Title: Stand By Me

Authoress: Ladya C. Maxine

Rating: M (just above PG-13)

Summary: sequel to 'Untold Truths'. The new beyblading championships rules put Kai and Ray's relationship to the test when they have to overcome, not only their teams battling each other, but the conflict between their friends, threatening new opponents and the doubt that they might not know each other as well as they thought they did.

Warnings: yaoi, some language and violence

Disclaimer: I do not own Beyblade or any of its characters. Any and all unrecognizable characters belong solely to me and are not to be touched. I am not making any money off of this and I write with the sole intention to entertain.

A/N (This is a pretty long author's note but please read this if you wanna know the reason behind the rather long delay):

…..Well, damn.

It has been almost two years and I cannot get over how so many of you have loyally been awaiting this sequel. My gratitude (and sympathy) goes out to all of you. Why the wait?

First off, I had really meant the whole "maybe" part of a potential sequel. I had most definitely not intended to write one while writing the first, um, twenty four chapters. The plot was seriously intended for a single installment story. Let's face it; the chips were removed, Dranzer Demon was defeated, Voltaire was killed. Everything that made Untold Truths what it was was cleaned up and rounded off in the last few chapters. Of course, I could continue a story around Kai, Ray, Ata and the rest, but that wouldn't be a sequel to Untold Truths' premises. So I had to try and think up a completely new story that would stay true to the original story despite all crucial elements having been removed. Not an easy task for someone as lazy as myself. So the first year was basically spent putting off the inevitable or noting down a few stray ideas.

Secondly, I draw my inspiration from the series. I finished Untold Truths in September 2003 and my family moved to the Netherlands in November 2003. I'm part Dutch and I like it here, but dammit I hate Beyblade in Dutch! BLEH! (no, not the alarm clock bleh. Just plainly, BLEH!) Even worse, they seem to be stuck on season two here, which is my least favorite season of the series. So there went my inspiration down the toilette. I started writing Boys Day In or Out? in hopes that re-familiarizing myself with the settings and characters would boost my mind into formulating a decent plot. I like that fic, but it didn't help much.

Finally, I resorted to good'ol internet. By downloading as much season three episodes as possible on Kazaa and ordering a few episodes on DVD, I made a final effort to make a sequel possible. I knew that I would base the potential sequel off season three (Did I mention how much I hate season two? In case not: I HATE IT!) but since there is no season three here in the Netherlands and I only have six early Japanese episodes downloaded, I did not have enough information to write the story. To be honest, I was rather close on canceling the whole idea of a sequel.

So where did I get the inspiration? Allow me to make a shout out to M.S.K: Hey!

I was about to announce my failure today (July the 4th) when I read her e-mail in which she expressed her enthusiasm regarding the fact that I was supposed to be posting the sequel today. Reading her e-mail, I knew I'd be the biggest jerk in the world (and believe me, it took all of my pride to admit to that) if I did not give you guys the promised sequel. Her words basically summed up what you all were expecting of me. This e-mail was the push I needed to at least make a decent attempt. I am just going to do as I did with Untold Truths, which is make things up as I go along. It isn't much, but it's a start.

So to Miss M.S.K. Thank you so much! This story was created because of you.

So here is the sequel. I have decided to incorporate it into season three (whereas Untold Truths took place directly after season one). I have a general idea of what is going on in season three, but of course I am going to alter things to fit my story. So I'm going to need you, my readers', help. If you know any good sites, or have watched season three, please send me potential information about it to my new e-mail address (see my bio-page).

I have seen episode one from the third season in which all the characters are already together (as opposed to season two where everyone were separated in the first few episodes) so I'm just going to start off from there and twist the season to my specific liking. Do not assume that this will make this story predictable (especially if you have seen season three) because, as I have proven in the past, I can bend and shape everything I damn well want to. There will be parts in this fic where you'll think: "Hey, that's not how it happened in the series!" (including this first chapter) but it's fanfiction, people. Trust me, I know the series very well, but changes had to be made.

