Author's Note:

Years later and I still receive notifications about this story. People keep reading it, keep leaving reviews, keep wondering what happened. A lot of you still have hope I'll resurface just as I have before and continue where the Legacy left off, but I'm afraid not this time. No, this time I really do have to close the book.

To answer the pressing question; "where have I been," the answer is with my family. I have a son now, a home and much of my free time, which there is little, is devoted to my original novels that I've been working on. I have had to say goodbye to fanfiction pursuits.

Still, I don't want to leave things on a cliff and unresolved as others do with their abandoned works. So, as a sort of appendices to the Legacy, I am posting this last chapter as an overview of what the story was, where it was going, and ultimately how it would end. While this will answer the many questions that were made during certain blocks of the tale, it will be lacking the character interactions and development that most of you enjoyed in my writing style. Better than nothing, I suppose.

I'm sorry I couldn't finish this story. I had yet to even hit a halfway mark when I stopped. We still had so far to go. The World Tournament was right around the bend, then the battle against Buu, Gohan and Videl's reconciliation over their feelings, and then the epic inevitability as Phoenix came and Gohan faced the fight of his life. There was so much still to do.

So, here it is.


Duran is, or was I should say, a Kai. A very ancient being, Duran oversaw the universe and reality alongside others of his kind, including the one we know as the Elder Kai. As time went on, Duran became dissatisfied with his life in service to creation, and slowly he began to want more for himself. More power, more control, and he would visit the mortal world to exact that desire.

The Elder Kai led the others in a move to strip Duran of his title and privilege. He was banished from the Other World (heaven), but not before taking his revenge on the Elder Kai. Before the loss of his status, Duran forged two swords. One would be the Vengashi, which Duran would use to take his vengeance on the Kais. The second is what would become known as the Z Sword. Duran imprisoned the Elder Kai in the Z Sword, leaving him to live an eternity alone and confined.

Duran took the Vengashi with him into banishment. He travelled from star to star across the galaxies until finally coming to Ora, the Saiyan homeworld. The Saiyans at this time, tens of thousands of years prior to the events in Dragonball, were an ascended warrior race. They were not the barbarians their ancestors were fated to become. Super Saiyans were commonplace in this age, and they rarely left Ora. The Saiyans lived an existence of dedicated training of their minds and bodies in strict discipline, but the Saiyan race had one dark secret that few knew.

Vegati, Cordatz and the Legendary Super Saiyan

Posing as a prophet, Duran visited the royal family and presented the Vengashi as a gift to the eldest of two ruling brothers: Cordatz. What followed would be Cordatz's descent into madness at the influence of the sword as it awakened the hidden, darker nature of the Super Saiyan transformation.

In the entire population, a small percentage carries a genetic trait that causes the Super Saiyan to undergo a metamorphosis with terrifying results. The golden aura is corrupted into fiery silver, their eyes become red and their hair a striking platinum color. The condition is known as a Kamalii, a fallen Saiyan. Once the change occurs the Saiyan's mental state continuously deteriorates as their power begins growing at exponential rates. A Kamalii is unpredictably dangerous and nearly unstoppable if allowed to live. Any Saiyan who enters this state is killed.

The Vengashi awakened that trait in Cordatz and further augmented his power with its unique properties. The younger brother, Vegati, was the strongest and he led an army of Super Saiyans into battle against his brother once the Kamalii transformation stripped Cordatz of his sanity. The fight was so terrible, causing such damage to their world, that Vegati was forced to force his brother into following him to one of Ora's two moons where they continued.

Vegati's power continued to match Cordatz throughout their titanic duel, but the Kamalii form progressed the further their fight went. Even after stripping the Vengashi from Cordatz, and warding off the evil effects it had, Vegati found himself at a stalemate. Then the unthinkable happened. Cordatz moved into the final stage of the Kamalii form. He transformed a final time into a mindless, golden Oozaru with incredible power and fury. Vegati, unable to match such energies, let his self be consumed by the sword and plunged it into his brother's heart with his last breath.

Duran had observed the apocalyptic events that transpired with Cordatz's transformation. His original intent had been to use the Vengashi as a container, much like the Z Sword, to whisk away the Kamalii at the apex of its powers and use the creature on his former kin. Vegati's stand and demonstration of strength had been unforeseen and threatened Duran's plans. Not wishing to lose everything in the endeavor, Duran activated the sword before the deaths of the brothers, at the final blow, and sealed them both away.

