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Max pulled Tech into a two man huddle. "I think that might be that Starfire girl Beast Boy told us about."

"How can you be sure?" sung Tech.

"Well for one thing, she's floating three inches off the ground."

Tech looked over at the alien and she was indeed floating three feet off the ground.

"Hey, you know if I bet that if get her memory back Robin would probably give us a big reward. Then our green buddy won't feel like he has to help us so much."

Tech opened his mouth to say something but Max cut him off.

"I know what you're going to say…er sing…how can we bring back her memory right? Well Beast Boy not only told us all about the Titans and stories of past adventures that he himself was told, dang that's a mouthful, but he also said she makes scrap books for all her friends old and new."


Max held up a pink book.

"I happen to have it right here!"

Meanwhile Robin was frantically running around town looking for his lost alien.


He stuck his head into a mailbox. "STARFIRE!!!" He pulled himself out and quickly ran over to a manhole.

He threw the lid to the side and stuck his head in.


Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy however, were merely just watching.

"Is he always like this?" asked Beast Boy.

"Only when something bad happens to Starfire." stated Raven.

"Come on, let's all get in the T-Car and we can head back to the Tower to find her better." said Cyborg.

Raven and Cyborg started to walk back to the car but noticed their possible member wasn't following them.

"You coming?" asked Cyborg.

Carpet flew down next to Beast Boy and he got on.

"Yes, but not in the T-Car. Carpet can move faster."

Raven placed a hand on her forehead as Cyborg stomped over to BB.

"Oh I KNOW you're not wondering if my T-Car can be beat by that shag rug!!"

"Oh I'm not doing that." said Beast Boy.


"I KNOW he can beat your T-Car!"


"Oh boy, here we go." sighed Raven.

"Alright little man, that tears it! You and me are going to race back to the Tower, winner gets to say that they're faster than the other!"

"What about Robin?" asked Beast Boy.

Robin fell down the manhole screaming "STAAAARFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE!!!"

"He'll catch up." said Raven.

"Yeah and Raven will sing as we race!!" said Cyborg.

"Not in this chapter I won't!" said Raven.

"Huh?" said Beast Boy.

"Who?" asked Cyborg.

"What?!" said Raven.



"Stop it." said Raven.



"Stop it!" said Raven.



"STOP IT!!!" shouted Raven.

A street was covered in a black aura before it was launched into space.

"Okay Starfire, now it's time for the hardcore study on who you are. You ready?" asked Max.

"I believe so, friend Max."

Max took a deep breath before striking a dramatic pose.

"You were born in a palace in space."

Starfire's eyes became big and shiny out of excitement."A palace by the sea? Could it be?"

She looked up at the sky with a smile on her face. Tech appeared on her left and nodded."Yes, that's right. You rode you flew through the skies when you were only three."

Tech leaned forward with his arms spread out imating a plane."Flew through the skies? Me?"

Max and Tech shared a lowered eye look with each other as Starfire floated three feet off the ground.

"And the color…"

Max got on his knees and did a little bit of jazz hands."It was purple!"

Tech threw his hands towards the sky."You made faces and terrorized the crooks!"

Max put two fingers in his mouth and stretched his lips to make a face."Threw them in the brook!"

Tech jumped into Max's arms and gave a fake terrified look."Was I wild?"

She was starting to get a bit more excited."Wrote the book!"

Tech handed her a book entitled "How to go wild on evil by Starfire"."But you'd behave when your nanny gave that look!"

Max dressed himself up with a bald cap, a long fake orange beard, and gave Starfire a look."Imagine how it was!"

Tech pulled her over to him by the shoulder in a one arm hug."Your short-forgotten past!"

Max struck a dramatic pose."We've lots and lots to teach you and the time is going fast!"

Tech started to push her up a high garbage mountain unintentionally wearing out the soles in her boots."All right...I'm ready!"

She mentally braced herself."Now, shoulders back and stand up tall"

Max and Tech fussed with her posture getting her ready to fly. They proceeded to push her off into the air.

"And do not walk, but try to float."

Tech gave her signals from the ground using movie theatre flashlights on where to fly."I feel a little foolish. Am I floating?"

Starfire bit her lower lip out of nervousness."Like a little boat!"

Max gave her a thumbs up as Tech guided her down."You give a bow."

She gave a bow that was little too deep and accidentally rose in the air posterior first."What happens now?"

She came down and noticed Tech was nowhere in sight."Your hand receives a kiss!"

Tech walked over to her with a Robin hand puppet and made it give Starfire a little kiss on the hand."Most of all remember this:"

Tech and Max shouted into megaphones on both sides of Starfire's head making her hold her ears in pain."If I can learn to do it, you can learn to do it."Tech flew into the air with a jet pack made out of a car engine and various other junkyard part."Something in you knows it…"

Max cheered as Starfire shot after Tech."There's nothing to it!"

