Random Things You'll Never Hear/See on One Piece

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It was a sunny afternoon. The sun was high in the sky, and it was also later than 12:00, but earlier than 6:00 (Duh).


"ARRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" cried an agitated Robin. "I can't believe I lost to Luffy AGAIN! And it's the hundredth time in a row! I hate you! GRRR!"

"Okay, who's next the victim to challenge my utterly superior intelligence?" asked Luffy, as he pushed his glassed up.

"I'll pass," replied Usopp, who was the only person there with Luffy and Robin, since Zoro was on lookout duty, Sanji was running away from Nami, and Chopper was doing difficult, important duties that only the captain has the charisma to do.

In the captain's cabin...

"Alright, who would win in a fight? A hurricane, or Wapol?"

"Hmm, that's a tough one. I'll have to go with Wapol."

"What if the name of the Hurricane was Hurricane Wapol?"

"Whoah, now that changes everything!"

And at the punch line, Chopper giggled with the laugh track. Suddenly--

"RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! It's the attack of the Cheesy Muffins With Extra Butter!"


This time, Chopper screamed with the people on the T.V. as they began running in random directions.


"Oh no! It's.. I'ts.. It's.. It's.. It's.. It's.. It's.. It's.. It's.. It's.. It's.. It's.."

Chopper gasped. "It's the POUND CAKE!"

"It's.. It's.. It's.." The young man on the screen kept stuttering, until the boss of the Cheesy Muffins With Extra Butter actually moved and ate the illiterate fool. There was the sound of people screaming from the television, as well as Chopper.

The Pound Cake, laughed sinisterly and spoke, "Sorry, but this town isn't cheesy enough for all of us!"

"Who will the Cheesy Muffins With Extra Butter and the Pound Cake attack next? And would Wapol really beat a hurricane? Find out, on the next episode of...


By this point, Chopper was biting his nails, when suddenly the door to the cabin opened and in came Zoro. "CAPTAIN CHOPPER!"

"WAHH!" Chopper yelled, surprised after watching the world's most terrifying horror flick that only a certain manly reindeer pirate captain had the bravery to view. But when he realized it was only Zoro, he calmed down and stood in a stance that gave him back the authority of being captain. "Yes, Zolo?"

"There's a pirate ship on the horizon! We're going to be attacked!"

"Aye! I will lead this crew to victory!"

"Hey, is that a television? I never knew those existed in the One Piece universe!"

"Kokutei Amnesia!"

Back on deck...

The sun was high in the sky, and it was later than 12:00, but earlier than 6:00.

The Straw Hat crew was running around like the people from the television when Chopper and Zoro appeared on deck. "There's nothing to fear," announced Zoro. "Our captain is here!" Then as usual, the crew stopped running and screaming, then went, "YAYY!"

"Sanji!" Chopper spoke. "How far away is the enemy ship?"

"Well," Sanji began, then he realized the enemy ship was right in front of them. "OMIGOSH! THE ENEMY SHIP IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!"

"What pirate crew is it? Check the ship's mark!" Chopper then asked.

"Uh," Sanji looked up the mast and saw that instead of a flag, there was a white sheet that said, "Random Pirates". "OMIGOSH! IT'S SOME RANDOM PIRATES!" Sanji yelled.

Then a figure appeared over the stem post of the ship and spoke out, "MWAHAHAHAHAHA! I am the captain of the random pirates!"

"Wait a minute, that's Bowser from the Super Mario video games," said Usopp.

"No I'm not! I'm the captain of the random pirates! And I shall destroy you all!"

"Yup, that's Bowser." said Nami.

"SUGEEAAAAHHHHHHH!" Luffy spoke with delight. "It's Bowser! Can I have your autograph?"

Bowser dully answered, "Uh... no."

"WHAT! WHY NOT?" Luffy angrily asked. In the background behind Luffy, Kanthia walked by and waved at the camera smiling.

"Because I'm going to fight your crew, you idiot."

Luffy began furiously waving his arms around, then he started punching the air a few feet in front of him, like he does in his attack Gomu Gomu no Gatling, but right now, he was moving his arms so furiously, they were a cylindrical blur. "Gomu Gomu no..."

"Stand back!" Chopper warned the other crewmates.

"BEEEEEAAAM!" Suddenly Luffy's arms, which were punching only a meter in front of him, shot out towards Bowser and trapped him within the blur of swiftly moving fists. After a few seconds, the attack began to recede, and Luffy brought his arms back to his side. All that was left of Bowser was a smoldering crater.

As Luffy was panting, Zoro just said, "Well, that was quick."

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