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Good God.

Kurama was damn happy. Happier than he'd been in quite a while. Hiei had been first to notice when one day he'd found Kurama humming lightly on the sidewalk as he walked—no doubt a spring in his step—home.

'You've been…distracted these days, fox.' Hiei had mentioned one day and as Kurama thought it over, it was the absolute truth.

Well, how couldn't he be happy?

For one thing, many, MANY fan girls had decided to disown the flower shop as their personal hangout, since that day Botan had kissed him on the cheek. (A large number of the Minamino Shuuichi fan club had disbanded the day after that.)

And two, Botan had kissed him on the cheek.

What was so great about that exactly? He didn't know. He only felt that it was right…and maybe leading somewhere?

But Kurama, being the smart demon he was, didn't jump to conclusions. She had probably meant for the kiss to be a friendly 'thank you'…

'Then why did she turn red afterwards?' Youko cut in again, as optimistic about their relationship with Botan as usual.


'She does!'

Damn it…Was he having an argument with himself? As if his current predicament could get any more confused. His thoughts were interrupted when the sound of the door's bell rang through the air, telling the store's staff that a customer had just walked in.

Kurama rushed to the front of the store fueled by a sudden urge to see a certain blue-haired spirit guide. "Botan-chan?"

"Oh, hey, Shuuichi-kun!" She offered her smile in greeting as she had for the past 2 weeks and a half. He flashed the sincere, real grin he always reserved for her.

"What flowers are you looking for today?" He said in routine. Every employee working at Sakura Blossom Flower Shop knew that the pink-eyed Ms. Botan was Shuuichi's, and only Shuuichi's, customer.

"Violets." She said simply. "Nice looking violets."

He smiled softly, "Right this way." He led her down the aisle to the Violet section.

She looked through the shop's variety curiously, trying to find the best quality flowers for whoever her sick friend was. "Ah, yes! Nice and purple…regal and royal!" She bubbled, waiting for Kurama to guess, as was their little tradition.

Emerald irises widened slightly in surprise, "Koenma-san has contracted the Reikai cold?" Was it okay that the son of the ruler of the Spirit World was ill in bed? He chuckled inwardly at the thought of a sick Koenma screaming at the top of his lungs various orders to trembling staff. George-san most likely. Poor, poor soul.

His humor in the matter was short-lived however upon finding Botan's serious features.

"Hai," she nodded solemnly, "He's been working hard lately."

Kurama frowned at her uncharacteristically sad expression. "I'm worried about him." She said softly.

Despite the pity he felt for the Junior Spirit World ruler, Kurama couldn't help but feel a little jealous. For Reikai's sake! The boy was practically grown and his mere cold was making Botan worry as if were about ready to die! Kurama inwardly fumed at Koenma's weakness.

'Damn, Baby,' inputted Youko.

"Don't worry so much, Botan-chan." He whispered softly, "I'm sure he'll be back on his feet in no time."

She smiled up at him, amethyst eyes sparkling. "Thanks for caring, Shuuichi-kun." And she gave him a hug. One so obviously naive…and yet…

One which Kurama enjoyed immensely with the feel of their bodies pressed together, her lean arms wrapped around his torso, his holding her lithe form. He could almost feel Youko melt in the heavenly sensation. Demons…

"Here," Kurama offered a bouquet of purple violets to a bewildered deity as they parted, "these are on the house."

"But Kur- Shuuichi-kun! …I just can't…"

"Yes, you can. You've been a valuable customer and you deserve it." He winked at her and the light color on her cheeks appeared again.

"Okay…thanks, Shuuichi-kun!" She beamed, giving him a small wave as she left.

That innocent smile turned his insides and he remembered that it was that simple quirk of lips that was her most appealing quality. So what if she had these blue, soft, lavender scented locks that shined in the sun? So what if she had these pure carnation eyes that glimmered when she was happy? So what if she had damn nice curves (Youko's influence!) and reveled in her touch whenever they hugged?


So maybe, he was a little attracted to her.

He remembered being angry with Koenma for being sick.

Okay, so maybe he was really attracted to her.

The next day, Kurama secretly and anxiously awaited Botan's company to save him from tedium. He'd foolishly left Botan's books at home and now he was extremely bored and had nothing to do. He almost counted the ceiling tiles in utter desperation for something to do.

So he went along with his job. A few shifts at the register, watering the plants in aisles 4, 5, and 6, helping customers etc., had come and gone. Finally, it was near 6 and Kurama had finished off his shift. Still, no Botan. Where is she?

Kurama, sharp as always, walked home while thinking over the possibilities of the spirit guide's absence.

