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Make Me

Chapter One: Ten Feet Near Him

"Seriously, guys, you can't do this!" Kagome dug her heels, leaving two lines of dents behind her. Yuka, Eri and Ayumi steadfastedly ignored her, all dragging Kagome by the arms down a corridor.

After all, they were girls with a mission.

Kagome tried flailing her legs and arms about instead. "Let me go! I'm not the one who wants to meet this pompous, hot shot superstar jerk!"

Ayumi, the kindest of the three, sighed. "Sorry, Kagome-chan. We've tried begging, bribing, and blackmailing, and Yuka even cried, but you still won't go. You know we've been dying to meet Inuyasha since… well, forever!"

"Well, why don't you guys go on your own, then?" Kagome's tone was sulky.

Eri groaned. "You know why! That letter was addressed to you; Not me, not Yuka, and not Ayumi! We don't have a hope of coming ten feet near Inuyasha if we don't have that letter! Please, please, just put of with it? For us?"

There was a long silence. And then a sullen "OK."

"Yay! Kagome-chan, you're the best!"

There was lots more squealing like that, but Kagome blocked it out as she gloomily mulled over what had caused her friends to break out in such a high they resorted to using violence.

Ever since that damned letter arrived, they'd been no stopping them. It was such a stupid thing, she thought. Just a letter, claming she'd been 'scouted out' for an audition that could give her the 'incredible' chance to stay with the 'great, wonderful' Inuyasha Takahashi. She would've made quotation marks with her fingers but they were currently busy with the lugging of her by her friends, who seemed scared that she might back out at the last second and make a runner for it.

Well, she thought wryly, they weren't wrong to be afraid.

Uggrh. It was only a piece of paper with some crappy publicity stunt written over it. Why would someone get so worked up over it?

Kagome looked up at her still squealing friends and gritted her teeth. This better be worth it.


Kagome sat with her friends in a cramped corridor. The walls needed a fresh coat and the cheaply material that covered the floor was faking marble. She didn't want to know what was beneath it.

She'd been lucky enough to obtain a plastic green chair that was sadly fixed to the wall. She'd have to give it up when the line moved up slightly. Her friends were droning on about how interesting it was going to be to finally meet him, huddling against the wall, oblivious to her.

Kagome sighed, and fingered the blue sticker with the number 178 on her skirt. Heaving a sigh, she got up – only to be squashed back down by her panicking friends.

"Kagome! Where are you going? You promised!"

"I'm just going to the bathroom! Stay here and keep my space, OK?" She fled around a corner and straight into the Ladies – and only the Ladies. She'd had one embarrassing experience of entering the Gentlemens' once and that was enough for her. Kagome carefully noted the Gent's on the adjacent wall to the Ladies.

Cold water, she decided. She needed cold water. Running the tap, she splashed some liquid onto her face and got a few droplets into her bangs, but she didn't care.

She exhaled deeply, fogging up the mirror in front of her, and looked longingly at a window that spelled freedom.

"Better not. God knows they might have planted a bug on me."

She trudged out the bathroom, keeping her head downcast. Miserable. Who in their right mind would want to meet –

"OW! Jesus, wench, can't you keep your eyes open for an second?"

Actually, her eyes had been very much open and widened when Kagome had crashed into the guy in front of her.

This is Inuyasha? She'd seen some remote billboard of him before, but a close up of him was a new one. Inuyasha Takahashi. The guy that girls were losing their heads over. The guy that was plastered everywhere that you could plaster anything on. The same guy who her friends were making her suffer to go see.

For a minute, her own eyes – yeah, even Kagome Higurashi – had been blinded by celebrity gloss. His good – no, scratch that, amazing looks struck a chord inside her. Deep amber eyes, fringed with the longest eyelashes possible, framed by dark eyebrows that winged over said eyes. Sensual lips and the most striking silver hair she had ever seen completed him. Well, she'd never really seen silver hair to be honest, and silver hair – no matter its length – could fail to be less of an attention grabber as it was now. But the fact that it was longer then hers, shinier then hers and basically better then hers only added to the charm. Kagome prided herself on her hair – raven locks that shone with a blue tint whenever light hit it – but now she was wondering what she'd look like with that waterfall of silver hair. And oh my God! Perched on his head – kawaii! Doggie ears! They twitched, and she had to hold back from touching them.

Yep, she was suckered in all – wait. What did he say to her?

Her eyes, which had been widened to penny proportions, became narrow. "Did you just call me wench?"

"Who do you think, bitch? They're isn't anyone else here!"

The tiny, little fact of that he was a adored, famous superstar escaped Kagome… "Jackass! If you can see so clearly why did you bash into me?"

"Hey!" he retorted. "I'm not the one who blundered out with their head so low they can see down their own shirt!"

Her eyes narrowed even further until they resembled slits. "You're an ignorant, impolite jerk who needs to go out and buy some manners."

Inuyasha smirked. "Wench, do you even know who I am?"

She felt the edges of her mouth curl up. She hadn't felt this alive since she wrestled with Souta to get the remote control. That had been a good three weeks ago. "Sure. You're the brain-dead pompous arrogant ass, Inuyasha Takahashi."

He arched an eyebrow. "Well, if you hate me as much as you proclaim, what exactly are you doing here?" He gazed pointedly at her sticker. "You're a contestant. Don't you normally try to stay away from people you hate instead of trying to bunk rent free at their place for three months?"

Kagome felt her temper flare. He's talking like I'm some kind of…tramp. Trying to win the audition so I can have a roof over my head.

