A Pirate's Life For Me! We Need A Musician!

Part 2 of a 4 Part Saga

by Aoikami Sarah

NOTE: This is Pre-Skypeia sort of filler Arc. Elements from this story will arise in the next two stories in this saga. Harmony Sairen, Bravo, Opus, Lilly Marlene, Vivace Rondo and Kerodo Clef are property of Aoikami Sarah.

Chapter One – Largo Atoll

The Going Merry bobbed in the golden twilight as it docked in the bustling harbor. Five crew members disembarked and walked up the pier. A huge sign, a gateway to the port city welcomed them.

"Welcome to Largo Atoll," Nami read the sign, making a mental note to include it on the map of the island she would draw later. "The entertainment capital of the Grand Line."

"Alright! Let's party!" Usopp cheered, glad to land on a friendly island for once. His captain hooted in agreement. Nami groaned.

"Oi, you two morons behave yourselves," Sanji advised. "Chopper, make sure they don't do anything stupid."

"Mou, Sanji. You don't trust us?" Luffy whined.


Nami put her hands on her hips. "Do what he says. I don't want to have to run from this place before I get a chance to enjoy it." She patted a large backpack Sanji had slung over one shoulder. "We're going to change some gold for Berrie and get some provisions. Meet back at the ship in three hours so Robin and Zoro can have some fun in town, too."

"Can we go now!" Usopp begged, dancing from one foot to the other.


Luffy and Usopp took off running into the city. "Wait! Guys!" Chopper, in four-legged form, called after them and gave chase.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Nami moaned. "Come on, Sanji-kun."

"Hai Nami-san!"


Largo Atoll was a large crescent of land ringing a lagoon on which small, beautiful ships, too ornate to seem seaworthy rested. The buildings shone with light. Each one was different and interesting: a pyramid, a castle, a temple, reds, greens and golds. Luffy couldn't stop shouting 'cool' at all the amazing things he saw.

"Uh… Luffy?" Chopped asked, pulling on his vest with his teeth to get his attention. "Don't you think there's an awful lot of gambling places here?"

Usopp nodded. "It seems that every place we've passed is a casino."

"Really! Where do people eat!" Luffy wondered.

"I hope Nami makes it to the market without gambling all our treasure away!" Usopp fretted.

"Here." Luffy stopped dead in front of one of the casinos, a black and white building with a huge sign with a squiggly logo. "We're going in here." The marquis advertised a number of events and acts the place had as attractions.

"The G-Clef, home of Musical Genius Harmony Sairen," Usopp read.

"We need a musician," Luffy stated. "I'm gonna ask him to come with us!"

"Him?" Usopp asked, cocking his head to the side. "Funny name for a guy."

They entered the casino. With its high ceilings and large crowd, it wowed the three pirates. As they were wandering in, they bumped into two massive frog-type merman security guards.

"Sorry," one of them croaked. "No pets."

They looked to Chopper, shrugged and went back outside. The second attempt failed as well.

"Sorry. No kids."

Chopper looked up and pouted. Usopp rolled his eyes and escorted Chopper back out again. The tall, more human-looking form did the trick. They passed by the guards and into the casino proper. They passed black jack and roulette tables, pachinko and slot machines. Usopp and Chopper had to drag Luffy away from the all-you-can-eat buffet, arguing that if he were to eat his fill, they would surely be thrown out.

The theatre was deep inside the heart of the casino. Rather than filled with rows of seats, it was set up like a night club with tables and chairs. Waitresses escorted them to a free table in the back right of the room and served them drinks. Shortly, the MC stepped on stage. He was tall, thin and wore a bright red tuxedo with more of the squiggly G-clef logo on its lapels. He bowed slightly to the audience and greeted them. "Ladies, Gentlemen and Mer-folk. Welcome to the G-Clef. It is our pleasure to present to you the one-woman orchestra, master of all instruments, the musical genius, Harmony Sairen!"

The curtain went up as the audience applauded. The house lights dimmed. Under a solitary spotlight stood a short young woman wearing a sparkling black sequined dress. Her bright pink hair was tied back in a bow, with sausage-curl bangs sprouting from her temples. It seemed to glow against her tanned skin. She lifted her wrist and strummed a small nylon stringed acoustic guitar. For about eight measures she played only simple chords in an even simpler progression. Just as the audience was getting fidgety, she grinned, flicked the pick off to her left and used her fingers to pluck out a flamenco melody of incredible complexity. When the crowd was about to applaud, she switched styles to bluegrass, keeping the melody the same. Then she switched again, slowing the tempo to a classical style. Her finger-work was so precise and the tune so melodious that when she finally ended the song, the audience was stunned into silence.

She bowed once as if she expected such a reaction and the lights came up on the orchestra that had been waiting behind her. A woman in a tuxedo came out with a microphone and a saxophone. She handed the sax to Harmony and began to sing. The orchestra kicked in and genius played the saxophone with the soul of someone three times her age.

"These feelings overflow and disconnect so I tighten my grip on your hand

Even when I'm left alone, I'll follow you so look for me in the distance!"

"Hamidashita kimochi tsunagara nakute

Kimi no te o gyutto girikaesu yo"

.:o:. Lyrics from "Run Run Run" 2nd Ending Theme .:o:.

The theatre went crazy.

An hour later, the performance was over and the audience was exhilarated.

"That was awesome!" Chopper cried.

"Did you see her play two trumpets at once!" Usopp shouted.

"Awesome!" Chopper agreed.

"She has to join us!" Luffy announced.

"Oi, Luffy, She's not gonna wanna leave all this," Usopp said, motioning to the general grandeur of the casino.

"Sure she will. Being a pirate is cool."

"Luffy…" Usopp groaned. "She's not gonna wanna be a pirate. She's a performer."

"Nami wasn't a pirate," Luffy argued.

"Yes, she was, she worked for Arlong."

"What about Zoro?"

"He was a pirate hunter who became an outlaw, you know that."


"Dr. Hiruluk taught me to be a pirate in my heart," Chopper asserted, looking down on them.


"My father is a pirate and besides I am Captain Usopp!" Usopp bellowed attracting not a few people's attention.


"Worked with pirates!"


"Stop!" Usopp smacked Luffy upside the head.

"Ow! Ok. She'll need some convincing."

"He wasn't deterred at all!" they groaned.

Chopper turned to Usopp. "How much time do we have left?"

"About a half an hour," he replied, looking at his watch. "We should start heading back to the ship. Boy, the others will be so blown away by Harmony! Na, Luffy, wanna get something to eat before we…" He trailed off as he boggled at the empty space where his captain had been standing only moments before. "Ah! He's gone!"

More to come...