Title: A Mother's Love
Author: LupinLovesTonks
Rated: K+
Disclaimer: HP and all related characters are trademarks of JK Rowling. No animals were harmed in the writing of this fic. No profit is made from this fic and is intended strictly for entertainment purposes. Any similarities to actual people or events are strictly a coincidence.
Summary: He was shy but with an underlining confidence that shined from his amber eyes. Ever wonder why Remus isn't like the other werewolves?
An: Some minor tweak age is occurring due to HBP. Nothing major just a few added in details.
She was unconventional. Her tousled light brown hair flared about her head like a halo. Mud covered her jeans and part of her shirt that featured Buddy Holly and The Crickets. Around her neck were several beaded necklaces with various charms on them. She was young, carefree, and the model of what the school feared the most… hippies.

He, however, was modest and very conventional. It was rare to see him in anything less than a neatly pressed and starched tweed suit, with stiff-legged slacks, and his tie neatly done. Even in the summers he never even unbuttoned the tweed coat, much less took it off. In spite of being one of the younger professors, he was regarded as being one of the "oldest" in mind.

She actually loved his constant reservations in himself, to her that meant the part of him that wasn't conventional could easily be drawn out when no one else was looking. And though he most likely wouldn't admit it, her constant flirtation and the fact she didn't pick on his conventional demeanour, often made him want to kiss her, what he assumed to be, soft lips.

She reminded him of a nymph in her brightly coloured clothing and skirts that whirled and twirled around her as she walked.

He had tutored her for about two months, until she could "get" one of the topics in her chemistry class, which she occasionally referred to as "Muggle Potions," though it had been some time before he found out what she meant by it.

She became his obsession during those two months. He went to near extremes just to get close enough to her to catch the tiniest whiff of her soft, flowery scent.

For two months, the two had been seemingly inseparable. None of the other students minded really, because during those two months, he had seemed to teach with a new drive and passion for his subject. The other teachers didn't notice because they were too busy with their own subjects, and besides, who would ever suspect stuffy and conventional Professor John Lupin, Head of the English-Literature Department, of going on a whim and actually falling in love with a student?

Especially one as outlandish and unconventional as Brigand Corvine.

But, as often happens with tutoring, Brigand finally got a good grasp of her subject and she stopped arranging the lessons with him. However, that didn't stop him from actively trying to learn more about her. In any of his spare time he tried to find some way to make her part of it. He went as far as to invite her to a family gathering of his.

His mother adored her, referring to her as being his "star pupil" and informing Brigand about how he often bragged about her "special abilities". That, of course being the fact she was a witch. An honest to goodness, real witch.

"Ah yes," his mother had hummed. "I warrant she went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?" Her son was taken aback for a moment but nodded. "It was mentioned in some old Lupin documents, it's part of your heritage you know John. Let me tell you something Brigand, there has not been a magical Lupin since the late 1600's. They were one of the most revered, and rather feared families in the wizarding world. It's said a curse was put on the family and the ability just went away."

"Mother --" John had whispered, hoping not to offend his favoured student.

"Shush John," his mother had grinned. "I can tell you're wanting to ask why they were feared? Because the Lupin's or Lupine's rather, were a pack of werewolves. They weren't necessarily Dark Wizards persay just rather nasty tempered ones. The curse that took away the magic must have humbled the later generations somehow because I have never met a member of the family with the nasty temper." Her eyes shifted to the side slightly. "Except for John's sisters of course, I honesty don't know where I went wrong them."

John had looked at his pupil and found that she was hanging on every word with a gentle smile on her lips. He almost regretted informing the two women that he had to get back to the university.

They had walked back slowly, taking in the beauty of the scenery. For once the hour before sunset as clear and with a gentle breeze made the trees hum with a whispered song. It was almost an ideal situation for the professor to do what he had been hoping to do.

He had been hoping to finally be able to kiss those lips that haunted his dreams and spare time. He had finally worked up an unconventional nerve and decided he could take the torment no longer. It didn't matter to him that he was nearly fifteen years her senior, that she was his student, nothing mattered to him other than the possibility that she would return the affection.

He had pulled her to a stop close to the science building, which was furthest from the critical eyes of the school governors. She looked up at him with a bright smile of adoration. Part of him was beginning to lose its nerve at the trusting look on her face.

