori, Youko, and myself, except as Shuichii, I will not be present. I pray Shiori will not expect anything and enjoy her evening.

Enjoy herself with a youkai.

It's laughable but probable. The only real things that set me as Youko apart are my claws—easily hidden—my ears—easily folded back—and my tail… I'll think of something. It is hardly noticeable as it blends with my sash tails.

I haven't decided on where to go. Shiori may not notice but that doesn't mean everyone else in a fancy restaurant won't… The weather has been cooling down with the approaching winter months, but in the late autumn months it feels perfectly moderate, so perhaps we will do something outside. A pleasant walk through the lake area, maybe get Youko to go out on the water. Something calm and tranquil, that won't get my inner self over excited. Is that even possible? Hm…

"Shuichii! Time for dinner dear!"

"I am coming Kasaan!" The time is right.

It's time to ask Shiori to really meet me.

Normal POV
"What's the matter, dear?" asked Shiori kindly. "You've hardly touched your food. Are you feeling alright, dear?"

"It's nothing Kasaan, I'm fine, really…"

"I don't think so," Shiori said. She put her fork down and pushed her plate away. "You're my child, I've known you long enough to know when something's up."

Fourteen years doesn't even put a wrinkle in my face. thought Kurama. However, his response was something else. "You've got me there, Kasaan," sighed Kurama, unbeknownst to Shiori, as humoring. He too pushed his plate aside. "I met this new friend…around town. I really wanted you to meet him. I've known him for, a while, but I finally made arrangements, and all I hope is that you agree to them on such short notice."

"What day did you say?" asked Shiori.

"Tomorrow evening, and we'd meet at the lake park."

"My, Shuichii, you really couldn't wait!" said Shiori, smiling. "Well that seems excellent dear. I look forward to it." She took a sip of her drink and resumed eating. "He—is it a he?" Kurama nodded. "He must really be something. What's he like?"

"He's calm, smart, gentle, quite the gentleman," he said, also returning to his dinner. Or at least he will be for you… "I believe that's why we are friends, we match each other. Physically, he's taller than me by about a half a foot if not more. He has the silkiest hair imaginable, waist length and silver-gray, and sharp yellow eyes, almost like topaz. But they are very beautiful. I think you will like him." I pray you will like me! thought Kurama.

"I think I will," said Shiori. "From what you say, he sounds like a different side of you."

"That's one way of putting it…" But the truth is, thought Kurama, I am actually a side of Youko.

"Does he have any relatives he cared for? That would be a real coincidence."

"Actually… he had a—a brother, he did love and protect him," said Kurama, thoughts suddenly on his partner Kuronue. "Is that what you mean Kasaan?" Shiori nodded, an idyllic gleam of excitement in her eyes.


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