One, she had something to do. During the last few weeks, mayhem had been sparse between the three worlds so her job had been less demanding as usual. Maybe, something happened, something that could have put her safety at stake, a thought that Kurama dreaded.

Two, she didn't want to see him anymore. Another sinking feeling settled in the pit of his stomach. Perhaps, she'd gotten tired of him…or nervous of where their…'relationship' was going.

Three, she got together with Koenma. Of course, this seemed the most farfetched of ideas but still…how could anyone NOT love Botan? She'd given him those violets after all…maybe he'd gone and confessed his undying love for her or something…The mere notion set his blood aflame.

He does not deserve her. Youko put in, the demon's feelings of possessiveness filtering into Shuuichi.

Four, which was probably most reasonable now that he thought about it was the sickness had passed and everyone was better. But really, Kurama thought—no felt—a…connection. Would she really just stop seeing him?

Unless of course she…

Beeep! Beeep!

The sound of his Reikai communicator went off and Kurama answered it exasperatedly.

The screen lit up to show…

Speak of the devil…

"Botan-chan!" Kurama said not bothering to hide any enthusiasm. He could see that she was in a room at the Spirit Palace, her room probably. With his quick gaze he also noted how she looked rather…red.

"Hi…Kurama-kun." She smiled, then coughed. "Sorry, I couldn't come to see you today…" She sneezed.

"Are you sick, Botan?" he questioned though it was obvious. That explained her absence entirely.

"Hai." She said softly, coughing again. "I guess it wasn't too long before I caught it too, huh?"

He laughed softly. So…it was sickness that kept her from him. And here he was worrying about the most absurd…

"Wait right there, Botan-chan." He said suddenly.

A look of surprised curiousness came upon her countenance. "O-okay, then."

Kurama switched off the communicator, turned around and walked back to the flower shop he had just left.

After purchasing a bouquet of pink peonies, Kurama left in a hurry to Koenma's castle.

When the red-headed young man reached the bluette's room, he gazed affectionately at the spirit guide. There she was, sitting upright in bed, a blanket at her feet and a blue one around her shoulders, a bowl of soup on her bedside table, and engrossed in a book entitled "The Basics of Botany." He'd never found anyone so…adorablyattractive.

"K-kurama-kun!" chirped the deity surprised. Her candy eyes widened and the redness on her cheeks darkened as she spotted the bouquet of peonies in the grinning man's hands. "You didn't have to—"

He cut her off with a close of the door. He then walked over to her smiling again, "I wanted to."

He invited himself to sit on a chair at her bedside and questioned, "What are you reading there, Bot-chan?"

She blushed again, though Kurama didn't know whether from embarrassment or the cold. "Ahh…just some Botany." She sneezed again lightly and wiped her nose with a cute pink handkerchief. "I'm really interested in it as well."

"I can see." His fondness of her just seemed to be growing.

He suddenly remembered the flowers in his hands and brought them out for her. "For you." He said simply, reminding the both of them of what she'd said as she'd given him those books previously.

"Thanks, Kurama-kun!" She smiled and smelled them delicately, "My favorite. You remembered."

"Of course."

A comfortable silence passed and Botan asked suddenly, "The rose. It's your favorite flower isn't it, Kurama-kun?"

He grinned, pulling a seed from his hair and making a lush red rose bloom in front of her eyes. "Hai."

He handed it to her as she laughed lightly. "Thank you." She gazed tenderly at the flower whispering, "They're my second favorite flower y'know." She coughed again, still smiling.

He smiled back though his green eyes lit up with curiosity. "And why is that?"

"Because…"She answered, choosing her words carefully, "…they're almost perfect."


"Yep!" She sniffed the rose only to sneeze again. He chuckled handing her a tissue. "The rose is beautiful and attractive," she continued, "It's seemingly flawless."

He waited for her to finish, practically entranced by her absolute understanding of…well, everything. Flowers…feelings…him.

"But every rose has its thorns."

His grin only widened with her statement. "Hai."

A moment of silence.

"I also like the rose because it reminds me of Kurama-kun—" Realizing what she was saying, she blushed hard so that her face could be mistaken for a tomato. "I mean…um…"

She put a hand to her forehead muttering under her breath, "I'm getting…delirious."

It didn't escape the ears of the fox though as he only grinned warmly at girl. That had convinced him…his feelings weren't unrequited, after all.

He leaned forward so that his face was only inches from hers and whispered, "Heh. I like peonies too."

And with that, the Kurama brought the one and only Botan's lips into a soft and passionate kiss.

Ironic really. How now Kurama has more reason to love Botany.

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