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T h e S e c o n d C h a p t e r

The Unlikely Friend

A u t h o r e d B y : L i n W e s t

This honestly has to be the weirdest experience of my life, I feel like I'm having a secret love affair with Naruto, of all people! He avoids me, like he said he would do, but then he jokes around and endlessly yaks during practice even despite the fact I'm a cold fuckard to him. He's so energetic and so willing to change that I don't know why people hate him so much. Yeah, he's a bit dense and annoying (well, really annoying), but he's positive about everything. He wants to get better so he works hard to achieve it, which makes me wonder why he has such horrible grades...

After purchasing another freshly made tuna salad sandwich I am about to head towards the gymnasium, however, Kiba bumps into me. Luck of the Irish, most defiantly.

"Hey, Sasuke, where have you been hiding during lunch? I haven't seen you at all for the past week." He asks with a grin.

"I've been training for the next big track meet," I lie.

"Really? But you're the best already, you don't need to train." He then grins, "I bet you're having a fling!"

"Fling? Me?"

"Oh come on, we all know any chick will drop their panties for you." Kiba laughs, "Why didn't you ever pick up guitar? We could've picked up so many groupies."


"Oh right, right, you would've picked up a hellva lot of chicks."

"I got to get going."

"Sure, see ya. Have fun." He winks.

Oh shit. Now I've got a disgustingly large problem; I blabbed where we actually are during lunch. This means Kiba and the guys can pop in any time and us. I guess we'll have to ask the coach if we can practice outside. Crap, but outside's not good either, there's a clear view of it from the lunch room. Well, isn't this lovely? Why didn't I just say tell him I was doing practice for drama, or getting NJHS hours?

During practice I note that Naruto doesn't have anything with him, "Where's your lunch?"

"I didn't have time to make anything this morning."


He pauses for a moment then looks away from me, "I woke up late."

"Bullshit." He's a horrible liar.

"I'm telling you the truth."

I don't have the patience for this, if he doesn't want to tell, fine. Whatever. "Will you have enough energy for practice?"

"I'll be fine."

The bus is always late after school. Sure, it always has to be twenty minutes early coming to, but when it's finally time to leave it doesn't pull out until half past three. I need my beauty rest, I cannot keep up my sex appeal with lack of sleep.

Damn bus drivers, interfering with my sex life.

I'm pulled out of my angsting by a group of girls nearly toppling over me. Oh sure, walk right over me. Manners? What are those? Damn busybodies, they're probably just mercilessly ripping on Naruto.


I can't get that stupid, thick-framed, blonde kid off my mind. After all this time I've spent with him, heck, probably more time than anyone in this building, I can't help but wonder why everyone hates him so much. It won't stop picking at my brain; he's not a nerd or anything, and he's not dorky. He's just a normal guy.

No, Naruto's not a bad kid at all.

Then why?

And what's with everyone calling him a monster? He's not fat or ugly. Then there's how everyone talks about him "going psycho," yeah he has a short-temper but he doesn't have an anger problem, does he?

My thoughts are derailed by someone bumping into me. I turn, about to send the kid to the guillotine, to my surprise I see a very dazed-looking Naruto staring back at me.

"I didn't know you took the bus," I state.

"I don't, but I didn't feel well so I didn't want to walk home."

I sigh, he doesn't look well either, "You should've just eaten lunch, idiot."

"I'm not an idiot!"

"Yes, you are. You could've asked for half of my sandwich."

"You should've offered it!"

"Hn. Whatever."

"What happened to your lunch anyway?"

He looks at me then looks away, "I told you, I didn't have time to make one."

"That's the worse excuse in the book."

He grumbles, "Fine, someone threw it in the pond while I wasn't looking. Happy?"

My eyes widen, taken by surprise. Do people really hate him that much that they'd wreck his lunch? My curiosity has increased tenfold.

Naruto turns away, "You know, you don't have to talk to me if you don't want to."

"You're complaining because someone is talking to you?"

"I'm not complaining, I just didn't-"

"I'll talk to who I want to."

Then the bus driver finally decides that now would be a good time to pile the kids up into bus.

"Which bus are you taking?"

"Three," Naruto answers, quietly.

Maybe my luck is improving, "What a coincidence, me too."


"Are you listening to me? I'll talk to who I want to, besides, there are only freshmen on this bus."


We sat on seats next to each other, each of us in the aisle seats. We started with small talk but we were able to talk about some things on common grounds without ripping each others heads off. Strangely enough, despite his attitude, he was a fairly easy person to get along with, which made me wonder even further to why everyone hates him.

When my stop comes, Naruto leaves as well. I muse, "So, you get off here too, huh? To think I never ran into you before."

Naruto just nods and we walk down the aisle. He's careful to not look at me, and act like I'm a complete stranger. As he walks no one accidentally brushes him or sends him a friend gesture.

Invisible, but painfully noticeable.

I feel my insides beginning to churn, God, how could every single person in the entire Lakeview High hate him this much?

As we walk down the sidewalk I noticed Naruto is walking funny, "Yo, you alright?" As if on cue, Naruto's eyes roll back and he tumbles over. I grab his arm before he hits the pavement, "Oh shit, Naruto? Yo, Naruto, this better not be a joke, you prick."

Naruto don't respond.

Oh shit. Oh shit.

