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Chapter 7 Showdown

The land was dry and void of water. Sand blew in the form of small tornadoes. This seem to be what was the area for miles and this being such a land was of course void of people. Nothing seem to disturb the land.

That all changed when a black portal seem to appear in the sky. The blackest seem to be endless as it swirled in a clockwise circle. Almost like a blackhole, but this blackhole didn't suck up the whole land and destroy this world, instead, it spit out four figures and they fell to the ground. Not aware of the hole being so far up, the figures all crashed into the sand. Seconds later a couple of bags and two cats fell from the hole and landed around the four.

And like they were Gods of the blackhole, two figures floated out of it and grinned at each other. Both were wearing purple pants and yellow vest, but one was fat with charcoal skin and the other was thin with pink skin.

"YOU!" Amara exclaimed and pointed at the two floating in the sky. Their grins were replace with looks of fear. Amara pulled herself to her feet and continued to glare. "I should kill both of you for that stunt."

They nodded and landed on the ground. They knew she couldn't kill them, but then they also knew that when they got these four saviors of the world back to their dimension she probably would. She seem to hold grudges.

"How many times have I told you not to do that?" Amara scolded. "We could have been over rushing traffic for all you know!"

"Like we were last time." Artemis added.

Michelle and Trista sighed. They had remembered that time. The two lovely twins from the negaverse decided it was a good idea to make the portal appear from the sky and the four outers and two mooncats went crashing into rushing traffic. If it hadn't been for Sailor Saturn's silence wall they would have all been pretty much dead now.

"We're sorry!" the two chorused.

"It was all Gavin's idea!" Orson told pointing at his thin twin brother.

Gavin glared at his brother. "Squealer."

"So where are we?" Hotaru asked, changing the subject before Amara decided to kill their 'travel agents'.

"Well its some kind of desert." Trista made note of.

"Oh great!" Artemis sighed. "You guys put us right in the middle of nowhere."

"At least you won't go thirsty." Michelle assured. "We've got plenty of water."

After giving her a stare, Amara shook her head and didn't bother continue that subject. They gathered their bags and started walking.

"So ladies and gentlemen," Hotaru started, "If there's a inner in this world, who do you think it would be?"

"Hotaru, why do you ask us that question everytime we enter a new dimension?" Luna wondered.

Hotaru shrugged. "I don't know. Just wondering. I mean who would really fit well in this place."

"Let us actually see the land and the people and we'll tell you." Amara answered. "Kay?"

"Sounds fair."

They continued walking for awhile and with each step they became even more tired. Amara had to start carrying Hotaru due to her lack of physical strength and Luna and Artemis stole a ride on Trista and Michelle's shoulders.

"Hey, Michelle?" Gavin called.

Michelle turned her head to look at him. "Hmm?"

"Would you mind at all carrying me?"

Michelle blinked at him and said nothing as she turned to face forward. Gavin then received a death glare from Amara and decided against asking Trista.

Trista squinted through the wind and grinned when she saw something she thought they'd never see. "There's a town just up ahead. We should be there soon." she explained. Everyone sighed and picked up their pace.

The town was old kind of western style looking. In fact the whole place even the people were dress like something from a western movie.

"I think we've fallen into the wild wild west." Hotaru said.

"Luna, Artemis, remember." Trista reminded.

"Yeah, yeah." Artemis muttered. "No talking."

"Yeah, we don't want to give anymore people heart attacks." Amara remembered and chuckled.

"That poor old man. That wasn't funny." Michelle replied.

"Hey look!" Orson exclaimed. "There's a place where we can get something to drink." He pointed at the place with the word 'Saloon' painted on it.

"Good, I'm thirsty." Amara sighed. She walked up the steps to the saloon and pushed opened the swinging doors. She stepped in with the others behind and when the whole gang had entered the place, each and every eye was cast to them.

"Why are they staring at us?" Hotaru wondered, whispering into Amara's ear.

Amara shrugged. "It could because we've got a large black monster and a pink stick walking with us."

