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Sort of.

With that said, here comes along a new chapter that really should have been put up a long time ago. This is dedicated to all my loyal and extremely patient readers/reviewers (*coughs*) for hanging around, waiting for my lazy ass to write something, as well to all new-found readers as well!

P.S. I made a horrible mistake of having Pony drinking Coca-Cola instead of Pepsi! So I had to go back and fix it. Forgive me, Ponboy.

Chapter Six- Dairy Queen

Friday afternoon- 4:11 PM- Curtis's Household

After tossing the last and final bottle of Pepsi Cola left in the house towards the trashcan and, of course, missing by a mile, Ponyboy sat back against the cushions, allowing the fizzy goodness swirl around his stomach from chugging the soda pop within three seconds, give or take.

Or something like that.

Anyways, he sat there, enjoying the feeling when his best buddy Johnny tip-toes in, thinking the younger boy passed out. From what, he didn't know and couldn't think of anything, but that didn't matter. What mattered was that Ponyboy was passed out and Johnny was not going to wake him up from his loud stomping or slamming of the screen doors or tripping over the rug or whatever the case may be.

Expect that Pony wasn't passed out.

"Hey Johnny." The brownish-redhead called out, lifting a hand, but unfortunately scaring the crap out of the older boy, causing him to let go of the screen door (which slammed), stumble over his feet (which resulted into stomping), and by not paying attention to where he was walking (which came to tripping over the rug). Pony, seemingly used to such antics, waited patiently for the other boy to remove his face from the floor and readjust himself, in which both of the boys acted as if the previous moment never happened.

"Hi Pony." The black-haired boy responded, though rather late, taking a seat on the couch next to, but not very close, to the younger one. "You look happy."

"I just chugged a Pepsi Cola in three seconds…. Or something like that."

Johnny made an 'o' shape with his lips, then nodded in understanding. And so the two of them sat there peacefully, enjoying the rare silence within the house.

Then it all ended abruptly.

"GUYS!" A loud, obnoxious, familiar voice called out, with its' owner slamming the screen door open, stomping in and tripping over the rug, falling to the floor. He got up quickly, brushing himself off, and then turned to give his full attention to the two boys on the couch. "Guys!"

"Two-Bit." Pony said, as Johnny flinched at the rambunctious behavior being shown in front of him. "Are you drunk?"

"No, but I'm fuckin' high on life!" Moving forward, he made his way to the couch, forcefully taking a seat between the two boys so he could put his arms around both their shoulders for whatever reason he wanted. "So guys, guess what?"

"What's up, Two-Bit?" Pony asked, knowing that the other boy would be a bit too distracted by the arm crushing his face.

"Diary Queen."

The youngest boy paused in his administration of removing the suspiciously-smelling arm from his neck, cocking an eyebrow. "The ice cream place?"


"What of it?"

"It's open."

"It's been open since it was built last year."

"Yeah, but it's open now."

"…. So?"

"So we're gonna go get some fuckin' ice cream."



Stillness filtered the air as the two youngest of the three boys allowed this piece of information sink in and figure out the rationality of it.

In which, they couldn't.

Ponyboy licked his lips, frowning. "Two-Bit, I just chugged a Pepsi-Cola in three seconds. I'm not really hungry for ice cream right now."

The older man sighed, patting the brownish redhead on the shoulder. "Pony, ya gotta understand. It's Dairy Queen. It's open. And they have good ice cream. This isn't a matter that we will sit here and argue about."

"And I think you need to sit and chill before making any random decisions that could possibly cost our lives." Pony shot back, glaring at the man suspiciously.

Friday afternoon- 4:45 PM- DX Station

"Steve!" The blonde of the two boys whined, tugging on the other one's shirt tail to get his attention.

The purposely-swirled haired boy turned his head slightly, giving his friend a skeptical glance. "What is it, Soda?"

The blonde was looking a bit too happy, literally bouncing on his heels. "I just realized that we're on a two week break, remember?"

Steve blinked, looking at the wrench in his grasp. "Oh yeah." So he dropped the tool and the two of them walked away from the station like they were never there to begin with.

"Steve!" Again, the whine resumed along with the tugging.

"What now, Soda?"

A crazy grin appeared in front of him along with mischievous-looking brown eyes. "Let's get some ice cream at Dairy Queen!"

He stared at his friend warily, wondering if there was actually some sort of idea going on in his head or if he was just hyper today. "… why?"

"I have a hunch that we should go over there."

"… why?"

"I don't know and don't care, so let's go!" Grabbing hold of Steve by the arm, the blonde charged down the streets, making his way towards the ice cream plaza.