By the way, yes; this is a new title. I hated the other one and I was listening to Ben E. King's song 'Stand by me' and it just fitted the whole concept of this story so well. I wanted to keep the whole Untold, Unquestioned, Unrequited theme going, but in the end it was just too corny for my taste.

In conclusion: Thank you, M.S.K. for the push. Thank you, my loyal readers, for the wait and support. And thank you, God, for letting this all come through.

First chapter is basically a (re-)introduction. Again, this takes place at the beginning of the third season, meaning that a year has passed since Untold Truths.

Here it is, Untold Truths' sequel: Stand By Me

"He's got a fighter's spirit.

Kai Hiwatari paused mid-way in a push-up, listening as the soft footsteps came up behind him.


"The new kid, Daichi. He's persistent, but he's got the right stuff. Tyson would have probably lost if you hadn't helped him out."

"That isn't saying much" he scoffed, abandoning his work-out to sit back as the other teen took a seat before him on the floor. Wiping off his brow with a towel, he slung it over his shoulder to study the neko-jin. "Besides, Daichi's just a smaller version of Tyson. What kept you?"

Ray smiled but didn't reply at first. Instead, he leaned in slightly.

Rolling his eyes, Kai complied nonetheless. Meeting the raven-haired teen halfway, he kissed the curled lips. A hand on his neck stopped him from pulling back too soon. Ray clearly planned to make up for the past hours in which they had shared only brief kisses and touches. Pulling the slightly shorter teen into his lap, Kai wrapped his arms around the other, allowing Ray nuzzle his neck before returning to the serious kissing.

Finally appeased after several minutes, Ray settled against the bare chest, content to stay there for the rest of the day. He wouldn't have mind staying there for the rest of his natural life, but it was getting dark, which meant that it would soon be time to go to bed.

Do the math.


"So what?"

Kai fought the urge to roll his eyes again at the 'innocent' tone.

"Where were you? I left you guys at noon."

"Oh that," Ray yawned, exposing his pointy fangs. "Some weirdo challenged Tyson after you left."



"And what?"

"Are you going to be like this all night?"


"Then I suggest you pick out a room facing west because there's going to be a very bright sunrise tomorrow," Kai countered, shifting the grinning neko-jin off of him and getting to his feet.

"But it's more fun this way," Ray defended, also standing to follow his koi who was making his way out of the large gym. Catching up, he slung an arm around the other's still sweaty shoulders. "Admit it, Kai. You like my games."

The only response he got was a 'Hn'. But an arm wrapped itself around his waist as they walked down the lit hall, proving that the phoenix wasn't all too exasperated with the whole situation. Resting his head on Kai's shoulder, Ray smiled softly but fondly.

Who would have ever thought a simple blizzard could have changed his life so drastically? It was hard to believe that a year had passed since their first world championship, and the events that had followed.

He had moved in with Kai in the phoenix's mansion that was situated here in Japan. As expected, everything that had belonged to Voltaire was now Kai's. Ray was pretty sure that he didn't know all of Kai's inheritance, but the phoenix had sold off a lot of things, especially those which had been closely associated with Voltaire. What he kept was what he himself was personally familiar with, including this home where he had occasionally stayed with his grandfather before joining the Bladebreakers.

It was huge. Even bigger than the penthouse in Russia, of course, but also older, in a classic antique sort of way. All the furniture were of heavy oak and lined with only the most expensive of cloths. It consisted of five floors with a total of thirty-eight bedrooms and twenty-nine bathrooms. Plus the parlour, three living rooms, briefing room, several offices, kitchen, four dining rooms, spacious gym, beyblade training rooms, attic, wine cellar, basement, garage, indoor pool and servant quarters. A major difference was that there were no servants here. Kai had told him that Voltaire had never trusted anyone other than family when in his home.

With the addition of the outdoor tennis courts and pools (yes, pools) plus acres of private property, the whole place made the penthouse look like a mere guest house. And that was saying a lot.

Needless to say, the rest of the team made it their duty to come over basically every day. Tyson, hell bent on getting even with Kai for keeping this all from them, had claimed most of the rooms on the second floor as his. Which was fine with Kai since those were the rooms furthest away from his and Ray's. Sleepovers were regular. It'd been a year since their return yet the others had yet to fully accept the fact that their team captain was a billionaire. Kai made no attempt to encourage that.