"That's nonsense." Trista countered. "Its probably because our clothes don't look like there's. We are wearing more modern clothes as to their western style attire."

Amara and Hotaru gave Trista unblinkible stares. "I think I'll go with Amara's theory." Hotaru accepted.

"Shall we enter and just ignore the stares?" Michelle suggested and walked up to the bar.

The others exchange a glance before walking to the bar as well. Amara let Hotaru slid off her back and took a seat next to Michelle. Hotaru sat next to her and Trista sat on Michelle's other side. Luna and Artemis jumped down the floor and Gavin and Orson sat next to Trista.

The bartender walked up to the group and tossed his rag over his shoulder. "Ugh...hi, what can I get'cha?"

"How about-" Amara began, but was cut off by a voice clearing his throat.

"Excuse me?" came a nervous voice. He lightly trapped Michelle on the arm and blushed when she turned around.

"Yes?" she replied, sweetly and smiled.

He blushed again more furisously than before and looked at the ground. "I was wondering if I could treat you to a drink?"

"Uh-oh." chirped Hotaru and she shared a glance with Trista and they both looked at the slightly annoyed Amara.

Michelle smiled again, this one more filled with pity for the man. "Oh, no, that's okay."

"Are you sure? Because I've got lot's of money, if you thought I didn't."

"That's not it at all." Michelle replied.

"You don't have to go out with me or anything. Just a drink."

"She said 'no'. Now go away." Amara muttered not turning around.

The man's expression turned from nervous to angry in less than a few seconds. "Hey, why don't you mine your own business, buddy!" he grabbed Amara's shoulder and swung her around.

"I'm not your buddy." She replied, much more calm than the man.

"Well, keep up that attitude and I'll have to teach you something."

Amara gave that Amara smirk and Michelle knew trouble was about to start. "I'd like to see that."

"Well, then!" with that he balled up his fist and swung at Amara. She simply leaned her head to the side dodging the punch. He swung again, but this time she blocked his punch and squeezed his hand. With his other hand, which Amara was ignoring he picked up a bottle.

"Hey, that's not very nice!" exclaimed Gavin. The man was hit upside the head with a bottle and fell to the ground with Gavin behind him. He saw the look Amara was giving him and smiled sheepishly. "He had a bottle in his hand."

"Hmm." Amara shrugged and turned around.

A chair collided with Gavin's back and he fell forward. A man was standing behind him glaring.

"Stupid beast."

"Hey, now." Hotaru yelled. "That wasn't nice! He didn't do anything to you."

"Shut-up, little girl, before I put you in your place."

Amara made a noise that showed she was very much pissed. She spun around in her chair, but before she could do anything, Orson picked up the man, held him in the air and slammed him on a table. "Nobody messes with my brother and picks on my friends!"

"Get the monster!" cried a random man.

Half the people in the bar jumped up with bottles and chairs and went after Orson. When Gavin had risen they started going after them both.

"Maybe we should help them." thought Michelle.

Amara looked at her and jumped out of her seat. "They can take care of themselves." she assured.

"Well, if you think so." Michelle replied. She leaned back and the four outers and two moon cats watched the bar fight.

This was the scene the sheriff saw when he entered the room. He was wearing a white cowboy style hat over his brown hair had a white trench coat on with a sheriff's badge pinned to it. Behind him were several other men wearing white trench coats. They all carried shoguns in their hands.

The sheriff pulled his gun free from its hostel and lifted in the air. He pulled the trigger and everyone in the room stopped.

"What in God's name is going on in here!?" he didn't wait for an answer. "Everyone outside. Line up. You'll all spend the night in a cell. Maybe you'll calm down by tomorrow."

The room cleared out quickly minus the outers, who stayed in their seats and the twins, Gavin and Orson. The sheriff saw this and grew angry.

"Did you miss what I said?" he raged. "I said go outside."

"But we didn't do anything." admitted Hotaru.

"I didn't ask you kid. Go home before you get yourself in trouble."


"I said go home!"

"She's with us." Trista explained.

