I was at my parents house for lunch, as per usual, when Hermione waved me over. She must have arrived with Ron. They had started dating in Hogwarts and hadn't managed to drive each other crazy yet. When we got out of Hogwarts, Hermione had told me that she needed a flat mate and that if I was willing to pay rent, she would let me co-sign the lease. I happily agreed, glad I wouldn't have to live at the Burrow anymore. I was an adult who needed to move away from her family. Harry and Ron had bought a flat not far from mine and Hermione's we all still hung out together.

I excused myself from a conversation with Fred and walked over to Hermione. She walked me up the stairs and into my bedroom. She looked nervous for some reason. My guess was she was either pregnant or going to piss me off.

" Ginny, me and Ronald," Hermione began. She stopped when I snorted. No one but her called him Ronald. " Me and Ron are getting really serious now. We think it would be great to take the next step." Hermione finished.

" Are you getting married?" I yelled hopping up and down.

" NO," Hermione said.

" Pregnant?" I said still hopping.

" No, Ginny we're going to move in together. Would you mind moving out?" Hermione asked. I felt myself come crashing down again. Did she just ask me to move out of a place I have lived in for six years?

" Move out?" I asked feeling the words slowly come out of my mouth. " You want me to move out of our house?"

" Well, yeah. My name is first on the lease and you only co-signed. I really own it. You know. I mean why should I have to move out?" Hermione gave a little laugh. She stopped when she saw my face.

" So, where am I supposed to go?" I asked feeling like I couldn't control what I was going to say or do.

" Well, I don't know. You could probably move back here. Your mother wouldn't mind." Hermione said glancing around the room. " Is that ok?" Hermione tried to smile at me.

" No it is not ok!" I screamed. " You are asking me to move out. How am I supposed to be ok with that?"

" Ginny I'm sorry." Hermione said.

" You're not sorry." I yelled. I turned from the room and ran down the stairs and outside. I walked until I was far enough from the house to begin yelling. I screamed and hopped up and down in anger. I kicked whatever I could get near enough. When I was done I felt eyes on me. I wheeled around and saw Harry looking as angry as I felt.

" I'm guessing they told you the good news." Harry said bitterly. He had his hands stuffed deep into his pockets and wasn't looking at me.

" Oh yes. Hermione just asked me if it would be alright if I could get out of the house. This is just so they can have sex. You know that right?" I asked angrily.

" Yup. Well now Ron is moving out and I need to find a roommate." Harry said. His voice was still bitter and I could tell that was what I must sound like.

Just then I heard crunching and I saw Ron and Hermione walk down the path.

" Oh, and here's the lovebirds now. Wait do you want to claim this spot? Do you want me to move away from here?" I asked stepping back from where we were standing.

" No," Hermione said coldly. " Are you really this angry about this?"

" Hermione, now I have no where to live. I either have to move back in with my parents or I have to try and find a roommate." I said turning away from them.

" Well, Harry will need a roommate. You can move in with him," Ron said smiling.

" Maybe Harry doesn't want to move in with me, Ronald." I snarled. I didn't dare look at Harry.

" No, if you want you can move in." Harry said. I could tell he felt like he had to.

" There, now everyone can be happy again. Want to go eat now?" Ron asked.

" Ron go away." Harry said angrily.

" Fine, when you two grow up we'll be sitting up at the house." Hermione said.

" You do that." I replied.

They turned and walked away.

" Listen I understand that you only said that to be nice, but I don't need your charity." I said smiling.

" No, it'll be fun. I need a roommate and you need a room. This is the perfect match. Will you please be my roommate?" Harry asked getting down on one knee. " Please?"

" Alright. You win. Lets still act pissed at dinner though. Make them squirm and think we wont talk to them again."

When we got back to the house everyone was crowded around a buffet eating. I walked up and grabbed a plate. Mum walked up to me and hugged me.

" I just heard the bad news. If you want you can come here. I'll set up your old room-" mum began when I cut her off.

" Mum, I am going to move in with Harry." I said. She looked abashed.

" Harry? But he's a boy." mum said incredulously.

" Mum, I am twenty-three years old. I'm not even dating Harry. What do you think is going to happen? Hermione and Ron are moving in, they are dating. Guess what is going to happen with them? I'll tell you. Sex." I said. Mum stepped back and nodded.

