Title: A Mother's Love
Author: LupinLovesTonks
Rated: K+
Disclaimer: HP and all related characters are trademarks of JK Rowling. No animals were harmed in the writing of this fic. No profit is made from this fic and is intended strictly for entertainment purposes. Any similarities to actual people or events are strictly a coincidence.
Summary: He was shy but with an underlining confidence that shined from his amber eyes. Ever wonder why Remus isn't like the other werewolves?
Chapter Four
It happened quickly and very unexpectedly, for Remus it had come right as he was reaching the happiest he'd ever been in his life, just before he was about to return back to school for his third year. For Brigand, it had come all too unexpectedly.

One day he had been laughing and the two of them had been dancing in the kitchen, laughter on all three of their faces. The next day he had taken an abrupt turn for the worst…

Remus smiled at his father across the table, over breakfast. His father gave a gentle smile in return. In spite of having a rather cryptic week that seemed like a long drawn out goodbye, before Remus was to return to school, the three of them had shared the previous night in laughter and celebration. Of what, they really weren't sure but his mother and father had danced about the kitchen happily and then drug Remus into the celebrations.

However, the morning after the exertions, his father was deathly pale and slow to move as he sat down at the table. He had clutched the chair so tightly that his knuckles had turned white until he had plopped down into the chair.

"Dad, are you going to be all right?" Remus asked unsurely as he father started coughing.

"Fine, Remus," his father managed before being caught up in another round of ragged coughs into his breakfast napkin.

Remus inhaled deeply as a scent tickled his nose. "You're bleeding Da," he said hollowly. "I can smell it Da so don't pretend."

"Just don't let your mother know, she'll worry and it's nothing Remus…" John Lupin gave a few hard exhalations before beginning to cough again.

"Mum! Dad's bleeding!"

Almost instantly his mother was in the kitchen. Remus watched as his father tried to brush her off and unconvincingly tell her he was fine. Suddenly his father started gasping for breath and then collapsed to the floor.

"John. John?" she called loudly. His mother had tried doing several spells to make his father wake up without any avail.

It was nearly half an hour before the Muggle medics arrived, by then they had known that John Lupin wasn't going to be waking up again. Remus just stood there watching his mother cradle his father in her arms, sobbing and continuously trying to do spells to bring him back to consciousness until her wand tumbled from her fingers.

Remus could feel his mind whirling around from the intoxicating smell of blood. He could feel himself beginning to shake and his mouth began filling with saliva. His vision went blurry and he felt his knees give out beneath him just before he blacked out.


Brie looked back and forth between her husband and her son. She picked up her wand and used it to pull her convulsing son closer. She lightly slapped the side of his face. "Remus… Remus." She raised her head as she heard sirens outside and tucked her wand away. Once the medics came in they looked at the scene before them in a confused manner.

"My husband… he… he…" she couldn't bring herself to say it. "My son just panicked and went into a fit. Take my husband please, help him please, I can calm my son."

Once they got her husband to where they could check him over they looked at her. "Miss did you know what he was suffering from?"

She shook her head. "All I know is that he has been ill for some time. He's had it for about two or three years really." She looked down at Remus and stroked his face lovingly. "He had several treatments and none of them helped and some he didn't want. I think I know what he had but he would never tell me yes or no just that it was his asthma."

"Well, miss, we're going to have to test yourself and your son to make sure he didn't infect you with it as well… From the looks of this, it was tuberculosis. We'll check his records and see what the doctors have put down for him."

Brie nodded mutely and continued gazing down at her only source of comfort that remained. Should she tell him the truth about what happened or perhaps make him forget? She shook her head at the last option. Remus was always more appreciative of truth no matter what the circumstances.

As she gazed down at him, she frowned slightly. The smell of blood had never caused him to go into fits before. And she somehow doubted that The Ministry would know anything about the sudden change since they were all learning as they went along with Remus. As the medics were taking her husband from the house, Remus started regaining his consciousness.

"Mum," Remus said weakly. "Is Da all right?"

"Shh," she whispered in response. "We'll talk about that later. You and I have to go with one of the bobbies to the hospital okay." Remus managed a weak nod. "Are you all right Remus? You gave Mummy a bit of a fright there." Remus gave another nod. "Come on, we have to be going."


"It was advanced tuberculosis, Mrs. Lupin. And the tests on you and your son are clear," the doctor explained.

Brie pet Remus' head, where it lay on her shoulder. The poor boy was still deathly pale from his transformation the night before and so the doctor was eyeing him speculatively, as if looking for some indication that the boy was in fact infected with some sort of abnormal illness.

"Anything else?" Brie said, bring the doctor's attention back to her instead of Remus.

"Yes, actually. We would like to run some extra tests on your son. When we checked for the TB he was fine but the blood tests were very abnormal. We just want to make sure it's not something that would require medications to keep him out of pain or--"

"He's fine," she said sharply. "There's nothing abnormal about him. We've had it checked by other doctors and he's fine. He's just special."