"Well she still needs to go home! You, though, you three will spend the night with the rest."

"But, like she said," Michelle began, "we didn't do anything."

"Patient isn't my virtue. So you'll either come quietly or I'll use force."

"Force, eh? Let's see this force of yours." she dared.

"Fine." three deputies entered and he gestured to the group. "They want force. Give them force."

He walked out and grinned when he heard the struggle. There was a crash, several bottles breaking, a snap, a yelp, a slam, and then quiet.

"Ahh," breath the sheriff. "that's doing your jobs. My deputies are fast and get the job done."

When he said that one of his deputies flew out of the bar, over his head, and skid a few feet when they landed on the ground. The sheriff frowned and turned around just in time to see the other two rolling down the steps moaning.

"What the hell?" he marched back into the saloon and saw the same thing he saw when he left. The outers were still sitting down and the twins were still standing around. "What did you do to my deputies!?"

"The cats went mad." Amara spoke in monotone. "They kicked their ass."

The sheriff looked down at Artemis and Luna. "Don't lie to me."

"Okay, fine. We beat them up." she explained.

The sheriff fumed and turned to Orson and Gavin. "You two are going to be in jail longer than a night."

"Wha...?" questioned Gavin. "We didn't do anything. She just told you they beat them up."

He looked at the four and turned back to them. "Don't lie."

"We're not lying. Tell them, Uranus, please?" begged Orson.

"Yeah, I admit it. I beat them up." Amara confessed. "No one else did anything."

"Well, since you want to be big and bad and take all the blame you can spend a night in a cell! The rest of you may go!" shouted the sheriff. He then pointed at Gavin and Orson. "Except you two, you were involved in the bar fight."

Amara shrugged and hopped off her stool. "I'll see you guys later." she waved and towards the exit.

"Amara, you aren't really going with him, are you?" Michelle asked.

Amara pushed the door and shrugged. "Yeah, its just for a night. Might be fun actually. Might find out some interesting things." with that she walked out followed by Orson and Gavin. Once the sheriff had left too the three remaining looked at one another and walked out.


Trista shook her head. "Well we better figure out how to get some money so we can get a place to stay."

"How about we capture one of these guys?" Hotaru suggested. She was standing on a bench that was just in front of the sheriff's office window. Next to her was a thick wad of paper stapled badly to the wall. On each page was a man that was wanted and had a price given for his capture.

Trista flipped through the papers and selected one at random. "How about Carl McCathy? It says here he's usually found in small towns."

"Or..or..this one!" Hotaru offered and handed Michelle the paper.

"Why this guy?"

"Because," Artemis whispered, "he's right behind you."

Michelle and Trista turned around at the same time and stared at the picture for a moment and stared at the man walking by. He had rugged bread just like in the picture. Brown hair, brown eyes, dressed in dirty looking clothes. They both nodded in agreement.

"Artemis follow him and tell us where he's staying. Meanwhile, we'll go work on getting some money for a hotel room." Trista thought.

"Gotcha." Artemis ran off tailing the man.

"So how do we get money?" Michelle pondered aloud.

After a few moments of thinking, Luna whispered something to Hotaru and the two creeped off leaving Trista and Michelle right where they stood.

"How about you play for the people?" Trista suggested.

"Just get me a place and let's hope it works."


Hotaru, holding Luna, walked aimlessly down the street looking at each person's face.

"He looks like the kind that would pay." Luna said and pointed to a blonde guy.

Hotaru ran up to the tall man and tugged at his jacket. "Hey, excuse me?"

The man looked around and then looked down. When he saw how short Hotaru was he kneeled. "Oh, hey are you lost? Want me to help you find your folks?"

Hotaru blinked, but decided to play along. She put on her best sad face and nodded. "Yes."

"I'm Vash, what's your name?"

"Hotaru, this is Luna."

"Well, Hotaru, let's go find your parents. Are you hungry?"


"Well, let's go get you something to eat."

The two began to walk when something very fast flew right in front of their faces. It pass through the nearby building and took out the whole place in a big explosion.