Friday afternoon- 4:49 PM- Street in which Dairy Queen resides on

Chilling screams, terrorized cries and hysterical laughter was heard as a full-speed moving car skidded down the pavement, swerving sharply left and right, until it swung treacherously into the Dairy Queen parking lot, crashing through the surrounding fence. It jolted into a stop, pieces of painted wood dragging alongside, in between two marked spaces, and a couple of thumps from within to be heard seconds afterward.

A door swung open, snapping off the hinges and falling to the ground with a deafening crash onto the concrete, as an older boy with long sideburns stepped out confidently and miraculously without a scratch. Picking up the fallen door, he slammed it back onto the car, and then took a step back, knocking against the backseat window.

"We're here!" He gleefully called out, with a slight maniacal grin on his face. "So stop fooling around back there and get out!"

Once the door was opened, an empty beer bottle (made of glass) flew out from the inside, smashing into the older boy's face as a response while two smaller boys stepped out. Pony, with a furious look in his eyes, was doing everything possible to prevent himself from lunging onto the fallen man out of rage. "Two-Bit! I'm gonna fuckin' kill you!"

"Ponyboy!" A shocked voice called out from not far, causing the angry child to spin around to attack the intruder until he recognized his blonde-headed brother through his hazy, redden vision. "Such language, you should be ashamed!" Tapping his younger brother on the nose, Soda made a 'tsking' sound. "If I didn't see that you had a somewhat decent reason to be using such profane words, I would report this to Darry."

"Soda, stop talking like you know what you're saying." Steve butted in, randomly shooting the youngest greaser a glare for the hell of it. Then he walked over to the still-fallen older boy, giving him a swift kick in the legs. "You, get up."

Two-Bit sat up slowly, groaning as he placed his hands dramatically on a supposed wounded spot on his forehead. "Oooh, the pain. I cannot properly express in words the ache I am feeling at this moment, for it is too great." Then he fell over once more.

Steve snorted. "Right." Then he turned to greet his fellow black-haired friend whom was standing rather nervously off to the side, if it weren't for an airborne attack that knocked him to the ground.

"Johnny!" Dallas called out, who seemingly fell from the sky at that very moment with his white-blond hair astray, placing his hands on the younger boy's shoulders. "I heard you screaming. Are you okay?"

The tanned boy made a couple gasps to regain his composure out of sudden fear, and then quickly nodded. "Y-Yes, Dally, I'm okay."

"Pony, let's get some ice cream!" Soda merrily exclaimed, wrapping his arms around his reluctant younger brother's shoulders, dragging him within the doors of the eatery. Dally noticed this and then glanced at the large sign above the doors, as if he didn't realize where he was. With a curt nod to himself, he grabbed Johnny by the arm, following suite.

Steve got up, grumbling about 'New York bastards' or something along the lines of that, and limped his way to the doors, leaving the one who started this whole mess alone on the concrete ground. That was, until another figure came by, nudging the man in the side.

"Two-Bit, what are ya doing on the ground here?" A deep, masculine voice questioned, causing the 'wounded' one to look up, only to see the eldest Curtis standing authoritatively above him.

"Ah Superman, you have come to rescue me. Does that mean Lois has left you for good?" Two-Bit said good-naturedly, standing up and brushing off the lingering dirt from his clothes.

Darry blinked, and then sighed. With one hand, he pushed the other man, causing him to fall back on the ground once more. With a nod, he and his work companions made their way into Dairy Queen, leaving Two-Bit behind like the others did.

He laid there, staring at the wispy clouds floating by above in the bright, blue sky, until the sound of a Mustang came around, instigating the boy to sit up quickly. He watched as the car pulled in, parking on the opposite side of the lot from his position and a couple of Soc boys stepped out.

Two-Bit smirked as he watched them walk towards the eatery. "This should be fun."

Friday afternoon- 5:18 PM- Inside Dairy Queen

"Darry!" Soda yelped, catching both the youngest and oldest Curtis brothers' attention. "What are you doing here?"

"Hm?" Darry looked over, spotting Soda keeping Pony in his clutches. He smiled at the appearance of the overly-protective brother hovering over the younger one and made his way over. "A couple of guys from work suggested we take a break and get some ice cream. Seems like you guys had the same thing in mind."

"Some of us." Pony muttered under his breath, glaring at the linoleum floor.

Darry raised an eyebrow, looking at Soda skeptically.

"Uh… Pony said Two-Bit dragged him and Johnny here." The blonde replied, patting the younger one on the shoulder. "So he's a bit moody."

A gasp was heard from behind, with the elder Curtis duo turning around to look, only to gasp in unison.

"Socs." Dally spat with disgust, when the enemies walked in, stepping closer to Johnny, who in turn, paled at the sight.

