Hey all, here's a very quick Horatio/Calleigh fic :) The idea for the tattoo is totally stolen from me lol This is exactly the tattoo thatI want, just not due to the same circumstances :)


Horatio and Calleigh flopped onto the Break Room couch. Calleigh's head quickly sinks into the back as her eyes close.

"Tell me that's over"

"Its over"

"Tell me I can sleep now"

"You can sleep now"

"Tell me you're not just saying what I want to hear"

"I'm not just saying what you want to hear"

"Liar" she giggled

It had been long day at court testifying in a difficult case. After nearly 7 hours, they had finally left and returned to the labs. Fatigue was quickly setting in.

Calleigh brought her feet up and clawed at the zippers to her knee-length boots. "Oh Lord, these damn boots!" Peeling them off, she giggled "These poor little things!" as she bent and massaged her sore and aching feet.

"C'mere" Horatio smiled, pulling her feet onto his lap. Calleigh swivelled so she lay across the sofa.

He gently but firmly pressed his fingers and thumbs in the delicate problem areas.

Horatio placed her left leg closer to him, allowing her trouser leg to ride up slightly. Something caught his eye. He pushed the material up a bit more to reveal a greenish-black tattoo in the shape of a star. "Interesting"

"What is?"

"You're tattoo" he wiped his thumb across it, as if to remind her of the mark.

"Oh, I had that done a couple of years back"

"Is this the one that Speed's friend did for you?"

"One of them" she sassed

"Can I ask-"

"Why a star?" She finished his sentence for him, already knowing what he was going to say. She still lay sprawled across the sofa and his lap as she replied, "When I was a kid I'd always look out of my window at night and look out to the stars and a make a wish. I always made the same wish: that I'd already lived my childhood and had moved out and got my own life away from drunken parents and surrogate sons. But even so, I'd never wish for a different family, just different circumstances. That tattoo just kind of reminds me to appreciate what I have and what I had…is that stupid?"

"Not at all, it's very brave of you"

Calleigh smiled as she brought herself up and off of Horatio's lap, "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm starving. Care to join?"

"I'd never let a beautiful woman eat alone"