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Why did he leave me after all we'd been through? I would never have thought in a million years he could be so cold and so ruthless regarding my feelings. That he could dump me with no thought whatsoever. One day we shared everything together, absolutely everything. Then all of a sudden I was tossed aside like I meant nothing to him. I can't even pinpoint when things got so bad, when the defining moment came in his life when he realised he didn't need me anymore.

We used to be inseparable; we'd been through the tough times. We'd fought together, got into some real major shit. I was with him when girls dumped on him and used him, when his friends fucked him over. I was with him when his family fell apart; I was always there for him. I thought that he cared for me…really cared but I guess that was just an illusion, it seems that Newport had changed his allegiances to the old way of life.

Newport, ha. It's turned him soft. The old Ryan is no more. He's gone all preppy with his button down shirts and his $200 dollar shoes. He sleeps now on Egyptian cotton sheets. He has a computer, an i-pod, a TV. He's got a wardrobe of fancy suits. The old Ryan wouldn't have given a shit for such trappings of wealth but it's turned his head and he's totally lost his roots.

He's even got a high maintenance girlfriend now; the old Ryan just screwed them in the back seat. We'd go on the fuck dates with no strings attached but not anymore, it's now all carnivals and proms, corsages and caring. And I happen to know that she never liked me. She'd stare at me in distaste when she knew that Ryan wasn't looking. I know she thought I was the one holding him back.

She's just a bitch, she didn't understand what we meant to each other and she made sure she got between us. She thinks she's been so clever but one day he'll need me again and I'll be waiting. My time will come.

He will realize we are meant to be.

He'll realize that I can't be thrown aside like last weeks trash.

I'll be here for him, waiting.

But until that time comes, I have my memories…. so many happy memories of our time together.

One day he will open the drawer and snap me onto his wrist once more and we shall be unstoppable.

We shall rule the world.

Hell hath no fury like a wrist-cuff scorned.

Newport shall feel my wrath.


The men in white coats are coming to take me away now! Heh.