"That's just the thing Mrs. Lupin. You and your husband have very detailed records. We have absolutely nothing for your son. Not even an ear infection or a fever since he was four years old."

Brie was about to open her mouth to speak but Remus gave an almost bitter laugh. "What can I say," Remus said with a raspy voice. "I am abnormally healthy. In fact, one would probably be safe to assume I'm as healthy as a wolf."

The doctor looked at him unsurely. "I suppose you could say that."

Brie whisked her wand from the back of her jeans and pointed it at the doctor. "I'm sure if you redid the tests you would find that you are simply in error and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my son's blood tests. High iron count I suppose but nothing else."

The doctor sputtered for a moment. Brie simply barked out, "Obliviate!"

She grasped Remus' hand and practically drug him down the corridors of the hospital, she quickly hid her wand until they managed to make it outside. "We can't exactly take flight in the middle of London," she muttered.

"Mum," Remus said, his voice clear and strong. She turned and looked at him. "Can you make me forget seeing Da die?"

Her eyes softened. "What did I tell you the morning after your first transformation Remus?" He shrugged. "I told you that our hardest moments and most painful moments are what make us who we are. If I Obliviate that from your mind I will be taking away an important part of the man you will become one day."

"Can you make me forget going into the fit?"

"Of course I can, it's just a matter of whether I will. And should you ask if I will, my answer will be 'no'. One day, Remus, you will thank me because it will make you stronger."

She could tell he wanted to argue with her, but he held his tongue. "The answer is no Remus," she said with a little more authority. "Obliviation is a low grade of lying. If I make you forget, I am lying to you, and even worse I am making you believe the lies."


The funeral took place two days before Remus was to return to school. It had been a pleasant day, over all, with a slight fog hanging in the early morning air. Remus had kept his arm around her waist protectively, gazing at his fellow family members as if challenging them to pose some sort of threat to them. Brie had her arm around Remus' shoulders, gazing blankly at the ornate coffin that had her husband's body in it.

This was the first Muggle funeral she had ever been to. If anything, the Muggles made the ordeal entirely too cryptic. There was no laughter and smiles like wizard funerals had. They saw it as an end, but wizards mourned and remembered the happier times.

Two rather sour-faced young women that Brie recognized as John's sisters flanked her mother-in-law. The old woman was sobbing uncontrollably and all the two girls could do was sneer and roll their eyes. She chanced a glance down at Remus and noticed his eyes were fixed on his aunt's.

Once the crowd had begun to disperse, droves of professors and students shook her hand expressing their sorrow for her and Remus' lose. Finally it was just the Lupin family that remained. Mrs. Lupin made her way over and hugged her tightly.

"Oh Brigand, my dear Brigand," the woman said breathlessly. "Is there magic to bring my son back? Please, Brigand, I don't know if I can live knowing that my youngest son is… is…"

"There is magic that could bring him back but, Mother, I wouldn't do that. He would be a dark being if I did that, and besides, he's… on the other side of the veil now. Bringing him back would be punishment and he doesn't deserve to be punished."

The old woman gazed at her with teary eyes and smiled with understanding. And then hugged Remus.

"So, what next? Going to kill our mother so you can get the entire Lupin family fortune?" one of the sisters snapped angrily. "I'm sure you could come up with some spell to make it look like mother was sick as well."

"That's enough Sharon," Mrs. Lupin barked.

"It's peculiar isn't it Mother? John never once was in a circumstance in which he could get it and yet he did."

The older woman growled deeply. "Mark my words girls, Sharon and Felicity, if you speak one more ill word against Brigand, you will regret it."

The two girls sneered slightly and made no further comments. Mrs. Lupin gave her grandson a kiss on the forehead and held his face between her hands.

"You look so much like your mum but act so much like your dad." She hugged the boy warmly. "And that's the immortality of John Lupin." She whispered something to Remus that made him grin broadly. Brie raised an eyebrow and her mother-in-law gave her a light smile. "You will know one day, Brigand. But I have to let my two wardens get me home before they burst out of their stockings."

Both of the Lupin daughters gave a slight scoff. The eldest of the two, Felicity, led her mother off. Sharon however, put her delicate black-gloved hands on her hips.

"Now that John is dead, keep you evil ways away from my mother," the woman snapped. She grasped the ankh that was around Brie's neck and gave it a sharp yank.

Brie was thrown off balance for a moment but the necklace didn't even make the slight sign on breaking, even as the woman continued to yank harder. Before Brie could do it, another hand grasped the woman's wrist. She turned slightly and saw that it was Remus that was so firmly grabbing Sharon's wrist. The look in his eyes was one of danger.

"Kindly remove your hand from my mother," Remus growled deeply.

Sharon released the charm and Remus released her in turn. Brie pulled Remus close.

"One thing you should remember Sharon. This charm was given to me by your mother, and it's magic is only active for the Lupin that passes it to her daughter. Perhaps if you had treated her more like a daughter would treat a mother instead of making her a prisoner in her own home, she would feel you were her daughter instead of her warden," Brie said calmly. "Good day."

She turned then her and Remus walked calmly way from what remained of the funeral behind.