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To all my peoples: Thank you so very much, I think I'm going to cry. This by far has been my most popular story, even over 'Last Stand' and 'Pretty Kitty', which held the most popular for a while. I got in touch with Rei Minamino (hey girl!) and she thought an extra chapter would be nice. That with reviews pleading for more or asking if that really was the end, I decided to write an epilogue. Thank you… Ask and you really shall receive.

Kurama: She really did start to cry.
Hiei: Hn. looks at Specter crying
Kurama: You know the feeling Hiei, feeling of recognition and appreciation.
Hiei: I do?
Kurama: Glares What am I your fan girl?
Hiei: So you are a girl?
Kurama: Shuth Specter does not own Yu-Yu Hakusho… and she wouldn't even if she was offered the chance.
Hiei: Stop crying. hands Specter Kuronue plushie
Specter: sniffs Thank you Hiei! Falls on him in a hug, squishing him on the couch on Kurama
Kurama: Spread the love… read on.

On with the fic! And I mean that for sure.


Kurama's POV

Life has taken a definite turn for the better. Over these few months my Reikai Tantei world has opened up around Kasaan, who is taking it in strides. Her home has now become another sanctum if we are ever wounded, and she even helps with ideas of defeating enemies. We twist them a little bit, but they still are valuable.

After we made our true meeting and accepted the new lifestyle, my first job was to inform Hiei, and after that, introduce him to Kasaan. He brought Yukina to make him feel better. Shiori warmed up faster to him than he to her. They are here often, Yukina being daughterly for Kasaan and Hiei to talk to me or for a cup of sweet snow.

Then I gave Kuronue's life story in relationship to mine. It helped answer many of the questions Kasaan had in store, and I felt less guilty now that I had told someone about my sentiment when Kuronue died. Kasaan said that she had never felt that way and didn't try to lie pretending to have lost someone. Kasaan suggested that we have a day of memorial or a little shrine in the house for him. Even now, Kuronue's pendant that he gave his life for hangs in the living room.

Then it was time for the entire Reikai Tantei and supporting to meet. It was supposed to be just Yusuke, Kuwabara, Genkai, Hiei, Botan, and Koenma, but of course, where there is Yusuke and Kuwabara, there is Keiko, Atsuko, Yukina and Shizura. Kasaan was a little overwhelmed at first, but on the point when I told her they were all mostly humans, she welcomed them more with wider opened arms. On the point with Botan being the Grim Reaper… let's just say Kasaan vowed never to get sick again and is taking a mild training regimen from Genkai.

Jin and Touya kinda magically appeared as well… it was weird… but Kasaan loves Jin's accent… and she thinks Touya is the sweetest thing to walk Makai, and him making ice diamonds has nothing to do with it.

Kasaan and I work in the garden a lot nowadays, and we go on walks to release my fox form as well. One of our neighbors saw us leaving for a walk, surprised to see a large white Russian Wolfhound next to Kasaan. To regular Nigens, I appear with only one tail and pure white. When asked when she got a pet, Kasaan simply responded, "I don't see a pet. I see a loving companion that's one of a kind."

Kasaan's love, trust, and belief spurs me on through the darkest of times when I'm on a mission, and her courage and boldness to accept a demon makes me stronger. I am so very consecrated to have a mother like Shiori Minamino.

But she hates it when I don't clean the floors of my dripping blood… not because it's blood but because it dirties her sparkling floors! I get a laugh every time she scorns me for it.

Normal POV

"Kasaan! I'm home!"

"Were in the kitchen, dear! Come have some ice cream!" called back Shiori.

"Don't you mean sweet snow?" came Hiei, muffled through ice cream. Kurama grinned as he stuck his head in the kitchen doorway. Just Hiei and Shiori. He smiled before vanishing up to his room to drop of his books and coming back down.

"Hello Kasaan," Kurama kissed Shiori on the cheek before sitting down. "Hello Hiei. Any news from Koenma?"

"Hn," grunted Hiei. "You know Koenma; go look for this, beat up demons because of that, save the world stuff that Kuwabara could do and not get into trouble." Shiori giggled. "Besides you know I hardly see Reikai Toddler now that I'm at Mukuro's 24/7."

"Yes, Hiei was just telling me about that before you came," said Shiori. "She's not treating you nice, eh Hiei?"