Upon their return from Russia they had parted briefly. It had been the hardest three weeks in Ray's life. He had flown on to China to see his friends and family, and to gather his things to bring with him to his new home. Kai had gone off to attend to (even more) business in Japan concerning the millions of dollars worth of investment Voltaire had left.

'Strange. Voltaire made Kai's life a living hell, but he left everything to Kai in his will, instead of sharing it between business partners or other associations. Despite what he said, he clearly trusted Kai enough to leave him everything he owned…'

It wasn't until his return from China that they had made their relationship known. By then their group had acquired a new, unofficial member, Hillary Hitomi. She had met Kai during his absence and Ray couldn't help thinking that she had a crush on the silent teen. Not that he could blame her, but hey, Kai was his boyfriend so when he first met her he had had some reservations. That had lasted about, oh, a day. Once they confessed to the others Hillary had been the first to congratulate them. Of course, Tyson and Max teased them constantly, but he knew it was meant in a good way. It had to be, otherwise Kai would have put a painful end to it.

Another year of beyblading went by and they had met a lot of interesting people, some of which became close friends. Teams like the Psykicks and Saint Shields were now their allies while individuals like Zeo and Wyatt would pass by Tyson's dojo a lot. Ray wasn't all too keen on the last one since it was obvious that Wyatt had a thing for Kai. Far more noticeable and serious than Hilary ever had. Wyatt was a nice guy and all, but Ray preferred him when he wasn't marvelling Kai's blading skills or urging the phoenix to give him private lessons. To be honest, Ray preferred him when he wasn't there at all.

Mean, but what was a selfish guy like him supposed to do? A fifty-ton fire-breathing demon phoenix could not take Kai away from him. No way he was going to let a hyper-active preppy schoolboy run off with his boyfriend.

"Thinking of Wyatt again, aren't you?"

Ray shrugged.

"Am I that obvious?"

"You speak out loud when you're brooding," Kai said, unsuccessfully suppressing a grin though he averted meeting his partner's glower. "I like the 'hyper-active preppy schoolboy' part."

"Of all the people you had to meet while jogging, why him?"

"Having someone hysterically run up to you and gush out their life story hardly counts as meeting them. He's just a fan. Besides, you only have yourself to blame."

"Oh really?" Ray's eyes widened, stopping at the top of the stairs to step back. "Do elaborate."

"You were the one who told me, after we got together, that I have to be nicer to other people. You made me promise to try," Kai reminded him, leaning against the banister. "The old Kai Hiwatari would have just brushed Wyatt off and continued running. But, because of you, I actually let him jog with me, for a while. He's been around since then. Face it, Ray," he leaned in, smirking at the fuming neko-jin, "Wyatt is here because of you."

Damn, that was a very depressing thought.

Watching his koi mentally berate himself, Kai sighed, pulling the other teen towards him.

"Wyatt is just another one of the guys. Stop making such a fuss about it before you make yourself sick." He proved his point with a kiss before leading the compliant neko-jin down the grand staircase that led to the ground floor.

The high-ceilinged entrance hall echoed their footsteps as they walked over the marble tiles. A team of cleaners came by once a week to clean the entire mansion, but their presence were strictly work-related. Like Voltaire, he did not trust people easily and so he did not hire a new group of household staff as live-ins here.

"He said his name was Shippu no Jin."

"Who did?" Kai asked at the unexpected comment, letting the other enter the kitchen before him.

Walking around the light green topped centre counter, Ray took a bag of microwavable popcorn out of one of the thirty cabinets, placing it in the appliance and setting the time as he answered.

"The guy who challenged us after you left. He just appeared out of no where and challenged Tyson. I've never seen him before. Does his name ring a bell to you?"

Kai shook his head.

"An upstart?"

"Don't think so. He was older. Around nineteen or so. But he was wearing a mask so I couldn't get a good look of his face. But he challenged Tyson in any case. Daichi launched right after that, though I doubt the two of them are on a team. I joined in--"


"--to help Tyson," Ray continued though not before pinching the taller teen, or at least attempting to, but Kai stepped away. Settling with sitting up onto the counter, he frowned slightly. "But this guy took on all three of us and I think that he would have beaten us if Max hadn't, unintentionally, interrupted our battle. Jin disappeared right after."