"Vash the Stampede!" shouted an angry man holding a bazooka. "You're mine."

"EEEP!" Vash yelped and handed Hotaru a handful of money. "Hey, ugh, could you run off that way? I'll try to find you when I get done with this then we can find your parents." He ran off with the man on his tail.

Hotaru and Luna stared at the handful of money. "Wow...that was kinda easy."

"Hotaru, I think he's in trouble." Luna said. "Maybe you should help him."

"Okay!" Hotaru darted off into an alley and pulled out her transforming stick. "Saturn Crystal Power!"


"I thought you were watching her!" Michelle screamed.

"No, I wasn't watching her." Trista replied a bit more calm. "Luna was watching her."

"Luna's gone too!" Michelle took a few deep breaths. "We can solve this! We can find her! It can't be that hard."

Trista could only shrug. "Hotaru!" she called and walked in random direction. "You take the other way. We'll meet back here in an hour."

"Okay." Michelle agreed and ran the other way. "Hotaru!"


Vash stepped to the side allowing the big mean guy with the bazooka to fire at another building. "Hey, why don't you stop all this useless violence!? We need to practice Love and Peace!"

"You're worth sixty billion double dollars, I don't give a hoot about Love and I sure don't care for any Peace." replied his attacker.

Vash frowned. "Well, you suck!"

"Yeah, well I may suck, but I'm gonna have lots of money, so who cares!?" he fired again, Vash dodge. He then saw where it was heading. A little girl with a very large knife was standing in the way. She held up her weapon and the missile blew up right in her face.

"Wow, that was a neat trick." Vash muttered staring in awe along with everyone else on the block that hadn't ran when the mad man with the bazooka showed up.

"He-hey!" shouted Vash's attacker. "How did that little girl do that?"

"You got me on that one." said a random person.

"Yeah, so how DID you do that?" Vash asked smiling at the girl.

Saturn just blinked at them and then smacked herself on the side of the face. "Oh brother! I don't know! It just comes natural!"

"I wish stopping things would come natural to me." whined Vash. "That would help me keep things from getting destroy a whole a lot easier. So you want to teach me that!?"

Saturn just stared and then looked pass him. "HEY, what's that!?" she pointed at something behind him.

"Huh?" Vash turned around and Saturn ran. He turned back just in time to see her turn the corner. "HEY! That wasn't funny! You get back here!" he chased after her and his would-be attacker chased after him. "I just want help!"


Amara sat in the cell, quite bored. Here she thought she would learn something. Hear some news on anything unusual. Like magical girls popping up, but here she was doing nothing; hearing nothing on the inners. Maybe they weren't in here. Just like they weren't in the twenty-five other dimensions they had been to before hand. This, she noted and groaned, was starting to suck.

"Okay, heads or tails?" Orson asked.

That was another thing, the two dumb negaverse agents were just sitting on the floor playing stupid games like heads or tails and rock, paper, scissors. Maybe that's why jail sucked. No one ever did anything.

"Amara!" came a cheery, but out of breath voice. Amara turned to the barred window and saw Hotaru's or better yet, Sailor Saturn's head peeping through it.

Amara got up and walked to the window. "Hotaru? What are you doing? What's going on?"

"I just came to tell you that if you see Trista or Michelle, tell them I'm all right and I'll be by the saloon just as soon as I loose the guy in the red coat and the big, creepy guy with the bazooka that's chasing him." she jumped down and ran on her merry little way.

"Wha...?" came Amara's stunned voice. Guy in a red coat? Big, creepy guy with a bazooka? None of that sound too safe. She also knew that if Hotaru was trying to outrun these guys it wasn't going to last long for the girl was physically weak. "My little Hotaru's in trouble..."

"What?" asked Gavin from where he and Orson made a Tic-tac-toe board on the floor and were now playing.

"Uranus Crystal Power!" Amara commanded.

Gavin looked in that direction, but turned away until the light died down. When it did, several, actually everyone in the whole office was staring at her, but he and Orson were the only ones looking without the shocked expression.

