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Stay By My Side

Chapter 1

The sun was sinking low on the horizon, and the sky was painted with oranges, reds, and yellows. The branches of the trees sighed contentedly as a wind brushed them, ruffling the grass beneath them. All was quiet on this evening, and everything was silent. The only sound that broke the late afternoon was the thumping of hooves, trotting leisurely upon the dirt path.

Lyn felt so wonderfully free as she flew along the road, heading home from visiting Florina and Wil. She had always loved to ride at this time, when the air was neither too hot nor not too cold. And the sky was always so beautiful.

Since she was passing through the area to reach Sacae, Lyn couldn't help but pass through the capital… To catch a glimpse of the castle which she had once resided in for a few years.

Ahead of her, she could finally make out the city of Caelin. As she entered the city, she slowed her mount down to a steady walk, listening to the clicking sound that its hooves made as they clipped upon the stone road.

Making her way through the familiar streets, she couldn't help but smile. This place brought back so many memories. After a few minutes, she finally spotted Castle Caelin, standing in all its glory. She paused, standing outside its gates, looking in.

She longed to walk into the entrance and greet all her dear friends, but she knew that if she did, than she would end up staying longer than she would want. And it might make the inhabitants of the castle dispirited, after she left… again.

But they must all be doing well… After all, Hector is the new marquess. I'm sure he will do a fine job of ruling them fairly… And they have their steward… Kent. At the thought of the redheaded knight, Lyn felt a small tug at her heart. He had been one of those people that she would've missed most.

A slightly pained expression formed on her face as she recalled her farewell to him. He had looked so… sombre when she had announced that she would be abdicating rule to Ostia. She had known that she wouldn't have made a very good ruler, and her nomadic spirit was always calling towards her. More so after her grandfather passed away.

But, when she had glanced at him… The look he had given her had almost made her regret her decision. He was so dedicated, he would stay by Caelin's side until the day she fell. Or until the day of his death, but she knew that he wanted to stay by her side, too. As did she.

The plainswoman had missed the days where Kent would silently ride with her when she had some spare time. They would never talk much, but his presence was always a comfort, knowing that he was there, next to her. And when he wasn't with her, it air around her felt… colder.

Looking up at one of the many windows of the castle, she fantasized seeing the red-haired man staring back at her. She could almost see him, his serious face, glancing right back at her. Suddenly she gave a start and kicked her horse into a trot, running away from the glare of the window.

Glancing behind her shoulder, she shook her head. It was only her imagination. But she had caught glimpse of a red, but it had been a flyaway curtain. Licking her lips, she smiled nervously towards herself, taking a deep breath.

"Time to be heading home…" Spurring her mount to go faster, she left the town behind her, not looking back. Her mind set on returning to her beloved plains, she failed to notice another rider cantering past her. A tall rider with messy brown hair and clad in shining green armour. He didn't seem to notice her either; his eyes fixed excitedly on the castle's high towers.

Kent let out a heavy and dejected sigh. He had been cramped up in his office all day, reading over pile after pile of papers. All of which had to do with the complaints of the villagers. The heat was not much help either. The entire day had been more humid than usually, though it was cooler now. But the breeze never seemed to reach through his window.

His mind wasn't really set on the work before him neither, more occupied with something else. Something that seemed to be stuck in his head more often of late. His pen paused in mid sentence as his consciousness wandered again.

The sound of a loud rapping at his door brought the man from his reveries. Staring at the wooden door, lost for a moment, Kent didn't say anything. There was no need of course, for the hinges suddenly swung upon themselves as the source of the knock let himself in.

Kent blinked for a moment, staring at the man that had just walked into the room, uninvited at that. His mouth was slightly opened, and he couldn't help but shake his head to make sure he wasn't still dreaming.

"Speechless, Kent?" Asked Sain, grinning from ear to ear. "I knew you'd be happy to see me! Didn't you miss your friend?" The other man made himself comfortable by taking a seat on Kent's desk, pushing away a couple of piles of papers absently.

Finally his senses kicked in, and Kent stood up abruptly. He didn't know whether to laugh at seeing his old companion, or to cry at the mess Sain had just made of his hard work.

"Sain… What are… What are you doing here?" He asked instead, staring at the green-clad knight.

"I came for a visit, you dolt. What else?" Sain flourished his arms for emphasise and resettled them, crossed on his chest.

"Sain, get off my desk." Replied Kent pointedly. The other knight really was making a clutter of his belongings. The smile on the cavalier's face faded slightly.

"That's the greeting I get? Guess you're the same as always." Sain sighed, jumping off the wooden table, scattering another pile of documents in his stead.

Letting out a groan, Kent leaped to catch to papers, starting to rearrange everything on his bureau again. Satisfied with his work, he looked up at Sain again.