Ora's moon was ripped apart by the tidal waves of such incredible power. Its debris rained down upon the planet in a firestorm and wiped out most of the life there. Not many Saiyans survived the cataclysm. Both Cordatz's and Vegati's families were among them. Cordatz's son was stripped of his titles, but spared his life. Vegati's heir, Vegeta, was declared the crown prince and the throne passed to him.

There were no more Super Saiyans. The survivors, on the edge of extinction with their civilization destroyed, whispered stories in their caves of the great golden ape they had all seen. These whispers became stories, and those stories became legend, and three-thousand years later the descendent of Vegati, the warrior Prince Vegeta, would be consumed with his desire to achieve this power, but he would be disappointed, as it would be a descendant of Cordatz to reclaim the lost power. Goku, Gohan and Goten are all descendents of Cordatz and the ancient royal line.

And they each, still, carry the genetic trait that became their ancestor's downfall.

Duran's Return

Duran, just as the rest of the galaxy, heard of Frieza's death at the hands of a Saiyan. He took this as a sign that he may yet be able to complete his revenge as he originally intended. Duran used minions, such as Jugger, to search for the Saiyans. Around the time of the Cell Games he could finally sense them and was astounded by the level of power he felt. Saiyans had once again reached levels of power nearing their former glory.

Gohan's odyssey into space presented Duran with an opportunity to test the most powerful of the surviving Saiyans and see if the Kamalii traits were still there. Gohan's time spent in the Library allowed the Kai to observe him, and when Duran determined that Gohan carried the trait he handed over the Vengashi. Vegati and Cordatz's presences within the sword were the voices Gohan could hear in his mind during this time. Cordatz has overpowered Vegati within the sword, and his influence is aiding in Gohan's eventually transformation.

However, as we know, Gohan confronted Duran over the nature of the weapon and escaped. He returned to Earth without having succumbed to the effects, but soon Gohan begins to suffer from strange, mostly violent nightmares. These are imprints left by Vegati and Cordatz. Mostly the dreams reflect memories of either one of them as Gohan's subconscious interprets them; which is usually Gohan as one or the other. The last dream described in "Legacy" was of Gohan on Ora's moon from Cordatz's perspective.

The World Tournament and Buu's Revival

As we moved into the World Tournament and the Buu Saga, we were going to be seeing tons of action. Jugger would have returned, just as in the original version, and there would have been more sparks flying between Vegeta and the other Z fighters. The World Tournament and early Buu chapters would have been the start of Vegeta's coming to terms with his place in the world and accepting the fact Gohan had surpassed him to points he may never reach.

There would also have been the beginnings of Gohan and Videl's romance after they spent so many chapters dancing around each other and so many misunderstandings.

Events throughout this portion very closely follow the original "Story of Gohan," but have several major divergences. Entering into Babadi's ship, Vegeta is seduced into power just as in the series, and violently kills Dabura before turning on the others. Gohan pits himself against the Prince in the World Tournament Arena as Goku continues on with the Supreme Kai. The fight between the two Saiyans quickly revives Buu before Goku is able to stop it (no thanks to magical trickery on Babadi's part). Goku engages Buu as a Super Saiyan Two, but the battle is one-sided as Buu's power continually rises to match his adversary.

Goku blasts Babadi's ship into oblivion to prevent the wizard from ordering Buu into destroying Earth. Gohan and Vegeta are still fighting when this happens, and Buu tears after them when Goku falls unconscious. Realizing his folly, Vegeta sheds himself of Babadi's manipulations, an act that amazes the Supreme Kai, and fights alongside Gohan in a two-on-one battle against Buu at the World Tournament. They are both winded, though, from battling one another and are unable to overcome the monster. In a bid to end it, Vegeta makes to sacrifice himself so that Gohan can transform to Super Saiyan Three, but Buu becomes bored by the fight and destroys the city in a flash, incapacitating the two Saiyans.

Earth Under Siege

With Goku missing and Gohan unconscious under the rubble from the World Tournament, the Supreme Kai finds a barely alive Vegeta and takes him to the World of the Kais for further training. Healed, Vegeta is taken to the Z Sword and he begins his mastery of the weapon.

