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What if Severus wasn't in the mood for detention?

The cauldron exploded, once again. It was the third cauldron Harry had destroyed and it was only the first potions class that year.

Actually it wasn't too bad thinking that Neville was already running out of cauldrons as well, although his grandmother had bought him twelve for that year.

The really bad thing was that the potion had exploded the very moment when Severus Snape, Potions Master, had held his (from Harry's point of view) extremely huge nose over his cauldron.

Everyone fell silent and waited for their Potions Master to show Harry what an explosion really was.

"Well, well, Mister Potter", Severus began, "this means…"

Harry held his breath. Snape didn't continue to talk until Harry's face turned blue. Harry breathed, then held his breath again.

"This means I've got to get changed and release the class early", the Professor announced finally.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! THAT'S SO UNFAIR!" Harry began to shout immediately, "YOU CAN'T DO THAT! Wait… what did you say?"

Severus snorted and didn't reply what he had just said but instead turned around and left towards his private chambers.

Harry stood in the middle of the room feeling really confused. While he tried to get into his head what was going on, everyone else was leaving the room.

About two hours later Harry finally realized, that it was extremely stupid to stand there and wait for Snape to come back, because he'd only get himself into trouble that way.

On the other hand, wasn't that what he was usually doing? Wasn't that why he had all his fans?

He was trying hard to decide whether it was a good idea to stick his nose into anything concerning Snape yet again, when Snape finally left his chambers again.

An extremely high pitched scream woke up about everyone in the castle who had been sleeping by then.

"I didn't know you could reach the high C as easy as that, Professor!" Harry stated admiringly.

If looks could have killed, which they probably could thinking that Severus Snape was a really powerful wizard after all, Harry would have dropped dead before he had finished the sentence. He didn't however because he still was the main character of this story.

On the other hand the student had to fight the urge to either laugh his head off, or faint at the very sight of his Potions Master.

Severus on the other hand used the moment the boy was lost in his thoughts to get out of the door.

Harry followed him just a second later though.

"Don't you want to put me into detention?" he asked innocently.

"Not tonight Potter, get lost", the other mumbled obviously in a really bad mood now.

It was only then that Harry noticed that something was definitely wrong.

"Are you ill, Professor?" he asked seriously worried.

"TEN POINTS FROM GRYFFINDOR!" Snape shouted into his face while trying really hard not to mess his hairstyle up.

Wait, hairstyle? Severus Snape actually had a hairstyle?

In fact he had! And it was one Elvis would have been proud of!

"Why do you carry flowers and sweets around?" Harry asked innocently again.

"None of your business, Potter!" Snape snorted.

"Then, what does a Scotsman wear under his kilt?" Harry tried again.

Severus growled but didn't answer.

"Well, I thought since you were wearing one…"

"Shut up, Potter! Get lost! Try to find someone who will try to kill you for God's sake but leave me alone!"

Harry decided that with his intelligence he didn't need the answers to figure out what was going on.

He was still following Severus around though, because of course he would never do what his teacher wanted him to do, because breaking with old habits was really hard.

"I GOT IT!" Harry screamed triumphantly finally, "YOU ARE DATING PROFESSOR…"

Severus got paler than ever before when he heard that. Did the boy really know his secret? Had he really figured out what was behind all of this?

Of course he hadn't.

"YOU ARE DATING PROFESSOR DUMBLEDORE!" Harry finished his sentence.

"Pardon?" Severus asked really astonished. For once he would have wanted to know what was going on in the boy's head.

"Well, you are carrying around SWEETS, something Dumbledore loves! You are wearing a skirt…" the boy explained.

"It's a kilt!" Severus corrected him.

"Well, anyway, I heard Professor Dumbledore say that he thinks you'd look good in a kilt, so…" Harry went on talking.

"HE DID?" Severus shouted loud enough to make everyone in the castle wake up again.

"Yeah, sure, and he said that if I ever told anyone especially you he'd not help me ever again and probably tell Voldemort where to find me… Oh heck… uh… I didn't say a thing, ok? Anyway, I'm totally alright with you being gay and all…"

At that point Severus couldn't hold back any longer and started to beat Harry up with the bunch of flowers he had been carrying.

"Stupid, ignorant, dunderhead!" he shouted over and over again, "I am not dating Professor Dumbledore!"

"I sure hope so!" a female voice was being heard finally.

Harry and Severus turned around instantly.

"What's going on here?" the woman asked.

"Potter destroyed your flowers!" Snape exclaimed showing the now totally ruined bunch of flowers.

"He beat me up with it!" Harry contradicted at once.

"Yeah, but it was his head which did the damage!" Severus shot back.

"SILENCE!" the woman ordered.

The two males fell silent at once.

"I already saw in my crystal ball that there was something strange going on", Professor Trelawney explained.

"YOU ARE DATING TRELAWNEY?" Harry shouted because only then he noticed who the woman was because he hadn't wanted to spoil the surprise before.

"Just go to bed, Potter…" Severus said for once in his life sounding as if there was nothing that was left to say. No detention to hand out. No points to take away.

Harry gulped at this and finally did as he was told still wondering how this two had found each other. Of course he wasn't able to control his curiosity again and so he turned around and followed the Professors back to Trelawney's room just in time to hear the explanation for all of this.

"So, Sybil, I did as I promised… will you tell me about your vision concerning me and my death now?" Professor Snape asked in a far too tender voice.

"Maybe later, Severus dear!" Trelawney purred and led him to her room.

The next morning Harry was found unconscious on the stairs by Mrs Norris.

"Detention Potter!" Snape snarled at him as he passed the boy by.

"Why?" Harry managed to ask.

"I don't need a reason to put you into detention but let's just say Trelawney really is a fraud!"