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Anzu Mizaki /Tea Gardner
Hiroto Honda /Tristan Taylor
Katsuya Jounouchi /Joey Wheeler
Shizuka Jounouchi /Serenity Wheeler
Ryou Bakura /Bakura
Mai Kujaku /Mai Valentine
Otogi Ryuuji /Duke Devlin

Words in dream sequences and flashbacks will be Italisized
'Thinking' or sometimes 'Characters directly quoting another character'

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Daughter of Yugi and Anzu

Chapter 1 : The Birth

"All right Mrs. Mutou, push! You're almost there!"

Anzu Mutou, forerly Anzu Mizaki, finds herself in the hospital late one night giving birth to her child. Honda, Jonouchi, Mai, Shizuka, Otogi and Ryou were in the waiting room waiting for news on their friend's baby. Also, they were wondering where in the hell Yugi could be, after all it is his baby too.

"Man! Where could he be! It's not like Yugi to miss something as important as this!" Honda expressed his irritation toward the situation at hand.

"Calm down Honda, I'm sure it won't be long till Yugi gets here." Ryou said in an attempt to get Honda to settle down.

"Yeah, he's right. Yugi would never let anyone down. Espesially his wife who at the moment is having his child." Shizuka spoke up.

Just then, the spikey-tri-color-haired father-to-be entered through the door at that very moment. He seemed to have been running because he was out of breath. "Hey guys...am...I late...?"

Jonouchi stood up from his seat and patted Yugi on the back. "You better get in there now buddy or Anzu will most likely bite your head off."

"Good luck, Yugi!" Shizuka smiled at her brother's best friend.

"Hehe...thanks. I'll keep you guys informed on everything!" He shouted as he ran for the delivery room.

"Come on Anzu! Push!"

"Dammit! I am pushing! You try pushing something the size of a watermellon out of a hole the size of a pea and tell me how you like it! And where the HELL is Yugi! He's the one who got me pregnant and he doesn't even have the balls to show up!"

Just then Yugi stepped through the door of the room dressed in the same scrubs the doctors were dressed in. It took him a while to get to the room because the doctors told him he had to wear them if he was going into the delivery room to be with Anzu and that it was for the safety of his wife and child. "I'm here honey." Yugi said. Anzu just glared at him and it really freaked him out.

"Um...hehe...Sorry I'm late..." Yugi said as he laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his head. "You see...I was in heavy trafic on my way here and I would have gotten here sooner but..."

Yugi was interrupted mid-sentance. "I don't care about your life story Yugi! Now get over here this second!" Anzu screamed.

"Sorry..." Yugi went to go stand next to his wife, who had been with their friends at the time she started going into labor, and held her hand as she tried to push the baby out.

Meanwhile, back in the waiting room...
Honda had long calmed down and this time it was Jonouchi's turn to be getting impacient and the latter began pacing back and forth in the room. "Damn...how long does it take for someone to just push a baby out and be done with it!"

That's when Mai stepped up to him. "I really hope you don't act like this when we have kids, sweetie." She smiled a sweet smile at Jonouchi, causing him to blush then she kissed him on the cheek which made him blush and even deeper shade of red.

"What do you mean by that, Mai?" he asked his girlfriend. All he got was another smile from her. "Mai, is there something your not telling me?" Poor Jou was really curious now. What could his beloved girlfriend be hiding from him? Jonouchi was confused.

"I'll tell you guys later." she said simpley.

"I wonder if it's going to be a boy or a girl. Yugi or Anzu never did tell us." Ryou said.

"They told me they want it to be a surprise." Honda answered Ryou's question.

"Oh, ok. I guess that makes sense."

Back in the delivery room...
"Come on Anzu! Your almost there!"

"I see a head! Just one more really big push! You almost got it!" another doctor said.

"AHHH!" Anzu screamed and tightly squeezed poor Yugi's hand as she gave one final push then let go of his hand, and brought her new child into the world.

Anzu's scream was followed by the crying of the new addition to their small family. "Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Mutou, you have a healthy and beautiful baby girl!" the doctor exclaimed as he handed Anzu her baby all wrapped up in a soft pink blanket.

