The door to the small grocery/diner opened and Mia looked up from her magazine. She'd never seen the girl who stood in front of her. The girl had long platinum blonde hair, and chunks of it were highlighted a true red. She had a pretty heart shaped face with a generous mouth, and small upturned nose, which was pierced. Currently her eyes were hidden by silver wire framed sunglasses with purple lenses. The girl was average height standing at 5'6", and was wearing a black leather biker jacket over a long sleeved Metallic concert shirt, dark blue jeans and motorcycle boots. She approached Mia at the counter.

"Can I help you?" Mia asked politely.

"Yeah, I have an interview with a Dominic Toretto." the girls voice was husky as if she'd just woken up.

Mia was a bit surprised. This must be the interview for the mechanic position. Interesting. "Sure follow me. I'm Mia, Dom's sister." The girl acknowledged her with a nod, and followed as Mia led her over to the garage portion. "Dom, your interview is here." Mia called.

Dom came out from behind a classic 69 Mustang. His eyes widened at the sight in front of him. Oh no, this wouldn't work. Well, he'd at least give her the interview. He moved forward and held his hand out. "Dominic Toretto."

"Valeria Jones." She said taking his hand briefly. He saw she was wearing black, fingerless leather gloves, and her nails were short and clean. "I understand you're hiring for a mechanic and detailer."

"Yeah. You got references?"

"You got an application?" she asked lifting her eyebrows to look at him. She knew what he was thinking, no fucking way was he hiring some girl. Now she just had to show him how wrong he would be not to hire her.

"Yeah." he said proceeding into the garage. "The rest of my workers should be back in a couple of hours. You got a problem with working with a bunch of guys?"

"Wouldn't have become a mechanic if I did." she said and took the application that he'd dug up. She filled it out quickly and quietly; handing it back to him when she was done.

"We do a background check." he told her looking at her name suspiciously. "Valeria Amarett Jones?"

"That's right, the 'rents were creative. Could they help it they had the most boring last name humanly possible?" she said looking slightly bored. "Look I know you have your doubts about hiring a chick. Hey, there aren't that many of us out there that are any good. But I am good. Real good. And before you send me on my way, and file my application in the circular filing cabinet, you should at least see what I can do."

Dom looked at the astute girl. He had a feeling he'd end up regretting this, but he'd at least see what she could do. Dom nodded, "All right. You see that CRX over there?" At her nod, he continued. "It needs an oil change, new spark plugs, an anti freeze flush, and new air filter." He didn't tell her that the timing belt needed adjusting, and the car wouldn't start. If she was any good she'd figure it out, and get it right. "Think you can do that?"

"While I'm sleeping." she said pleasantly.

"You need coveralls?" he asked.

"Nah, got some on my bike." she told him and headed back out front. He followed and watched her move to a motorcycle sitting in the parking area.

Vince and Leon pulled up to the garage later that afternoon. Leon had taken Vince to his physical therapy appointment, and Vince was exhausted. His arm was exhausted. It had been a year since the heist fiasco. Jesse had died. Letty had left Dom after she'd gotten out of the hospital. Last Mia had heard she'd headed to Miami to start over . The most surprising thing had been that Brian Sp-- O'Connor hadn't turned them in. He'd given up his badge, and handed the Trans over. Then he'd been sent to prison for obstruction. Although the team had been angry at the man for lying to them, not even Vince could fault him in the end. The man had gone to prison instead of turning in the people he'd come to care about. So now the team, or what was left of it, were together. Still racing, still working, but no more heists. They'd all learned their lessons from that. It didn't hurt that they had plenty of money from their previous jobs.

They headed into the shop to find Dom. "Yo Dom!" Leon called.

A girl's voice came from the CRX. "He ain't here. He's next door at the diner with Mia."

"Who the fuck are you?" Vince practically snarled.

Val stuck her two toned head from under the hood. "Val. I'm interviewing."

"How's that coming?" Dom asked from the doorway.

"Almost done." she told him tonelessly, and turned her attention back to the car in front of her.

Leon and Vince pulled Dom into the office. "A chick Dom?" Vince hissed.

"Her background check came back clean, she's who she says she is, good references." Dom shrugged. "Look, we need the help. If she passes with this car, why not? Letty was a good mechanic."