Goku is the first to regain his senses, and believes both Gohan and Vegeta to be dead. With everyone now on the Lookout, he forms a plan with Piccolo to have the boys, Goten and Trunks, learn Fusion and perhaps stop Majin Buu. While the boys train, Goku flies off to stall Buu and collect the Dragonballs (he ends up playing a cat and mouse game around the Earth). When Buu manages to catch up, Goku fights him as a Super Saiyan Three. The battle boosts Buu to another higher level, but Goku escapes by promising him a better fight if he is patient. Goku had to leave shortly after, having expended the last of his energy.

Videl flies down to Earth, now Buu's playground, to find Gohan who she believes is still alive. While her father begins bumbling around trying to stop Buu on his own, and inadvertently become his friend, Videl finds Gohan crawling out of the rubble and takes him back. Back on his feet, Gohan decides to use the Time Chamber to train and increase his power further before confronting a now much more powerful Buu. Gohan fears returning to the fight now many result in another stalemate even if he fights at his maximum power. Videl forces him to take her with, and the two enter.

Vegeta meanwhile has had enough of the Kais who watch over him and snaps the Z Sword with his bare hands to prove a point. Doing so releases the Elder Kai from his imprisonment by Duran and he offers to increase Vegeta's powers significantly for their battle with Buu. They begin the twelve hour ritual, much to the Prince's chagrin.

Buu undergoes his inner conflict soon. He splits into his powerful evil half and weaker good half, and after a devastating fight in a ruined city, Evil Buu absorbs the good half and becomes even more powerful than before. After a short killing spree, he senses Piccolo and the boys, and heads to the Lookout. The boys perform a Fusion as Super Saiyans, and Gotenks proves to be very powerful, but they don't last long and Buu eats them all, absorbing the powers of the stronger ones. Munching on Z candies, Buu senses the greater power of Vegeta and a disembodied Gohan somewhere in the universe and decides to wait.

Goku arrives on the World of the Kais to observe the completion of Vegeta's ritual and the effects it has. Though Vegeta is enraged to lose the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan, he does marvel at the depths of power he now has access to, and is taken back to Earth with a new set of traditional Saiyan armor. Here Vegeta is shocked at the destruction Buu has caused and quickly heads to the Lookout. Instead of finding his family, Vegeta finds Buu lying in wait. They begin their duel.

Nearly to the end of their year together, a very close Gohan and Videl prepare to exit the Time Chamber. Gohan's senses have progressed to new levels, and he is able to perceive the powers in their home dimension despite the difference in time progression. He knows something horrible is happening beyond the door.

Buu's fight against Vegeta is not going well. The Saiyan's increase in power is far greater than Buu had realized at first, so using Piccolo's intellect Buu begins to wage psychological warfare on the Saiyan Prince and maneuver him into a position to be absorbed. He tricks Vegeta into wasting large amounts of power on futile attacks meant to vaporize the monster, but Buu regenerates each time. Using these tactics, Buu levels the playing field and reengages Vegeta in an all out fist fight. Goku, given a new life by the Elder Kai, returns to Earth to assist Vegeta, but Buu is aware of the Super Saiyan Three form's weakness from Piccolo, and prolongs the battle as long as possible to burn through Goku's energy.

Just as all seems lost for the two Saiyans, Gohan emerges from the Time Chamber as a Super Saiyan Three, having mastered the form. He instantly turns the tide, but not before Buu inflicts a mortal wound on Vegeta. Goku and Gohan attempt to blast Buu into oblivion, but it is revealed to be a feint as Buu sneaks in behind them and absorbs Vegeta. Gohan makes ready to take on the Super Buu, but his enemy instead focuses his power into a single Big Bang. Goku grabs onto Gohan and Videl and uses instant transmission to return to the World of the Kais as Earth is ripped apart.

Kid Buu…

While Gohan believes he still holds the edge over Buu, it is not enough for a certain victory. The Elder Kai attempts to give them a pair of Fusion earrings to end the fight, but knowing that they could never separate after Gohan refuses (he could not give up his chance at a life with Videl). Goku and Gohan pursue Buu, who is destroying worlds one by one, and Goku tricks the monster into absorbing him. Unknown to Buu, Goku has shielded himself and sets about freeing their friends and family. Gohan meanwhile continues the battle, matching Buu for every blow but biding his time. This last only so long until the Vegeta in Buu presses the battle. Gohan begins to lose power fending off planet-destroying attacks, and is forced to use instant transmission several times to escape only to doom the next world he arrives on. After trying to hold his ground, and suffering greatly for it, Gohan is whisked away by Kabitokai. Buu follows.