"I have a place to live! If it weren't for your damn letter, I wouldn't be here in the first place! I don't even understand why my friends – or even anyone would be trying out here!"

Inuyasha grinned. This girl was funny. "What can I say? I'm just too handsome for my own good." He put his face an inch away from hers. It was a trick he normally used with stubborn girls who claimed they hated him to hide the fact they adored him, the same as everyone else. They usually turned pink and wide-eyed, heartbeat increasing. His half inu-youkai was good at detecting things like that.

Which was why he was surprised when he traced nothing from her. No flustered reaction. No fast heartbeat.

Just Kagome hissing, "Get-away-from-me!" She pushed him away from her, enough so that he wasn't invading her personal space anymore. She clenched her teeth at the smirk that remained on his face. I am not issuing a challenge, you idiot!

"Inuyasha?" Her voice was sweet. Way too sweet. Anyone who knew her well would know instantly something was wrong.

The feral smile curved upwards, reaching his eyes. "Yeah?"

"Go to hell."


"So?" Yuka swooped down on her. "Anything happen?"

Kagome thought about how she stalked away from Inuyasha after her send-off remark. The way he smirked. How close he was…

"No," she managed. "Nothing."

Yuka looked disappointed, but then brightened up again when someone called out, "178! Your turn!"

"Hurry!" Yuka all but pushed her into the blindingly bright room, and jumped in after her, closely followed by Eri and Ayumi.

Kagome heard stifled gasps and squeaky mutterings behind her. So they've seen Inuyasha, then. Her eyes found him, resting his feet on the table in front of him, in between a dark haired woman and a smiling man, in mid-conversation that stopped as soon as she arrived.

The man she didn't know gestured her into the middle. "Please… Kagome Higurashi?" Eri, Ayumi, and Yuka stayed behind her, shyly peering out from behind her. He looked at the other girls. "They aren't contestants…"

Yuka butted in. "Oh, we're just here for moral support. Don't mind us." She unceremoniously shoved Kagome into the middle, right in front of the panel.

"Nice to meet you, Kagome. I'm Sango, and the other guy is Miroku. I'm sure you know Inuyasha."

He gave a small "Keh!" before turning his head back to watch Kagome.

That smile on his lips… I don't like it.

"So… It's Kagome, is it?" His face was blank, but his eyes glittered with unknown mischief. "How old are you?"

So this is how he wants it. All right, I'll play dumb. "Fifteen."

"Is that so…" Inuyasha let his eyes rake her from head to toe. He hadn't had a good chance to study her when they'd first met. Long, ebony tresses hung down her back, with bangs falling into her chocolate eyes. Pink lips graced her face; with porcelain milky skin he knew would be soft to touch. The customary school uniform with its short green skirt revealed long slender legs, and her scent… Inuyasha could tell it wasn't anything out of a bottle, but he couldn't quite place what it was. Something sweet and fresh, with a spicy undertone. But it was her eyes that he was most enthusiastic about. They glinted with defiance and a passion that he found hard to resist. He was used to dominating everything, women included. And goddamn it if he was going to step back from this one.

"Kagome, do you have any special talents? Dance? Sing? Paint?"

"She can act!" blurted Eri, with desperation as an undertone in her voice.

Kagome shot Eri a glare. "No I can't!"

"She can! She's so good in Drama! And she had the lead role in our school play! It was such a success with her in it."

Sango clapped her hands together. "That's great! Inuyasha, you're an actor! Why don't you try a scene with Kagome?"

Inuyasha got up, and stretched. "Sure." He loped over to Kagome. "So… what'd you want to try, Kags?"


Sango leaned over to Miroku. "Kags?"

Miroku whispered back. "He's probably taken a liking to her. He'll shag her and dump her."

"Miroku! Can't you do anything? This girl seems perfect for this." She frowned, pushing a few strands of hair behind her ear.

"Sango, darling, I think she's wonderful as well, but can you hold back a horny Inuyasha? I don't think so."

Inuyasha took in the sprite of a girl in front of him. She was short, five foot four, but this small girl held an energy that was remarkable. He had her into a lover's embrace before she could react. "How about… a lover's scene?" he breathed.

Kagome disentangled herself from him roughly. "No… I'm more up for something… fiery. Like a row, maybe?" She looked up at him challengingly, daring him to back out.

"Right, wench."

"I told you! Don't call me wench!"

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "Get used to it bitch, I ain't changing for you."

Kagome jabbed a finger into his chest. "Is your skull too thick? Is that why my words won't penetrate your brain?"


"Oh, I'm sorry, I think you're mistaken. Wench or bitch is not a compliment!"



"Stubborn bitch!"


Sango leaned over to Miroku again. "Miroku… is this acting or real?"

His only response was a rubbing motion on Sango's ass. Since she couldn't scream or thwack him over the head since that would draw attention to her being unprofessional, she settled for crushing his fingers with a grip of steel.

Miroku winced, and withdrew his hand. Pasting a smile on his face, he called out to the pair that was currently nose-to-nose in a glaring contest. "Well done! That was excellent! Just like the real thing!"

He has no idea, thought Kagome.

Sango smiled. "Well, you've certainly made a impression on us, Kagome. We'll definitely call you at the-"


All heads swivelled at Inuyasha. He was looking at Kagome intensely, with a cocky smile on his face. It unnerved her. That smile meant something bad.

It's the one just after I pushed him off. I… don't like it.

"I want her." Inuyasha pointed at Kagome. "I want Kagome Higurashi."


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