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The little voice inside your head



Talia and Hiei weren't the only ones enjoying their alone time. The Renkai Tenkai had to work all summer to be ready for this mission. A little down time was in order.

With Keiko and Urameshi:

Keiko had begun to unpack her belongings. She hummed to herself while doing so, thinking of the best way to rearrange the furniture to suit her liking. There were two full size beds in the room… -Should I get rid of one of them? Would that look too presumptuous of me? Yusuke would be all over me…what if I get mad at him. Where will I sleep? You're thinking too much. Get rid of one and turn the other into a king sized mattress. You're dating already. Quit worrying over little details.-

After a brief sigh, in which she calmed herself, Keiko transformed the room, even changing the walls to light blue hue. Yusuke whistled. "Impressive. And one giant bed. Kick ass! We'll be breaking that in tonight."

Keiko blushed. "That's not why I did it. We need the space to study and to discuss plans before the year starts."

"Really now?" Yusuke drawls as he walks up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. "Ya sure, ya didn't have any other activities in mind?"

He slowly leads her to the bed, and pins her down. "Yu--Yusuke" she stammers out. –Ugh, why must you always fight him? He won't think you're a slut if you don't. Just relax. …He shouldn't assume that I want to go that far. …prude.-

"What? Ya shouldn't blush; it turns me on even more." Yusuke drawls out, kissing her neck.

She moans and the spirit detective knows he has her where he wants her. He slips a hand under her shirt and cups a breast. "You're wearing too many clothes Keiko. Gonna need to fix that."

She moans and is distressed at how her body just betrayed her. Yusuke deftly unbuttons her shirt and removes her bra. "That's much better." He whistles appreciatively as he moves to pop one on his mouth. Enjoying the reaction he is getting, he snakes his hand up her skirt and squeezes her butt.

"Yusuke!" She glares up at him. "I told you, second base only! Why don't you ever listen to me?"

"I know that! I was just getting a better grip on you. Damn it Keiko, why don't you trust me?!" he yells getting off her. –Fucking bitch! Acting like I don't listen. We've been at second base for three months now!-

He gets up and starts putting on his shoes. By this time Keiko was feeling pretty bad. –I shouldn't have snapped at him. It's not that I don't trust him; I'm just not ready to go that far yet. - "Where are you going Yusuke?"

"Out" was all he said before slamming the door.

Her eyes well up with tears as she mutters "Yusuke."

Yusuke trudges down the hallway and wanders aimlessly among the castle for hours. So lost was he in thought that he did not notice the talking paintings or one Professor Snape, whom he promptly walked past.

"And where are you going at this time of night Mr. Urameshi?"

He looks up and notices the professor. "Hey, you're the guy from the smells like ass shop."

Taken aback by Yusuke's candor, he merely replies "Yes. And it's Professor Snape to you. But you have yet to answer my question."

"Damn bitch girlfriend doesn't trust me. Acting like I'm some type of rapist and that I don't listen and all that bullshit. I sick of people thinking the worst about me."

And strangely that was something Professor Snape could relate to. In school everyone dogged him and as an adult, most had not trouble displaying their contempt and distrust of him.

"Women are fickle. Calm down and then return. Don't make any moves to fix anything. Let her do it on her terms as she's the one with the trust issue."

"I'll try but I'm sick of this BS. Don't know if it's worth the effort"

"You care for her. If you didn't, you would not be upset to discover she does not fully trust you."

The spirit detective thought about and reasoned that the man was right. "Cool. Well thanks man. Night." He replied, returning to his room.

Snape just stood there, confused as to why he helped that boy. Brushing it off as something due to his incredible lack of sleep, he returned to his quarters.

Yusuke had made it back to his room and had slipped in quietly. After removing his shoes, he climbed into bed. Keiko stirred, noticing the bed shift. "Yusuke?" she whispered.

"Shush. Just go to bed Keiko. I'm too tired to argue."

"I do trust you. I just got nervous."

"I know. I overreacted. Now go to sleep. I'm tired." She sighs and is sadden by his terse responses. However, he leans over and wraps his arm around her wait to assure her that he's not mad. Felling slightly better, the two drift off to sleep.

With Kira and Kurama:

Kira used her magic to unpack all the clothes and Kurama begun setting up his plants and other personal effects. When they finally finished, Kira collapsed on the bed with a sigh.

"Wow it has been a long day. I can't believe in about two weeks, we officially being our mission."

"With all the work we've been doing, it will be nice to enjoy this two week break."

Kira sighs, and adds "No rest for the wicked. Knowing my sister, she already has ideas for what we need to be doing. And because we're resourceful and smarter than some of the others, we'll be put in charge of more."

"She is good at figuring sneaky ways out of tough situations in her own strange way."

"Yeah but sometimes she's a little too bossy. It's hard to make any decisions with an older sibling around all the time. That's why I was in Makai before I met you. I love my sister but I need a break. So I'm kind of worried about being here a whole year with her."

"I had no idea you felt that way. She can be a little much sometimes. But with Hiei here, she'll have less time to be a nuisance to you."

"You saw how she basically took over this mission right? And then everyone just did what she said. She's always been like that; always in control. And even though she's busy with Hiei, it seems like her hold on things has become even stronger. She could have a million things to do and still find time to boss me around. I mean, she's usually right but I want to have more of a saw in what goes on."

"You've thought about this a lot. Have you ever talked to her about this?"

"Not exactly. I just don't know where to begin."

He kisses the top of her head. "Just be honest."


"You're thinking too much. Let me help you take your mind off of thing." Kurama replies as he nips at her neck. She shudders in anticipation.

"Well, I can't talk to her now anyway…" she reasons, "so I might just take you up on that offer." She finishes with a giggle. –I'm glad I have him to help me relax. But still… –

She moans when he begins to massage her breast but he notices that her eyes are downcast and she's lost in thought. He sighs, "Let's just go to sleep. It's been as tough day."

Her eyes inform him that she appreciates his understanding nature. And with that, they lay down.

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