The one in the front, with the short, stylish blonde hair, glanced over, spotting the greasers in line. His eyes scanned the group cautiously until he reached the youngest member, twitching slightly. He nudged the brunette next to him, dipping his head sideways to indicate the direction. That boy followed the angle, eyes widening when he recognized Ponyboy.

Pony, in turn, was getting an uneasy feeling, keeping his attention towards the front. Or perhaps it was the tightening grip of Soda's hands on his shoulders that was preventing him from moving. Whatever it was, he sensed a bad outcome to this trip. He wanted to turn around and see what the big deal was, but both of his brothers were now blocked his view from anything. Curse his short height. That left only one thing.


"Soda, I dunno what to get." He whined childishly, stamping his feet a bit.

Soda, always taking any and every chance of being the perfect and willing older brother, immediately pushed Pony closer to the front to see better. "There's lots of yummy flavors to pick from, Pony. We got vanilla… chocolate… strawberry… ooh, Rocky Road… or you could get a milkshake… or a sundae… or a waffle cone… man, I dunno what I want either!"

"Help me pick!" The young boy tugged onto the blonde's shirttail, keeping his full attention.

Darry couldn't help but stare, with Ponyboy acting so strangely out-of-character, it was hard not to look away from the sight. Then he blinked with realization. With Soda moved closer to the front, there was a gap in his original spot in which Pony momentarily looked away from the menu to look back and spot the Socs. The older man smirked, being momentarily proud of Pony's quick thinking skills and proficient acting abilities.

Then he realized that Pony just saw the Socs.

(Ed.: I just want to say that this is where I picked up after god knows how long so anything following this that might sound terrible or really not that funny, I greatly apologize.)

After a few moments of staring, recognizing, sighing, and just overall realizing that in about ten minutes, somebody is going to get hurt and something will be destroyed, Ponyboy just shrugged his shoulders and returned his attention to the front.

His handsome, yet often times oblivious, blonde-haired brother was still mulling over the choices out loud. Luckily for him, the cashier was a young teenage girl who had nothing but absolute adoration in her eyes for this dashing young man in front of her.

Darry went to take a step forward, although he was greatly unsure of what to do. Should he attack? Say something? Act like he doesn't know anybody and leave? Crack a joke? Fart? Heaving a deep breath, he motioned for his work friends into a line formation and waited patiently.

The redhead kid tugged on his brother's shirt once again. "Soda, I'm ready. There are a lot of people behind us."

"Okie dokie, Pony. Um, hi." He smiled, taking note of the cashier's gender, and leaned forward closer. "Alright pretty miss, I would like a double scoop of vanilla and strawberry in a waffle cone and my little bro would like…"

"A double chocolate waffle cone."

"Yeah, that." He bent his head down some, with his eyes looking upward and gnawed slightly on his bottom lip. "Do you… think, maybe, you could… you know, throw a little extra ice cream in there for us?" Throwing in a wink for good measure, his smile turned into a full-blown smirk as the girl gushed and turned around to demand extra.

"Soda, you're evil." Steve piped in, standing right behind the Curtis duo.

"Hmm, all I hear from that is jea-lou-sy."


Dally grunted from behind Steve, rolling his eyes at the situation. He still had a grip on Johnny's arm, in which he dragged the poor boy to stand in front of him. The white blond-haired man took a quick glance back, his finger aching to form a fist and… well, just attack every single one of them.

And then some.

After everyone got their orders and made their way to a section that Two-Bit was sitting at with no ice cream in hand.

"Two-Bit…" Ponyboy took this chance to throw in an evil glare, which, unfortunately, to anybody older than him, it just looked pitifully cute. "You dragged us here because you wanted ice cream. So where is your ice cream?"

"Pony." The older boy leaned back, hands folded against the back of his head and elbows sticking out, much to Dally's displeasure (everyone fought for seats and Dally just has bad luck with seating arrangements, no matter what the situation calls for), "Pony, Pony, Pony. You see, sometimes it's not about the product or the service or the people. Sometimes it's about the location. Sometimes…I just like to sit back and enjoy what's around me."

"Or, sometimes, maybe, you're just hoping that somebody will offer to get you something because you're too lazy to do it yourself. Because you're too drunk to actually go up there and order it yourself. Because you'll probably just throw up everywhere. Because that's what you do. Every day."

Ponyboy pointed at the older one with his ice cream cone like a wand, shaking it with every exclamation.

"You! Get drunk! And make a mess of yourself somewhere! And throw up all over the place! Every day!"

Wiping his face with one hand and then licking it, Two-Bit leaned back again. "I plead the fifth."

"You don't even know what that means!"

"I still plead it."

Huffing, the youngest member of the group stood up, catching everyone's attention. "Relax… I'm getting napkins."

"Pony, grab a pile." Darry called out from his table. "You got it smeared all over your face."

