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Beauty Is Within Us

T a k e n

November 3, 2006

By: Cherry Jade

The rain continued to pour hard outside in Gotham City. It hadn't rained in a while but that was to be expected when it was summer. It was humid and mixed with the dark clouds it would a terrible storm.

Raven stood by the window, looking through to the dreary outside. It had been a few days since she had been back to work. She had fallen into her and Richard's into usual routine. He was still adamant that she take it easy but other than that, everything was just fine.

Especially since they had gotten together.

The first thing he would do when he came home would be he would hug her and ask about her day. He usually did that but minus the hug. He even made her dinner a couple times and it was good too! She still found it hard to believe when he told her that he couldn't cook. He was incredible and sweet and Raven couldn't be happier. Though she still wondered how Kori could just throw away Richard like that, he was a good boyfriend. Oh well, what was Kori's loss was Raven gain.

She moved way from the window the thunder interrupting her thinking. Five seconds later the lightening flash taking with it the power.

"Damnit," she whispered softly and started to padded around to the kitchen, where the matches and candles were kept.

She was about to make a turn when she barreled into a wall.

But that wall was warm. What the hell? Who-

A hand immediately silenced any noise she was about to make. This hand was definitely not Richard's. She struggled; bringing her knee to the groin area. She was please when the man fell down before her feet.

"Who are you?"

The man grunted and Raven decided that she didn't need to know who this person was. He obviously he wanted to hurt her and she wasn't going to let him. She turned around to run, but a hand grabbed her ankle and tripped her. Raven started kick at the hand but the vice like grip was tight. The man started to pull her towards him this time a wild kick caught him in the face. Raven jumped up quickly made a dash for the stairs the lights coming back on. She got to the fifth step when she looked up and saw a face that she had hoped that she would never have to see again.


He chuckled and smiled evilly at her. "Well my dear, I do have to say that you have recovered nicely. But I have some terrible news for you. You have to spend some more time in my company," he said dramatically making it seem like all one big joke.

The other man was right behind her and knocked her in the back of her head with a blunt object. She crumpled down on the steps.

"Well that was entertaining."


Richard Grayson felt uneasy about something but he had no idea why. He put away the updated files in the cabinet alphabetically. He was putting in the last file when he heard a knock on his office door.

"Come in."

Roy Harper walked in holding another file in his hand. "Chief said I should give this to you."

Richard was taller than Roy but not by much. As he walked closer he couldn't help but be drawn into those deep blue eyes. He handed Richard the file and their fingers brushed against each other. A tingle went down Roy's spine and he suppressed a shiver of excitement.

"Thanks Roy. So how is your day going so far?"

"Good." 'Now that I got to see you.'

"That's good to hear. Did you check out Kori's house? I heard that you were assigned to that case." Richard sat down in his office chair and looked to from the file his was reading."

Roy's eyes narrowed at the name but a second later his facial expression changed into something blank. "Yeah, but I couldn't find anything that would suggest a break in. But I did put in an order for the windows and locks to be changed."

"I see. Nothing, huh? Wonder what kind of game this person is playing?" Blue eyes went back to scanning the file. Roy couldn't help but feel a little jealous of the file. He wanted Richard's eyes on him.

He could tell Richard that he loved him and then Richard would never talk to him again. Or he could tell him and they could remain friends. But he was definitely sure that Richard was as straight as they get.

He opened his mouth to say something when Gar and Vic busted through his door, nearly tearing from it hinges.

"Richard your penthouse was broken into and Raven was taken!"


Richard drove so fast to his home that it only took two and a half minutes. He ran up the stairs, elevator would take to long.

Raven couldn't be gone. That was not possible. He had just seen her that morning and kissed her goodbye. It couldn't be that last time. He had almost lost her to some psycho, this couldn't be happening.

His door was already opened and some fellow cops were already investing. Terra got up from her bent position on the floor. She turned around and hand a plastic bag to a cop. "Go have forensics analyze this."

"Terra what happened here? Where's Raven?"

Her light blue eyes looked him with pity. "I'm afraid she was taken against her will. She was kidnapped Richard. We have reason to believe that it was the same that tried to kill her before."


End of chapter.





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