Gohan is unable to be healed before Buu teleports on to the World of the Kais. Videl instinctively intervenes, and she is murdered terribly in front of Gohan by Buu, just to torture the young man. The all or nothing brawl that follows wastes much of Gohan's power as he blindly tries to kill Buu and unleashes all of his rage. Completely exhausted, Gohan is struck down, dead, when Goku emerges from Buu with everyone in tow including Fat Buu. He hands a nearly dead Vegeta to Kabitokai to be healed, and helps Gohan whose spirit retains its physical form and is able to continue the battle. Buu undergoes his last transformation into the insane Kid Buu and begins his rampage anew. Goku, still drained from all the fighting, manages to take on their enemy for a brief time as Super Saiyan Three, but his reserves are spent without doing much good.

All else lost, Gohan resolves to end the creature with an explosion using his very life energy…

...and The Phoenix

…but a strange power appears and smites Buu right before the Z Fighters. It is a man, enveloped in a fiery silver aura with flaring platinum hair blood red eyes and wielding a black Vengashi. More than that, this man who calls himself Phoenix bears a striking resemblance to Gohan. He sees Gohan unconscious, and makes to kill him, but a healed Vegeta defends the fallen fighter and engages him. The battle is short, Phoenix proving far too powerful, but the silver man seems to question what he is doing and vanishes in the flash of instant transmission.

What comes after is a period of healing and discovery. Earth is revived by the Namekian Dragonballs and then so are its people. The Z Fighters, one at at time, come into contact with Phoenix who is wandering the planet in a sort of daze. Gohan, Goku and Vegeta's search for him, and matters become worse when Duran arrives with another Vengashi. Phoenix's behavior is erratic, but he calms whenever he is around Videl, who searches for him on her own despite Gohan's objections.

The chase around the Earth finally comes to an end in a stand off between Phoenix, Duran, Videl and Gohan. Phoenix knows who Duran is, and the Kai's presence enrages him. He kills Duran, takes the second Vengashi, and the sword drives him into a deeper insanity. He attacks Gohan, clearly outmatching him, but Phoenix stops short of killing the Saiyan when it becomes clear doing so will also kill Videl. Phoenix vanishes using instant transmission. Videl and Gohan decide to go after him together, and they leave before Goku and Vegeta arrive. Now, during the chase through the stars, Gohan and Videl begin to catch up to Phoenix with Goku and Vegeta trying their best to stay on their tail – all using instant transmission. It is during this exodus that they learn the truth.

Where He Came From

In an alternate timeline, Gohan sacrificed himself to end Majin Buu. Being already dead, Gohan's spirit went into a purgatory between heaven and the mortal world. He is reincarnated, but Gohan's resurrected form is not the same. He is returned to the mortal world transformed into a Kamalii, and the shock of the change twists his spirit and wipes all memories of his former life.

The reincarnated Gohan gradually begins to manifest his former abilities, including instant transmission, and randomly jumps from one point in the stars to another. Once again, he encounters Duran who sensed his return and searched him out. Knowing the truth, and taking advantage of the memory loss, Duran turns the Vengashi over and gives Gohan a new name: Phoenix. The sword begins to gradually accelerate Phoenix's Kamalii state, and in the process he begins to recover fragments of his past life. Duran attempts to pressure Phoenix into taking him to heaven, to the World of the Kais, so that he may use Phoenix to slaughter the Kais, but the pressure and stresses overwhelms Phoenix and he slays Duran.

Phoenix traveled to Earth, now years and years past the final battles with Buu, and wandered the planet. Goku, Vegeta and the others sensed his appearance, and one by one they all met him, but it was Videl's encounter that would shatter Phoenix's mind. The all recognized him, but their attempts to revive Gohan's memories and personality deeply offended Phoenix. He came to hate his past life, and even more when his growing feelings for Videl were not returned in full. She wanted Gohan back. That in combination with the Vengashi's influence put Phoenix through a psychotic break, and the defensive actions of Vegeta and then Goku sent him over the edge.

