A Pirate's Life For Me! We Need A Musician!

Part 2 of a 4 Part Saga

by Aoikami Sarah

Chapter Fourteen – Epilogue

Outside the palace, Kerodo Clef emerged from his cabin as his ship docked at Dehavala. He took a deep breath and looked up at the clear blue sky. "Alright, boys!" he called to his goons. "Let's get those bastards that burned down our club and save our butts from Lilly Marlene-sama's wrath!"

"Uh, Boss…?" one of the goons pointed up. Clef's eyes followed. "Id'n't dat her now?"

In a bubble, with a screaming Vivace, an unmistakable Lilly Marlene flew over their heads and disappeared into the horizon.

"Huh," Clef wondered. He blinked a few times. "Now I've seen everything."

"So, what now, Boss?"

"Well, I guess we don't have that witch to worry about anymore," he shrugged. "Let's find those pirates, get some nice cannolis and go back to Largo."

His entourage cheered in agreement.


The guards seemed surprised as the pirates filed out of the throne room, chatting idly with each other, but allowed them to pass freely. They emerged into the sunshine and hung around the steps of the White Lilly. Nami wiped her eyes clean of Tabasco with Sanji's handkerchief. "So," she said, handing the dirty hanky back to Sanji who exclaimed that he would treasure it always. "Since you're free to do whatever you want now, Harmony," she asked the young girl. "What will you do?"

Luffy stared at his musician. His mouth screwed up into a pout.

"Well, I…" Harmony began.

"There they are, boys!" Clef shouted as he spotted them.

"Ah!" Luffy cried, glad for a distraction. "It's the Bullfrog guy!"

"More weirdos," Zoro scoffed.

"More entrees," Sanji corrected. Some of the large frog goons behind Clef backed away, remembering the chef's kicks from a few days ago.

"You can't have Harmony!" Luffy shouted. Nami began to scold him, but he continued. "She's free to go wherever she wants to!"

Robin grinned. "Isn't that right, Harmony-chan?"

She nodded, the pink curls bobbing with the effort. "Lilly Marlene is gone, Mr. Clef. We are both free to do whatever we want." She smiled politely.

"So I gather! I saw her go flying when we came in," he said. He stood a few steps below them, backed by a score of henchmen. He put his foot up a step and leaned his elbow on his knee. "You're too powerful for me to control now that you got your voice back. I know better than to mess with that Akuma no Mi of yours. These pirates, however, burned down my club on their way out and I'd like to take it out of their hides!"

"What!" Nami cried. "Ok, which one of you morons burned this little frog's club down!"

"Little… frog!" Clef choked. He was ignored as the Straw Hats all denied doing the damage.

"I'm afraid we did," Olivia, one of Lilly Marlene's servants said sheepishly as she and her twin descended the stairs.

Vivian bowed deeply, mirroring her sister. "We're sorry. We've been under that woman's control for years now. We would never have done something like that willingly."

Clef was deflated. "Ah. I see." His green brows came together. "You mean we came all the way out here for nothing?" His goons all took a step back.

"Perhaps not for nothing," Harmony said. She turned to Luffy. "Captain, I thank you for rescuing me. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be able to make this decision." She bowed to him. "I'm sorry, but I can't sail with you anymore."

Luffy hesitated before grinning. "Ok."

His crew almost fell over. "This is the same man who's been saying he wanted a musician since we were in East Blue!" Usopp commented.

"We'll find another," Luffy said confidently.

Sanji tapped a cigarette against his palm. "He'll never be as good as our Ojou-sama, though."

She blushed furiously and turned back around. "Mr. Clef," she addressed him. "If you'll give me a ride back to Largo, I have an interesting business proposal for you."

Clef stopped ranting and blinked at her. "Who's a what now?"

"Take me back to Largo. I want to open my own casino and venue and I'll need your expertise." Harmony smiled with a new sparkle in her eyes.

He blinked again and gave a relieved laugh. "Alright Miss Sairen. You got yourself a deal. Men, prepare the ship for departure, back to Largo!" He and the frog men walked back down the main street to the harbor. The Luffy Pirates headed slowly in the same direction. Harmony boarded the Going Merry for the second and last time to retrieve her Music Box. She slipped her little arms into the straps and hefted it easily down the gangplank. They all escorted her to Clef's waiting ship and said their good-byes.

Harmony sighed and fought the start of tears. "I'll miss you all so much."

Nami stepped forward and gave her a hug. "Thank you for my wonderful song!" she said.

"Yeah!" Chopper agreed. "Thanks for my 'Present'!"

Usopp, Robin, Luffy and even Zoro echoed their sentiments. Sanji remained quiet.

"Oh!" Harmony cried. "Sanji-san! I forgot your song!"

"It's alright. I don't need one."

"But I wrote you one and I never got to…"

"You mean the one you sang in the kitchen when you washing dishes?" he said drawing on the cigarette. "Something about the Sea and the Moon?"

Harmony's face matched her hair. She nodded.

"Thank you," he said. "I'll never forget it."

She looked around and found Robin's kind eyes resting on her. "Robin Nee-chan…" she said and ran at the woman. Robin's eyes widened as the girl threw her arms around her and squeezed. She laughed lightly and returned the hug.

"Take care, Harmony-chan," she said quietly.

Harmony let her go and hugged the rest of the crew before picking her Box back up and boarding Clef's ship.

"Harmony!" Luffy called. She paused halfway up the gangplank and turned, the box swinging easily with her movement. "So which person on the Going Merry has the best voice!"

"The best?" she said, smiling with closed eyes. "That would be the Captain!" She waved from the stern until they couldn't see her anymore.

When the last of the crew had turned to go, Luffy let out a long sigh. "We need a musician…" he said sadly, a childish pout on his face. He then followed his nakama back to the Going Merry.


This saga will be continued in part Three: "The Pirate King Is Dead" which takes place four years after this story.