Beast Boy of the Junkyard

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You see a grocery store late in the afternoon, this grocery store (which was closed for some reason) had a special intruder.

"Now let's see, Sarah said she wanted some of those frozen pizzas, how she's gonna cook them is beyond me though. Jillian, wanted some nice soft tasty bread, Max and Tech said they needed some fruit, Jenna wanted candy but what else is new? And I'll just take some nice tofu for myself." Said the figure.

The front door busts open to none other than the Teen Titans. But now we see that the thief is Beast Boy.

"This is the fifth time this week you've stolen food." Said Robin.

"Yeah, it's plain to see that you're stealing more than enough to feed just one guy, exactly what're you doing with this food anyways?" asked Cyborg.

"The Teen Titans, well nice to see you guys, for the fifth time this week, but I really got to go." Said Beast Boy.

"Titans! Go!" shouted Robin.

"All this for just a bunch of food?" asked Beast Boy.

All the Titans charged.

"See ya." Said Beast Boy right before he jumped through the window.

He grabbed a cloak and noticed a bunch of girls giggling. He walked over there trying not to get the attention of the Titans.

"Afternoon ladies." Said Beast Boy.

"Getting into trouble as usual today huh?" said one of the ladies.

"Trouble? Ha! You're only in trouble if the one with the hood catches you." Said Beast Boy.

His cloak was then surrounded in a black aura and was used to tie him.

"Gotcha." Said Raven.

"I'm in trouble." Said Beast Boy in the air.

"Time to finally take you to…" started Raven.

Then all of a sudden a lemur jumps down and pulls Raven's cloak over her head.

This made Raven let him go and BB fell to the ground with his bag of food.

"Perfect timing Naru as usual." Said Beast Boy.

Naru hopped off of Raven and landed on Beast Boy's shoulder.

"Come on buddy time to move!" said Beast Boy to his lemur buddy.

He runs right into Robin who has his bo staff out.

"Gotta keep…" as Beast Boy sings he dodges Robin's attacks "one jump ahead of the breadline, one swing ahead of the bo staff, I steal only what I can't afford. That's everything."

Beast Boy then steals Robin's belt and Naru pulls down his pants.

Beast Boy turns the other direction only for Cyborg to see him.

"One jump ahead of the tinman…"

Cyborg fires his sonic cannon at him but Beast Boy turns into a sparrow and dodges. He then changes back to normal and starts to run.

"That's all, and that's no joke. These guys don't appreciate the fact I'm broke."

Beast Boy then changes into a kangaroo and uses Starfire and Raven as stepping stones to get him to the top of a building.

"Riffraff!" shouted Robin finally putting his belt back on.

"Street rat!" shouted Cyborg

"Scoundrel!" shouted Raven.

"Take that!" shouted Starfire throwing star bolts at him, which somehow he managed to avoid.

"Just a little snack guys."

Cyborg and Star were now trying to blast him, but he kept dodging.

"I can take a hint, gotta face the facts…" he jumps off the building only to land in a room of another one.

"You're my only friend Naru."

He then realized he landed in the room of three blonde twins.

"Who? Oh, it's sad that Beast Boy is at the bottom. He's become a one-man rise in crime."

Naru sees that their refrigerator door is open and starts to help himself.

BB was beginning to enjoy himself until he bumped into their mother.

"I'd blame parents, except he hasn't got'em!" said the mother trying to him with her broom.

Beast Boy gives her a glare for the comment but then decides to leave. Naru climbs up onto his shoulder as they make their way to the window.

"Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat. Tell you about it when I got the time."

One of the girls then playfully pushes him out the window knowing that he'd be okay.

He lands outside only for the Titans to see him again.

"One jump ahead of the slowpokes, one skip ahead of my doom. Next time, gonna use a nom de plume."

The Titans start to chase him again.

"One jump ahead of the tinman…"

Cyborg fires his sonic cannon at him again.

"One hit ahead of the flock…"

BB loses them for a second and tries to sneak away.

"I think I'll take a stroll around the block."

The Titans see him and start to back him into a corner that had a door.

"Let's not be too hasty."

A woman that looks like a fat Blackfire comes out and picks up Beast Boy.

"Still I think he's rather tasty."