"Interesting," Kai mused, taking a glass out of the cupboard with a thoughtful look.

"I know. What do you make of him?"

"Can't really tell since I wasn't there. He could be a member of a team. The Saint Shields used the same approach last time before challenging our entire team. He could be a scout for a new group."

"A pretty skilled scout if you ask me. Oh, and Max also had some interesting news. He was pretty excited about it."

"Probably just on sugar-high."

"Nuh-uh. This time it was real. Turns out that Mr. Dickenson is holding a private conference right now. According to the news reporters there are going to be some major changes in the rules and regulations of the next beyblade championships."

Kai raised a brow, resting against the counter next to the neko-jin as he sipped his water.

Watching the phoenix drink, Ray allowed himself the liberties to stare (alright, ogle) at the semi-undressed state of his boyfriend and team captain. Why oh why had it taken him so long to notice the usually stoic teen? Heck, why did someone as gorgeous and bloody desirable as Kai notice him?

"Try exotic feline features and overall sex appeal."

He really had to stop speaking his thoughts out loud.

"That was pretty shallow."

Kai chuckled, emptying his glass and putting it down.

"And your thoughts on me weren't."

"Yeah, but I'm just a country boy raised in an isolated village. I expect you, with all your pure-bred upbringing and pedigree, to be a bit more in dept."

"Pure-bred upbringing and pedigree…" Kai repeated slowly. "That's it. You're no longer allowed to chat with Ata online."

The loud ding of the microwave added a comic sphere to the golden-eyed teens faked shock.

"No fair!" Ray gaped, picking up the deep bowl he had taken out earlier and proceeding to the microwave. "He promised to send…something cute. You can't deprive me, the love of your life, of that, can you?"

"Oh no, that would be too cruel," he deadpanned, watching as the boy emptied the hot package of fluffy kernels into the bowl. "So what is this cute thing that's he's sending you?"


That was too quick and too short for his liking.

"What stuff?" Looks like they had fallen back into that pattern.

"Uh…Oh, would you look at the time! My movie is starting."

With that the neko-jin made a mad dash for the living room. Watching him go, Kai debated on whether or not he should make Ray confess now or leave it until he had the other cornered in the bedroom. Torturing Ray there eventually won out so he left the other to his devices for now.

Remembering something, he quickly made his way to the adjoining dining room where a stack of envelopes and packages awaited him. Picking up the mail he had collected upon arriving home earlier, he began shifting through it. Of course, finances and what not concerning companies and funds. A light pink envelope, however, brought a small smile to his face.


Taking a seat around the dark-wood dining table, he carefully opened the small envelope and pulled out the equally pink letter. The hand writing was sloppy, at best, but it only cemented the feeling of pride within him. Though a little late for her age, which was now nine, Sassy was quickly catching up on things that her health had hindered her with.

The letter was dated yesterday. Any letters from her was always sent directly via airmail to him so that no more than a day passed between her writing it and him reading it. Considering that she wrote him a couple of times per week it was pricy, but nothing less for his little sister.

Dear Kai,

Thank you very much for the doll. It's beautiful. Guess what? Today, at school, Miss Balanchine said that I can start with Grand Pas de Deux, so I get to dance with a partner. His name is Andrey and he's thirteen. He's very popular so I'm very happy that he's my partner. He can dance very good, but he's very tall. But Miss Balanchine said that that's a good thing. He doesn't talk to me a lot, but maybe it's because he's nervous. We're training now but we're going to put on a big show for Christmas. You'll come, won't you? Don't forget to bring Ray!

He interrupted his reading to chuckle at that. Leave it to her to remind him of that.

