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"Waaaaaaa" Juliano wrapped his arms around the young girl, eyes already a brilliant emerald. "Robin." He looked up to the nurse. "Her name is to be Robin. It was her father's" here his voice trailed off bitterly "Her father's choice." Just then a Doctor walked out carrying another bundle, headed for the department labeled "Morgue." Juliano felt sorry for whoever the parent was and whispered a hurried prayer for him/her. Then another Doctor, his daughter's Doctor, came out looking at him, his face grim. "I'm sorry Father. save Maria." Juliano lowered his eyes, a tear slipping down his cheek. He looked at Maria's…his hope and turned away, not listening to the Doctor as the Doctor's voice echoed down the hall, not yet done speaking. Juliano didn't register the words just left the hospital in despair.

Later that night, as the Morgue attending was shutting down for the night a small, weak cry was heard throughout the hall. The young woman poked around for a few minutes before gasping in shock. The stillborn from earlier was gasping for breath and was crying. An eye cracked to reveal brilliant emerald.


"And as a side note…or not so side note I would like to welcome back Robin and Amon to the fold along with the baby, Beky." The two he was talking about stood up and smiled to their friends. They had gotten back a day before this meeting and had already re-greeted everybody and thanked them for their generosity when they were in the hospital. Juliano looked at the girl, so much like his Maria. To think he had almost lost her. "Another announcement concerning Beky…the adult one. She has been asked to join Solomon. Finally, a life-changing announcement. Solomon HQ has decided after much deliberation that the witches in Japan are no longer a threat and that they were disbanding in Japan. They will still keep an eye on this area but after major assessment they deem it safe to withdraw from this area." Juliano looked around the room at the shocked faces. He heard distinctly the voice of Miho gasp "We'll all be transferred." "Yes. You will all be transferred. However for the happiness of my granddaughter I requested to HQ that you be transferred together." He paused as he heard the excited exclamations of everyone in the room. "Where are we going!" Sakaki shouted out. "You're all being transferred to Calgary Alberta Canada. They're having a real problem in that area. Something about an air-craft user." Looking at Michael he added "Beky will join you there. She just has some business to wrap up in California." Within the week the entire crew was out of Japan and making their way towards the mid-west of Canada.

"Leave me alone!" The young girl shouted at her assaulters. She lifted a hand in front of her in an attempt to ward off the blows and a freak gust of wind startled her. The force of the gust drove the 2 boys backwards. They looked startled at the girl, her chestnut-auburn hair flittering in the remnant of the wind. "Jess you're a freak!" One yelled as they turned tail and ran. A freak…a freak…she toyed with the pendant her biological grandfather had given her…an expensive one at that. Diamond encased in gold. Her green eyes blinked back tears. She was a freak. An adopted freak who had only just found her real grandpa. She turned heel and bolted back to her family's farm.

"This is our new digs? Sweet!" Sakaki exclaimed at the sight of the new office. It was a round room with a glass atrium leading to the conference room, very modern. The conference room was the only thing that was the same with the glowing colored lights above the two-sided benches with the computers. In the other room everyone had a computer but Juliano had pulled some strings and gotten Michael the most hi-tech computer available with all the tweaks that could go with it to soup it to the maximum. Michael went weak-kneed at the sight of it. "It's beautiful." He whispered in awe. When it seemed like he was about to collapse Beky grabbed his hand and led him to the computer desk to steady him. She smiled. She didn't need a gift, it was enough she had been accepted into the STN and allowed to remain with Michael.

Doujima wandered around the room looking for something to entertain herself with. She plopped down at her computer and noticed something. Automatically programmed onto her computer was the website for Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuttion and Guess. Smiling she sat down and began to happily browse through the pages, looking at the latest fashions. "This is ten times better than a magazine." She said dreamily.

Waiting outside for Sakaki, since they couldn't bring his Motorcycle over from Japan was an OC Chopper. His eyes went wide as dinner plates and, before he touched it, raced back inside to get a pair of gloves. He lovingly stroked the paint and ran his hand over the leather seat. Robin looked on, holding Beky, amused as she heard him whisper "Thank you Juliano." She took Beky back upstairs. Privately her parent's called the baby by her given name but figuring that it might be a wee bit confusing between the two Beky's a decision had been reached to call Robin's Beky by her middle name, Maria. "Let's go see the nursery your grandpa set up for you Beky." Robin cooed to her daughter. She didn't hear Amon come up behind her until he wrapped his arms around his entire family. Robin looked up at her husband and smiled. "What did grandfather set up for you in exchange for just packing up and leaving?" Amon smiled at Robin. "I told him he had already given me the greatest gift. A family." Robin smiled at this and, with her baby walked down the stairs to the country-style nursery set up down to the so aged it was comfortable rocker in the corner.

He watched them from the central office as they all assessed the gifts they had been given. He smiled. Every one in that room had done their darnedest to ensure Robin's happiness, even the baby and since his granddaughter was all he had left of Maria he would do anything to keep her happy. He watched as the members of the newly formed STN-C gathered in the middle of the room, a little ways away from him. Juliano cocked his head in confusion as he watched them slowly walk up on him. When they were within arms range they leapt at him and yelled "Thank you Father!" Except Miho. Juliano noticed this and said in a calm voice "Miho consider this you're first assignment. Go to the airport. I believe I left some baggage there. You'll find you're new keys by your computer." Miho grabbed the standard issue keys and walked out to her car.

As she drove on the assignment that she had been given she couldn't help but feel despondent. Everyone had been given a gift except her and she had been the first sent out on assignment. She turned this over and over in her head as she drove to the airport. She parked and went inside. "Excuse me. Excuse me" she bumped into various people as she worked her way to the airline counter. "Oh. Excuse me." She said to a tall man in a fur coat, not really paying attention to his face. Nagira turned and watched smiling as Miho walked to the counter. He followed her and got in line behind her as Juliano had instructed him via phone not minutes before

"Hi. My name is Miho Karasuma and I'm here to pick up some luggage forgotten by one Juliano Colligeli." The attendant looked down at her computer and said "Ah yes. It's right behind you." "Thank you." Miho turned around and froze. "You wouldn't by any chance be the person here to pick me up would you?" Nagira smiled. Miho walked over in a daze and said "You wouldn't by chance be the luggage that Juliano forgot would you?" Nagira nodded and Miho wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

"But Jess, dear I thought we told you never to try to use your powers?" "Mom I couldn't help it! I was defending myself. They called me a freak but they were going to beat me up." Her mother sighed. "Well I hope you're right dear."

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