"SHUT UP!" His face flushed a bright red, raising a hand to wipe it off, only to result in more stickiness being spread. Spinning around, the poor boy stomped his way to the front towards the counter.

It should be clear that nothing really goes right for him anyways.

"Stupid brothers and stupid Two-Bit." He muttered to himself, grabbing a bunch of napkins. Since he only had one hand free, with his partially-eaten ice cream in the other (the cashier really did give them extra because this is just an obnoxious amount of ice cream), he just sort of smashed the bundles of tissue papers against his face, rubbing furiously. Throwing those used pieces away, he went to reach for some more. "Everything is so stupid. I didn't even want extra ice cream."

"What did you say, grease?"

He really did not just hear that line again.

"Thinking of getting cocky in Dairy Queen?"

What the hell?

Who even gets cocky in an ice cream parlor?

Why would you?

These repetitive taunts no longer make sense and Ponyboy is starting to wonder if maybe somebody out there is out to get him. Maybe that somebody has a stash of Soc androids that all utter the same lines and their sole purpose in life is to relentlessly torment an innocent young boy who just wants to read, drink Coca-Cola, and watch the sunset.

He turned slowly, coming face-to-face with actually the same Soc he saw in the library. The same Soc that apparently owns a car covered in shit, courtesy of Dally's horse. Probably the same Soc from the play and at the track meet, but god, who really wants to keep a record of this?

Ponyboy apparently made a face that was a mix of disgust, exhaustion and 'are you fucking kidding me', which may or may not be possible, but really, he can do anything. The point is… whatever face he was making, that Soc already had a fist raised in retaliation.

That blonde-haired nameless Soc who always gets his ass handed to him.

A fist that belonged to neither of them, slammed right into the preppy's right cheek, spit and blood flying out of his mouth. Ponyboy might have heard some cracking and may have seen a tooth or two escaped as well. The blonde head slammed against the wall from the force, evidently rendering him into unconsciousness, as his limp body slid to the floor.

Just because he never gets to have his shining moments in a fight, Pony triumphantly threw his ice cream cone on the Soc's fallen head. Then he turned to thank his savior.

Only to blink.


The timid, dark-haired boy was staring at his own fist, while the other members stood behind him in shock. "Um… I saved you, Ponyboy." He smiled, a little hesitantly.

"Holy crap…" Two-Bit exclaimed, "That was fuckin' awesome!"

This grand moment was, regrettably ruined by a furious war cry, as everyone in the parlor turned towards the second raging Soc. He was poised, standing on a table, with trays in hand (as weapons? Can you use plastic trays as weapons?).

It really only took a few seconds for the whole place to be thrown in a chaotic battleground, as the workers screamed, Dally laughed hysterically, fists were being thrown and blood was being splattered.

Friday night- 7:21 PM- Curtis' household- Front porch

"Did you see that guy fall off the table?"

"Chyeah! And then his friend slipped on all the ice cream Two-Bit got from the back and threw at everyone."

"I think my favorite was when the couple in the back starting freaking out and then Dally threw a giant storage case of sprinkles at them."

"Man, can you imagine how much money we would've had to pay for damages? We would work until we died and still owed them another half."

"That's because Darry knows how to think fast."

"Dally got arrested again, huh?"

"Well, it didn't help when Soda and Steve started breaking the chairs and pitching the pieces at all the Socs."

"Was there a fire in the back too?"

"Yeah, that was me, sorry."

"Remember when Darry picked up the one guy and threw him against the ice cream machine? And it totally broke in half with all the stuff inside squirting out everywhere."

"Haha, that was classic!"

He was nursing another can of Coca-Cola, sighing and heaving at his frustration and his weariness. How much longer will he have to deal with this? It's not even about embarrassing him. It's becoming a criminal act!

He felt a hand resting on his shoulder, only to belong to his dear friend Johnny. Pony smiled, clapping his free hand on top of his. "Well… you were pretty cool back there."

The small boy swallowed. "I don't even know how it happened. My mind just kind of went blank."

"Your inner Dally?"

"Maybe." Johnny looked thoughtful for a moment. "Do you think it's a bad thing?"

"… Nah."

Oh, if only Ponyboy realized what a monster he was allowing loose in the neighborhood.

And that's the end of that chapter. I read over it a million times to make sure that it made sense and that it was hopefully funny enough. Remember, it's been a long time. My idea of 'funny' has probably changed and my (lack of) writing style has altered. But really, I hope you all enjoyed it.

That being said, this is the last chapter. I don't plan on continue this any further. Maybe one day down the line, I'll be struck with an idea but in all seriousness, this chapter only came about because the majority of it was previously written from some time before and I didn't want to leave it to rot. So I hoped you enjoyed it.

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