"Yo." she called from the garage. "When yall are done talking about the chick who's trying to ruin your garage; I'm done out here."

The three men came out of the office and just looked at her. "Ok, so I changed the oil, air filter, and spark plugs. I gave her a flush, and adjusted the timing belt." she stared pointedly at Dom. "Also, there were clogs in both the windshield wiper line and the fuel line. So, now she should start for you." She walked to the entrance of the garage, while Vince got behind the wheel. She was removing her coveralls as the engine revved to life. Leon and Dom looked at her startled. It sounded better than it had the last time it had been in.

"So, call me when you decide." she said and walked out the door.

She was on the bike, adjusting her helmet by the time the guys made it to the entrance. "Hey Jones." Dom called. She looked over at him. "You start Monday." She nodded once, kick started the bike and roared away.

"I have a feeling things are going to get different around here." Leon muttered.

It was street races. The street was humming with all the cars and people. Racer skanks, groupies of the street racers, were hanging over whichever man they could find. Dom's team had arrived and were talking to Hector. Skanks were hanging all over Dom; all with the desire to take the place of a woman they'd feared.

The group looked with interest as a new car pulled up. It was a deep purple 1969 Dodge Charger. It had silver chrome detailing, silver lightning streaming over the car, and across the tail written in old English silver scroll it said 'Punk'. The windows were tinted so dark they couldn't see into the car, but it purred like a satisfied kitten. The passenger side door opened and two girls spilled out; the driver remained in the car. Both of the girls were short, one with an athletic body, not many curves to speak of. She wore low riding pants and cropped t-shirt which showed off a taut tummy. There was a tattoo of two serpents circling her belly button. Close cropped dark hair framed her pixie face, and her eyebrow was pierced. The second girl was a blonde, and her hair curled to her shoulders. Her labret, the area under her bottom lip, was pierced. She wore a micro mini skirt, fishnet stockings, ankle boots, and a leather tank top. This girl was curvier than the first girl, but not by much. Both girls had a matching tattoo around their left wrist.

"Excuse me." the blonde said. Her voice was clear and sweet. "We're looking for Hector. Do you know where we can find him?"

"Ladies, ladies," Hector began smiling and walking towards them. "I'm Hector, what can I help you with?"

"We need to enter our racer." the blonde said. Then the brunette started speaking. "We've got the money."

"Ok, which race?"

"Second." they chimed together. This raised eyebrows. It wasn't the tops, which Dom drove in, but it wasn't the beginners which most newbies went into.

"Ok, what's the racers name?" Hector said.

"Punk, just Punk. We pay you, and if Punk wins, we collect for Punk." the blonde said in a non negotiable tone.

"Punk likes anonymity." the brunette added.

"O-kay." Hector agreed taking the money.

Second races came, and the two girls huddled at the driver side window of the charger. None of Dom's crew ran in this race so they were hanging out, and were curious by the newcomer in the awesome vehicle. The window of the car was barely down, and all they could see was a slight purple of the drivers helmet. Hector motioned for the cars to get ready.

The girls moved off to the side with smiles already on their faces.

"You think you should be smiling?" Vince asked the girls. "Race hasn't even started yet, and there are some good drivers out there."

The brunette grinned at him. "Not as good as Punk." she said in a sure tone.

The cars took off and the girl lowered her arms. It was close with three of the cars tearing off into the lead. The purple charger was one of the three. They were closing on the finish when Punk hit the NOS and pulled into the lead. The charger won the race with plenty of room to spare. The girls approached Hector to collect their winnings, and Punk pulled back up near them.

Dom's crew was close by. "Hey!" Leon yelled at the two girls. When they looked over he continued. "We normally party back at our place, you guys wanna come?"

The two girls went around to the driver side, and the window lowered slightly. They conversed for a short time with the two girls nodding in agreement. The brunette looked at Leon with some regret. "Sorry guy. Unfortunately tonight the carriage turns into a pumpkin way too early. Maybe next time."

"COPS, COPS, We got cops!" the cry came and everyone scurried to their vehicles. Dom who'd been about to race found himself next to the Charger. The window was still down slightly, and the driver looked at him. The helmet covered the persons head and face, but the person gave him a small salute, and as soon as the passengers were in, tore off into the night.