A/N: This is the end of the road…but the journey had just begun…

Italics indicate thoughts.

"…another dimension that people don't see in that, sometimes, he does good things." ---Anthony Lemke

(Captain Marcus Grisham)

Montoya knew the moment he woke up this morning that it was going to be a bad day. Well his bad day just turn for the worse. He discovered that his captain wasn't in his quarters and reports came from the morning patrol said they found Grisham's handkerchief on the ground. Evidence of the night's sandstorm revealed little of his whereabouts. Nobody knows for sure whether he was caught in it or manage to escape. For the moment, the captain is presumed missing (possibly dead).

Montoya was furious. He worried that the captain will expose his carefully laid plans. The arms deal is almost complete, if someone like Grisham was to leak out the information it can bring ruin to the colonel.

The uncertainty was making Montoya's hair turn gray.

Tessa immediately felt the cold sheets when she woke up. Feeling the bed, she knew Grisham had been gone for hours. The filtered light through the curtains cast a small halo on her dark tresses. A million questions ran through her head and the only answer was a small parchment by her pillow.

I'm sorry I left without saying good bye. The bruises are healing alright thanks to your care. We both know what I need to do. You alone can't fight Montoya and all the corruption in this place. You need someone to stand by your side and watch your back. I'll come back to you. Please wait for me.


Touching the words, she smiled to herself.

I love you, Marcus…

She got up and opened the curtains. The brightness blinded her for a second then she could clearly see the wide sky and the moving clouds beyond the mountains.

"A brand new day." She declared.

Moving quickly around in her room she realized there was so much to do. She better got going if she was to complete her plans.

A few minutes later, Tessa kicked the edge of her bed in frustration, she wondered where she left her mask.

Recalling her kiss and caresses, Grisham felt his heart expand and beating rapidly. He feared for her safety, Montoya's threats are to be taken with the utmost precaution. Inside, a voice is telling him that Tessa can take care of herself. He can relax a bit knowing that she being the Queen of Swords will hold off Montoya's exploits long enough for him to send in the reinforcements.

After he secured the small cloth to his blue jacket, Grisham jumped to his feet. Taking a break from the night ride, he made sure that he was able to make it to his destination on time. Smoothing the lace inside his lapel, he smiled.

"Wait for me…"

I love you, Tessa…

the end

A/N: I hope readers enjoyed this new story. It took me too long to finish it (yes I admit it). But rather late than never. I actually had more fun writing this one than Searching for a Meaning (believe it or not) because SaM was to establish the potential for those two to be a couple (MarTess/GriTess) and I agonize over every word or sentence. It was also a rare (long) fic solely about those two. However, Change was about situations I put them in and how they would interact. The characters change to adapt to new circumstances and through character development that their love can blossom (it is not entirely impossible). Last of all, I love that boxing scene from QoS and I had to put my version in it. I remember many scenes from the episodes that Grisham and Tessa/queen that I liked (all of them belong to Fireworks and their respective owners) which I incorporated.