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Saviors No Longer

The Republic did not need them anymore. A stronger regime was in power and had eliminated the use of the Jedi. The only thing preventing this new rule from achieving complete control are the Jedi. So the Jedi temple was attacked and all over the galaxy Jedi Knights were destroyed in order to create unification and peace within the Empire.


She didn't sense their betrayal right away, and when she did she couldn't believe it. But it was true, her senses couldn't lie, her clone troopers were turning on her. Jedi Knight Aayla Secura had enough time to draw her weapon and face her betrayers. Yet she knew that wouldn't work, there were too many of them.

In a semi-circle behind Aayla, the clone stormtroopers all had their blaster rifles locked on her. Forming a quick plan, she fell into the Force concentrating on creating a field of protection around her. Before she could do that though, two bolts were fired; one hitting her in the shoulder and the other in the hip. On her fall to the ground Aayla saw ,her once trusted friend, Commander Bly with his blaster at the ready.

Hitting the soft ground on the tropical planet, Felucia, Aayla had a couple seconds before the clones moved in to finish the job. She created the Force barrier before all the clones opened fire, raining bolts down on her. Some of the bolts made it through, weaken by the barrier and only causing a minor sting. But after the barrage of fire, her protection was weakening and another bolt hit her in the shoulder; also one hit her the right thigh and another in her left side that did a lot of damage.

Thinking that Aayla would be dead by now, the clones stopped shooting. Acting quickly, she dropped into a Jedi healing trance so that she wouldn't succumb to her wounds. The clones brought over some equipment to read Aayla's life signs, but they registered nothing. Fortunately for her, healing trances lower the heart and breathing rate below to what the clone's equipment could read. Believing their job to be done, they sent a message to their Emperor and left the scene.

Aayla just lay there in pain from her wounds and falling deep into her trance; her world faded to darkness.