"Hey what's going on?" Orson asked.

Uranus didn't answer, but instead pulled out her space sword. She cut at the bars, which fell off easily and ran out of the office, ignoring the deputies shouts for her to come back. Orson and Gavin decided to follow her.


Imagine, that you are Trista Meioh, and that you were searching for your lost adopted daughter in a dimension you're not from, and in a town you didn't know anything about with no money. Now, imagine being Trista Meioh seeing your adopted daughter run by and she was being chased by a guy in a red coat who was being chased and shot at by a guy with bazooka. Pretty strange, huh? To add to this, Sailor Uranus, who was suppose to be locked up, runs by with Gavin and Orson and was yelling something about 'her little Hotaru'.

Trista groaned. "Times like these, I wish I could freeze time." she sighed and out of the corner of her eye she saw a black cat. "What happen, Luna?"

"Oh, well, you see Hotaru decided to help the guy in the red coat and used her silence wall to stop one of the bazooka bullets, then he asked her how she did that. She faked him out and ran, he chased her, the guy with the bazooka chased him."

"Where does Amara come in?"

"Hotaru stopped by, said hi, and told her to tell you not to worry. She must have freaked and broke out."

Trista sighed again. "Times like this I wish I was at the gates of time."


"Hey, little girl, I just want your help!" Vash tried again. "I just can't have this guy blowing anything else up."

"I told you! It comes natural! I can't teach it to you!"

"I don't want to learn! I just want your help."

Saturn stopped and turned to him. Vash stopped just in front of her. "Hey, its Sailor Uranus!"

"Sailor who?" Vash questioned.

"Sailor Uranus!" Saturn answered and pointed.

"Hey!" Uranus called. She kicked the bazooka holding man in the back. "You stop trying to hurt my kid!"

"OOOOWWW!" cried the man. "You hit me with a heel!"

"Wow, gee, thanks." Vash thanked and shook Uranus hand. "Thank you so much!"

Uranus looked at him, then at his coat color. Vash was in trouble. Without a warning, Uranus flipped him over her shoulder and tossed him in a random direction. He flopped down at the feet of Michelle, who had came to all the noise.

"What's going on?" Michelle asked.

Vash looked up and smiled goofy. "You're so beautiful. Tell me you're real?"

Michelle smiled unsure at him and shrugged. She didn't know what else to do. Why were men always hitting on her?

"Hey, Michelle!" Hotaru greeted. "I have some money!"

"Where did you get money from?" Michelle wondered.

"From some guy..."

Vash looked up and stared at Saturn for a long time. "HEY! I gave you that money!"

Saturn's eyes widen. "How'd you know that?"

"Its kinda obvious. I mean you look like that little sweet girl with the cat except you're holding a large knife now."

Saturn blinked. "I guess...that makes sense."

Gavin and Orson arrived and looked around. "Can someone please tell us what in the negaverse is going on!?" Orson wailed. "I do really hate following Sailor Uranus around when she's in that 'protection mode'."

Trista rubbed her temples as she began to mumble things that only Luna heard. Luna decided that it was for the best that she only heard those things for several persons in this party would have been upset with the guardian of time if they had heard them. She also decided that she would keep them to herself and tell no one.

"So...now that we're all back together and Hotaru's up some cash, I say let's get a hotel room and grab a bite to eat." Gavin thought up.

"Although that's a good idea, I don't think we have enough money to do all of that." Michelle countered. "Let's go to the hotel and see if we even have enough for a room."

Sailor Uranus began to look around. "Hey, where are the bags?"

Trista and Michelle both stared blankly at nothing as they remember about the bags.

"I take it from your expressions you have the damnedest clue where our luggage is?" Uranus continued.

"Hotaru disappeared...it slipped my mind." Michelle explained.

Saturn shrugged. "What could they possibly want with a bunch of cloths?"

"And a very expensive violin..." Michelle added. "My very expensive violin..."

Uranus patted Michelle on the back and shook her head. "I told you not to bring it..."

