This is a parody of 'On Top of the Spaghetti'. It's pretty funny about how the gang is pestering Inuyasha to say sorry to Kagome, but just makes it worse since...Don't forget to sing!

On top of the God Tree
All covered with leaves
Inuyasha was pissed off
He was all peeved

Kagome just left him
And went through the well
"What's wrong with her?"
He wondered like hell

Shippo called out to him
From the base of the tree
"You called her a bitch,
You big dum-mee!"

"Shut up you runt!"
Inuyasha screamed out
Miroku showed up and said,
"Why must you shout?"

Sango appeared and
Sat on the grass
Miroku sat next to her
And groped her ass

Sango slapped and yelled,
"You've got some nerve!"
Inuyasha mumbled,
"Miroku you perv."

"Say sorry to Kagome!"
Shippo asked the hanyou
"It's always your fault,
You stupid bozo!"

Miroku agreed
Sango did too
"Say sorry to Kagome
She will forgive you."

Inuyasha gave in
To the well he did go
He jumped right in it
And in the time flow

He climbed to her window
And Kagome he saw
He thought, "Oh my god."
She was in only her bra

Kagome noticed him
Her face went all red
Inuyasha looked away
And merely just 'feh'ed

Inuyasha kissed dirt
Kagome wanted him to be
In a world of hurt

Back in the past
Inuyasha went back to the tree
"You messed up again,"
Shippo said quietly.

That's the end of my fanfic
I hope that it'll do
I hope you all liked it
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