Yugi was rubbing his aching and throbing hand. His wife sure had a really strong grip. He looked down at his little baby girl. She had her eyes closed so he had no way of telling yet what color they were. She had a little bit of hair on her head but it was enough to tell what color it was. Her hair was black but didn't seem to show any signs of having any other color in it untill he looked closer. In the front, she had a bit of blonde as well. Yugi smiled at his wife and daughter. He thought back to the day when he first found out that he was going to be a father. The memory was fresh in his mind.


Anzu and Yugi were sitting on couch in the living room of the Mutou residence, snuggling up close to each other. Anzu had just gotten back from the doctor's and couldn't wait to tell both of them her good news. Grandpa was currently in the kitchen preparing some refreshments for them.

"Hey you two, I have some ice cold lemonade here!" Grandpa Mutou came in and set the tray with a pitcher of fresh squeezed lemonade and some glasses on the coffee table in front of the couch. "So, Anzu, I hear you have really great news for us." He said while pouring Yugi and Anzu some lemonade.

"Yes sir, I do." Anzu said smiling. "Yugi, I'm sure you'll be just as excited as I am about this."

"Anzu, honey, what are you trying to say?" Yugi asked.

Anzu's smile grew bigger. "I'm pregnant! Isn't that great? Oh, I'm SOOO happy!"

"That's wonderful! Wow! I'm gonna be a father! I can't believe it!" Yugi exclaimed. He grabed Anzu into a hug and kissed her passionately. The couple pulled away after a while for air but didn't stop hugging.

Grandpa smiled at the young parents-to-be. "Congratulations! I'm proud of both of you. You're going to be great parents."

"Thank you grandpa." Yugi replied back.

End Flashback

Yugi was brought back to reality when Anzu suddenly pinched him on the arm pretty hard. "Ouch! Hey that hurt!" he whined and rubbed the spot where he got pinched.

"You were spacing out and I was trying to get your attention. Anyway, I was trying to ask you something. Don't you think she's beautiful, Yugi?" Anzu was looking up at Yugi from her place on the hospital bed.

Yugi smiled at her. "Yes, she is. And it looks like she's gonna have my hair too."

Anzu found it hard to not smile and that's exactly what she did. "You're right Yugi. Look, there's some blonde in the front and the rest of it is black." Anzu looked like she was in deep thought. "Yugi, we still haven't come up with a name yet. What should we name her?"

Yugi thought about it for a moment. 'Hmm...naming a child is harder than I thought...What should my daughter's name be? I think it should be the name of someone who was always a good role model. Hmm...this is hard...Wait! I know the perfect name for her!' Yugi smiled at Anzu. "Honey, I've found the perfect name for our little princess. Her name shall be Yami"

"Yugi, that's the name of the Pharaoh!"

"I know. That's why I'm naming her that. In memory of Pharaoh Yami. One of the best friends I've ever had. He taught me a lot over the time he resided in the Millenium Puzzle."

"Yami Mutou. It's perfect."

"It is." Yugi agreed. "Anzu, I'm gonna go tell the others now. I'm sure they're dying to know what the sex of the baby is and what we decided to name her."

"Ok hon. I'm gonna take a nap now. I'm a bit tired."

"Ok. You rest. You need it." Yugi kissed his wife on the forehead before dashing out the door.

In the waiting room...
The whole gang was waiting paciently for news on the baby. Everyone except Jounouchi who was pacing back and forth around the room.

"Hey man, would you sit down already? You're driving me crazy with all that pacing your doing!" Honda complained.

"Hey, let's not get into a fight here." Ryou said, acting as peacekeeper. They were in a hospital and the last thing anyone wanted was to be in there longer than they had to because someone brakes an arm or leg or something.

"Big brother, please calm down." Shizuka said.

"You know what?" Otogi said, changing the subjuct. "I never thought Yugi would be the first one out of us to have a child."

Just then, Yugi came dashing into the room and skidded to a stop right as he was about to crash face first into the wall that was a mere inch in front of his face. "Hehe...hey guys!"

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