Ata and Ian are staying with us. I think Ian is mad at Ata because he wouldn't talk to him. Ata said that Ian's mad at Bryan too. Ian said a bad word last night and Natasia made him sleep in one of the hotel rooms, so now he's really mad. She told me never to repeat what he said. I wanted to ask her what it meant but she said that I'll find out when I'm bigger. Ata isn't wearing glasses anymore, but I guess he already told you that. He said that the Demolition Boys are training for the next world championship. Does this mean that you and Ray are going to blade against Ata and the others? I don't want you to battle against them. Maybe you can team up! No one can beat you then.

Natasia wants to lose weight. She went with Ata to the gym today. She can't walk now because she says that she's hurting everywhere. Ata says that that's a good thing and that she should go back to gym tomorrow because her muscles will become too stiff if she doesn't. Natasia locked herself in her room and isn't letting Ata in. Ivan had to cook dinner tonight. We ate coleslaw and minced meat. It was very yummy. Ivan also bought chocolate-chip ice cream. Natasia didn't eat any because she's on a diet. Ata says that maybe she has a boyfriend. What does that have to do with losing weight?

Jeremei is in the hospital again. Natasia said that his heart isn't very good. She said that he needs a new one. I hope he gets it soon. I miss him a lot. We go to visit him everyday. He looks very tired all the time and can't talk very loud, but he says that he's always happy when we come. Natasia started crying on our way home but she told me that it was nothing. I think she's worried. But I'm sure they'll make a better heart for Jeremei and he'll be home soon.

How is it in Japan? I really wish I could come and see it sometimes. How is Ray? Ata said that they write each other a lot. Ata's funny; whenever he's talking to Ray he's always laughing. He also asked me where you baby album was. He said he thought that you were very cute as a baby. That was a very nice thing to say, wasn't it? I gave it to him and he told me that I really made his day.

Something cute, huh? So that's what Ray was up to.

I have to go now. It's almost bedtime and Ivan is going to read me a story. I like it when Ivan reads. He does funny voices. Almost as good as Natasia!

Night night, Kai.

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of love, Saskia.

The letter both cheered him as worried him.

Jeremei's heart had been giving him trouble for years but it wasn't until a couple of months ago that he suffered a minor, but scary, stroke. Since then he had been in and out of the hospital. Doctors said that he needed a donor as soon as possible. He was using all his money and resources to obtain a matching donor but it was proving difficult even with his wealth. Saskia, not fully aware of the severity of the situation, was convinced that the doctors were currently making a new heart for their chauffeur and friend. None of them could find it in them to tell her otherwise. They could only hope that a suitable donor would be found soon.

Not as serious as Jeremei's heart but dubious nonetheless was this Andrey, Saskia's new dance partner. Whereas Saskia didn't see the inconsistencies, Kai did. She had spoken of this boy in her previous letters, clearly impressed by his talent and popularity. Kai truly doubted that Andrey didn't speak to her because he was shy. Popular people are never shy. It was clear that the dancer wasn't as thrilled with having Saskia as his partner as she was. Saskia was still terribly small, having grown less than an inch in the past year and now only as tall as her big brother's waist. This, plus her soft features, disadvantaged her when dealing with those her own age. Many didn't associate with her because they either underestimated or envied her.

'I'm going to have to call Natasia tomorrow and have her do something about this,' he decided, wishing he was there to handle it personally.

Thinking about Natasia's own ordeal did bring a smile to his face, however. He really wished he was there. A locked door wasn't enough to keep Ata out, especially when something as entertaining as torturing Natasia was involved. His sympathies went out to the red-headed cook.

Tucking the fragile paper back in its envelope, he left the rest of the mail on the table, intent on returning to them tomorrow. He turned off the lights and checked the security system before exiting the dining room. He heard the commotion of the television in the large den and decided to deal with a certain neko-jin first before taking a bath. Crossing the grand entrance hall, he stepped into the darkened living room though remained in the doorway for a moment to study the single occupant who was curled up on the mounds of cushions on the couch.

Eyes intent on the movie being broadcast on the wide screen television, Ray was half reclined on the large couch. The deep bowl of popcorn, now half emptied, was resting on a pile of cushions before him as he slowly ate out of it, almost in a trance-like state. Kai could never understand what could possibly be so fascinating about television, but then again hardly anything fascinated him. Except for a few people, like Ray, Saskia and, of course, Ata. Hell, that last one was basically the ninth wonder of the world. Which world, though, was debatable.

