A/N: Hello. I've noticed something about this story. I just can't keep my mind made up. This is my introduction. My all mighty introduction. First let me tell you something. If you already know I had problems with deciding on Mercury's destination. Thanks to a few reviews she was sent to she was sent to the Gundam World, but now something else has come upon me. Sailor Mars will be sent to the Cardcaptor world. I love the ronin warriors to death its just its kinda hard corrupting that show. Well adding stuff. I mean there's already a fire armor and I just can't see how to fit her in and stuff. I don't want to do anything already done, so I'm sending her to the Cardcaptor world. This was my decision and Rackso's (Who I thank dearly for helping)

Also another brief note. I've kinda changed Lita's first chapter around. Its explained in the chapter itself. Nothing big. Don't worry on that one.
Now that I've told you that. I'm also going to add the explanation on how the chapter system works in this story. Its for your own good.
Remember five different stories. Six if you include their world and outers.
So here's how I'm going to do this. If the whole chapter is going to be on them it will look like this:
Ex: Serena's adventure: Chapter No.: Name of Chapter

Got it. If its going to be a mix from jumping from person to person to person like I did in Chapter three it will look like this:
Ex.:Chapter No.: Name of Chapter.
This goes for if I'm in their orginal world. The scouts world not their new ones. This is so if you just want to read just one person's adventure you can do it with ease.
I will NEVER go over to anyone else's world/adventure or anything if its title with the person's name. That's the reason why I did. So don't worry.

Also, even though I'm trying to keep them even and not have one ahead of the other. I just might have more of one person's adventure out than another, but please don't yell at me about 'You have more chapters of Lita than you do Amy! Why?' I'm only human and my I let my imgination run the show.

Am I boring you yet? I know I am. Just the disclaimer. I'm taking it out of the first chapter. So well here goes. I do not own Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Cardcaptors, Digimon, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Dragonball Z. If I did I be one rich as 15-year-old and would be swimming in money rather then writing this fic right now.

My all-mighty introduction

Your about to enter a world like no other. Where five young women, all of whom shared a similar destiny, take new paths. Different from the others.
Sent to five different worlds to live five completly different lives.

The question. Will they see each other and their orginal home again?