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Anzu Mizaki /Tea Gardner
Hiroto Honda /Tristan Taylor
Katsuya Jounouchi /Joey Wheeler
Shizuka Jounouchi /Serenity Wheeler
Ryou Bakura /Bakura
Mai Kujaku /Mai Valentine
Otogi Ryuuji /Duke Devlin

Words in dream sequences and flashbacks will be Italisized
'Thinking' or sometimes 'Characters directly quoting another character'

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Daughter of Yugi and Anzu

Chapter 2 : Shocking Good News

Jounouchi ran up to Yugi and grabed him in a huge hug. Yugi's feet were barely touching the ground when he was picked up. (A/N: Yugi has always been a bit on the short side and has grown some over the years but he will always be shorter than Jounouchi and Honda. He's about the same height as Anzu though, give or take a few inches.) "Hey, Yug how'd it go? How's Anzu? How's the baby? Is it a boy or girl? What name did you pick for him or her?"

Honda came over to the two and pried Jounouchi off of poor Yugi. "Dude, stop bombarding him with a billion questions!" He yelled at his blonde friend then turned to Yugi who was trying to catch his breath and recover from being glomped by Jounouchi. "So Yugi, what's up?"

"Ok. Jou, the answers to your questions in order, it went great, Anzu's sleeping right now but she's fine, the baby's fine, it's a girl and I decided to name her Yami after the Pharaoh. She's beautiful guys you really must see her. But not right now cuz she's probably sleeping also."

Everyone at once started congratulating Yugi. "Congratulations Yugi!" - J

"Way to go man!" - H

"Great job Yugi!" - M

"Congratulations!" - R and O

"I'm so happy for both you and Anzu!" - S

"Thank you guys. This really means a lot to me." Yugi started blushing.

The moment shared by the group of friends was cut short as a doctor walked into the room and looked around at everyone. "Excuse me everyone, are you all friends of Yugi and Anzu Mutou?"

All of them nodded their heads.

"Good. Well, She just woke up and she wants all of you to be there. Oh, and so you know, we moved her to a different room. It's not too far from where she was earlier. The room number is 1575." Just as quickly as the doctor walked in, he was gone.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go see Anzu and the baby!" Jounouchi cried.

The group of friends, led by Yugi, walked down the hall to room 1575 where Anzu was in. They saw her and little baby Yami bonding as mother and daughter should.

"Hey everyone, what's up?" Anzu asked as everyone stepped through the door.

"Hey Anzu! How do you feel?" Jounouchi asked.

Anzu smiled. (A/N: She does a lot of that.) "I feel good, considering I just had a baby."

Everyone laughed at this including Anzu. After the laughter quieted down a bit, the whole gang gathered around Anzu to admire the new born baby girl in her arms.

"Wow Yugi, you were right. She really is beautiful! Congratulations Anzu, and you too Yugi!" - S

"She's gorgious! And look, she has your eyes Yugi!" - M

Just then, at that moment, Jounouchi remembered something Mai said a while ago back in the waiting room. "Um...Mai?" He studdered. "Back in the waiting room...what did you mean when you said 'When we have kids...?'" Curiosity was really getting the better of poor Jou.

"Well," Mai started. "I wanted to wait til everyone was in the room when I told ya'll and I guess everyone's here so this is probably the perfect time to say this." She smiled and couldn't help but let a single tear of joy fall down her face. "I'm pregnant!"

(A/N: I thought of ending this chapter right here but then that would be just plain evil of me and also, it would be kinda short, so I guess I'll continue now! ON WITH THE STORY!)

Jounouchi started stumbling over his words. He could barely believe what his girlfriend just revieled to everyone. "You...wha...you're...pregnant? How? Wha? Huh?"

Mai giggled at her boyfriend's speechlessness. "You're the father honey. We're gonna have a baby."

"Me?...Huh?...I'm gonna be a daddy..." Jou fainted right there in the hospital room.

"Katsuya!" Shizuka cried

"Somebody get the doctor over here!" Honda yelled.

At that moment a doctor who was only there to check on the wellbeing of Anzu and the baby happened to walk into the room and spotted Jounouchi lying on the floor unconscious."What happened to him? Is he ok?" The doctor asked conserned.

"My brother fainted." Shizuka replied simply. She couldn't help but smile.

"Ok, could one of you pick him up off the floor and place him on that bed over there?" The doctor said while pointing at a bed not too far from where they were.

"I'll do it." Honda voluteered and walked over to Jou's unconscious form, picked him up and walked over to the bed and placed him on it. "Poor guy..." he said. He turned to look at Mai and said, "Congratulations, Mai. I think you and this knucklehead over here will be great parents." Then he joined the others who were all on one side of the room talking while the doctor checked up on Anzu and Yami.

"Well," the doctor said. "both Anzu and the baby are doing very well. It should be safe for us to release them tomorrow morning. If you guys want, you could spend the night here at the hospital until then or you could all go home and come for her in the morning. Your choice." With that, the doctor walked out of the room humming a little tune.

The whole gang decided that they would rather stay at the hospital for the night since it was late and really dark outside and thought it would be best for Jounouchi to recooporate after recieving the news that he and his lovely girlfriend are expecting a little bundle of joy of their own.

The next morning...
After a long night in the hospital, the whole gang was relieved to leave the very next morning. The doctors performed one final check on Anzu and Baby Yami and told the rest of them that everything was fine and that it was safe to take the the new mother and her daughter home.

Jounouchi woke up the next moning to find his beautiful girlfriend, whom he just found out the night before that she was pregnant with his child, laying down on the bed with him. She was looking at him with her large, beautiful purple eyes. "Mai?" He looked around. "Um...where are we? And why does my head hurt?" He asked and rubbed the back of his head for empasis.

Mai laughed "My poor dear Katsuya..." She said, running her fingers throught his soft blonde hair and kissing him on the cheek. "We're in the hospital remember love?"

"Yeah, I remember. We were here 'cause Anzu was having her baby." Jou backtracked to what happened the night before. "And then you told us all you're pregnant and...everything went black after that."

Mai smiled. "You fainted honey. That's one of the reasons we stayed in the hospital over night."

Jou chuckled. "I guess that explains the bump on my head huh? Well, what are we waiting for! Let's get out of this hell-hole and go home!" He jumped out of the bed and helped his beautiful girlfriend out as well.

Mai giggled at her boyfriend's eagerness to leave. "Ok sweetie. Let's go home."

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