But back to Ray.

Kai studied the dark hair, now in a lose ponytail and bathed blue in the light given off by the screen. Ray only wore his hair like that when here in the mansion. He didn't know why, but the neko-jin was actually a bit self-conscious about the long mane. Actually, now that he thought about it, Ray was self-conscious about everything about him. People would often compliment the exotic teen on his looks when they were out but Ray would become uncomfortable and merely nod before tugging Kai away. The only compliments he accepted, if not loved, were from Kai. Which was an honour.

'I love you for more than your looks,' Kai thought, remembering their light-hearted conversation in the kitchen. 'But despite all my education, I can not even begin to express that.'

Saskia was precious to him. She needed him to look after her. She needed her big brother to make her go on every day of her life. His support was her life source. The exact opposite for him and Ata. He needed Ata like a fish needed water. What exactly he needed wasn't always very clear, but he just felt lost without the eccentric but loyal wolf.

With Ray…it was both. Physically as well as mentally, with Ray he just complete, for a lack of a better word. Even when apart (which was seldom or very brief) he often found himself assured and looking forward to seeing the other teen again. Waking up next to the Drigger master every morning, eating breakfast with him, training with him, hanging out at Tyson's dojo with him, walking home with him in the evening, eating dinner with him, going to bed with him; he could no longer even consider doing anything without knowing that Ray was right there next to him.

A shrill scream from the television made Ray jump, almost upsetting the precariously balanced popcorn but the neko-jin caught it just in time. A snicker from the hallway helped ease his racing heart though he did glare at the older boy.

"It's scary, alright?"

His hiding place discovered, Kai casually walked over to stand behind the couch, staring with no large amount of interest at the carnage going on on the plasma screen.

"Why do you watch horror movies if you are such a scaredy-cat?"

"Don't even start with the cat jokes again. And I watch horror movies because it's a good enough reason to cling onto a certain someone," Ray explained with a pointed look.

"I have to take a bath," Kai reminded. "I've been working out all afternoon."

"And don't think I don't appreciate it."

"I'll be back in ten minutes. Unless, of course, a certain someone has to bathe too."

Ray almost choked on his popcorn, thumping his chest. Looking up, he found himself staring stupidly at Kai who was smirking, dare he say it, teasingly down at him with a raised brow. As 'simple-minded, country-boyish' as he was, he was smart enough to pick up on that line and even smarter still to abandon the movie and popcorn without a moment's hesitation.

"And what put you in such a good mood?" he asked, walking backwards in front of the other as they headed towards the master bathroom.

"Do I need a reason to want to bathe with you?"

"Not that I'm complaining, but you usually not the one to make the first move in cases like this."

"Well maybe I'm bending over backwards just for you."

Unable to resist, as always, Ray stopped walking, in doing so blocking Kai's path as well, and planted a deep kiss on those tempting lips. The kiss was cut short though when he suddenly felt himself lifted off the ground, his arms automatically wrapping around the other's neck at the sudden loss of footing.

"You are in a very good mood," he grinned and was rewarded with a peck on the mouth. "Come on, what's up?"

Kai didn't answer. Instead he entered their bedroom and headed straight for the king-size bed where he laid Ray down gently. Supporting himself on his elbows, he started to kiss the surprised neko-jin, alternating between tender and needful. It wasn't long before he had Ray purring beneath him. Suckling the tanned skin on the neck, he ran a hand through the silky hair, tugging off the hair band to free it, allowing it to cascade over the pillows and quilt. His other hand lightly caressed the joint between Ray's neck and shoulder before slowly feeling its way down, expertly undoing the Chinese blader's shirt to rub the flat stomach.

"K-Kai…" Ray gasped, gripping the smooth shoulders tightly, head thrown back to allow his koi complete access to his neck. He was going to be sporting a hicky for the next couple of days, but the pleasure of receiving them greatly outweighed Tyson's catcalls. No pun intended.