Phoenix killed the Z fighters, and though he tried to spare her, he killed Videl as well. The guilt further aggrevated his condition, and Phoenix went on a murderous spree. When all was done, he came across the ruins of Capsule Corp and Bulma's research into the time machine that, in an alternate timeline, served as Trunks' way to the past. Phoenix decided to use it to go back, and kill Gohan himself, not to only prove he was better than the other, but also hoping that the action would prevent him from ever being created and spare Phoenix his pain. He arrived at the end of the battle with Buu, killing the creature before it could rob him of his revenge.

Everything happens so fast afterwards that Phoenix is left confused. He is confronted by the very people he killed with his own two hands only a short time ago, at least from his perspective. The mixture of his guilt and rage prevent him from doing it all again, and he leaves the World of the Kais to return to Earth.

Phoenix relates his short history to Gohan and Videl on a strange alien world once they catch up to him. Though he is horrified by all of this, and the knowledge he may be destined to the fate of becoming a Kamalii, Gohan makes one last attempt to offer Phoenix peace and his help. Phoenix is too far gone, though. His Kamalii transformation has progressed nearly to its conclusion, and seeing Videl with Gohan only unbalances his further. He attacks Gohan, and they vanish in instant transmission without Videl. She is left there alone until Goku and Vegeta arrive, and they cannot sense where the two have gone.

The Battle Within the Sword

Phoenix has taken Gohan to heaven to prevent Videl from dying in their battle. Gohan tries to reason with him, but Phoenix succumbs to his rage and grief and attacks. The battle is entirely one sided. Gohan transforms himself to a Super Saiyan Three right at the onset, and continues to power up to his highest levels as Phoenix comes at him, but it is not enough. Phoenix is using the black Vengashi he arrived with, but the gray one he stole from Duran remains strapped to his back. Knowing that he will never be able to defeat Phoenix on his own, Gohan manages to steal the sword in order to make use of its power increasing abilities, but must fight the effects it has on him.

The battle begins to level out, but Phoenix still has more raw power to call upon, and his strength continues to increase from his Kamalii form. Their fight moves further into heaven, ravanging the worlds that exist in the clouds, and draws the attention of Kabitokai and the Elder Kai. They begin to call upon every warrior in heaven of great power to aid in the battle, but they are tossed aside as Phoenix continues to focus on Gohan. Goku and Vegeta arrive, with Videl, and power up to help.

Knowing the battle is hopeless, Gohan commits himself to an all-out attack using the Vengashi despite the icy pain it is racking his body with. Phoenix responds in kind, and the power struggle between the Super Saiyan and Kamalii begins to tear heaven apart. In a flash, Gohan is gone and only the Vengashi remains. Phoenix is ecstatic with his victory, but that is short lived as his wish that killing Gohan would also end his existence doesn't come true. Goku and Vegeta attack in renewed fury over the loss of Gohan, and Videl picks up the Vengashi.

Gohan, though, is not dead. Within the sword, Vegati has sensed the Saiyan's presence and used what power of his was left to bring Gohan inside. He tells Gohan about the Saiyan race's heritage, about the Super Saiyans of old, and about the dark secrets of the Kamalii transformation. Gohan in turn tells him about Phoenix and the second Vengashi. Cordatz, in his golden great ape form, stalks the two of them within the aether of the sword, and Vegati formulates a plan with Gohan. If the two of them, perhaps the most powerful Super Saiyan Threes to ever live, can stop Cordatz here, it will allow Vegati to empower Gohan fully through the sword and return him to the real world where he can defeat Phoenix.

Together, they face the Kamalii. The battle is terrifying, and Gohan fights with everything he has. During this, he can feel similarities to Cordatz and Phoenix. Beyond just their both being Kamalii. Gohan's mind reels as he also compares the feeling of those energies to his own. He joins with Vegati in a powerful energy attack to finally kill the charging Cordatz, and it is when the beam pierces the golden great ape, Gohan understands he has been fighting his ancestor.

Cordatz reverts to his normal Saiyan form as he dies within the sword. Vegati cradles his brother in his arms and cries. He never hated Cordatz, and he never could. Vegati loved his brother. He tells Gohan to return, and to use his power to end the nightmare his world faces. He also tells Gohan that if there is indeed another Vengashi that he will hear Gohan's voice, and then both blades will empower him.

