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Kajihenge -Fire Demon

Karyuudo - Hunter

Oh No, It's A Gay!

They stayed on separate sides of the room keeping to them selves. The girl (I have not mentioned her name yet, my gosh I should do that shouldn't I. Oh well you'll find out later on.) was tracing the grooves in the concrete to pass the time. Hiei was tapping his fingers on the floor making it echo slightly.

They haven't looked at each other for at least 4 hours straight. (And still going! Go Girl Go!) Their little scene was epic even for Hiei. He had been here for like what 1 hour maybe 1 and a half and he almost killed her. Damn you onna, damn you. She was so freaking annoying, he just wanted to skin the bitch alive and watch the blood drain from her veins before cutting open her pathetic muscles and snapping every bone in her body. (I think that's kinda harsh…)

Suddenly their attention turned to the bars. The sounds of footsteps were coming closer and echoing though the halls of the cells. Keys were jingling as the person walked along with the clanks from his boots. The girl rose up and waited anxiously for the person to come. She gripped the bars as if she was going to tear them off and pressed her head on the cool iron metal. (Not like that people ok just if you thinking that… you'll understand later.)

The person came up to the prison cell. He had spikeyish messy dark purple hair and bangs that almost cover his dark eyes. He had what it seemed a big trench coat with a white shirt under it and dark jeans with black boots. A smugish look appeared on his face as he looked at the girl. Hiei had an emotionless face and then looked over at the girl not making eye contact. Her eyes trailed to the guy's hip where a ring of various keys were.

"So… my little thief was waiting for me?" The man smoothly spoke.

"Pfft… In your dreams…" Her eyes still on the keys.

Hiei watched intently of what was going on. Was he going to be let out? Be free? Be able to get out of here with out being infected with the crazy? (Ok that was stupid.) Get his katana back and chop that girl into little tiny pieces?

"Aww… Little thief… waiting to get out?" He taunted.

"Just open the damn door!" She demanded. She shook up the bars making it rattle a little.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk my little pet… don't you know…" He grinned sort of evilly.

"Oh, shut your god damned mouth and open the door!"

He fingered the keys slightly making them jingle at hand waving them infront of her face taunting her. She reached out to it and tried to grab it but he pulled back at each turn.

"Give- Me- The- Damn- Keys!"

"Fight in The Colosseum again." He said.

"Again!" She shouted still trying to get the keys.

"You'll get out eventually if you do."

She paused for a moment placing a finger on her chin as if she was thinking and glanced over at Hiei he had been quiet for the longest while.

"Ok! If…" She paused and looked over at our most favourite kajihenge "Mister Spikey gets to fight!" she pointed.

Hiei looked up and glared at her.

Go to oblivion! Go to oblivion! Annoy Hades! Annoy King Emma! Go to hell!

"No." He said gritting his teeth.

"Aww… chicken and peas spikey…" She pouted while holding her hands in a begging form.

"Never." He glared





"Chicken and peas…"



He raised an eyebrow.

"He'll do it Zaider!"

"Good… Make sure you win Rie."(That's her name!)

"We will." She grinned.

He opened the cells the unlatching noise was heard and the screeching of the door being open.

Rie squealed with excitement. Yes finally out there on the road. She grabbed Hiei's hand and drew him up. She raced outside only to be stopped by two scythes infront of her.

"Aww man, can't you people make me run around like a mad idiot for once?" She whined.

The guards stayed silent and put down their scythes. Zaider came infront of them smirking.

"Don't disappoint me thief."

"I won't dumb ass." She smiled

Zaider walked off. Rie glared at his back mocking him in a deformed way. Hiei pulled his hand out of hers making her look towards him.

"What's the matta?" she asked innocently.

"You." He growled.

"Aren't you ready to fight?"


"Oh, it's gonna be fun." She smiled.

Too innocent… Glare…

The guards walked beside them leading them to the weapons chamber.

On Passing Hiei met an interesting friend. It was Oniki. He was a gay and guess who he had an affection for! Our very own Hiei-sama aka Mister Spikey!

"Yoo Hoo! Cutie!" He called.

Rie and Hiei's head turned to the cell. The man who was calling had on what seemed a purple kimono dropped of his shoulders and he had on make up and painted nails. He had black hair and dark eyes. His hair was caught up in a bun and had loose like strands. If you didn't take a double look you'd think it was a girl. (Think of dude in Inuyasha.)


"Oh, wow you look so sexy." He purred.


"Come let me see your beautiful face, handsome."


"Aww you're shy I love that in a man."


"I'll show you a good time better than that girl."


"Hey!" Rie suddenly piped in. "Are you calling me ugly!"

"You could do well with a bath hon."

She sniffed her arm "Nuh uh!"

"So… are you single?" He purred at Hiei again.


