Hiei's Jaded Dragon: "Hey um had some positive responses for this sequel and a few negative. Well I like Harry Potter---well not the way J.K. Rowling portrays it but in my own way---I just like her idea for a magical school. But I make the characters a bit different, because seriously we only know the story from Harry's POV and no one else's. Who really knows how they act and I think mixing them with the Yuyu crowd will be interesting."

Hiei: "Onna we all know nothing you do or write is interesting. You are just some pathetic nerd who wastes valuable time goofing off on the internet."

Me: "How dare you! We all know I'm a weird, slightly deranged, perverted, pathetic nerd. Don't you shorten my title, I worked too hard for it."

Hiei: "I will never understand you. Kami help me if I do."



(Author's notes)



The little voice inside your head


For the next few months all was well. There had been no missions or threats of up and coming doom. Instead was plenty of time for training and relaxing. Talia continued to work at the arcade for fun and the guys visited often. Everybody continued with their growing relationships. All was going well . . . except when one frustrated toddler showed up at the dojo bawling like a baby.

"Yusuke! You and the others get HERE NOW!" he screams.

"Chill out diaper ass, I'm trying to sleep."


Koenma's yelling alerted everyone, causing them to come running straight to him. All were genuinely confused, not to mention slightly worried.

"Koenma what is it? Trouble in spirit world I presume?" Kurama asks, while trying to piece together what could possibly be wrong now.

Calming down a bit Koenma replies, "Spirit world has had an excessive overflow of deceased people in Europe. These people were not supposed to die yet. It's screwing up fate and giving me mountains of paperwork! Now I have to work super late every day." he bawls, slamming his fists on the floor like the baby he is.

"So who's whacking off all these people?" Talia asks nonchalantly.

Getting up Koenma says, "There is a wizarding community in England that has a evil wizard bent on killing all the normal-born a.k.a. 'muggle born' witches and wizards. He believes only pure-blooded wizards-those who are from wizarding ancestry deserve to live. Ironically he's actually a half-blood or a mixture of both muggle and wizard backgrounds. He is called Lord Voldemort but his real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle. He is the leader of a group he calls the 'deatheaters' who are pureblooded wizards and witches who aid him in his cause."

"Ok then we'll go to England, find the bastard, and Kick His Ass!" Yusuke replies, throwing his arm up in the air, a sign of triumph.

"I'm afraid it's not that simple. Fate has determined that a young boy named Harry Potter must defeat Lord Voldemort. If one of you guys were to rid this world of him, fate would be off track and who knows what could happen." Koenma says with a grim expression on his face.

"What can we do to?" Kira asks curiously.

"I want you all of you to go to the school which Harry attends. It's a magical school. There you will protect all the students and staff from danger. While being there, they will know Absolutely Nothing about any of you being demons or being the spirit detectives. They will believe you to be Genkai's students from her private magic school in Japan."

"Wait how am I involved?"

"Genkai the headmaster of the school Albus Dumbledore is looking for someone to teach his Defense Against the Dark Arts class. I've already set up an appointment for you to meet him in a couple of months. You are more than qualified but since you have no magical records, Spirit World will have to fabricate some. I know it's a lot to ask but your all going to have to learn a lot of magic before you attend to keep up the facade that your average sixth-year witches and wizards."

"How the shit are we supposed to learn magic? Are there god damn books on it or something?"

"Actually, yes there are. Tomorrow I will have a portal set up to take you to London, where you will go to Diagon Alley. Once there you will be able to buy several beginning books on magic. I have had Spirit world keep records of the magical world for centuries. With all the information we obtained, my staff has composed a list," he says and pulls out a long sheet of paper which he hands to Genkai before continuing, "of all the books and equipment you'll need. As for actually doing magic, you'll discover that it will be much easier to learn if you concentrate your entire being on wanting the spell to work. Boton will be here in a minute with a few extra recruitments and some minor details. You have a few months to prepare, so good luck." And with that, he disappears with a pop.

The whole room was at a loss for words. Magic was real and they had to learn it in such a limited amount of time! It was confusing. Plus they had to go to some school. School did not agree with the Tenkai. And what about their families?

"Little shit, he screwed us. And who did he mean by all of us are going?" Yusuke mutters.

"I think he meant just that—everyone in the temple is going. But it is better like this. That way we'd all be together." Talia adds.

"This is rather confusing. I've heard of the magical world and I'd love to go for the chance to learn more of their power but this really takes the cake. Leaning almost six years worth of spells and god knows what else in a few months is going to take all we've got and then some. Not to mention we have to be super careful about not blowing our cover." Kurama replied thoughtfully.

"That we've got handled. Leave all the lying to me. It is my specialty after all. I can work out all the details after Boton tells us the rest of the story and I learn a bit about the magical world." Talia says with a mischievous grin plastered on her face.

They all sit down and attempt to digest this while they wait for one blue-haired ferry girl. Ten minutes later she appears with Touya and Jin. (I love those two---why I really don't know but you've got to love Touya's hair and Jin's accent.)

"Heya 'Uri-messhi. Long time no see 'eh? 'Been workin' hard trainin' n' such?"

"Oh hey Jin, Touya. Guess you're the extra help?" Yusuke asks smiling.

"Yeh that'd be us. Who's the lovely gurls' there?" Jin says motioning to Talia and Kira.

"My name is Kira and that's my sister Talia. Who might you two be?"

"Me name's Jin and this 'ere's Touya."

"A pleasure to meet you." says Touya with a bow.

"Now that the introductions are over with, I'll begin filling you guys in on all that we have so far." Boton says cheerfully.

"I had trouble with Jin's accent but other than that, smooth sailing. A bit of a warning, there's going to be a lot of trouble with the Tenkai and certain students at Hogwarts as well as some teachers. I don't believe Yusuke would support any teacher---except maybe Genkai and he calls her an old hag! Anyway since this is short, I plan to update in about three days, if I get some lovely reviews."