Ice Cold

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The Psychoticness of Prison

Hiei trudged through the snow of Eastern Makai. The snow crunched below his feet as he walked.

Why the hell did Koenma make him do this?

Oh, yeah, probation.

The wind whipped around him nicking his face lightly. The torrents of the snow were circling around his feet giving him frostbite.

Suddenly the crunching sound of feet being placed snow was all around him his head shot up to see several wolves surrounding him each bearing their fangs. They were Al Suuke Wolves. This brand of wolf demon was particularly vile. They were driven by bloodlust only to achieve their goals, and so had not for centuries upon centuries moved from it's base instincts, thus forcing them to stick in their animal forms. Their lean, deadly bodies were stealthy, able to blend in perfectly with the shadows of night and their blood, was acid.

Hiei's one thought.


There was a man in a black cloak covering every part of his body except his hand he hovered over the ground slightly and a pendant with a red jewel was swinging slowly in his clawed fingers. He grinned maliciously under the coat as the wolves attacked Hiei.

He was caught off guard as the wolves jumped him biting every part of flesh they could harbor into their fanged mouths. He struggled and kicked off three that buried their fangs into his legs sending them into a tree whining, swinging his sword as if trying to slash the wolves as two sank their fangs into his shoulder and arm.

The man in the cloak seemed to control the wolves as he swung the pendant as slow as he did before.

Blood stained the white snow as Hiei and the wolves fought. He managed to slice two in half and cut one's leg. The acid from the wolves' blood seemed to melt the snow and the grass under it.

Suddenly there was a screeching sound. Hiei covered his demon ears from the ear-piercing screech. It was like nails on a chalkboard, a dieing cat, a whining dog and a boy named Arthur. (That's a boy in my class with an annoying voice HAHA!)

The sound was pulsating through the necklace as the figure moved closer to Hiei and the wolves backed off. The figure kneeled down and grinned maliciously.


… Every thing went black

Hiei woke up with a splitting headache and pains in his limbs. He held his head as he sat up slightly. He looked up and over him was a girl crossing her legs and looking straight at him.

She had black hair with some highlights of brown that went down her back her dark bangs fell over her jade green eyes that seemed to shine with happiness, she looked young and had a light tan on her skin. She oddly smelt like ash, dried blood, sweat and mixed with the scent of demons not of her own origin.

"Hey! Sleepy Head!" She said grinning ear to ear.

Hiei sat up holding his head. He looked around the cell that he had been placed. It was damp you could hear the dripping of water some where far off a small amount of sun light entered the room. The room was not at all decorated just two mattresses lay down in the corner one table with a chair and a single torch lit the room that hung on the left wall the cell was oddly dry, bars were at the front of the cell and the back was just a cement wall. Two guards simultaneously stood at the front of the cell decorating it all like a fairly luxurious prison cell.

"Where am I?" He growled at the guards who in turn didn't answer. He stood up and punched a wall leaving at dent mark with cracks in the cement he noticed his arms and legs were bandaged and his wrists had silver shackles on it but said nothing about it.

This was soon followed by a whistle.

"Man, your strong." The girl commented. He glanced over to her watching her stand up and dust off her tattered clothing. She wore a white spaghetti strap top that had dirt marks and singes at the hem. A silver Egyptian style armband clasped around her right arm, while the same silver shackles around her wrists, a bandage over her left cheek and two small silver rings in both ears. Her charcoal shorts were weather worn, torn and ripped odd places, a hip holster strapped around her thigh for her gun that was empty and around her neck was a string with three demon fangs.

"Where am I?" Hiei growled at the girl.

"Your in the Colosseum!" She smiled.

Hiei made a grunt sound and scuffed his shoes on the floor kicking one of the bars which made one of the guards look over.

"The what?" He asked glaring.

"You don't know!" She made a bewildered look and gapped at him then continued. "The Colosseum is an evil place ruled by an emperor named Raider, he captures strong demons to fight in the Colosseum for his own amusement of seeing someone die. The only way you can get out is to get high up in the ranks and earn enough money to get out. But no one has ever done it, any one that has gotten too high or gained enough money had some how died or killed in their last battle. The only way to get out is survive or die." She ended with a smile.


He smirked. He could easily get out of this place; it was just like another dark tournament but more death.

"So… how was your day?" She asked making her voice sound childish.


"Oh so your not gonna talk to me now is that how it is!" She shouted pretending to feel hurt. Hiei looked at her with a face that said 'you're crazy.' "Well were over buster! Feel hurt and betrayed cause I'm with another man!" She ended with a childish smirk and a giggle. (HAHA!)

Hiei looked at her then turned to the guards.

"Is this an asylum?"

The guards stifled laughter while the girl stood there.

"Of course and your gonna be living with the girl who's gonna try and dissect you while your sleeping. I've always wanted to know who people look on the inside." She replied with an innocent look.

"Get me out of here…"

"Aww come on spikey yer gonna love the life here!" She said putting her arm around him.

He pulled her arm off. "Never touch me again onna." He said with a growl.

"Jeez… grumpy… Someone forgot to take their nap." She chided.

Hiei's hand went to grab the hilt of his katana…But it wasn't there (dun dun dun dun!)

