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Chapter 4-Revelations

"I assume that you want to find out why she looks like you am I right Robin?" Juliano stated. "Well…yes. Yes I would like to know. She looks like me however I have no knowledge of her." Robin said softly, cradling Beky, who was cooing happily, oblivious to what was going on around her. Amon had his arm around her and Jess sat on his opposite side. She looked, head cocked at the priest. 'He almost looks like the picture my grandfather sent me…I wonder…' Juliano looked at the young girl, Jess and whispered softly "You look so much like the picture." Juliano sighed and said "I discovered something last year, in the vaults of Solomon. Another transmission from Toudo." A collective gasp was heard. Even though only Miho, Amon and Robin were present when the first transmission was played they had told everyone about it. Juliano looked at nowhere in particular for a second then, sighing, signaled Michael to play the tape. The screens in the room flickered and simultaneously began to play the same message, the same long-haired man from the first one began to play.

"This is a message that I doubt will make much sense without the other one. However if someone finds this get it to Father Juliano, if he remains alive. He has seen the tape about the Eve of Witches, Robin however there is something else…something I haven't even told Maria. What I haven't told her is that she is pregnant with twins. Twin girls. However when I designed these children…their DNA is precisely alike except for their powers. One will be the stronger and one will have the powers to compliment the other. If it follows Maria's trend then one will have fire and one will compliment it with a wind-craft. Every single set of identical twins ever birthed before, who showed witch powers had the same powers so this is truly a ground breaking moment. However…to prevent loosing both children to Juliano I have decided to program the DNA of one of the children to, when she is born, act like a stillborn. However I don't even know which is the one who will be stillborn. She will come alive several hours later, when, hopefully Juliano has left and will be unable to claim her ." Here Toudo's message paused and he put his head in his hands. "I cannot help but wonder, now, just after the girls have been born if I did the right thing. Not only did I take their mother away from them I took them away from each other." He took a pendant out and held it in front of him. " On the off chance that my daughters meet again I entrust this pendant to Juliano. It comes apart at the seam between the diamond and the ruby. The ruby will go to the one who displays firepower the diamond to the wind power. Juliano…Forgive me." The message cut off with a flurry of static.

For Jess this was a lot to absorb in a short about of time. For example she had just found out about her grandfather, now she found out that she was a twin? Not only that she was a witch? And from what she had gathered out of that rather confusing tape…she had been created? To compliment this Robin? Not only that this man who had just appeared on the screen said that he was her father, however he created her to be stillborn. She couldn't take this. Jess shoved her chair away from the table as the others were discussing what they had just seen. She turned and raced out of the room, unbound chestnut hair streaming behind her as she ran.

"Jess!" Robin cried out. She bit her lip. She wanted to race after her newly found twin but she was feeding Beky. Amon held out his hands and she handed him the baby, got up and raced after her. "Jess wait!" The young fire-witch said, softly but enough so that she could still hear her.

Jess heard Robin calling and raced through her mind what she could do at that point. She could stop, accept that she was this girl's twin (not that there was any doubt in her mind about that) and accept that she was created by a scientist. That she was indeed a freak. She shook her head whirled around and said, "You think it's easy for me to accept this?" Robin shook her head and looked into eyes mirroring what she felt so long ago in the factory. Confusion. Anger for this man playing God. And she knew about the resulting months of torture over whether or not she was supposed to exist at all. Robin responded softly, to counter Jess's fired up attitude "Do you think it was easy to accept that I was 'created' also?"

Jess seemed to deflate at this point. "I'm sorry Robin…I didn't mean to yell…but being dealt all this…at once…" She broke down sobbing "I understand…" Robin said softly. She reached forward and wrapped her arms around her twin. As she did the ruby pendant wrapped around her neck slipped out and was dangling next to the pendant of her twin. As her sobbing subsided and Jess looked back up, Robin saw nothing but determination in the emerald orbs-eyes so like her own.

"I'm sorry Robin. All this at once…I can't accept it yet." Robin grabbed onto Jess for dear life, not wanting her to run. She was, however, caught off guard by a sudden blast of wind, which knocked her over. When she had recovered her senses she looked around. Jess was gone.

She got up and raced back down the street to the STN-C office. She caught everyone off guard (similar to what Jess just did to her) as she panted, trying to catch her breath "She left. She couldn't accept it…and she ran." Beky walked as fast as her limp would let her, over to her friend and offered out a glass of water. " Michael looked up sharply from the computer and said "Then she's in trouble. I've never heard of a Wind Craft going anywhere without a backup… after all what good is a driving wind?" Robin looked around at her friends, all staring back at her. She looked at Amon, cradling a sleeping Beky. "Go. She's my daughter too. I can take care of her for the next little while." With that Robin turned on her heel and raced out the door.

Jess was in her room, packing her bags for all it's worth. She couldn't stay here. She had already explained to her mother and father who, despite not wanting her to go, understood her need to get away. She kissed them goodbye, and then, not looking at the building down the street, walked out the door towards the train station.

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