" Alright darling. Please don't let this come between you and Ron. You were so close growing up. It seems a shame to wreck it over something stupid." mum said sadly.

" Mum, I am mad. I have a right to be mad. I am more mad at Hermione." I said once again feeling my temper flare. I turned around and started to pile food on my plate.

" Oh, darling," mum said again.

" Mum. Not now." I snapped and walked away. I took my plate over to an empty chair and sat down. I watched as Harry walked past Ron and Hermione and went and sat next to me. I gave him a sideways glance and sighed. He didn't notice and I sighed again.

" Ginny?" he asked looking over at me. " Do you need some water?"

" No," I said feeling my cheeks turn red. " My mother was just preaching to me about moving in with you." I took a bite of veal and smiled at the taste, my mother could really cook.

" Oh yeah? She hasn't changed your mind has she?" Harry asked worried she had changed her mind so soon.

" No. My mother hasn't had psychological control over me in years." I said. Harry looked relieved, he just didn't want to go searching for a new roommate.

" So, when do you think you're gonna move in? I'll make sure Ron gets his crap out of the apartment." Harry said smiling. I really appreciated what he was doing for me.

" I really appreciate what you're doing for me, Harry. With out you I'd be moving back in with my parents," I glanced at the house and sighed. " Well, if anything could put a rift in the Famous Trio, it would sure be this." I said bitterly. Who knew that their demise would be from the inside out.

" Yeah well, they put each other before me. I get it. Ron is more important to Hermione than I am and the Hermione is more important to Ron than I am. It all has to do with sex," Harry said waving his hand dismissively.

" I'm his sister. He shouldn't turn his back on me and through me out of my home for his girlfriend. And Hermione, huh. We promised no boy would ever get between us. And where is Ron? Settling his fat ass between us, that's where." I snarled.

For the next hour me and Harry named every bad thing about Ron and Hermione and then laughed about it. We didn't even notice when they came up and walked over to us.

" What are you guys talking about?" Hermione asked cautiously.

" Nothing." Harry said turning to look at me. I smiled back at him and looked over at her.

" Did you guys want something?" I asked placing my plate on the ground.

" Well, we just wanted to see if you're still angry."

" You wanted to see if we're still angry. Well I'm still mad, how about you Ginny?" Harry asked turning to me. His tone was one filled with sarcasm.

" Popping," I said smiling at them sarcastically.

" Yup, we're both still pissed. Anything else?" Harry asked.

" When are you guys going to let this go?" Ron asked sitting down next to Harry who turned to him with a cold glance.

" I really don't know. I'll get back to you. Now Ginny I am going to be heading home, how 'bout I give you lift and let you get a sneak peek at your new home," Harry said reaching for his car keys.

" Harry we all came together though. We're not ready to go yet," Hermione said wrapping her arm around Ron.

" Well, we have to rearrange our lives, you can find a new way home." I said smiling cockily at her. " Bye." I blew them a kiss and walked away. This was going to be fun.

Harry and I drove the ten minute drive in silence, to angry to speak. When we finally reached the house I was extremely excited, the house was much bigger than mine.

Harry opened the door and I came running in.

" Holy crap!" I exclaimed looking at the size of the living room and the kitchen. Harry just smiled and walked my over to Ron's old room. " Wow, this is huge. Is this a walk in closet? Wow all I got was a peg, back at home," I said in awe. " I am going to have to go shopping to fill this closet. Ew what is that?" I suddenly yelled pointing to a pile of clothes on the ground. I had never really seen the house through, a living point of view. I sure as hell never entered Ron's room.

" Well, I don't think Ron has ever cleaned this room," Harry said smiling.

" You are a brave man." I said seriously. Harry snorted and led me out to the kitchen. " How much is the rent?" I asked sitting on a stool.

" Oh, no its ok-" Harry began embarrassed.

" Harry, I have much more money than my parents. I'm not 'poor' anymore. I can afford rent. Now, how much is it?" I asked, bemused that he wouldn't ask me for money.

" About four galleons a month," Harry said blushing.

" Well I can do that. Jesus what do you think I work at an owl farm?" I snapped. I could easily do that. I could pay that for him, my entire family, and Ron, for like three months.