He immediately growled and glared at the girl who still had an innocent look on her face. (Looks can be deceiving she's really a cold blooded killer bent on world domination… oh wait that's me… never mind.)

"Where's my katana?" He growled.

"How the hell am I supposed to know?" She said with a 'I have no idea what you're talking about' look.

He growled at her in response.

"Quit it are you a dog or something!" She spat.

He tackled her sending her to the ground with a thump. He pinned her down to the floor with his arms locked around hers and his feet kept hers down as she struggled to get free. His face was dangerously close to hers so close their noses were almost touching. You could hear the low growl emitting from his throat and his blood red gaze on her innocent jade green eyes.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" She screamed making her voice echo through the prison cells "IF YA WANNA MATE WITH ME ALEAST KNOW MY NAME!"

Hiei glared at her.


Hiei quickly came off of her and ventured to the corner of the cell seeming to be very interested in his fingernails.

"Damn aggravating little devil hell demon of a woman." He muttered under his breath.

"Aww thanks spikey that really made my day!" She smiled.


"Never call me that." He glared at her.

She smiled in response. "Okey dokey smokey!"


"Can you be quiet?" He glared.

"Um… Okay."

"Sooooo… how was your day?"

He growled.

"Fine, fine no need to answer."

He was captured in a prison cell with a psycho manic who was seemingly going to dissect him and he didn't have his katana to hack her into to little tiny pieces. What a day… He glanced over at the girl who was playing with her shoes and taking the dirt out the grooves with a stick. She was by far the weirdest person He has ever met. But then… she was… highly… oh goddamnit she's a freaking weirdo from hell!

She looked up at him innocently and she caught him looking at her. She flashed a toothy grin that showed her small canine fangs and went back to playing with her shoes.

Goddamnit she looked innocent… He glared. Too innocent…

"You're staring to hard buddy."


"Aww come on spikey talk to me." She made a sad face.


"Is that all you can say?"


"Well I can do that to!"



He growled.

She growled.

He glared.

She glared.

"We can do this all day."

He glared harder 'Maybe if I stare at her long enough she'll blow up into little tiny pieces…'




Glare harder!

Damn it's not working.

He walked around.

And She copied.

He lifted a hand.

She did the same.

He held up the middle finger.

She did the same, swirled it around and stuck out her tongue.






"Don't worry they're all prosthetic!"


"No, I was just kidding!" She gave another grin.

"UGH! JUST LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!" His voice echoed through the prison cells.

She quivered her upper lip and tears seemed to swell up in her eyes.

"I…w-was… j-just…trying t-to… be…f-friends…" She slumped to the floor and held her head in her hands.

He looked at her… A lump swell up in his throat… He felt bad…evil… and sorry… What is this feeling! Or maybe it's just really bad indigestion. Nah, it can't be it goes way past the stomach. Yeah, there's this whole tingly feeling. Oh well, moment of feeling bad is up.

He turned his back and walked to the corner.

"Oh my gosh! How can you be so cold?" Her head popped from the position with no tears what so ever on her face. He looked at her quirking one eyebrow.

"Oh, that's easy watch me." He turned his back to her again.

"Do you like wake up early in the morning and plan these things?"

Hiei huffed. Please like he needed to do that he was pure evil inside and out.

"You're so cold I bet you caused the Ice Age!"

"Hn. I wish I did."

"So you didn't cause the Ice Age?"


"Hmm… thought you did."

"Damare onna."

She had a smug look on her face and smirked. She first mouthed the word shaping it slowly with her mouth and sat back smirking and raising an eyebrow at him as if waiting for him to attack her.

He stood up properly and charged after her. She stood there she just had to wait till he came close enough.


She took a stance.


He came closer.


She smirked and still had a smug look.

She held his shoulders so he couldn't use his hands and pressed down firmly on him mouth with hers. He gasped, his eyes widened and he felt her smile against his lips.

She pushed him off making him land on the floor on his butt. He looked at her a bit shocked and she stared the same.

She started to smile and then her cheeks started to puff as if she was holding in something. Then she burst into laughter.


Hiei glared.

"You should see the look on your face!" She laughed.

He stood up. She blinked.


He immediately pinned her to the wall. He was dangerously close to her and growled almost possessively. He had her locked down she couldn't move.

"Let- me- go!" She squirmed.

"Insolent wench." He growled.

"You're one to talk!" She shouted in his face.

He glared at her bearing his fangs almost itching to kill her. His blood red gaze darkened showing the demon with in him.

Man, if looks could kill she'd be dying way past oblivion.

"Nan-dayo omae-wa!"(Who the fuck do you think you are?) He shouted at her.

"Kono aitsu!"(You creep!) She shouted at him.

"Baka inu onna." He bared his fangs.

"Baka kaji youkai." She grinned and showed her small canine fangs.

"Don't. Touch. Me. Again." He said in a murderous tone.

"Kutabare shinjimae."(Fuck you and go to hell.) She hissed.

He gripped on to her shoulders almost breaking her bones. She sucked her teeth to endure the pain and glared at him.

"Kono ama." He growled and threw her down into the concrete floor.

"Baka ka." She hissed under her breath holding her shoulder and rotating it to ease the pain.

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Me: Maybe.

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Hiei: Fuck…

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