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One Bad Week

Chapter One: Friday

Shuichi stumbled, letting out a small curse as he fell to his knees for the third time. He had decided earlier that today had simply not been his day and was more than a little anxious to get back home. Sitting on the sidewalk for a few minutes to catch his breath, the pink-haired singer mentally re-counted the day's events.

First of all, he'd been late for work. This in itself was no big deal as it happened on an annoyingly common basis. Unfortunately K, along with everyone else, was more than a little pissed off at his tardiness today. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that once the day's recording was done, the entire group would be on a two-week vacation. After an hour had passed the gun-toting American had taken to randomly firing his gun in the room to vent his pent up rage. Shuichi had managed to pick that moment to be directly outside of the studio door to which one bullet took the opportunity to pass through.

As K said it was only a flesh wound, barely a scratch; though it bled (in Shuichi's mind) for hours on end. But still, his upper arm had been killing him the entire day since and it pained him a bit when even Sakano had simply offered to throw a band-aid on it instead of rushing him to the hospital where his gaping wound could be treated by licensed professionals. Another hour had been wasted as Hiro calmed him down, finally pointing out that only a single Kleenex had been spared before the 'gun shot wound' had stopped bleeding.

The rest of the day hadn't been that bad, but it wasn't exactly a picnic either. After all, when every vending machine in the building runs out of pocky on the same day, THAT ALONE should be considered a day to be remembered and feared. Add to that the fact that once he'd managed to get a box he nearly choked to death on a stick (in his lustful greed to shove the treats into his mouth as fast as possible) and Tohma (of all people) had given him the Heimlich maneuver in order to keep his newest pop star from becoming worm food.

And as if the day couldn't have gotten worse after the 'pocky incident', something he just knew would be talked about for weeks to come, Tohma had insisted Shuichi go home and recover, fearing the combination of his two 'brushes with death' might be a bit much for anyone, let along a hyper pink-haired idiot, to handle. His twisted luck had stayed with him as the elevator decided to shut down right in between floors six and seven. With it being the middle of summer, and nearly one hundred degrees out that day, the elevator had quickly become a sauna; a very dark, creepy, and enclosed sauna. One that had kept making all kinds of funny noises that eventually convinced the then terrified singer that any moment it was going to hurl itself down the shaft and crash most painfully to the basement floor below.

Three excruciating hours later he'd been set free, diving out of the box and praying to any God that would listen that he'd never eat pocky again if only the day would somehow get better.

The Gods didn't seem to be listening very well.

Probably took a message and would 'get back to him'.

So now, sitting on his bruised knees on a very hot and very rough sidewalk, Shuichi was contemplating whether or not he'd actually get home in one piece.

'I should have called Yuki and asked for a ride.' He berated himself.

Sighing at the passed opportunity, Shuichi begrudgingly stood up and, having lost whatever spunk he still had left, began to trudge his way home on shaky legs. Three swerved cars, one basketball to the head, an ice cream cone down his shirt, and a bicycle collision later, he finally arrived home. At this point he wouldn't be surprised if Yuki took one look at him and immediately kicked him out of the apartment. With the way his luck had been going today it honestly wouldn't surprise him any. Gather what little strength still remained in his battered body he unlocked the door and pushed it open.

"Where the hell have you been?"

Shuichi looked up, startled by the almost concerned tone carried in the usually stoic novelist's voice, and promptly fell forward in a dead faint.

When he opened his eyes next, Shuichi was surprised to find himself in a depressingly under decorated room lying on a stiff bed with a very annoying beeping sound ringing through his ears. Looking around, he took a moment before realizing he was in the hospital, at least with the I.V. sticking out his arm he'd BETTER be in the hospital. Lying back, he recalled the entire day's events and suddenly came to the conclusion that he'd been expecting to end up here all day long.

Ironic almost.


Shuichi blinked and turned, his violet eyes taking in the lean form of one Eiri Yuki leaning up against the room's doorframe.

"What?" he asked, his voice a bit hoarse.

"You passed out, idiot. The doctor said it was because of dehydration."


Yuki walked in, slowly pulling out a chair and setting it by the bed before sitting down and regarding the singer for a few moments.

"Tohma called me after you left and told me about your day. I was expecting you home a lot faster than you got there, what took so damn long?"

Shuichi thought for a moment. Oh yeah…

"Well, after the elevator was finally fixed I ran out of the building and started home but I tripped and fell on my knees, which really hurt you know. So I got back up and pushed the button to cross the street and when it turned green I ran across, but I guess I looked wrong because I almost got hit by like three or four cars on the way across and by the time I reached the other side I fell on my knees again. Before I could get up this kid ran into me and dropped his ice cream and it somehow went down my shirt and I freaked out cause it was so cold and scared him and he started crying and then his big brother got really mad and started chasing me. So I ran around the block a few times trying to get rid of him and he did give up but he threw his basketball at me before he did and it hit me on the head and made me fall again. Only this time I fell into the path of this guy on a bicycle and he ran me over and fell off and he was really mad too and started chasing me but he gave up a lot sooner than the other guy and then I fell again and-"

Sensing his lover wouldn't stop until he was either done or had passed out from lack of oxygen, Yuki decided to employ 'shut up' tactic number six: the kiss. It was a very effective and enjoyable ploy that usually ended up being followed by yet another more enjoyable situation, which unfortunately could not be performed here.

Damn hospitals.

He pulled away a few minutes later, smirking inwardly at the very deep blush and rather dreamy expression plastered on the singer's face and leaned back in his chair.

"Sounds like a pretty shitty day." He commented.

Shuichi smiled, still lost in the feel of Yuki's lips pressed against his. "Oh, it wasn't that bad."

Yuki couldn't help but grin.