"Hey, that violin got us lots of money when we needed it!" Michelle snapped back.

Saturn jumped in-between the two. "Hey, let's just go back to where we left the luggage. Maybe nobody even noticed it..."

To everyone's relief, Hotaru was right. When they got back to where they had left the luggage, it looked like it hadn't been touched. The large group sighed and started looking through it making sure everything was still there. That was when Michelle screamed and they all knew that everything was not there.

"I knew someone would steal it!" She cried.

"Well, we'll just have to get it back." replied Amara.

Gavin snorted. "This sucks."

"Majorly..." Hotaru added.


Artemis was taking a nice awarded rest on the top of some trash cans. He yawned and lifted his head to peep through the window just next to trash cans. Inside was the man he was ordered to follow. He now knew where this man lived and when he felt like going to report back to the others, he was going to. But right now, he lowered his head and closed his eyes, he knew if he went back now, something was going to be wrong. Something was always wrong. Luck was never on their side.

He grunted and licked his paw. "Must be those damn negaverse idiots. They're walking bad luck charms."

He continued to bath himself when a black cat jumped down from nowhere. It slowly turned to him and Artemis stared at its oversize large eyes. The cat meowed and then walked out of the alley. Artemis blinked a few times and continued with his bath.

"Ugliest damn cat I've ever seen," he commented, "Yep. That was one UGLY cat."

Finished with his bath he looked back inside and noticed that the man was getting ready to leave. Artemis jumped down and walked to the front of the house and waited for him to exit.


Trista dropped her bag on the bed. "One less thing to worry about," she said, "Now all we need to do is find Michelle's violin and start searching for the inners."

"Ya know with all that's been going on I almost forgot that's why we're here." Hotaru muttered.

"With all that's going on they better be here." Luna scowled. "I don't think I can stand another minute of this dimension traveling thing. Too much has happened and I'm ready to go home. Sleep in Serena's bed and drink milk till I can't drink anymore milk!"

"Hey, Luna, for once we're thinking the same thing." came a male voice.

The three occupants of the room turned to the window to see a white tomcat perched on the windowsill.

"So Artemis, what have you to report?" Trista asked.

"Oh, wow, I know where the guy lives, what he drinks, who he talks to. The guys a slob, but I've seen worst. So what have you all been up to?"

"Well, Hotaru managed to get some money from a total stranger. That's how we managed to get the room." Luna explained. "How'd you find us anyways?"

"I saw Hotaru in the window." Artemis said simply.


"So how should we do things?" Hotaru questioned.

"Well," Trista thought and sat down on the couch, "Uranus and Neptune will handle this man we're after. They'll gather the supplies once they've collected the reward. As for the rest of us. We should start searching. Asking as many people as possible if they've seen inners. After that we'll move on to the next city in the world."

"If the inners are here," Artemis interjected, "we should be able to find them. They can't keep themselves unnoticed in a short youma battle let alone stay unnoticed in a different dimension for such a long time."

"Let's hope so." Luna prayed.

"I wonder if they learned to use guns..." Hotaru idly wondered.

Everyone in the room slow cast their eyes on her giving her a strange look.


"Hey, Gavin, when do you think we'll be able to eat?" Orson questioned. He was sitting on the floor just next to the door of their hotel room.

Gavin was leaning against the wall just on the other side. He looked down at his brother and shrugged. "I don't know." he pulled out a coin and first looked at it. It wasn't a coin most people would recognize. He had swiped from a man some odd dimensions back and it had now become a little souvenir to him. On it was the face of a man holding a sword in one hand and pointing down at something with another. He flipped it over and looked at the back. The back was just a gate with what looked like fire burning below it. Something was written on it, but Gavin couldn't read it, so he just called it the 'hell coin'.

He put it on his thumb and flipped it in the air. He was still doing this when Michelle and Amara had arrived at the room thirty minutes later.

"Any luck?" Orson asked, looking up from his game of solitaire.

"None what so ever." Amara replied and entered the room.

Michelle followed her without saying a word. The door closed and Orson shook his head.