" Ok, I just didn't want to put any pressure on you." Harry said embarrassed.

" That's alright." I looked around the house. " I think you have yourself a roommate," I said.

" Good, I have the paper work right here," Harry went over to a draw and took it out. " I got it two days ago when Ron told me he was moving out," Harry explained. " I need you to sign here, here, here, initial here, sign here, here, and here." Harry said pointing at dotted lines. I scribbled my name down and looked up at him.

" Anything else?" I asked smiling.

" Yes, I need last months, this months, and next months rent," Harry said. Once again his cheeks were a deep red.

" Well, I don't have twelve galleons on me now, I do have five." I said bumbling through my purse. " If you drive me home I will get you the rest," I said looking up at him.

" Sure," Harry said smiling. He got his keys and let me outside. He opened the car door for me and closed the door after I sat down. I watched as he walked around the car, in the rearview mirror, with wide eyes. What a gentleman. Ron would never do that. He once made me walk home after he kicked me out of the car. This was all because he said I was annoying.

The entire drive home Harry explained what he would like to do with the apartment now that he had a cleaner mate. I told him I was tidy and quiet and I didn't make a lot of trouble. Also I mentioned I wouldn't bring random men home.

" Good," Harry joked smiling.

When we arrived home I groaned when I realized a light was on, that meant they were home. Gits. I got out of the car and walked up the steps, I nearly slipped on the ice I asked Hermione to sand a week ago. I fumbled for my keys and then opened the door. I sneered at what I saw. There were candles everywhere and I noticed someone's shirt.

" Great, they're having sex." I snapped at Harry who looked highly uncomfortable. " Hey guys! I'm home!" I yelled at Hermione's door. I heard a lot of scuffling and a bang and then Hermione appeared at the door.

" You're home," Hermione said brightly. She had a silk bathrobe on, that covered absolutely nothing.

" No, I'm not really here." I said sarcastically moving away and over to my room. " Did you touch my stuff?' I asked peering around the room.

" Well, we just wanted to see if Ron's game room idea would play out. You know?" Hermione asked leaning against the door.

" No, until I move out stay out of my room. Thank you." I snapped at her. She looked abashed and said no more. " Now, I am only here to get my money," I went over to my safe and unlocked it. I took out seven galleons and put them in my pocket. " Then I am reading and going to bed. Please don't talk to me. Nothing you have to say will even interest me." I said smiling at her.

" Are you going to be mad forever?" Hermione asked sadly.

" Well see, you kicked me out of my house. Then you didn't give a crap where I stayed, and you did all that for a boy. Ron to be exact. I'm not even going to go there. So yes, I will be mad for a while. Will we ever be friends again? I have no idea. You two have a wonderful life though." I said patting her shoulder. In the kitchen Harry was standing looking around uncomfortably. " Here," I handed him the coins and he smiled.

" You can move in as soon as Ron moves out." Harry said. Just then Hermione's door opened and Ron appeared.

" Hey guys!" he yelled as though nothing happened. " What are you doing here?"

" I still live here you half wit!" I snarled at him. He looked angry but with a look with Hermione didn't say anything.

" Ginny, I plan on moving in next week or so. Do you think you could have your things semi-moved by then?" Ron asked trying to smile at me.

" Ron before I move into that room, I would like it cleaned. I just saw something move, under a giant pile of clothes. I am not moving into that bacteria playground. Clean it." I snapped.

" Fine," Ron snarled.

" Bye, Harry. I guess I'll see you next week." I said. Harry smiled.

" Bye Ginny." Harry said. He turned and left not even acknowledging Ron or Hermione.

I turned back to them in disgust. I wanted to hurt them the way they hurt me.

" Hermione I want my shirt back before I leave," I informed her. She looked horrified.

" But I wear that shirt all the time," she stuttered.

" And you don't get my cd." I snapped again before slamming my door. Once inside my room I looked around. I felt something was out of place but I couldn't put my finger on it. Then I noticed a half eaten sandwich lying on my bed. I screamed in outrage. I grasped the plate and flung the door open. Ron and Hermione were still standing there. I tossed the plate at Ron who caught in quickly. Then I slammed the door again. This was going to be a long week.

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