"It's nice to see you again, Sain. But what brings you here?" The red-haired man asked, relaxing his pose a bit.

"Well, like I said, I thought I'd drop by to see how you were holding out." Sain answered, striding towards the window, and sticking his head out. Pulling it back in quickly, before Kent could snap at him, he spoke again.

"And I know that this whole steward business has got to be a load on you. I thought I'd come and keep you company a bit. To relieve you of some stress!" He added cheerfully.

"I think your visit could have to opposite affect…" Kent replied grimly.

"Oh stop being a so stuffy! I'm going to make sure you have some fun!" He sang, clamping a hand on Kent's shoulder enthusiastically. Kent grimaced and slowly peeled Sain's hand off his shoulder and shook his head.

"If you'd like to take over my duties as steward for awhile. Then we can start talking about having fun." Retorted Kent sarcastically. What Sain said next caused him to choke on his words however.

"Really? If that's what you want. I'll give it a shot for a few days while you go loosen up." Said Sain, blinking at Kent a bit confused. He had obviously missed the sardonic accent in Kent's sentence.

Meanwhile, Kent was too busy having his eyes nearly bug out at his old friend and gaping at him to hear anything else Sain had to say. But the other man shook Kent by the shoulders.

"Kent! Kent! I'm kidding!" He laughed nervously. "Don't go blank on me here." Kent blinked, trying to piece everything together again. Finally regaining his composure, he put on a stern frown.

"That was not funny, Sain. I almost thought you were serious. You know that if you even tried to do that, Caelin would fall into ruins!" Kent snapped. The heat today must really have gotten to him if he was falling for Sain's ruses again.

"You wound me!" Sain put a hand to his heart dramatically. "Though I was being serious about you lightening up. I thought you were wound up enough before, but now that I left you for a few years, you're tighter than a screw!"

"That tends to happen when you have a job, Sain." Kent answered with a sigh, rubbing his temples.

"Oh! Is that a grey hair I see?" Sain chortled, his hand gripping a single strand of Kent's hair, and yanking it out. Kent let out a cry as he felt a stab of pain.

"Sain!" He growled angrily. The cavalier didn't seem to be paying any attention however and was examining the hair he held between his fingers.

"Nope, just a trick of the light. But you will be getting them before your time if you continue like this, Kent. I've told you that before." Sain shook a finger at Kent. The latter glowered at him dangerously.

"So what do you want me to do, Sain?" Kent demanded. This visit was proving to be very annoying. It was also wasting his time. Who had let Sain into the castle anyway?

"Go out and have some fun! Take a day off and go for a ride. Maybe a few days! Go gallivanting through the fields without a care for the world! Then you can come back into your little office and grow old again!" Sain grinned.

"That's child's play, Sain. And why are you so desperate to get me out of here anyway? What do you have up your sleeve?" Asked Kent suspiciously.

"Me?" Sain attempted to look innocent, but he doubted that he could even succeed at such a look. "I'm not up to anything! You're always so accusing! I was merely suggesting that you take a small vacation. Say, to another country, even! Have a taste of their culture. To someplace like… Etruria, or… Sacae." He added a bit of emphasis on the last word, and knew he had hit a sore spot when Kent's face hardened.

"Out, Sain. Out." Sain knew better than to stay after hearing Kent's tone. But he said one last thing, over his shoulder, before he closed the door behind him.

"Think about it!" Shutting the door, Sain couldn't help but grin. A bit more prodding, and Kent would finally do what he wanted to. Yes, he had to believe that Kent would thank him one day for this.

Strolling down the hallway, flashing a few smiles at passing serving maids, he made his way to one of the guestrooms.

Kent was right when he said that he had something up his sleeve. And that something was to reunite Kent with a certain Sacaean woman. He hadn't really thought about doing this before, but after what he had seen a few days ago, his mind changed.

He had been wandering around the border of Sacae and Lycia. There, he had met up with a few good friends from the war. Fiora and Farina, the two very beautiful pegasus sisters. They had been in a good mood and had gladly shared their story of their visit to Wil and Florina. They had also mentioned Lyn.

That was when he remembered his last few days in Caelin, before he became a free knight, wandering Elibe. How the Lady Lyndis had given Caelin to Ostia, and how Kent had became her steward.

Even in the first few days of his job, he had already seen what stress it would bring upon his dear old friend. Of course, he knew that Kent was very capable of the job, and that he would be very good at it. But, he also knew that Kent was suffering from Lyn departing.

Deciding to come back to see how Kent was doing, he proved his theory right. The red-haired man was still in love with his lady. And, Sain, being the magnificent and wonderful friend he was settled that it was his duty to save his friend from his woe.

Yes, he was a genius.

Okay, I know it's a bit boring right now (and maybe a little short…), but hopefully it'll liven up a bit later. This chapter was just to set things up.

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