"Stupid bi—witch, won't allow me to eat sweet snow in her castle. I already clean the damn joint top to bottom so why the hell does she need to worry about it?" grumbled Hiei. Kurama hid his laughter by pretending to choke on his ice cream. Hiei licked the last drops from his spoon and got up. "I'll see you around, fox. Arigato Shiori-san." He vanished.

"He's a sweet one, that Hiei… takes after his sister." said Shiori. Kurama mentally agreed. With another thought, he decided to transform. Shiori watched as Kurama's body shifted to Youko, hair aging and growing, ears repositioning themselves and unfolding with a flourish, long fox tail poking out between the back pattern of the chair, and school uniform flowing into silver-gray tunic, sash belt and puffy pants.

"Movie night, Kasaan?" asked Youko, putting the ice cream dishes in the sink. Shiori nodded and went out to the living room. She still didn't understand why Youko even bothered to watch a movie because no matter what genre of film, he still fell asleep. This time Shiori had a different idea.

Youko plopped himself on the couch as Shiori grabbed the remote and sat beside him. She turned on the TV and switched to DVD. "I thought we'd try something different tonight, Youko. You just can't seem to stay awake!" said Shiori. Out of the corner of her eye she watched Youko's surprise as a home video started playing. Youko watched his blood-red head year-old self learn to walk with Shiori's help. "My sister came and recorded that remember? She and I were so surprised to see you walking on your own." The screen darkened as it switched to another time. Kurama's four-year old self sat on the couch looking away from the camera.

"Was this when your mother came?" asked Youko, still gazing at the screen.

"Yep," said Shiori, smiling. "Listen."

"Do you like going outside, Shuichii?" came an older woman's voice from off the screen. Shuichii nodded.

"I go outside and sit in the garden," he said to his Obaasan. "The flowers are calm and comforting." Shiori's mother laughed.

"You certainly taught him well Shiori!" Shiori's voice laughed.

"No, Shuichii learns all by himself," said Shiori (on the tape) proudly. "Right, Shuichii dear?" Shuichii looked to the camera and smiled.

"No Kasaan, you teach me everything I know." The screen once again faded to blackness. Youko finally tore his eyes away.

"You taught me all I now know about love and caring for those close to your heart," He said quietly. "You forget after a while…" The tape started again. For the next hour, Shuichii's childhood played out in various places. When the last one started, Shiori kept her eyes between Youko and the screen to see how he would react. However…

"NANI? You still fell asleep?" she howled quietly. As if to answer, Youko slowly leaned down, eventually falling right onto Shiori's lap. Shiori sighed. "And just when I was getting good…" she murmured, watching the final scene. It was in the backyard garden. Shiori had hidden herself behind Kurama's eight-year-old self, recording the child. He sat quietly on the garden bench pulled close in front of the roses. They had been wilting with the extreme summer heat, but in Kurama's presence, they bloomed like they never had before, healthy and lush in color. They even reached out to him.

"Yes my friends," she heard Kurama say to the climbing plants. "The summer heat will wear you down to nothing, and Kasaan loves you especially." Shiori watched in complete awe as Kurama carefully plucked one of the roses and stowed it away in his hair, which he had only started growing out. He didn't even prick himself. He plucked another fruit of the plant and detached all the petals, sending them to the wind. The screen darkened once more.

"I should've known then that something was up," said Shiori, stroking Youko's head. "But you were so young… what if I was wrong or you had run away?" She started to massage Youko's right ear, particularly the lower edge, and was rewarded with a low rumbling purr. "I would still love you. Nothing changes the fact that you are my son." Shiori turned the TV off an pulled the couch blanket over her and Youko.

"Goodnight Youko."

"Goodnight Kasaan."

…Just and ordinary day in the life of the Minamino's.


Specter: Do you think they'll like it?
Youko: Still sleeping
Specter: Hiei?
Hiei: R&R. That's what I'm here for so that's all I gotta say.
Genkai: Right. And a sleeping fox has NOTHING to do with it.
Hiei: shuth Shut up Grandma.
Genkai: Anime forehead pulse You did not just hit me.
Specter: Not only does he say the wrong things but when it comes to Genkai, he does the wrong things!
Genkai: And you did not just call me 'Grandma,' a right which is reserved to the Dimwit only.
Hiei: Maybe I did? watches Genkai charge Spirit Wave Oh, sh-t…! Kurama!
Youko: Youko.
Yusuke: Hey, Grandma's beating up someone besides me!
Specter: GET LOST! punches Yusuke off screen
Genkai, Hiei: Anime blink Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.
Youko: R&R. And don't forget to spread the love.