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Chapter 11

"Congratulations, you have a beautiful, healthy baby girl." Dr. Munic said as she placed the small babygirl into Olivia's arms.

"She's beautiful." Olivia cooed as she looked down on her new daughter. The baby looked up at her, and gave her a small smile before she shut her little eyes to sleep.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Maureen, Kathleen, Elizabeth, Dickey, Kathy, Ed, Alex, Jordan, Casey, Matt, Huang, and Cragen were all crowded at the door way. "Come on in," Olivia called tiredly to them. They piled into Olivia's room, andsurrounded her and the baby.

"She's so cute." Lizzie said as she leaned her head over to see the new baby. "Can I hold her?" She asked.

"Of course baby." Elliot said, as he gently took the baby from Olivia and handed her to Elizabeth.

"So dad, what's here name?" Kathleen asked.

"It's, uh, Liv, what are we gonna call this kid?" He asked.

"Emma." Olivia answered with a smile. "Emma Gillian Stabler."

"That's so pretty." Maureen cooed.

"Congratulations Olivia." Casey chimed. "She's gorgeous."

"Looks just like her mother." Munch said, placing a loving hand on Olivia's shoulder.

Emma was a beautiful baby. She had her father's smile, and her mother's deep brown eyes.

"Okay everyone." A nurse said, sticking her head in the door. "I hate to break up this party, but visiting hours are over; mom and baby both need their sleep."

With hugs, and last looks at Emma, the crowd dispersed, leaving Elliot and Olivia alone with their daughter.

Elliot crawled in bed next to Olivia, holding a sleeping baby Emma in his arms.

"I can't believe she's finally here." Olivia whispered as she wrapped her arms around Elliot's waist, and rested her head on his chest, gazing down at her daughter.

"I know." He answered. "She's perfect. Just like her mom." He continued, kissing Olivia on the forehead.

Just then a nurse came in. "Sorry mommy and daddy, but I need to take baby to the nursery now." She said in an all too perky voice.

Elliot and Olivia kissed Emma, and handed her off tothe nurse. Although Olivia didn't want to send her baby away, she was somewhat relieved that she would now get a chance to sleep.

Olivia fell asleep that night in Elliot's arms. She had never felt so happy before. She couldn't believe how lucky she was. She had a wonderful husband, 4 great step kids, and the most beautiful baby in the world. She had terrific friends, and in just a few short weeks, she would be able to return to her job. She really was the luckiest woman on earth. She couldn't believe how far she had come in her life. Before she met Elliot she felt like her world was falling apart, and now it felt complete. Olivia had the best night sleep she had ever had that night.

The next morning she and Emma were released to from the hospital. Elliot wheeled them out, against Olivia's will, to the car. Olivia couldn't wait to get home, she loved the fact that she no longer looked like a beached wale.

It was a good thing that Elliot was holding the baby carrier when they returned home, because whenOlivia opened the front door she almost fell backwards down the front steps.

"SURPRISE!" the entire room yelled in unison.

Maureen had planned a surprise welcome home party for her step mother, and new sister.

"If you wake this baby, you're sitting up with her." Olivia joked.

Elliot brought Emma to the basinet that was in the corner of the living room, and gently placed her in it. She was awake now, but simply looked around curiously with her big brown eyes. Everyone crowded around to see her.

Olivia couldn't help but laugh when she saw Fin all but melt as Emma grabbed his finger with her small hand. And Munch was no better. He spent most of his time making strange faces at the poor girl. Even Don couldn't get enough of her. Elliot could already tell that she would have all these men wrapped well before she even learned how to speak.

"A toast, to the new mother." Alex said, holding up a glass. She was expecting her first child in a few months, so she drank sparkling cider with the children. The rest of the adults held up their champagne glasses to toast.

"I will definitely drink to that!" Olivia said raising her glass. She would have drunk to anything. It had been 9 months since she had had a drink. Whenever the squad went out to celebrate a victory she stuck to juice. Although she wasn't craving alcohol, or going through withdrawal or anything, she did miss it a little. She also couldn't wait to get her hands on a cup of coffee.

Everyone spent the day enjoying one another's company. It was always a pleasure to spend a day away from the filth that Manhattan could be, and enjoy the beauty of it once in a while.

At the end of the evening Elliot and Olivia saw all of their guests out,everyone exceptthan Elliot's kids that is, they would be staying the weekend.

From the kitchen Olivia looked into her living room, and the scene brought a tear to her eye, that she had to fight to keep from falling. When Elliot noticed, he turned to see what she was staring at.

Maureen sat on the couch holding Emma. Dickey was shaking a rattle at the small girl. Lizzie had her finger in Emma's hand, and Kathleen was stroking the baby's arm tenderly.

Her gaze was finally broken when Elliot came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Our family's finally complete huh?" He whispered into her ear, gently rocking them back and forth.

"Yeah." She answered, turning her head to give Elliot a quick kiss, and thenflash him one of her smiles, "I guess it finallyis."


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