I put his arm over my shoulder to support his weight. Well, since I don't know where Naruto lives I'll be bringing him to my place. What a lovely way to end my school day! Trekking home with a body unconscious body in tote!

"There's got to be something in here." I grumble. I'm currently rummaging through our barren cubbards in search of some sort of food that isn't expired or rotten. I keep telling my brother to go pick up groceries, that lazy ass, now thanks to him a young man will die. Won't he just love that when I tell him? That sadistic bastard, he'll probably put that on his resume (especially with the shady work he handles it wouldn't surprise me).

My eyes widen, yes, there is one thing left, Maru-chan ramen. I'm probably going to offend Naruto by cooking him such cheap food, but whatever. He should grateful that I, Sasuke, am willing to cook anything for him.

I glance over at the living room. A thought then strikes me, what if Naruto doesn't wake up? What would I do? I sigh, "God, Naruto, why do you have to be such a drama queen?" But I guess as long as he's breathing he'll be alright...

After roughly fifteen minutes the ramen is ready. I'll be so pissed if he doesn't eat this, that is fifteen less minutes that the world will gladly grovel at my fantastic feet (alliteration is cool, unlike you).

I go to see how Naruto is doing, I didn't notice it until now but his glasses had fallen off and wow! I must say, what a difference! Normally Naruto looks like your typical Joe Shmoe. To think under those wavy overgrown blonde hair and vulgarly thick frames is a chick-magnet. He looks like one of those pretty-faced models from girl magazines! I grin wickedly, I'm going to pimp-out Naruto, and he won't be able to recognize his own face.

I grab my trusty gel and start to rub my fingers through his sunlit locks. God, if anyone saw this I would die. I would lock myself in the laundry room and drink a gallon of bleach and then take a bottle of aspirin for good measures.

I have nearly all of his hair spiked when his eyes flutter open. "Sas-uke? What are?"

I grin, "Oh nothing, but you we just so sexy laying there I couldn't resist."

"What?" He turns multitude shades of red then shoves me off. "You faggot, get off of me!"

"I was joking, idiot." God, he didn't have to dump me on the ground. "Go look at yourself in the mirror."


"Just do it."

He groans, then he mumbles as he goes into the bathroom, "Wh-wha?"

"Well?" I ask with a grin.

"I look," he pauses. "Nice."

"I'd say."

He turns on the sink and starts to rinse it off.

"What are you doing?"

He doesn't respond.

I grab his wrist, "Why are you rinsing it off?"

He looks at me then looks away, pulling his wrist from my grasp.

"Hello? Answer me!"

Naruto turns, "It doesn't matter."

"What doesn't?"

"My looks, my personality. Everything!" He looks away from me and whispers, "Don't you understand? I know you're trying to make me feel better but-"

"No, I think that if you-"

"That what, Sasuke?" Naruto whispers as his eyes moisten, "That they would suddenly love me? I would be popular? Do you really think they'd like me if I were to come dressed in designer clothes and a new haircut?"

I look away, not knowing what to say.

"Do you!"


"They would make fun of me more, Sasuke." His eyes moisten, I can tell he's biting back tears, "No matter what I do, no matter what I achieve they won't like me. Ever. Don't you understand?"

Not knowing what to say, I conclude words are worthless.

I pull him into an embrace and he clutches the fabric of my shirt, welcoming the warmth. The damp, half washed out hair tickles my chin, and his warm arms embrace me. I sit on toilette seat to support his weight, (it's down, of course, idiot) and awkwardly, I rub circles on his back.

If anyone had told me I'd be sitting in my bathroom comforting Naruto, I would've checked them off as nutty, or just incredibly stupid. But here I am, sitting on a toilette seat, gracelessly attempting to calm down the single most hated person at Lakeview.

Gently, I ask, "Naruto, why does everyone hate you in the first place?"

He looks at me, then looks away. "I don't know."

There you go lying again. Fine, if he doesn't want to tell me, I won't force him.

He uncomfortably glances up at me, "T-thank you, Sasuke. I'm sorry, I'm such a drama queen" Naruto laughs, "I don't even know you that well." Naruto pauses, "Where are my glasses?"

"They must have fallen off when you fainted."

"Oh, OK."

"Do you want me to go look for them?"

He shakes his head, "No, I don't really need them."

"You sure?"

He nods, "I'd better dry off, where are your towels?"

"Towels are in the closet next door, I'll warm-up your food."


"You fainted because of low blood sugar earlier so you need to eat, unless you'd like to faint, again."

Absent-mindedly he mumbles, "I wouldn't mind if I did, actually."

"Really? Why?"

He smiles at me, "Because now I know that if I did I wouldn't be left on the pavement."

I felt my insides melt as he smiles. He's so adorable, especially endearing since he lost those atrocious frames. I look away and smile to myself, "That's so corny, idiot."

He blushes, "Whatever."

"I hope you like ramen, it's the only think we have in this sad excuse for a house right now."

"You're made me ramen!"

"That's not a problem is it?"

"No, no! But ramen's my favorite food! How did you know?"

"Just lucky I guess."

I resolved then, I didn't care what other people think or what he did in his past to make people hate him so much. Naruto is my friend. Screw everyone and their social ladder crap.

T o B e C o n t i n u e d . . .

Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto