Dragonball Z - The Legacy of Gohan - The Completed Story

Written by Bryson

A Forward from the Author:

This story, a reimagining of another fanfiction I wrote, is dedicated to the many fans that I accumulate who demanded a sequel. Well, a sequel wouldn't work so my supply to their demand is the epic that follows. This will be the last piece of Dragonball Z fanfiction I ever write. Do enjoy.

- Bryson

The Sagas of "The Legacy"

Gohan's Odyssey:

Chapter I: Odyssey,
Chapter II: The Tyrant's Heir,
Chapter III: The Library of Duran,
Chapter IV: Legends,
Chapter V: The Vengashi,
Chapter VI: Ascension

The Great Saiyaman:

Chapter VII: High School,
Chapter VIII: An Atypical Day,
Chapter IX: The Great Saiyaman,
Chapter X: The Meeting of Adversaries,
Chapter XI: The Break In,
Chapter XII: The First Date,
Chapter XIII: A Storm Approaches,
Chapter XIV: A Message,
Chapter XV: Ultimatum,
Chapter XVI: The War of Satan City,
Chapter XVII: His True Colors,
Chapter XVIII: One Last Card

Before the Tournament:

Chapter XX: Gohan and Videl,
Chapter XXI: New Beginnings,
Chapter XXII: Training Day,
Chapter XXIII: Ordinary People,
Chapter XXIV: Why, and Where?,
Chapter XXV: Missing . . . ,
Chapter XXVI: The Second Odyssey,
Chapter XXVII: Things Yet to Come,
Chapter XXVII: Coming Clean

And being continued . . .

Prologue: Goku's Noble Decision

Few would believe the life Gohan had led. Taking him from the Earth, to the distant reaches of the stars, and then back again. For all the things he had done, seen, and experienced, this was the saddest moment of his young life. There was no innocence left in him. He wanted to cry, and there was no longer a reason not to.

"Please don't cry, son." That was a voice he would never hear in person again. From whatever realm of the Otherworld he now resided in, Goku spoke to his son and the rest of his closest friends and family. "I can understand how you feel, but you need to know this is for the best. Freiza came after me. The androids, Cell, they were all here because of me. If I don't come back then maybe the Earth can have some peace for once."

"But that's not fair!" Gohan let the tears run. "It's not fair daddy! What about me and mom? We need you with us!" He had to swallow before mustering his last words, "I need you." Despite all the people gathered around the glow of the eternal dragon, Shenron, the Lookout never seemed such a lonely place before.

"Hey, remember what I said before I took Cell away? How this may have been the best course of action after all? Eighteen would have died along with Cell had you finished him off. I've had a second chance, she hasn't. In fact, I think I've had a few too many already. Besides, Otherworld is a big place! King Kai and I are going to have lots of fun!"

A low, loud snort echoed through the Lookout. "Oh yeah! Lots of fun, you lousy home wrecker!"

"Aw, don't be like that King Kai. I already said I was sorry! Well . . . I suppose it's time. King Kai looks like he's getting ready to burst; long distance call and all."

Gohan wiped away his drying tears with his bruised and bloodied arm. He hurt all over, but none of that mattered to him. I was weak. I can never be weak again. I swear I won't. I'll be like my dad. I'll protect the Earth just like he did. I promise.

"Take care of your mother for me, Gohan." Goku was saying his final words. "Tell her I love you all. Goodbye . . . my friends." And then he was gone. The Lookout was indeed a very lonely place.

Piccolo had been watching Gohan since Goku first began speaking to them. He could see the hurt in the boy's eyes, but was not worried. Gohan would be fine. All he needed was time. The Namekian's eyes turned back towards Shenron. "We still have another wish to make." The had already restored the Earth to how it was before Cell. What else was there to wish for?

To everyone's surprise, Krillin stepped forward. "I think I have one."

"Oh yeah? Well what is it?" Yamcha asked.

"Maybe we could wish Eighteen's brother back to life. I mean, she's all alone here."

Yamcha looked like he would explode. "Are you insane!? What happens if he's not as reasonable as her? He could start attacking us!"

"Well if that happens I'm pretty sure Gohan, Vegeta, or even Piccolo could stop him in a flash. I mean, they're the most powerful guys in the universe now." The thought sure sounded insane, but they all knew otherwise.

"I . . . forgot about that." Yamcha shrugged to the others, "I guess I really don't have anything against it."

"Go ahead Krillin." Piccolo stepped away from the glowing dragonballs. "You can make the final wish."

The short, bald man stepped towards Shenron and spoke loudly. "I wish that Android Seventeen be brought here back to life!"

The dragon's eyes glowed for but a moment before they faded. "That is not within my power. Ask another wish."

Not within his power? As far as Krillin was concerned, Shenron did not grant wishes when someone was already alive or when they had already been asked once. He rethought his wish and said; "Then please, would you make Eighteen human again, but still keep her powers?"

This time Shenron's eyes glowed longer and brighter. "Your wish is granted. I have granted your two wishes. I shall depart." The dragons form glowed in a golden light, and then dove back into the gathered dragonballs. The seven lifted into the air, and then shot out towards the distant ends of the planet.

Tien shot a puzzled look at his short friend. "I don't get it, Krillin. Why did you change her back to a normal human, but let her keep all that power?"

"Well, I just figured she'd be pretty mad if she had lost all of it."

Unknown to the Z fighters, Eighteen was still on the Lookout. She was hiding behind one of the pillars, listening to them. When Krillin had made the wish she could feel a sudden change within her. It was warm and wonderful. Why would he do this for me?

Gohan stepped towards the Lookout's edge and stared down on the Earth. Did they even realize how much they owed to their protectors, he wondered. Just like his father, Gohan did not care. Helping people had become as much a part of his life as it had been with Goku's. He would never have it any other way.

Sunrise came on the far end of the planet. It was warm, and felt great on his cold skin. "Come on you guys." He turned back to them with a smile. "This is the first day of the rest of our lives.

- DBZ -

This was not something he had looked forward to. Gohan could barely look into his mother's eyes as he told her that Goku was not coming back. What hurt the most was this being the second time Chichi had to deal with the death of her husband. It was Gohan's second time losing his father.

"But why? Why would he leave me?" Tears began to sting her eyes. Gohan had his turn to cry. He would let his mother have hers. "I didn't think this would happen again so soon."

"Mom." Gohan placed his hand on her shoulder. "Dad told me that he thinks this is for the best. He thinks that maybe things will get better if he's not around for people to come after. He also said he loves us both."

"Of course he said that." She sniffed. "That stubborn, heroic fool. He always did think like that." Chichi looked up into her son. Her little boy who had grown up too fast. How an eleven-year-old could do thing things he has done was beyond her, but Chichi knew Gohan was his father's son.

She noticed it then. Gohan was the very image of Goku. She reached out to smooth out his unruly black hair. "How are you Gohan?" Chichi pulled him into a tight hug. "You're so brave."

His grandfather stepped up with a firm pat to Gohan's back. He nodded, "You were great, Gohan. Just like your father."