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"So how did you get hurt this time? You were doing something reckless again weren't you!" Winry said as she began to work on Eds arm.

"No you know me I am just so clumsy!" Ed blurted out real quick so she wouldn't keep asking questions.

"You are right Ed you are just so clumsy but you really messed it up this time. I think we might have two replace the whole thing this time." She said examining the piece of machinery.

Ed sighed and glared at her because he was a bit offended because she had agreed with him that he was clumsy. "How long do you think it will take?" he replied.

"Well it would normally take me two days but if you want I can have it ready by tomorrow." She repiled looking confident.

"Why are you being so nice to me Winry? Normally you would get to it when you could." Ed replied looking confused.

'He either forgot or is playing dumb. My 16th b-day is coming up and an extra special present would be nice. They could affored it.' Winry thought as she smiled.

'Did I miss something?' Ed thought.

"Oh I remember now!" Al blurted out breaking the silence. "Brother did you forget? Winrys birthday is in four days." he added

"Oh now I see. So Winry what do you want for your birthday?" he asked.

She smiled big at him and then left the room for a second. She returned and in her right hand she was holding apeice of paper. It was a list. A very long list.

"This is a small list of all the things you could get me." She smiled and handed Ed the paper.

Ed looked over the paper and grinned. It was just like Winry all right. The list consisted of all mechanical stuff from wrenches to new advanced automail parts. Except for the last one on the list. It said ' You and Al to be here to celebrate my birthday'. It had two stars next to it meaning that it was the most important.

'If this is so important to her then why is it at the bottom of the list?' Ed thought to himself. Then it dawned on him that it was probably at the bottom because it was the one gift she least expected to get.

"We will get you whatever we can and be assured that the last one on the list you can defidently expect to get." He smiled at her and showed Al what it said so he would know what he was talking about.

"YAY!" Winry yelled. You guys are the best you know that. She gave them both a hug. "I'll get started on your arm right away." She added before leaving the room to go get started.

"Brother are you sure we can give her that gift?" Al asked questionably.

"Yeah no problem. I'll just tell Mustang that I need a couple of days off because of my automail. He'll understand. Besides he is really busy right now he wont need me." Ed responded giving him a wink.

Grams came in the room and told them how late it was. "You two should get some rest i'll see you in the morning." She said and turned of the light and left the room.

"Good night brother." Al said looking up from his bed which was as usual to small for him.

"Good night Al." Ed mumbled as he rolled over and went to sleep soundly.

Two days later...Ed is fully recovered from his automail replacement...

"Yeah i'll need a couple extra days. You understand right?" Ed said talking into the phone.

"Yes but as soon as you get back I have a new assingment for you." Mustang replied on the other line.

"Sure whatever. See ya in a couple days. Bye." Ed said and hung up the phone.

"Well we better get to the train station." Ed said to Al. "See ya later Winry we will be back soon." Ed said to Winry and gave her a wave. They had to go to a neaby town to get Winry a present. It wasn't to far but it would take a long time on foot.

The train ride went by faster than usual. Ed and Al began to search for a present for Winry. They ended up getting a couple things on the list.

"I think this is enough. How about you?" Ed asked Al.

"Yeah I think she'll like what we got her. We better hurry our train leaves in 5 minuets." Al said as he began to run. They were a ways away from the station. Luckly they jumped in as soon as the doors closed.

"I am going to go meet them at the train station. Ok grams?" Winry said and grabbed her coat.

"Ok that is fine with me see you in a little bit." She replied and gave Winry a smile and waved her off.

Winry made it a ways down the road and then she came across a man. He had his car pulled over and the hood was up. Winry would never pass up a chance to work on machinery. She was a very skilled mechanic so she was confident that she could fix whatever was wrong with the vehicle.

"Need any help?" Winry asked the man who was hunched over the front of the car and looked as though he was working on something.

"Huh?" he said looking up at her.

"Can I help? I am am a good mechanic.

"Umm yes I can't seem to find out what is wrong with it."

"Oh well let me have a look at it." She said as she came forward at the car.

He stepped aside while Winry began to look over the engine.

"So Miss what is your name? My name is Joel havinhorn.

"Winry." She said not even looking up from her work.

"Oh nice to meet you Miss Winry."

'Thats wierd.' Winry thought. 'I can't find anything that is wrong.'

She leaned up so she could tell him that she couldn't find anything that was wrong with it. But before she could even stand up straight she got real dizzy real fast and fell in to a deep sleep. The man had put a cloth over her mouth that had clorophorm on it. He shoved her into the back seat and drove off hurredly into the distance. He passed two figures on the side of the road. It was Ed and Al. He pulled over and rolled down the front window.

"Hey can you help me?" He said signaling for them to come closer. "Can you tell me how to get to burlington.?"

"Yeah sure." Ed said. Ed gave him the directions he needed and sent him on his way.

Ed and Al had no Idea that they had just helped out the man that kidnapped Winry. They couldn't see inside the car to the back seat because the windows were tinted and they weren't looking. Winry had been kidnapped and they helped the man get away.

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