"Brigand, I… I thank you for accompanying me today," he said nervously.

"You're welcome Professor Lupin," she said gently.

He secretly wished something would happen to let him know if what he wanted to do was wrong of right. His hand rested on her arm carefully.

"No, Brigand, you have no idea how much I appreciated it. My sisters often say I am a rather boring person and it was a bit of a kick in the face for them to find out I had a student that enjoyed my lessons."

He gave her a weak smile; she flushed slightly and looked down at her feet for a moment then looked back up at him. "Are you going to kiss me professor or do I have to be the one to kiss you?"

He looked taken aback for a moment, something that was common when Brigand Corvine was around. Slowly, he started to lean down to comply with her wishes, but just before he was able, a loud ringing emitted from the science building.

The two of them moved apart quickly as the front doors burst open and about five students came running out whooping with excitement. Shortly thereafter, a flood of rabbits, white rats, and several other animals came from the building.

"Grab her Professor Lupin!" a voice rang out. The dean of students was running their way. "We have got her this time, there is no way out for her this time. And no amount of begging will work Miss Corvine, this time you will be expelled."


Of all the things she could have gotten kicked out of the university, she ended up getting kicked out for the one thing she didn't do. The trial against the school governors was a mockery of justice; Professor Lupin hadn't even been allowed to say anything in her defences other than a few words.

But his words had fallen on deaf ears, the dean had been trying to expel her since she first started so what did it matter?

About an hour later, after tidying herself up a bit, she had showed up at Professor Lupin's office…

"Professor Lupin?" She pushed the door open and tiptoed into his office.

He was sitting in a high backed chair with a scotch in his hand and gazing, unblinking, at a painting of a fireplace with a fire going in it. Unlike the paintings and photos in her world, his picture did not move or have any sort of life to it other than what the artist gave with his fine brush strokes.

"I have failed you Brigand," he sighed heavily and continued staring at the painting. "Or rather, I feel I have."

She quietly closed the door and walked over to him, then placed a hand upon his shoulder. "You didn't. Besides, I was getting bored with all the Muggle stuff and not being able to use my magic. At least I know what you really think of me now. What was that you called me? The model of what all people, students and professors alike, should strive to be?"

He gave a small smile. "Brie, I have been teaching for nearly six years at this place. I used to detest it. Then you came and reminded me of what it meant to be young again. And that was inspiring. You were truly a breath of fresh and pure air in this place of dusty despair. I meant every word I said. You're confident, you're bold, and you have no fear of what others think of any of your moves. And that is what we need."

"All of them or just you Professor?"

She lightly flicked a bit of the dark hair that had escaped his usually tidy and well kept hair. Even though John Lupin was nearly fifteen years her senior, no man her own age had ever made her heart beat as fast as he did. No wizard had ever captured her magical eyes the way he had. This simple, Muggle man had a brand of magic all his own that ensnared her senses since about the second day he started tutoring her on her chemistry.

Which was why she had stopped the lessons, she no longer wanted to tempt herself to do something foolish.

Did she dare to walk away that day without ever letting him know how he made her feel desired and intelligent and a worthwhile being? Of course not, she had been "confident and bold and fearless" and made a move. He had been tentative at first, but with her constant reassurance that it wouldn't matter since she was no longer a student, love ended up blossoming between the two.

Discovering a somewhat unplanned creation of life, some months later, and the two hastily got married to avoid any further raised eyebrows from society. Being a prominent professor meant John had to portray a certain image. Though being with an expelled student arose enough questions, having a child outside of wedlock would definitely get him fired in that day and age.

She had been entrusted with a Lupin family heirloom the day of their wedding, Mrs. Lupin had daughters, but felt none of them would treasure the heirloom the way Brie would since "she was a witch and could appreciate its ancient magic." Brie had been the envy of her sisters-in-laws due to the fact they all wanted said heirloom but only to sell it off for its value in gold.

Six months later, Brigand Corvine-Lupin held the small body of her newborn son in her arms. He was single-handed the most beautiful and purest thing she had ever seen with her magical eyes.

"He's perfect John," she had whispered, tracing a finger over the tiny hands and feet. "You said Remus correct? In memory of your father?" Her husband nodded gently before lightly kissing the top of her head. She grinned. "Welcome to existence Remus John Lupin. We're happy to have you here."