Vegati also makes one final request of Gohan. It is impossible to save Phoenix's life, just as any Kamalii, but perhaps Gohan can save his soul.

The Climax

Gohan reappears before Videl and is fully healed. The Vengashi has turned a brilliant white, and Gohan's power levels surge to new heights. Goku and Vegeta stop in their charge, and Phoenix is dumbfounded. Only moments had passed for everyone on the outside. Gohan sternly tells everyone to back off, and he attacks.

Phoenix does his best to regain control of the fight, but Gohan's newfound power has surpassed him. He digs deeper for more power so that he can kill Gohan, and his Kamalii form begins to fluctuate. Gohan tries to think about Vegati's words to him, and what he meant by them. He senses Phoenix's power beginning to change, and knows that the last transformation is about to happen. Gohan tries to kill Phoenix before it occurs, but fails.

Now a golden Oozaru, Phoenix begins building up a massive energy charge in his mouth to release into heaven, and threatens to tear the afterlife apart. Gohan spies the dropped black Vengashi and seizes it. It burns his arm, and he pleads aloud to Vegati to help him now. The white Vengashi glows, Gohan's aura is split between silver and gold and he becomes deathly afraid of turning into a Kamalii in his attempt to stop one, but he prevails. The black Vengashi turns white as the Vegati within it responds to him and the twin Vengashis propel Gohan to a power that blinds those who are witnessing this.

Phoenix unleashes his attack. Gohan, now a being of nearly pure energy, blocks the attack. All of heaven and hell rocks with the clash, and those who had participated in the battle stand to the side to watch in amazement. Videl stays the closest, cheering for Gohan, and Vegeta lays one hand on Goku's shoulder to tell the man he should be proud no matter what may come.

Gohan wins. He drains the power of the swords and his body into a final push. He rockets forward, cutting through the deadly beam and stabs forward with the Vengashis. They pierce Phoenix's heart, and the Kamalii reverts. Gohan drops out of his Super Saiyan form and finds himself holding… himself. Just as he watched Vegati do with Cordatz. Phoenix, free of the Kamalii taint, cries and repents for all he has done now that his mind is clear. Gohan forgives him and tells Phoenix to rest. The body of Phoenix fades away as he finally dies.

The Elder Kai's Offer and Epilogue

Gohan has become something not seen in untold generations of Kais, and Kabitokai and the Elder Kai recognize him for it. The combination of his power, sensory ability and incorruptible heart make his the perfect candidate. The Elder Kai offer's Gohan the title of Kai and the responsibilities that come with it for when he finally passes on and returns to heaven. Gohan and Videl share a look, and he tells them he will consider it. The threat to the afterlife and all creation over, and Duran's evil legacy put to an end, everyone returns to Earth.

Gohan and Videl go on a walk, recount everything that has happened since they met, and how most normal people never do as much as a fraction in their whole lives. Yet somehow the two of them managed it together. Gohan, speaking straight from his heart, says that if they can do all that and never be apart, then they never should be. Videl asks if that was a proposal, but Gohan decides not to think about it this time and just kisses her.

Years later we find the Z fighters and their families at the largest gathering ever made. Everyone from the first years to the present is together and celebrating their friendships. Gohan and Videl arrive with their daughter, Pan, via instant transmission. Everyone is having a good time, and remembering their adventures together. Grandpa Goku and Grandma Chichi descend upon poor Pan. Gohan stands off to the side for a moment, just to watch everyone. He is tapped on the shoulder, and Gohan turns around to find the Elder Kai there. He compliments Gohan on the happiness he has found, and asks him if he has considered the Kai's offer.

Gohan smiles, and says he'll think about it.

Author's Note, Continued:

I'm sorry I couldn't finish this. No doubt many of you read the above and, perhaps, salivated at the thought of reading about these battles and tales in full description, but it isn't to be. There was so much more to do, and I wish I could have gotten around to it. I suppose I should stop apologizing.

I hope you enjoyed the outline, and take care.

If you happen to have questions on a part of the story or some of the details of the plot, feel free to leave it in a review or message and I may throw up a Q&A follow-up.