Groaning at the sound of his whispered name, Kai raised himself to meet the other eye-to-eye, staring down with burning crimson eyes through slate bangs. Gods, how did he ever manage to keep his hand off of Ray when in public? What ever possessed him to let Ray leave their bed every morning, for that matter? Swooping down, he caught the panting lips in a searing kiss that sent a strong shiver through both their bodies. By now his fingers grazed the waist of Ray's pants though began teasing the sensitive skin above it with feather soft touches.

"Oh God!" Ray cried out, jumping at the sensation. "Kai, now!"

"Now?" he whispered, bringing his lips to the other's delicately pointed ear. "Now what?"

Ray whined, squirming beneath him but unable to gain enough contact.

"Don't stop…Take me now!"

"Give me one reason why I should."

Ray opened his eyes, biting his lower lip as he struggled to think.

"I…I…need you."

"You need me?"


"Just like you needed Ata to send you baby pictures of me?"

"Uh-huh!...Huh?" He blinked.

"Revenge is sweet, isn't it, Ray?" Kai grinned, giving him a quick kiss before getting up, leaving the neko-jin, hot and bothered, on their bed. "If cute is what you want, then I guess I can't help you. I'll go take my bath now. Alone."

"Wha? When? Huh? K-Kai!" Ray shouted, sitting up, still feeling those hands on him. "You can't leave me like this!"

"What can I say? I'm…what was that word you used earlier…shallow?"

Sputtering, Ray could only watched as his koi entered the bathroom, turning to gift him with a smug smile before closing and locking the door behind him. Feeling reasonably uncomfortable, and unsatisfied, the neko-jin buried his face in a pillow to muffle his frustrated scream. Sitting up, he glared at the closed door.

"You are so going to regret doing that to me!" he shouted before stumping towards the bedroom door. "I hope we run out of warm water very soon!"

Kai grinned on the other side of the door, very pleased with himself. Serves the neko-jin right for sneaking behind his back and getting his best friend to send him those pictures. To be honest, it had taken all of his will power to pry himself off of the other blader. He was most definitely going to return to that later on in the night. Despite Ray's threats, he did need a cold bath right now.

"Ray, you are just too amusing and desirable for your own good," he said out loud before pushing himself away from the door to undress.

Tomorrow was going to be spent by the dojo, training for the upcoming championships. He was confident that they were going to win the title for the third time in a row. Each of them had perfected their battle styles and Kenny was always updating their blades. Even Hilary, despite her limited knowledge of the game and rules, helped out. This championship was going to be a piece of cake. The Bladebreakers were simply unbeatable.

"Bladebreakers? Unbeatable? Who would have thought it?" he sighed, stepping into the crystal stall. "Though I wonder what the new rules and regulations are. Mr. Dickenson will probably tell us tomorrow."

Mentally shaking the strangely foreboding thoughts away, he focused on more pressing matter. Namely how to approach a certain infuriated neko-jin downstairs. The other boy wasn't going to stay mad at him for long, but it was always better to fess up to his mistakes to prove how much he cared about the Chinese teen. As Ray now knew; Kai Hiwatari apologizes only to those extremely close to him. Saying 'I'm sorry' for something as harmless as the prank he had just pulled meant a lot more to Ray than it would to anyone else.

'I'll make up for it, Ray. Believe me.'

Thinking of his boyfriend, Kai couldn't help smiling. Ray was the best thing to have entered his life in many years. And if they had managed to survive his grandfather's schemes, Dranzer Demon plus a whole year full of challenges and tournaments, then there was nothing that could ruin their relationship.



Well, there ya have it. Chapter one.

This was tricky because whereas the KaiRay interaction in Untold Truths was limited they are an item now. I didn't want to make them into some mushy, sappy, lovey-dovey couple so I tried hard to keep away from that without compromising the relationship. Also, this is a PG-13 fic so I can't go all-out yaoi so don't expect any, though I will throw in more spicy scenes like the one in the bedroom.

Don't worry, the rest of the gang will be in chapter two though most characters in Untold Truths won't be in the first few chapters. It's all in the plot, so don't worry. I'm pretty sure you are going to like it. Trust me on this, people.

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Well, readers, let's see if this one will live up to Untold Truths!

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