"Is Neptune still worked up about her violin being stolen? Jeez she can just get another one."

Gavin shrugged and pocketed his coin. "Who knows, maybe it was a magical violin or something. Maybe that's why people always gave her money when she played."

Orson thought deeply on that and finally said. "Ya know, you might be on to something there. I hope she finds it. It was feeding us."


Just inside the room, Trista went over the plan with Michelle and Amara.

"I guess it shouldn't take us long to get this guy." Amara spoke up, leaning against the wall. "We'll start searching as soon as we're done."

"All right," Trista said suddenly and stood up, "there's nothing left to discuss. We each have pictures and should be able to finish this town by tomorrow afternoon, maybe even sooner." She walked out with Hotaru and Luna trailing behind her.

"So are you ready?" asked Amara. "We'll go in our civilian cloths."

Michelle stood up and nodded. "Okay. Let's go!"

"You two ready?" Artemis asked impatient and jumped out the window. "Hurry up will ya. We'll miss him if you don't."

Amara nodded and jumped out of the window followed by Michelle.

"We could have just taken the stairs." Michelle commented as they landed in the alley.

Artemis huffed and ran. "Its a waste of time." she heard him say.


"Hey, Meryl did you hear about that weird event earlier today?" Milly Thompson asked.

Her shorter friend nodded. "Yeah, but do you really think a little girl stopped a bazooka rocket with her mind?"

Milly shrugged and smiled. "It could be true."

Meryl shrugged as well. "Yeah, it could be, but that doesn't mean it is."

"Oh, hey its the insurance girls!" exclaimed a happy voice from behind.

Milly and Meryl turned around to see Vash standing there smiling at them.

"Oh hello Mr. Vash!" greeted Milly.

Vash waved at them. "Hello."

Meryl cocked her eyebrow at him. "Your drunk, aren't you?"

Vash smiled again and wandered off.

"Well now that we found him might as well make sure he doesn't get into anymore trouble." Meryl sighed.

Milly nodded in agreement and ran after Vash. "Wait up, Mr. Vash. We want to hang out with you."

Meryl groaned and followed them. Just before she could go another step though, a man wearing a dirty trench coat. He half-ran, half-stumbled out of the saloon he was in and scrambled away in fear looking back a couple of times as he did. Meryl stayed to see what could possibly be so scary.

A short haired blonde man wearing white pants, a dress shirt with a jacket matching the pants thrown over it came flying out of the saloon seconds later and stopped to look around.

A woman with shoulder length aqua green hair walked out of bar wearing a light blue-white. At her feet was a small white cat with a crescent moon on its forehead.

"Okay, so maybe asking him to come was the wrong idea." she said to what seem like herself. "I just really don't feel like chasing anyone tonight."

Meryl being baffled could only stare at the woman and then scratch her head.

"Hey insurance girl!" called Vash as he came stumbling back into view. "You comin' or what...Ididn'tthinkyawouldchickinoutliktha..."

Meryl looked at Vash and shook her head.


A tall, slim man stood on a high rooftop. He scanned the area for his target and saw them run by. "Tall, blonde hair, very quick, running around like a nutcase." he noted off, "Yep this has to be Vash the Stampede." he frowned a bit. "This is going to be hard..."


Amara stopped for a second and looked around. "Hmm...? This is harder than I thought it would be. That little creep knows all the shortcuts and such. He's easily getting away. I could blow him out? No. Waste of energy."

While she was still thinking, there was crash in an alley. She snapped her attention to the alley and saw a her target dart away screaming. "HA ha! Found ja!" She prepared to run when a thin rope wrapped around her body. "What...the hell!?" she cursed and started looking around.

A black haired man wearing a black cowboy get-up with a long midnight blue trench coat thrown over and a hat on his head jumped down from the roof. In his hand was weapon that looked like a crossbow, but instead that's where the wire that had tied Amara up was coming from.

Amara grumbled as she struggled with the wire. "Now what?"

"I finally caught you Vash the Stampede!"

To Be continued....

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