She almost instantly came back with Tech in one hand and his jetpack in another."Follow in my footsteps, shoe by shoe!"

Tech shot some glass bottles with a laser gun made out of a hair dryer, a old cd player, and a magnifying glass."You can learn to do it too!"

Starfire shot a small bottle with a star bolt knocking it over but not shattering it."Now, elbows in and sit up straight"

Starfire was now in front of what used to be a picnic table with an odd assortment of food."And never slurp the ketchup."

Max put a couple of ketchup and mustard bottles in front of her with straws in them."I never cared for ketchup! Mustard sounds much more appetizing."

She snuggled the mustard bottle before taking a big sip."She said that like a alien!"

Max nudged Tech with his elbow."The Samovar."

Max started to set some fancier foods on the table that Gene had wished up yesterday.

"The caviar."

To Max and Tech it made sense to them that the Titans would eat like this. From their point of view living like a Titan was like living at the Ritz."Dessert and then goodnight?"

Starfire wore the fancy foods like a hat as she smiled hopefully at them."Not until you get this right!"Max and Tech had yelled in her ears again.

"If I can learn to do it."

Tech got his dryer laser ready to fire again."If he can learn to do it"

Max set up the bottles again making sure both shooters had an even number."You can learn to do it!"

Tech fired three rounds and shattered his bottle targets every time."You can learn to do it"Starfire looked a little nervous but Max and Tech gave her an encouraging shove.

"Pull yourself together"Tech and Max cheered Starfire as her energy started to gather in her hand.

"And you'll pull through it!"She looked at her new friends and saw that were giving her a thumbs up.

"Tell yourself it's easy"With some of the tension taken off by knowing her friends believed in her, she took careful aim.

"And it's true!"

Starfire finally released her star bolt sending it hurdling towards her target.

"You can learn to do it too!"Not only had she hit the bottle and shattered it but the blast she had fired was so big it left a small crater.

"Next, you must memorize the names of the other Titans."

Max opened the scrap book and pointed to a picture of Redstar.

"Now here we have Redstar."

Starfire looked at the picture feeling a vague sense of dejavu."He lives oh so very far."

Tech pretended to shiver to try and jog Starfire's memory.

"Beats the monsters that go rawr."Max pointed to a picture of the radiation monster.

"Oh!"She gave a small jump because even if it was just a picture the monster still looked scary.

"And dear old uncle Brushogun loved his saki."

Tech pointed to picture of old drunk man trying to paint but just making a mess instead."Got it Kori?"

Max nudged her at the small joke."No!"

She had no idea what 'Sa-ki' was supposed to be."The twins Mas y Menos."

Tech pointed to a picture of the two looking love struck at the camera."They were...?"Max knew what Starfire was trying to say and decided to finish it for her.


It was hard to believe those midgets were teenagers.

"Titan Wintergreen…"

Tech pointed to a picture of a woman."Had a... ?"What could possibly be quizzical about her.

"Wart!"She hid it very well.

"Gothic Argent."Amazing how someone so pale could give such a good picture.

"Wore a feathered hat. Well okay it's just in her hair but…"Max mused for a second on where the goth got said feather.

"I heard she got herself a cat."Tech laughed at the thought.

"And I do recall the time that Silkie got very fat!"Max and Tech stared at each other astonished.

"I don't believe we told her that."

"If you can learn to do it,I can learn to do it!"

Starfire held up a mountain of cars above her head."Don't know how you knew it."Max and Tech applauded her.

"I simply knew it!"

Starfire beamed.

"Suddenly I feel like someone new…"Memories of her life slowly started to flood back to her.

"Starfire, you're a dream come true!"

Tech and Max hooked each other's arms and did a dosydo in celebration.

"If I can learn to do it,"Starfire, Tech, and Max heard a burglary alarm going off in a bank.

"If I can learn to do it"

Starfire kicked the door open with Tech and Max using the jetpack.

"You can learn to do it!"Max gave a flying tackle to one of the thieves while Tech threw a remote control flying steering wheel at another.

You can learn to do it.Starfire's eyes started to glow green.

"Pull yourself together"The remaining crook started to pale.

"And you'll pull through it!"

The crook got hit by a beam of Starfire's energy coming from her eyes.

"Tell yourself it's easy,"

Starfire flew towards the Police Station carrying her crook by his ankle."And it's true…"

Max and Tech flew behind her, with individual jetpacks, carrying the other crooks in a net."You can learn to do it,"

They landed in front of the station where some high tech guards were waiting for them."Nothing to it!"

The Police Chief tipped his hat off to Starfire who smiled in response."You can learn to do it too"

Tech, Starfire, and Max ran off into the sunset together singing happily.

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