He manages to escape and puts his arms around Raven and Starfire as if they're pals and sings.

"Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat."

He then starts to roll away.

"Otherwise we'd get along."

"WRONG!" shout the Titans as they try to jump him but miss. (A/N: If they only knew.)

"One jump ahead of the hoof beats!

Beast Boy runs in one direction only to find Robin.

"Freak boy!"

"One hop ahead of the hump!"

He tries to run in another direction but sees Star flying down at top speed.

"Street rat!"

Beast Boy then realizes that the Titans are closing in on him so he and Naru start to climb the fire escape of a nearby building.

The Titans start to follow.

"One trick ahead of disaster."

"Scoundrel!" shouted Raven.

"They're quick but I'm much faster."

"Riffraff!" shouts Cyborg.

Beast Boy is now at the top of the fire escape while the Titans are somewhere in the middle.

"Here goes, better throw my hand in…"

The Titans then begin to realize that they won't be able to catch him in time.

"Wish me happy landings; all I gotta do is FLY!"

Beast Boy changes into a pterodactyl and flies away with the food in his claw and Naru on his back.

"We'll get you next time you thief!" said Robin.



"Arg! He's late!...AGAIN!" said a girl with blonde hair and green eyes. She appeared to be dressed in rags. Her name was Jillian.

Their were four other people there also dressed in rags.

There was a brunette haired girl with blue eyes. Her name was Sarah.

There was a little black haired girl who had her hair in ponytails. She had a little teddy bear, her name was Jenna and she was 4 years old.

Then there was a big man who was as buffed as the non metal version of Cyborg. He liked martial arts, his name was Max and he loved fruit.

The portly teen with the goggles on his face is Tech. He is every bit the genius Cyborg is, in fact he built a jammer out of a car engine and a hub cap so the Titans and anyone else couldn't track BB back to this place.

"I can't believe him! It was his turn to go and get the food and he's late!" said Jillian.

"What are you talking about his turn; it's always his turn because you said nobody could pull off this sort of stuff but him!" said Sarah.

Jillian was about to make a retort but was interrupted by Tech.

"Look! There he is!" said Tech pointing to a pterodactyl in the sky.

The pterodactyl landed and it soon changed back into Beast Boy.

"Well it's about time! And exactly what took you so long?" asked Jillian.

"I ran into some Titanic trouble." Said Beast Boy beginning to open the sack.

"Again? I swear those stupid teens have it in for you!" said Jillian.

"Yeah, but watcha gonna do? Okay who wants food?" said Beast Boy.

Everybody then lined up.

"Sarah, your frozen pizzas. Exactly how are you going to cook these things without a oven anyways?" asked Beast Boy handing her the pizzas.

"I made a solar cooker out of a pizza box. I just hope it works well enough. By the way you are a life saver!" said Sarah before running off.

Max and Tech then came up and BB tossed them their arm full of fruits.

"Enjoy, okay Jenna I got you your candy, just try not to spoil yourself too much." Said Beast Boy.

The four year old's face lit up as she took the candy and ran off with Naru close behind.

"Here's your bread Jillian…" said Beast Boy.

Jillian took the bread from Beast Boy and started eating.

"Hard to believe isn't it?" asked Beast Boy.

"Huh? What is?" asked Jillian.

"The fact that no homeless shelter or orphanage would take them in. I just can't believe that they're all full up." Said Beast Boy.

"Oh well, we have you to take care of us, and that's all we need." Said Jillian.

"Was that a compliment? Okay who are you and what have you done with the real Jillian?" joked Beast Boy.

Jillian punched his arm playfully.

"But wait a minute, what's this? There's something else here in the sack I picked up." Said Beast Boy.

"Really what is it?" asked Jillian.

He pulls it out hides it behind his back.

"Oh I don't know if you'll like it." Said Beast Boy.

"Beast Boy, I'm only going to tell you this once, let me see it!" demanded Jillian.

"Okay…" said Beast Boy slyly.

He pulled it out from behind his back to reveal that it was a rose.

"For you." Said Beast Boy.

Jillian's entire face quickly blushed atomic red.

She grabbed the rose and ran straight to her room…which was a car.

Beast Boy, still not being too bright, took it the wrong way and just let out a deep depressing sigh.

"I'm never going to understand women."