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Author's note: This is going to be a series of short stories about hypothetical changes in the Harry Potter books, such as: What if Santa needed a substitute?What if Harry and Ron were girls too? What if Voldemort was afraid of the dark?
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What if… Santa Claus needed a substitute?

It was late at night on December 24th. Young Ronald Weasley had been sleeping on the couch of the living room so he wouldn't miss the moment when Santa Claus would come to deliver the presents.

Soon there was a noise on the roof. Young Ronald jumped up and hid behind the sofa to watch the fireplace.

The fire went out and lightened again as soon as a figure had stepped out of the fireplace.

"Stupid fireplace… stupid Weasleys… stupid Christmas Eve!" the man muttered walking towards the Christmas tree. "And stupid presents!"

Young Ron jumped towards the man suddenly: "Santa, is this you?"

"Is this what Santa looks like?" the man asked sarcastically raising one eyebrow.

Ron looked at the man for a while and the screamed: "It's the GRINCH!"

"This is getting ever better…" the man muttered "Now go to bed or I'll put you in detention!"
Ron's eyes widened: "Professor Snape?"

The man rolled his eyes.

Ronald nearly laughed his head off: "Oh dear, it's not Santa Clause but Sna…"

The potions master turned towards the boy and narrowed his eyes: "Don't you dare to say it!"

"Snapey Claus!" Ron squealed and went on laughing.

"Five points from…" Snape began, then he thought for a while "from the burrow!"

"But we don't have points!"

"I knew you were pointless, Weasley!"

"That's a very old joke! Why are you Santa Claus anyway?" Ron asked curiously.

Snape sighed deeply: "I am his substitute!"
"Because he cannot go and deliver presents this year!"

"Because he had had an accident!"


"Because he was as annoying as you are now!"

Ron swallowed: "You hurt Santa?"
Snape rolled his eyes and muttered something like: "It was an accident!"

Ron looked at him with big eyes making ready to cry.

"I am giving him a day off, okay?"
"But he's only working once a year!"

"What do you know about things like that?" asked a very unnerved Snape.

"That's how I get through potions classes!"

"I should have guessed so…"

Meanwhile Ron had gotten nearer and nearer towards the sack with the presents.

Only when Santa Snape thought he had suffered enough and could go on with his work now Ron's voice cam from behind his back: "WHEEEEEEEE, is this for me?"

"NO!" Snapey Claus shouted at the boy.

"How comes you are so sure?" Ron asked curiously.

"I just know stuff like that! You're getting a self made pullover from your mother anyway!"

At this Ronald started crying for real.

Father Snapemas shook his head doubting if he had really ever been able to endure any lesson with that kid.

"Stop crying!"

"NO!" Ron cried.

"At once!" Santa Sev ordered.

"NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!" Ron continued sobbing.

"I'll put you in detention Mister Weasley!"

"Santa cannot let me skin shrivel figs!" Ron declared being sure that it was like that.

"What did you think what the reindeer were?"

"Erm… students in detention?" Ron guessed.

"Exactly!" Severus Claus answered pointing his wand at Ronald. "Ronald the red nosed reindeer, I like how this sounds!"

"EEP!" Ron exclaimed scared but it was already too late, seconds later he found himself being transformed into a reindeer.

And so Santa Snape, Snapey Claus, Santa Sev, Severus Claus and Ronald the reindeer delivered presents to many children all over the world and if they appear in book six you know that they've come back too.