Oniki reached out his hand to feel the fabric of Hiei's shirt. He twirled it in his hand feeling the fabric. Hiei growled and him.

"Oh, feisty."

Hiei took hold of his hand preparing to break it.

"Oh, beat me I've been naughty." He purred again.


He twisted his arm trying to break it. Apparently the guards decided to stop to talk to other guards.

"Oh, such a strong man…"


"What's you're name sweetie?" He asked making every word drip in lust.

"Hn. That's none of you're business okama." He growled. Hiei let go of his hand and threw it against the bars.

"Oh! I bet you'll do well in bed hon." He licked his bruised arm making Rie want to throw up.

"Damare." Hiei hissed.

"Oh, you making me feel nice all over." He purred and started to rub himself. (SOOO wrong Sooooo wrong! I can't believe I just wrote that!)


This place was definitely worse than hell… The horror… The gays… The psychos… The rapists…(Me: Cough Zaider Cough, Rie: Cough Hiei Cough)

"Visit me again stranger." He purred.


"And leave that girl and have some real fun with me."


"Later, handsome." He purred after him.

The guards had stopped talking and went back to lead them to the weapons chamber.

"Aww I think he likes you…" Rie smiled.


"Oh and what's your name Mister Spikey?" She asked.


"That's none of you're business." He said coldly.

"Sooooo you want me to call you Mister Spikey?"

Damn. She had got him fair and square.


"Oh, Hiei" She smiled at him.

"Names Rie."

"I know."

"Soo… are you okama?" She asked out of the blue.

Hiei growled.

"Hee, hee just joking."

The guards pushed open the double doors showing every weapon imaginable to medieval times. (Yes, medieval they are in a Colosseum so yeah.)

They pushed them inside locking the doors.

"They are fools aren't they." Hiei grinned.

"Nope, they have trackers by these shackles and these shackles lessen our demon power enough for us not to escape." She said taking down a sword.

Hiei blinked, once, twice. Man he needed to blink some more, was this the same girl who acting like a jackass? Must be cause his vision is not blurring… Blink. Blink. Blink.

"Are you ok?" she asked raising an eyebrow at him from blinking so many times. I mean, who blinks that many times.


She gasped. "So you're not gonna talk to me now is it! Well who'd want you you're just a pathetic piece of-"

Hiei growled.

"Jeez… sorry… I got bored."

Nope she was still the same jackass. Hiei watched her trip over her own feet.

Yup, same jackass.

She threw a sword at Hiei that he caught instinctively. He looked at the sword and realized that it was his.

"Where did you find this?" He demanded.

"Right here." She pointed while putting on a sword to her lightweight armor.

Apparently they took their weapons to use in Colosseum and not able to use them outside of the arena.

"Damned bakas." He growled.

"You should find help." She said taking up some armor. "Talking to your self isn't healthy."

He growled.

"And so is growling like a dog."

He glared.

"But you can do that." She said and threw him some armor. "Here. You'll need it so put it on and don't be a spoiled brat." (UH OH! She called Hiei a spoiled brat! LOL! This is betta than infomercials!)

He glared at her again attempting to blow her up into pieces again.



Glare harder.

Glare really hard.

Glared like you've never glared before.

Oh wait, I have a sword. ;;

Hiei swung his sword but she intercepted by holding her arm up and blocking it with her armor.

"Save it for that battle field, spikey."

He gritted his teeth.

"Damned inu onna."

"Damned kajihenge."

Hiei put on the armor and put his sword on his waist. They went back out the doors so the guards would lead them to the Colosseum.

On the way there! Our most favourite Jaganshi met his little friend Oniki again. And the guards just decided to stop again to have guard and guard chit-chat! (Why you ask? Cause it's my story and I want Hiei to feel pain! MWHAHAHAHA!)

"Ooohhh! My strong handsome man has come back!" Oniki called after Hiei.


"So baby, have you decided…" He purred.


"Ooohhh! The strong silent type, I'm loving him even more…"


"Oh, you MUST be good in bed."

Twi- Wait… He had a sword. Hiei had never been this slow… I'm becoming Kuwabara! Holy CRAP! Think Jaganshi! Don't become a baka and catch the crazy!

Breathe in and out slowly! Damn it Jaganshi you're not breathing! Ok! Repeat after… myself… er… I will stay a Jaganshi. I will stay a Jaganshi. I will stay- ' Talking to your self isn't healthy.' What she said suddenly popped into his head. She was leaning on the wall humming so sadistic tune while Oniki was fondling him.

Holy! Ack! Get away from okama. He came closer to the other side of the wall where Rie was. He grabbed the hilt of his sword tapping his fingers on it slightly.

"So… How's your boyfriend?" She asked.

He glared.

"Sorry! Just asking!" She put up her hands in defense.

The guards stopped talking and went back to leading them to the Colosseum entrance.

They finally reached two giant doors that were about six Hiei's in height. The guards pulled on this chain pulley to open the doors.

Hiei squinted and put his hand up as the bright light shone through. The sound of crowds roaring and chanting was heard as they were pushed on to the desert arena.

Rie waved her hand and people cheered. Apparently people loved her and her fighting in the arena.

The steel gates around them were opening up showing demons of all different kinds. They both took a stance and pulled their swords out of their sheaths and held their ground

"Ready spikey?" She said smiling and raising an eyebrow

Hiei glared.

"Joking," She chuckled. "Oh great Hiei, are you ready?"


She smiled again. "Thought so."

She jumped up and landed on the backs of two demons cutting of their heads and flipping off to turn around and cut another in half. She came down in a crouch like stance in an eagle like form she smirked having blood rain over the field.

Hiei charged after one stabbing it through and charging till three more came on to the sword like a kabob then he sliced them down. He whipped around and cut of another's head that was coming after him. He disappeared and reappeared beside Rie who was kneeling down and waiting.

"Cool trick." She said digging the dirt from under her nail. "Teach me it sometime." She smirked and stood up brushing off her clothes. The demons were still on the field apparently too afraid to attack.

"Hn." He looked in another direction.

"Aww. Mad at me again?" She made an innocent look.

Hiei scoffed and kicked up some dirt on to her shoes.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk." She waved a finger. "You're boyfriend wouldn't like it if I told him you liked girls."

Hiei glared at her and she smiled in return before turning around to go and kill another demon. She looked like a manic on the loose. Seriously. She looked more of a manic than Yusuke. Scary… But then she attacked like a thief maybe that's how she got that name. Yeah she was short a little shorter than him. That made him feel good now. Finally someone shorter than him…;;

She sliced them down one by one, flipping and skidding around. She really looked like Yusuke maybe it was his long lost sister or something.

"Hn." Hiei felt lazy. He didn't feel like killing anything just yet. Just a few demons like 5 or 6 but not as many as her.

She just ran around the arena killing everything in sight. And, well, He just sat at the edge watching her. Pretty soon she had killed all of them blood drenched the floor and she stood there with he sword slung over her shoulder smirking and showing her canine teeth at him. Her clothes were a little blood stained but covered up from the armor and her hair a little messier than before. The people cheered harder roaring and shouting at her elated and excited, they threw random things.

Copper like coins had been thrown into the arena hitting Hiei.

"Are they attempting to pummel us with these things?" He asked her.

She smiled at him. "No stupid, it's money."

Hiei raised an eyebrow.


What the hell is money? He rather not ask to make a fool of himself. (Damn jackass…)

She randomly started to take up all the money on the arena running around like a mad baka shoving the coins into a bag that only kami knows where she got it.

After taking up all the coins in the arena she slung the bag over her shoulder and looked up to where the emperor sat something flashed in her eyes she looked over at Hiei who had jumped of his seat to get out of the arena.

They walked back to the exit silently. The guards walked with them to their cell. On the way there… Hiei met his little friend again (YES! Again!)

"Oh, you won a battle for me I'm flattered." He batted his eyelashes.


"My man's strong."

Hiei grabbed the hilt of his katana and hit it against the bars. It vibrated but it didn't break echoing through the cells. Oniki was frightened and Rie was smirking she stuck out her tongue at him.

"Don't ever touch me or speak to me again pathetic excuse for a demon." Hiei hissed dangerously.

Oniki backed into the cell and Rie laughed at him pointing her hand and showed her victory.

They put back the armor and weapons back silently walking to their cell.

"Sooooo… How was you're day?" She suddenly piped up.


"That bad huh?"


"I would die if that ever happened to me."


"Really. I didn't know."





Hiei glared.

She glared.

Hiei clenched his fist.

She clenched her fist.




"Ok, I'll stop." She chuckled. "It's so easy to annoy you karyuudo."

They were pushed violently into their cell. Hiei growled as usual.

"Chill out and get used to it." She said plopping down on the mattress her breaths came in little puffs blowing up hair.

Hiei stared at her then at his own mattress. Was he supposed to sleep on that? He decided to stay in a little corner. Before he knew it she had fallen asleep her breaths were shallow and uneven. He could detect what type of demon she was now. A wolf.

Said wolf scratched the mattress and shifted in her sleep. Wolves usually were close to their pack and never were as clumsy as her and usually always on guard. They rarely ever got captured because of the packs that they live in. She was different from a wolf in every way. Which made him wonder what type of demon is she…

She didn't have any ears or tail and her body didn't seem to be different from a regular ningen. He couldn't really detect if she was a human or demon with these shackles on him that lessened his power. Oh well he didn't really care and the girl didn't seem like much of a threat to him any way.

He'll just sleep he didn't really care but maybe this was all a dream. Why the hell would he have a dream like this? Maybe this is a dream… hopefully.

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